By Jerrell Miller/Remnant Editor

TAMPA, FL -- There was so much that happened at Rodney Howard-Browne’s Campmeeting in Tampa, Florida this year. Everyone who was there walked away deeply moved by the Holy Spirit.
On Tuesday at the Campmeeting, Rodney preached a sermon entitled, "In Search of the Anointing". Rodney spoke about the place of commanded blessing in 1 Kings 17:1-8 where ravens came and fed the prophet Elijah. While all of Israel was in a drought, God commanded the ravens to feed His servant. As Rodney spoke on the ravens that fed the prophet, he said ravens are scavengers and they very often fight over food, but God commanded these birds to feed the prophet. Elijah was given provision in a supernatural way and that’s how God will supply for His ministry. God will make a way where there is no way.
Rodney walked around his congregation that night with $300 in his hands. The sanctuary is built like a cross and the audience sits from the north, south, east and west directions. "We are going to produce a new group of believers that will believe by faith and be obedient." During his first year in America, Rodney’s faith was tested by an illness in his daughter Kelly. Ministering was so hard at the time that Rodney made the statement, "Why, with the glory of God falling in my meetings and people getting healed - why doesn’t God touch my daughter?" "It was such a burden at the time and Kelly had gotten so sick when we were in Tulsa, I just told God to take her," Howard-Browne admitted. "The moment I said that, I knew it was the wrong thing to say." Next to death, Kelly was taken to the City of Faith on the Oral Roberts University campus. "The doctors told us she was at death’s door. Once again, I told God to take her and the Spirit of God got hold of me and told me I had said the wrong thing. It was when the doctors told us that they didn’t expect her to live that I told Adonica what I had told God. I quickly repented and the next day the doctors told us she had had a breakthrough in her health and that she was going to pull through." With an oxygen bottle next to her so she could breathe, Kelly sang shortly after that during one of her father’s meetings. "God had a purpose and a plan for her life and I was to be obedient, and today I’m glad I was."
No one ever comes very far in ministry without leaving everything behind. While some can find a comfort level, most true ministry demands sacrifice. For Rodney Howard-Browne, in South Africa in 1988, it was a burden to take the Gospel to America as an evangelist. In the same spirit of John G. Lake, who came to South Africa, Rodney returned the favor by taking his three children and wife to America with only $300.00 in his wallet.
Rodney was going to be a missionary to America. God had a plan and Rodney will tell you the greatest miracle was his wife coming with him. Adonica had a quiet peace because the Lord had spoken directly to her to go and leave her family behind. Can you believe a man and woman would come to America with three children and only $300.00? "I had never owned a credit card in my life, but as I stood in front of the desk at the Days Inn in Orlando, the man asked, "How do you intend to pay for this?" They had given away everything and the attendant at the Days Inn said, "Mr. Howard-Browne, there is a brown envelope for youhere." It was the first miracle of provision - Howard-Browne opened the envelope and found a new American Express creditcard with his name on it! "I quickly signed the card and gave it to the attendant." A month later they would be in Roanoke, Virginia. The credit card had paid for Disney World, Christmas for the kids, and a two-week stay at the Days Inn. Then, with no credit at all, Rodney Howard-Browne bought a brand new Chevrolet Astro van that would later birth several others into the ministry.
Many people don’t understand the reason why one man would strike out alone with his small family and go to another country to preach the Gospel. Coming to America was a huge step for the Howard-Browne’s - the airplane tickets alone - for himself, his wife, and the three children - totaled $13,808. He had given his 1985 Mercedes Benz to another minister in South Africa. "We had spent six years in the ministry in South Africa and we had pastored a church for two years. Our airplane tickets were ten times what our salary was for one month, but God was in what we were doing. My wife is (normally) a detail person, but she never asked a question at the time and came to America with a calm assurance." Adonica, Rodney’s wife, said that when she began to question the move, God came to her on several occasions to assure her of what was going on.Rodney was given supernatural favor in America. "Holy Laughter" started manifesting in his meetings and the flood of the anointing began to show up. It started in New York and then moved with him everywhere he went. Rodney said, "I used to drive between towns in the United States, I didn’t know how big this country was! I would schedule a meeting in Los Angeles one night and then one in Colorado - I had no idea the distances between each stop! As I drove for hundreds of miles I used to ask God to send revival to America. I called out to God to ask Him to pour His Spirit upon this country. God always dealt with me on what to do. Our first year we only made $60,000 - our assistant, Richard Moore, only received $100 a week. By 1992, our ministry grew to $3,000,000 and God spoke to me and said, "You are going to have to change." God always deals with me that way. When I preach I never have a long sermon, God speaks to me in just a few short words or just a picture outline."God has a way of returning what the ministry has sown. Revival International Ministries and "Good News" outreaches had drained the Rodney Howard-Browne ministries to the brink of financial ruin, but God had not forgotten the obedience of His servant. "We tried to buy 30 computers for the ministry and were turned down, but God was faithful to us. I was out driving one day and God spoke directly to me after showing me a piece of property." It was valued in the millions of dollars and with everything going against the ministry; God spoke directly to Howard-Browne and told him to buy the property. Full of palm trees, plenty of parking, and a giant showroom that could hold three thousand people, Rodney bought the Auto Nation building just off of Interstate 75 in North Tampa. God gave Howard-Browne favor with the loan officer - he saw how much had been given out by the ministry, so he approved the loan. The loan officer made the statement that he had never seen a ministry give out that much money. The three hundred dollars had grown to an international outreach that will touch the nations. It was all about faith. Faith is the center of Rodney Howard-Browne and Revival International Ministries.
The struggle of Rodney Howard-Browne has been one of obedience. Yet, he has never failed to do the will of God for his life. There is supernatural favor on his life and he will tell you that, like the prophets of old, he depends on the ravens to feed him. "God deals with me all the time to go to another level. If we’re not being challenged in ministry then we will never grow. I have been preaching this message to our people for a long time and I have seen many of them do tremendous things when it begins to come into their spirit." Howard-Browne preaches with conviction on the price it will take to build the Kingdom of God in America and the price of revival.
Giving is a way of life for Rodney Howard-Browne. One of his assistants said recently, "He is a true American even though he came from South Africa. If you cut him, he would bleed red, white and blue." So far this year, much more has been given out by the prophet than was collected by the ushers. Make no mistake about this man, he has a glory on his life and is one of God’s Special servants selected for the end-times revival in America.