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Why Are We Late This Month? It's Our Ten Year Anniversary

MOBILE, AL -- We are late this month because of what happened in Lagos, Nigeria.  It is our 10th year of publishing -- the picture above is the actual picture that was taken when Princess Sibusile of the Zulu Nation was healed on August 20, 2003.  This healing brought the Zulu King to Lagos, Nigeria on November 15 of this year we wanted you to see it and realize what this means.  The Zulu are the largest tribal group in Africa.  This healing could affect the salvation of a nation.  We rejoice with Prophet T.B. Joshua in the healing of this child of God. The full story is listed below. We know God will use this to win the Nation of South Africa, "Not by might nor power but by my Spirit saith the Lord." 
Editor Jerrell Miller
Remnant International Editor

By Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International


LAGOS, NIGERIA -- It has been said in scripture that the heart of the King is found in the hand of God. In the case of the Zulu King who came to the Synagogue Church of All Nations the kings heart was touched by healing power of God. Since 1998 the kings daughter Princes Sibusile had been struck by epilepsy. She went through a situation where she was beaten by a group of men and left for dead. While she was taken to the hospital she had been struck all over her body and severely on the top of the head. After leaving the hospital she began to have seizures. Many people had tried to find a cure for her. She had met a friend who had been to the Synagogue Church and her friend had told her that she would be healed if she would go. Other people began to get involved in her healing. Her family had always been close to the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela Helped Her 

When Nelson Mandela found out about her illness, he arranged for the best doctors in the world to examine her and try to help her in her epileptic condition. Princess Sibusile had called Nelson Mandela one day and she told him that she wanted to go and be prayed for at the Synagogue Church. "Nelson Mandela is a close friend of the family, he has been a spiritual grandfather to me. He said he didnít know this man of God named T. B. Joshua and that if I would go through the hospital and nothing worked then I could go to Lagos to be prayed for." The finest surgeons and doctors in the world came to examined her in South Africa, but the daughter of the king had a hope and a wish to come to the Synagogue Church. "For six months I was at the hospital being tested on a daily basis. They tried all kinds of drugs on me and some of the drugs began to affect my blood system where I could have become a cripple. As the doctors worked on me I had a sermon from T.B. Joshua that I would put under my pillow. I even witnessed to the doctors and told them Jesus could heal me. Christians were coming to the hospital praying for me. I kept on sharing my spiritual life with the doctors and I told them when you are through Iím going to Nigeria to be healed, in my heart I knew all the time that the trip to Nigeria would bring healing to my body. I knew I needed to be delivered, I knew that I needed a complete and everlasting healing. I knew they were just experimenting on me, I became the experiment but after all they had tried to do failed I got the chance to come to Nigeria."


On August 20 of this year the princess flew from South Africa to the Synagogue Church. Sitting in a chair next to her mother Queen Buhle, the Prophet T. B. Joshua came to pray for her. Over her head was the familiar signs that you see at the Synagogue Church, it read epilepsy. ( The Remnant Editor Jerrell Miller had chosen to come to the church and witnessed the whole event) For seven long years this 31 year old princess suffered from this disability. The prophet began to pray in his own way over her. He led her out of her chair that night as she walked a distances away from the prophet, he then drew her back to him in the Spirit. As she sat back in her seat you could see a peaceful look on her face as she slept in the Spirit.

No one back home knew it at the time, but God had completed the work that night and healed her. What the finest surgeons, and doctors of the world could not do was done by the Great Physician Jesus Christ. One night of prayer at a service at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in August would change her life forever. She immediately stopped using her medicine for the seizures. Many people around her began to notice the princess was back to her normal self again. No more would she worry about driving her car. She used to have seizures at official functions but all that was over as the princess had returned to her old self and all the people who knew her noticed the change. She never failed after her visit to the Synagogue Church to give Jesus the glory as she told people about her healing in Lagos. The greatest witness of all was when her father the king noticed the difference, now the heart of the king was in Godís hands. Can one persons healing change the destiny of a people and a nation. The princess said this, "My people have been through many struggles as a nation and we have always found a way. I believe that Jesus will be the healer of HIV and AIDS in South Africa."

"I believe that my healing is a part of my redemption. I donít think I would have lived much longer if Jesus had not healed me. I put God on the test and He came through for me. I knew my life was deteriorating and I wanted Jesus to restore me and make me whole again."

Princess Sibusile went on to say, "I believe that my healing is a part of my redemption. I donít think I would have lived much longer if Jesus had not healed me. I put God on the test and He came through for me. I knew my life was deteriorating and I wanted Jesus to restore me and make me whole again. I havenít had a chance to speak to Nelson Mandella but I called him and left a message for him telling him that I was perfectly fine. I want to pick a time when I can go to him and show him that I am perfectly whole and at peace now. Nelson Mandella is very, very busy so with Godís timing I want to go to him and speak to him about Jesus and tell him what God has done for me. I believe that my healing and my redemption are one in the same. My healing has affected a lot of people already. When your a father you sees your daughter deteriorating and there is no hope, then the man of God prays for me in the name of Jesus and Iím healed that has a tremendous affect on everyone who is involved." The princess went on to mention that she sees a great hope for her people in South Africa and that it would be the salvation of her entire country, she said this, "Jesus is the healer and he has the ability to touch anyone. I was dieing and wasting away until the man of God prayed for me. There was no hope and the last resort was Jesus Christ, I knew I would be healed if I could get to Legos, Nigeria and now I am a new person complete in Jesus. Jesus is my redeemer and my healer, there is no other God before me but him."

On Sunday God really began to move in a great way at the church. It was a day of celebration as the King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulus, his wife Queen Buhle and Princes Sibusile were all in attendance. Several of his staff sat with him during the entire service. The King of just one of millions of other Zulus in South Africa. One must remember that the influence of this man is over the entire nation of South Africa. As Prophet Joshua preached on the presence of God the glory of God filled the place. The choir sang as the all day service lasted late into the afternoon. "In His presence is fullness, in His presence you become like a child. In His presence there is life. Christ has forgiven us of sin and will make you a child of faith. In Jesus name you are a child of healing. He is a healer and within His healing is life..The prophet Joshua encouraged his people to confess who he is and repent of their sins.

Immediately after the sermon Brother Joshua moved to the inner walkway of the church where there were several people who had come with various diseases. The amazing thing about Joshua is how he uses the prophetic over the people before he prays for them. One women who had come for a healing was challanged by Joshua and her life as a call girl. He had the mind of Christ in the prophetic as he moved from one person to another. With each person he would speak the prophetic over them. One of the visitors was from Holland and during the service I had spoken with him about his children. His oldest girl was in a struggle at school with rebellion and substance abuse. Joshua went right to this man and told him about his child and that she needed to repent. He also told the man that he needed to forgive his wife. It was amazing, the man of God had spoken over him all the situations that he had related to me early in the service. He had no way of knowing anything about this individual. The next people to be prayed for were the HIV and AIDs cases, as he went from one to the other and spoke the prophetic words of sin in their lives. Each person spoke the word of repentance to Jesus and the prophet said to each one to come forward, "Go and sin no more." This day would see three people walk who were diabled. One of the first healings was Dr. Rachael Bandele a 60 year old doctor who had Lumbar Sponoylosis for three years. She was a medical doctor who had come early and waited until the end of the service to be prayed for. One of the associates named David went to her car as it was backed into the open space by the side of the church. Television cameras watched as Brother David rebuked the sickness and called forth her healing. Her legs began to move and then as Prophet Joshua went to aid his assistant the women began to rapidly come alive as she stood on her feet and began to walk, completely healed here braces were removed from her legs as she stood and walked on her own. You could hear the whole church take a breath as the women began to walk. It was very exciting. The next lady who was healed came in a wheelchair and once again the prophet sent one of his associates, she began to rebuke the disease as her paralysis lifted and she started to run and had to be contained. The next last lady could not walk after child birth and was brought in the back seat of a car. As she was prayed for she began to walk and then run. The tears of her daughter were clearly seen as the manifestation of Godís power was in the house as victory after victory was won this holy day at the Synagogue.

It says in the Bible that without a vision the people perish, and that vision was the witness of a mighty God this day. After these tremendous healings the church was in a buzz, the Holy Spirit flooded the house as the virtue of healing was released. It seemed as if the visit of the King had stirred the house of God to a greater celebration. The king came in peace to show greatfulness to the one who had touched his daughter. In his parting statements to the large assembled congregation at the Synagogue Church he made the statement about Jesus, saying that He was a prince of peace and in a world where there is so much war and killing He is an answer to many of the problems of Africa. While he was at the Synagogue Church he made a commitment of his acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of his life.. It was the healing of his child that drew him to Lagos, Nigeria. His first name is Goodwill and thatís what he showed to the people of the church during his stay. Several times during his visit to Lagos he mentioned the fact that the African people needed to come together as one. The hope of the redemption of Jesus Christ as the prince of peace would be the element one day that would bring brotherhood among the African nations. The king was touched and surely the heart of the King was in the hand of the Lord this week in Lagos.