LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Many believe that the event that began on February 7 and 8 at the Barton Coliseum was just the beginning of an intense revelation to the body of Christ about revival. Prayer was the main focus as an army of believers drove down Roosevelt Avenue to enter the Arkansas State Fair Grounds. It wasn’t a preachers meeting, and it wasn’t a healing meeting, but it was a time to seek revival for Little Rock and the United States of America. Thousands came to Little Rock to go down the same streets that the Federal Troops traveled down in 1954 to insure that integration would be implemented at Central High School. That incident was a historic event because it initiated the beginning of the modern day Civil Rights Movement. It would establish equal Civil Rights for the black race in the United States, according to law of the land.

It was the same neighborhood but the troops that came down Roosevelt Avenue this day had no bullets, grenades or jeeps -- no they were only equipped with a single sword (The Bible). The weapons they carried were not carnal but were mighty for the pulling down of strong holds. This was another historic event but this army would go to their knees in another non-violent struggle. They bombarded Heaven with their prayers and petitioned the Father to manifest His face on the city of Little Rock. These people were at war with Hell and they had one objective, revival in the land.

Monday Daytime

One lady said this about the meeting on Monday morning after Lila Terhune spoke, "There was such a presence of God no one wanted to leave. The power of God hovered over the place during the entire two days. From that moment on an abiding presence could be felt by all who entered the building."

Monday night the power of God flowed through the praise and worship service. A tall red-haired pastor approached the platform. He was a Southern Baptist Preacher seeking the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. As Brother Kilpatrick introduced him to the assembled crowd he stepped down in front of the stage and was prayed over by several spirit-filled ministers who had come that night.

Tommy Tenney came forth and spoke about the disciples. They asked Jesus how to pray, they knew that was the answer to everything that was going on around them. Very often my daughter says, "Daddy, look at me." That’s the very thing we are doing when we approach the Father. We are doing the same thing -- we are asking the Father to turn his face and look at us. When we are in worship and praise of Him the angels look on and say how pitiful, but when the Father notices His children praising Him -- He tells the angels that’s my children and I’m going down there.


The power of God began to sweep the stage as the long blue carpet in the front of the stage began to fill up with believers. Tenney began to sing, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face." Tenney once again spoke about his family. My grandmother used to have to repair my grandfather’s pants in the knee area. You see when the rest of the family was asleep at night, grandfather used to stay up late and seek the face of the Father. Revival has always started from a prayer meeting - not a preaching meeting. Seldom ever has a meeting like this ever been held. Pastor Kilpatrick wants God’s presence. God is shopping for the place of the next outbreak. We know what happens when He visits a church but we’ve never seen what happens when He visits an entire city. He will pour his Spirit out if we will just seek His face. Tenney began to petition God to pour his Spirit out over Little Rock.

Joseph Garlington began to sing, "Great Big God." Like Brother Kilpatrick has said we do warfare with our fingers and our hands. We are waving flags across the front of this stage. Waving flags is a signal of the eminent defeat of the enemy. When we stomp our feet we are collapsing the very structures of Hell.

Galington led the people singing in the unknown tongue. We use tongues in spiritual warfare. Speaking in tongues and using body language brings about the pulling down of strongholds. The evening grew intense as the blue carpet in front of the sage had people prostrate calling upon the name of God. The rug was about 1/4 size of a football field and you could hardly find a place that wasn’t occupied -- God was in the house.

Before Brother Kilpatrick spoke on Tuesday, he took time to recognize the tireless effort put forth by Evangelist Vernon Willis. "He has worked endless hours to insure the success of this meeting. In the other three times we have visited Little Rock - Pastor Happy Caldwell and Vernon Willis have prepared the way for what we are doing right now.


Tuesday morning Pastor John Kilpatrick took the stage and had a short teaching on the things that hinder revival. "The greatest hinderance of revival is pride. If pride could make a devil out of an arc angel what can it do to you. When some one gets out of shape he will have an influence over others. You can cast out the devil but you can’t cast out the flesh, we all make mistakes. Every day when revival comes we begin to feel the attack of the flesh, but give me a red hot revival, I will take the attacks of the devil. Revival does one thing, it will show you your heart. Since revival started in 1995 I have had to repent several times. God wants to deal with us and our treacherous nature. We were all conceived in iniquity --iniquity is a different word than sin. Iniquity means to be bent or crooked. Sin means you have missed the mark through the Greek interpretation of the word (sin). Iniquity was found in Satin. He was jealous and a ambitious climber. He wanted to put others down. God will come and judge one day. Satin said I will ascend to the thrown of the most high, but God saw the iniquity inside of him and cast him down. You’ve got to be willing to let God change your life. It’s going to be painful but do it, take care of the problem. As Pastor Kilpatrick finished his teaching Joseph Garlington once again came forward to teach and to worship God.

Garlington used Psalm 84:10 For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. No one ever saw the Arc of God during the time of Saul. The Philistines moved it from city to city, and returned it to the Jews because it was causing so much trouble with them. It was David that wanted to return the Arc of God to its rightful place. Obed-Edom found out how powerful the presence of God was as the Arc was in his house for three months after Uzzah was struck dead on the Nachon’s threshingfloor. He had touched the Arc with his hand and that was forbidden by God. David asked Obed-Edom to keep the deadly box in his house until he could find out how to move it. For three months he was blessed in every way. Later Obed-Edom became a door keeper in the house of Lord. He wanted to be near the Arc of God because of its blessing.

Garlington said that you must get your heart above your head. He began to bow his head down. When your away from the presence of God you begin to desire to come back to Him. You must be broken, baca is the place where the heart goes to be broken, only the heart knows its way there (the valley of dried bones). As Garlington began to sing the praises of God, people once again began to groan and intercede for the city. The entire time was taken up with intercession as Tommy Tenney moved into the process as the third speaker. Tenney never spoke a word as a teacher, he knew the presence of God was in the building. Believers could be heard crying in intercession. The building had to be cleaned between services and it was very difficult to stop the process of what God had started. The building was not just being cleaned up this Tuesday afternoon, but it was being prepared for what God would do in the final evening meeting. What John Kilpatrick had desired was beginning to take place naturally as the flow of what God was doing began to come through the people. The scripture was becoming a reality, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14. The seeking of God’s face has got to be captured by the people and this was happening. The final meeting would turn into a full celebration of the presence of God. The Baton Auditorium had seen revival in the 1950’s -- Evangelist Jack Coe led a revival from that building. It touched the entire city with the power of God. Coe died shortly after his meeting in Little Rock.

At the beginning of the night small oil bottles were passed out among the ministers. John Kilpatrick said, "We are thrilled to be here, and we don’t interpret our presence to be bringing revival to your state. Many have already come in the last few years to start that process. We are here to build a bond with each other. I want every one to be open to the move of the Holy Spirit tonight. Our purpose is to pray and seek the face of God for Little Rock, Arkansas."

Kilpatrick went on to say he tried to schedule the first meeting for Denver, Colorado but God wouldn't free him from the burden of Little Rock. "God has been in control of the entire event. We wanted our meeting during the first week of February. Had we came that week with a six degree temperatures and all the snow we wouldn’t of had this kind of turnout. God's divine hand has been upon us -- He has directed everything so far."

The Master’s Commission of Brownsville Assembly of God presented three individual plays during the procession of the banners. The new banners were created by artist Luis Lopez. Unlike the original banners that were created at the Brownsville Church before revival, these banners were wide across the top and had more contrast and design. As each one came forward you knew God had moved through the hands Lopez to create these beautiful images.


Pastor Kilpatrick directed the procession of banners and as each banner appeared the huge crowd of 7,000 began to intercede in prayer over that subject. Pastor Kilpatrick said that the banners were only symbols and serve as a reminders of burdens in these particular areas, they are not items of worship. The first banner to appear was the Schools Banner, followed by the Leaders Of Our Country Banner. The Forgiveness Banner was next, followed by The Souls and Deliverance Banner. As Kilpatrick announced The Healing Banner people came forward for prayer. Ministers took the oil bottles they were given earlier and began to pray over those who had come forward. While The Healing Banner was displayed a tremendous surge of the presence of God swept the building. John Kilpatrick allowed God to have his way during this time. Another new banner followed next, The Offering Banner appeared as ushers were stationed around the building to receive the offerings. People walked to the usher nearest them to give their offering. It was announced after the meeting that every need had been met of the $100,000 budget. The last banners came forward. They were the Jerusalem Banner, The Unity Banner and a banner that presented the breaking of dividing walls. The Dividing Walls Banner showed the walls of denominationalism and racism represented. The final banner displayed was Jesus on a white horse with fire in His eyes, The Revival Banner. It’s hard to say what a meeting like this accomplished but I say one thing -- God was watching. His divine presence could be felt the entire two days. The first of it’s kind prayer meeting ended as Pastor Kilpatrick announced the next meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota for April.

The Awake America meeting is scheduled in Little Rock for March at the Alltel Arena. Prayer has went before Evangelist Steve Hill, now pray for the harvest.