The Prophetic Ministry of Jerrell Miller has traveled the world and has touched the vision of many to encourage and to build unity in the Body of Christ.....

The vision of the prophetic ministry of Jerrell Miller has carried him around the world to many places and many ministry events over the last 15 years.  The vision of the prophet has brought hope to several revival leaders and pastors and has planted the seed of revival wherever Miller has traveled.  

Prophetic Clarity

Miller is a constant on demand conference speaker in America and abroad as the gifting of his  prophet verse  has been tested over and over again and it has been found to be true. 
The prophetic word reveals, establishes and uplifts all who are involved.  


Early in 1997 Miller left for Bradford, England and ministered in Sheffield, Bradford and Rotterham, and Waugh on Deer.  Each situation established the word of God in the pastor and the members of his church.  The vision of the word that came forth in those days can still be remembered in the Bradford area today. God's perfect will is always established by the encouragement of the prophet.  In a small church in  Swallownest, England a boy was brought forward who had been deaf since birth after the prophet prayed for him his total hearing was restored.   At St. Georges Hall in Bradford the full power of the Holy Ghost was felt for four days as Jerrell Miller prayed and released the prophetic word among those who were there.  The time has come for the prophetic to come forward for the visions that are locked in the secrets of heaven and Jerrell Miller is a key to the vision of those who are seeking God's will.  Does God still use prophets just ask the places and pastors where Miller has ministered. One pastor said this about the prophetic.  "We usually call a prophet in when we are about to move into a new vision. We listen carefully as to what is said before we proceed.  Usually the prophet will come in to verify the vision that is at hand, and Jerrell Miller is used for these purpose.  We know he is for real with so much dispute in the prophetic Miller can only edify a church when he comes in, he serves a useful service to us and we trust him dearly."  

      Jerrell Miller has been around the world and has spoken in several places in the prophetic.  Weather it be to a church member in Durban, South Africa or a church in Porterville, California the vision that flows through Jerrell Miller is consistent and fits because the word is not Jerrell's word but is the word of the Holy Spirit as he honors this prophet as an oracle for this time and place.   The virtue of healing flowed on night in California and the person Miller was led to was healing of cancer of the stomach.  The prophetic word, and healing are surfacing in the evangelist.  No longer is evangelism subject to the altar call but the prophetic reveals and heals and restores and individual and calls them to repentance.  While the altar call is very important today, many times the altar call happens before the evangelists is finished.  The gifts of the Spirit reveal Jesus whether it be salvation, healing or direction in the service.  This makes more common sense and is truly in the virtue of how Jesus ministered on the earth.  The prophetic ministry consistently lifts Jesus up and is the agent of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  The true virtue of a Prophetic-Evangelist is that it lifts Jesus up and brings churches, and ministries toward Jesus as Savior. 


During the last five years we have traveled to Africa and have seen the small and the mighty blessed by Holy Ghost Revival.  Two years ago we saw a princess of the Zulu's healed in a great church in Lagos, Nigeria by a powerful man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua.  In June of 2005 we saw more than 283,750 Zulu tribesmen saved in a stadium near Durban, South Africa.  Rome, Paris, London, Lagos, Cairo, Durban and Johannesburg have been stopping points for Jerrell Miller.  Personal prophetic ministry has flowed from this prophet and also Holy Ghost Journalism that investigates the Supernatural to find the truth of each event.