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Latest News
The latest local breaking news from the week of June 11, 2003

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Once again there are those in the Bush Administration that have tried to compromise Israel as a nation. After the attacking Hamas leadership last night in the Gaza Strip. The United States has warned Israel against such attacks.  Please pray for our President that he will not make another public statement about Israel and the defense of their people in these type situations. 

PENSACOLA, FLó Pastor Choísstatement on revival ending when Jesus comes still rings the prophetic ears of many in the seaside city. It seems as if the church in Pensacola is working toward a slimming down so they can be ready for the next great move. One of the greatest attacks against the church has been one from the sky. Last year on the Fourth of July, a lightning bolt traveled down a pipe in the backside of the church, frying all the electrical parts of the church and setting the roof on fire. Infrastructure and water damage repair has taken almost an entire year to complete. The church is about ready to reopen their doors to the public for their eight-year anniversary celebration.

    Much has changed at the church over the last year. The Brownsville Revival School of Ministry Campus has been moved to another location on the grounds of the church on Cervanties Street. The old campus was sold to another Pensacola Church. The school keeps going, sending graduate students all over the nation and the world.

    This revival has had many memorable moments and hundreds of thousands of testimonies that have been spoken, written, and recorded around the world. The life of that revival is still in the church as intercessors have regrouped to pull together those who have remained. Pastor Paul Yongi Choís voice can still be remembered as he said that revival will continue until Jesus Comes. Pastor Kilpatrick heard that message on April 23, 1998 and is still keeping the church revival-ready. A number of evangelists have visited the revival pulpit in the last year.

    While the church prepares for the eighth year celebration, the Friday meetings on May 30 and June 6 have been cancelled to prepare for the move in to the rebuilt sanctuary, charred by fire on July 4 of last year..

    A spirit of expectation is among the people at Brownsville as, for one week - June 13-15 - Steve Hill will be preaching the old revival schedule for the Eighth Year celebration in Pensacola. Hill has recently established a new church in Dallas, Texas called Heartland Fellowship Church. During the eight years of revival at the church, there have been special moments captured in time that will never be forgotten.

    It was on June 18, 1995 that revival started. For two years before that, the church had been giving the Sunday night service over to a prayer meeting. As Brenda Kilpatrick visited Toronto and Lindell Cooley was added in the early part of 1995, revival was on the edge of being birthed. Many of the original ushers and staff are still on board. Steve Hill came to Brownsville on June 17 and had dinner with Pastor Kilpatrick. It was agreed that he would preach the Sunday morning service. Pastor Kilpatrick had just lost his mother on May 7 and he asked Hill to preach the morning Fatherís Day Sermon. It was a time carved out by God. Just a week before, Manual McGregor had come with his brothers and preached a sermon that opened the door. Many at the time felt the powerful surge of the Spirit of God as the revival almost began - just a week before Steve Hill was to arrive. Manuelís sermon was, "Defeating the Giants in Your Life." He spoke directly to the need at that moment. The first recorded healing during this time period was that of Cathy Wood, the Brownsville photographer. She had arthritis in her knees and at the end of the service she was totally set free of pain.

    The following week would shake the entire world, as Steve Hill would take the early morning service to deliver the message of his life. As Mrs. OíLearyís Cow that kicked over the lantern in Chicago ó Hill would kick over the lantern of the Spirit to light a fire that would not go out.

    Steve Hill explained how the revival started. "This outpouring exploded in our face on Fatherís Day. I was just scheduled to be here for that night, but Pastor Kilpatrick asked me to come and preach both services. I arrived on Sunday morning and spoke on, "I Will Remember the Wonders of the Lord," out of Psalm 77. I shared the highlights of our Christian life. I told them about the refreshing I had received in England. I then asked them how many would like a refreshing from the Lord and more than 1,000 hands went up. I thought to myself, what am I going to do? I told them to come forward and as I began to lay hands on the people, the Holy Ghost started sweeping over them. I looked at John Kilpatrick and said "More Lord." He was hit by the Fire of God, and fell to the carpet. He lay there for two hours. Thatís how it started. We got out at four oíclock that afternoon and came back that night and didnít leave the church until 4 AM in the morning.
    This Was A Message Sent Directly By God To the Single Parent: The Abortionist. It happened on Fatherís Day in a house where both the Evangelist and the Pastor suffered from not having the guidance of a father. It also happened in Pensacola where the killing of abortion doctors gave the city a bad name.

   Many believe God was trying to say something to the whole country through this revival at Brownsville. Itís almost as if God looked down into the hearts of men that day and said, "The sin of the Fatherless home is now going to be healed." It was like He said, "I have seen the anger in the people that have watched innocent life destroyed in this country and now I am going to give you a direct answer. Iím going to give you a better way of stopping abortion."

    She was a young maid and on August 18, 1995 she stood next to her pastor to give a prophetic utterance that had the Hand of God on it. "Iím coming very very soon." It was timed just two months exactly after the initial outpouring. Those who were there that day knew that it wasnít Allison Ward speaking, but it was the Voice of One who sits in the Heavenlies. He was warning His church that day. It was not a time to be skeptical, but a time of repentance. Videotape caught the moment and as Steve Whitehead sent copies all over the world, the very same thing happened. In living rooms, churches, and Sunday school rooms as the video was played, the Miraculous showed up. One saw the shekina glory in the hallway. Another place, a child with a 105 temperature was almost ready to have a seizure when the peace of God entered the room and lowered the temperature back to 98.6 degrees. Christian schools played the video and full revival broke out ó Catholics, Baptist, Presbyterians and Pentecostals alike were baptized in the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. To say the least, this was a controversial video. The supernatural is the hardest thing for the nominal church to accept. Christianity understood the miracles of Jesus but when they start happening in the church, it begins to be a problem.

    One afternoon, a young mother diagnosed with cancer in her jaw came to see John Kilpatrick. The revival pastor prayed for her and the next day the operation was completely called off and that young mother went home to her children completely healed. Who could know what God would do next?

        The music was different. As Lindell Cooley went to Toronto with his Father, he heard the music of the Vineyard in the early part of 1995. He had just accepted the job at Brownsville as worship leader and this new music was strange and different. The greatest difference in the music was that it was intimate toward God. Like a lover courting his future bride, the music was calling people to be intimate with their Savior.

Who would have ever thought that this revival would go eight years? The first herald of the revival was word of mouth and The Remnant, but the day that The New York Times reporter showed up would be a day that would open the door to national and international journalists alike. The New York Times is the leading newspaper in this country and as the revival was put on the front page of that great paper, the world began to beat a path to the door. ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN came through the doors of the revival to capture the mood and the atmosphere of Pentecostal Revival.

There were mile markers all along the road as revival moved into it four year. Pastor Paul Yongi Cho came on 23, 1998 to make a bold statement. Pastor Cho said that he had tried to come to the revival for long time and was on several occasions but problems back home held him from coming. As he preached long into the night Cho made one statement that people remember unto this day he said, "Revival will end when Jesus comes." The hope of the second coming renewed people with the vision to continue.

Another moment at revival happened in 1998 when Steve Hill spoke on the rapture of the church for the first time at revival. "I feel very unsettled. I feel like the ground underneath me is shifting. I feel as if something is about to change." Hill mentioned that over the last few days, he had felt an unsettling feeling. "When the earth begins to shift, when I hear roots being pulled up out of the ground, when I feel the wind on my face blowing in a new direction, I like that. I donít like it when everything is cookie cutter clean. I canít stand it." Hill that night was explicit when he said, "Prepare the way in your own heart and then help prepare the way in others. I want no obstacles. I will have no obstructions. I will return for a pilgrim people. He said to me to let the church know that the day is approaching. "Warn them! Donít wine and dine them. Tell them clearly, donít mix words. My Word and my Water are pure. Donít taint it. Make it clear, let my people know its about to happen." This message was spoken on the rapture at the beginning of the year on January 31, 1998.

    In the last few years of revival, many eventful things have happened in world and in the summer of 2001 John Kilpatrick begin to recognize a trend in the country.

    On September 9, 2001 John Kilpatrick took his pulpit and began a sermon tied to the rise of evil in the world. In his sermon entitled, "Just Watching," he noted the shark attacks on the Atlantic East Coast and then he mentioned other events tied to a rise of evil in this country and he made a statement. "It seems as if the animals are sensing things that we cannot. There is an increase of demonic activity and it is happening as we draw closer to the Second Coming of Christ. Donít be surprised if you turn your television on Wednesday and thereís been a major earthquake somewhere in the United States. Some news organizations donít report earthquakes because they donít want fundamental Christians to gloat over it with Scripture. Whatever you may see in days to come, donít be surprised." Kilpatrick repeated during the sermon that even though you see these happenings, God is going to protect you and give provision. It was two days after this sermon that the Trade Centers were attacked in downtown New York City.

     There is a truth behind the Brownsville Pulpit that fires like a bullet around the world. There wasnít a single prophet that was this close to the truth on Sunday September 9, 2001 and John Kilpatrick would be the first to tell you that heís not a prophet. Nevertheless, the power behind the pulpit at Brownsville has touched and called forth events and things that no one else could know but God.

    On Friday, May 30 they began to move back into the main sanctuary at Brownsville in preparation for the Eighth Year of Revival. There were people praying in the Holy Place after a year being gone from that structure. The seventh year of revival was laid to rest. Like the Jews in obedience to God, let the ground rest on the seventh year, so Brownsville did not harvest a crop on that Holy Ground last year. The fields are still white with harvest and the wisdom of the leadership of the people at Brownsville has grown deep through the many obstacles they have had to overcome for revival.

   The voice of the revival is still speaking and calling forth the lost. This year will be a special year and the days between June 13 and June 15 will be a special celebration. Prayer has been put forth for this event and there is a high expectation of a renewed Spirit in the sanctuary as the faithful have moved back in to celebrate the Eighth year of Revival in Pensacola. Bless you Brownsville for all you have sacrificed as a body of believers for those who come through your doors.




Cleddie Keith ó Heritage Fellowship

God has a special person in Florence, Kentucky. I have watched Cleddie Keith work within the Body of Christ and I see him as a peacemaker. He is a pastor to the pastor and yet he is a pastor of a great church near Cincinnati, Ohio. I have seen him do an invisible work that has not been seen by any other one than Jesus Himself. Cleddie Keith once told me that at times it seems as if the call of unity to the brethren is almost impossible, yet I have seen him work with people who did not know each other. I have seen him marry great moves of God to each other. While many people will not fellowship with others in the Body of Christ, I have seen Cleddie Keith open the door to every man with authority in his church.
At Heritage Fellowship in Florence, Kentucky there is a body of believers who have been trained in the Spirit of God. It has been said that the personality of the church is very often built around the personality of the pastor. The people at Heritage Fellowship have a man of God that has made sure those who have a desire to minister have a place to minister. Cleddie Keith sees the Body of Christ as the ministers of the church. He very often will take a child and use them in ministry to lay hands on the people to receive the power of God. Cleddie has no pride that goes before him because he has seen the mobilization of the church as the individual believer. Those in his church have seen a variety of ministers cross his pulpit. They come from every corner of the world to impart the gifts of Godís Mighty Spirit. If you want to see an example close to what Jesus wanted in His church then you would have to go to Heritage Fellowship in Florence, Kentucky. Youíll see a church that has been in revival for the last eight years.

HOLLYWOOD, CA --Years ago in the 1970s
Benny Hinn was asked to speak at Christ for the Nations. As he was leaving that day a man spoke to him and said, "Thus saith the Lord you will preach the gospel in the Arab World. " My passport says, "Born In Israel, does he realize if your are it is very hard to enter the Arab lands and do anything." It was right after he had spoken that that Freda Lindsey said, "That man has never been wrong." She was speaking about the prophet who had spoken into Benny Hinnís life.

The prophecy spoken to Hinn at Christ for the Nations has slowly but surely began to take hold.

Recently Hinn was asked to preach the gospel in Jordan by minister of Tourism. and little by the little the way has been made for the gospel to go forward in Egypt and other Moslem Nations.

Hinn began to speak about the work that Pastor Bob Rodgers is doing in conjunction with High Adventure Ministries in Louisville. The gospel will be preached to all of Africa and the Moslem world through Jerusalem radio and the Voice of Hope. It was on this occasion that Hinn gave $25,000 to the new work of building a transmitter in Libera to send the world to the Islamic Nations of Africa and the Middle-East. Read all about the Hollywood Tent Revival in this issue of the Remnant call 888 755-9145.


KANSAS CITY, MO - It was in the early days of the
Brownsville Revival and Pastor Ralph Humbolt was sitting in Lyndell Cooleyís class during the first ministers conference during that great revival. The day before the worship was so powerful that things began to manifest right in front of this pastor, "I saw a white horse come into sanctuary and ride all around it and it came right up to me and stopped. They were singing we shall ride. I told my friend I saw a white horse but I feel as if they thought I was losing it. The next day in Lyndellís class he asked the question, ĎDid anyone see the white horse yesterday during worship.í I quickly raised my hand and with that many of my friends began to believe."

"When I was called to this church I was hungry for the revival and the supernatural of God. In July of 1995 I was standing behind my pulpit and the glory of God was unleashed to us. It was heavenly, the people knew in an instant that it was revival. We had not been to Pensacola yet but we were blessed to have Him come in our church at that particular time. It was like a supernatural invasion  of Godís love and what would come next would lead us on an adventure we never expected. Later that summer someone told us about Pensacola and what was going on there. Thatís when we made plans to drive more than 1,100 miles to visit their first ministers conference.. We went The first pastors conference was really manna from heaven for us and it just intensified what was going on in the in us. The supernatural was in great evidence during those early days and the flood of the Spirit of God moved upon us to build us for what was about to happen back home. Back home there were those elements in the church who did not want the revival Spirit. We knew we were in Godís will and when almost everyone left the church God encouraged me to not move to the left or right but to stay on course and He would show His face. It was just our family and a few people but God was faithful. During all the trouble I knew that even though it hurt us greatly we had to forgive and bless those who were leaving. I work as a letter carrier and we could with stand what was going on, my wife and I knew that we had touched God. Where and why would we want to go backward, we made up our mind that we would trust God and not trust the hand of man. We saw the church begin to come back, people came that were hungry those who were coming built the church back to place it was before.

One of the greatest blessings in the church was when Ralph and Debbie sent their child to the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola. "I was blessed when I went there, it was just after the school had split and Editor Jerrell Miller had come to minister to the students. That was a semester of glory because it wasnít long after that we saw the Spirit of God move in a powerful way at the school. A class that had started just before noon ended in a full glory meeting that went on for eight hours. Dr. Larry Martin was leading that class at the time. Time after time during that semester saw God move all over the campus. Pockets of glory were happening spontaneously. I met my husband Jeremy at the school and when we finished our schooling we went home to be the worship leaders at my parents church. We have seen God manifest Himself here since we started leading the worship."

In one service as Pastor Ralph Humbolt was leaving the church the Spirit of God moved upon him as he was standing next to M.C. Adams a member of the church who was a contractor. For years Adams had been in pain with weekend and damaged discs in his back. Pastor Ralph was told by God to lay hands on him. The power of God was poured into Adams as he immediately stood up and bent over to touch his toes something that he had not been able to do for 20 years. The power of God was so powerful that a young man Dan Wiley was standing next to him fell out in the Spirit and began to laugh. Wiley, 28,. could not stop laughing. It was strange how God moved through the pastor that day but God was not over. The people that had been added to the church were new to signs and wonders and many of them couldnít thing

 understand what was going on but they could sense and feel the presence of God in this house. Pastor Ralph said, "Sometimes its better to have a group of people who have not ever seen Godís miracle power. When something happens to one of them it really touches a fire off."

Another lady in the church Diane Quigley was touched by the power of God in the foyer of the church. Diane has experienced great pain in her knees for years. She told God she wanted her to help in the church and do some of the jobs that were involved in physical labor. While she could barely work at times because her knees were so racked with pain, Diane was mopping the floor one day in the foyer of the church when the Spirit of God fell on her knees and she was completely delivered of pain. For the last few months she has been pain free in an area that had caused her constant pain for years.

God is doing an awesome work at New Life Worship Center. The battles that Ralph and Debbie Casebolt have been through has only been a door to open more of the glory of God. Some of the ministers who had pastored the old church have visited and as they come through the door they can sense and feel the presence of God so strong that they start weeping and it doesnít stop until they leave the church. It is a strange phenomena but it is a real


Ralph Casebolts church is not a large church but it is definitely a place where God is alive. As I ministered in the prophetic on May 18th of this year the one characteristic I felt in this house of God was how quick the words were coming out of my mouth as I ministered to the people. When I preached and as I ministered a powerful surge of Godís glory flowed through me. There is a strange glory in this place. Ralph and Debbie remodeled the old building. The removed the pews, put comfortable chairs in place. The carpet is a rich shade of priestly purple. The Sanctuary has a presence on it that has great freedom in the worship. It was the pastorís desire to see revival come to this church but had he been told what he would have had to go through he wouldnít have believed it. Pastor Ralph is a letter carrier for the U. S. Post Office where he will retire in a few weeks. He has moved by faith this far and has a divine hope to see more come. Jerrell Miller preached on the dreamers on May 18th. In one section of Genesis after Jacob had sleep all night on the rock in a place name Bethel he said, "Surely God has been in this place." Thatís the same thing I felt and I sensnsed when I was there. Surely God is in this place and surely his presence will continue to grow. My trip to Kansas City was a long one but it was one of the most refreshing visits and one of the best kept secrets in the Body of Christ. New Life Worship Center is one of the best kept secrets in state of Missouri. One visit to this church and youíll know that it is a place of river saturation, it is a place of divine visitation.


LOS ANGELES, CA -- We were on time today in Los Angeles.  On our fifth day in California The Remnant we visited one of the most historic places in all of Pentecost. The guide at the old house on 216 Bonnie Brae Street led us to the living room where it happened on April 8, 1906. William Seymour saw several people receive the Baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  The amazing thing about that day was that Seymour did not receive the fullness of the Spirit.  Our guide pointed to a piano in the front room that Jennie Moore  was moved by the spirit to play.  She had no piano skills at all she just started to play the piano by the Spirit of God.  Later Jennie Moore would become William Seymour's wife.  Pastor Paulette Blaylock of Landmark Christian Center hosted Editor Jerrell Miller and took him to this historic site and also to the side of the Angeles Temple.

        It was an awesome week for The Remnant in Southern California.  Two special ladies made it possible for The Remnant to come here.  Jackey Yockey of High Adventure Ministries and Pastor Paulette Blaylock of Landmark Christian Center in Porterville, California.  The beauty of this state goes beyond description. This morning as I ate my breakfast in Porterville I could see the snow capped mountains in the distance from my window.  
       On of the greatest finds that The Remnant found was the ministry of two individuals.  Howard Richardson has a prophetic ministry that really has character.  As I watched this man minister I could sense and feels the anointing on the accurate words that he was delivering.  The other individual was a women pastor name Michelle Corral  -- what a powerful lady.  The delivery of her word on the first night of the Hollywood Tent Revival was powerful.  We have opened some big doors in California as The Remnant is growing.
To read more about the California subscribe to The Remnant call to subscribe at 1 (888) 755-9145. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA --His father worked with ministries such as T. L. Osborn, Jack Coe Sr., Morris Cerullo and many of the Voice of Healing Ministries that later became Christ for the Nations.   He has a flow of God in this ministry that accurate.  His word was very powerful on Friday afternoon as he moved from person to person as he sang healing Jesus.  This 45 year old pastor-prophet is based in Dallas, Texas.  Jackie Yockey, President of High Adventure Ministries says that she first met Richardson when she worked at the 700 Club.   " He has always been powerful and he is very acccurate in his demonstrated word."  Of all the people who ministered at the  Hollywood Tent Revival Howard Richardson was a bright light in the tent people were really touched and you could sense and feel the glory on his ministry. To read more about the Hollywood Tent Revival subscribe to The Remnant call to subscribe at 1 (888) 755-9145. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Last night the tent was full of hungry people as Benny Hinn came to the Hollywood Tent Revival. In a meeting that went late into the night Benny Hinn taught on prayer and the advantage of silence when God is moving.  In his early days as minister he watched Kathryn Kuhlman as she called for complete silence during a time when the stillness of God invaded her meetings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It was that moment that taught Hinn the power of God in the silence of time.  Worship was powerful this night as the healing presence of God flooded the tent.  To read more about the Hollywood Tent Revival subscribe to The Remnant call to subscribe at 1 (888) 755-9145. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Dr. Michelle Corral spoke about the "Dream Stealers" and how the dreams  of the anointed are very often their destiny.  Dr. Corral spoke about two famous dreamers in the Old Testament.  Joseph had a dream of a coat of many colors and that dream brought problems from his brothers, but it was spoken and it came through because it was spoken.  She also spoke about Daniels dream that opened the door to the King of Babylon.  She told the faithful tonight not to settle on existence with your dreams but to go forward. To read more about the Hollywood Tent Revival subscribe to The Remnant call to subscribe at 1 (888) 755-9145. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- With a light chill in the air the tent at the Hollywood Tent Revival is being prepared tonight. Pastor Bob Rodgers will be the featured speaker  and Benny Hinn will speak tomorrow  night.  This is event is sponsored by High Adventure Ministries and The Voice of Jerusalem Radio.  For more information on this event read the May issue of The Remnant, call to subscriber at (888) 755-9145.  The above picture is taken in front of Graumans Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.  Sponge Bob and Jerrell Miller a powerful team. 


HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Within  the next three days a battle will begin in Hollywood, California for men's souls.  Pastor Bob Rodgers last year joined forces with the Voice of Jerusalem to preach the gospel to the entire area of the middle east.  To do this it will require the funding of a large transmitter. While that transmitter is close to finishing it will require other financing that will complete the project.  Right now the Voice of Jerusalem is the only gospel station in the entire area of Israel that is broadcast the gospel from Jerusalem.  When the project is completed the Voice of Jerusalem will reach every Arab Country in the region.   Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq will hear the gospel.  The Voice of Jerusalem will also broadcast in Hebrew also. Healing Evangelist Benny Hinn will come to help complete the project.  Jackie Yockey, President of High Adventure Ministries, Pastor Bob Rodgers will be a part of the program along with Howard Richardson and Teri Wahlheim.  Please be in deep intercession over this project.  Editor Jerrell Miller serves as the Editor of the Voice of Jerusalem.  

We are asking all those who read this word to pray for  our troops.  In the next few days the Army and the Marines will move into the City of Bagdad.  

HARDEEVILLE, SC -- It was just three weeks ago but the move of God in the Carolinas increased in the supernatural one pastor spoke of a situation that begin to happen to him after he attended the conference. All over the front of the auditorium, the men of God were touched. One pastor, Jeffrey H. Shelton, said, "That was one of the most powerful touches I have ever received in a meeting. I felt electricity go down my entire body and just drop me where I was standing. That touch lasted longer than just the meeting. On the way home I started feeling drops fall on my forehead. I would feel my head and there was nothing there. We stopped to have lunch In Walterboro, but we were so overpowered we couldnít order lunch [from the] menu. For several days this didnít stop. I could feel the water on my forehead and oil began to be in my hands all the time. No matter how much I washed them I could still feel the oil." 

Many pastors have paid the price in Pentecost for the experience of the supernatural but the truth reveals a God who wants to come into the church.  Pastor Charles Bowman has opened the door to the supernatural.   God is still moving in the supernatural for those who will allow him in, denominations do not draw up the rules for God and the Holy Spirit will come to the place where the door is opened.  More supernatural coverage in The Remnant -- 888 755-9145. 

We know this is the time and we also know the things that are happening now are like no other time.


The fall of the Iron Curtain opened a door that no one thought they would ever see open. We used to be able to see those who were opposed and those who were for the United States, but now we see through a glass darkly. This is the year 2003 and as we stand at the crossroads of war, we have seen France lead Russia, Germany, and China effectively kill the usefulness of the United Nations. We have moved into areas where we will act alone to bring about justice in the Middle East. The vote in the United Nations Security Council that went against the United States was more than just a vote of no. It was a vote that effectively ended the usefulness of United Nations as a peacemaker in this world.


      Last year, the United States did cast two votes against Israel labeling them as an aggressor. We must remember - our future as Christians and as a country is built around the defense of Israel. Last year when the United States cast two votes against Israel at the UN Security Council, Spiritual leaders all over America felt the pain of that decision. The fall of the United Nations as we know it could very well hinge spiritually on those decisions. God has an eternal purpose and He is calling forth what the prophets have written at this moment. Many countries want to turn their head from the actions of the United States. It is strange that this war is opening a door that reaches back to the book of Genesis. The very area that where the Garden of Eden was established is the very area where tanks, missiles, and the American infantry will roll over.

      In a sermon preached in January by Pastor Bob Rodgers of Louisville, KY ó Rodgers said that this would be one of three more major conflicts to happen in this area before the return of Jesus Christ. As he lead his church on a fast, he said, "I would not be surprised if the United States did not attack Iraq by the end of our fast."
John Kilpatrick has spoken in favor of the military action that the United States is about to take and many in that revival church can see the beginning of what was spoken of on August 18, 1995.

       Pastor Paul Yongi Cho spoke words about revival in this country when he said, "Revival will continue until Jesus Comes." Those words were words of hope to a tired Brownsville at the time. When he spoke those words from that pulpit, it renewed a purpose in those who heard them. We understand the River of God and we have seen what has happened over the decade since Rodneyís initial outpouring in upper New York. Current news dictates that the call and the purpose of this new move of God is the final stage of what the Holy Spirit wants to do on the face of this earth.

The Chavdas Have Consistently Backed George W. Bush

In Charlotte, North Carolina we have heard a consistent message of hope when it comes to the conflicts involving the United States. We were in Charlotte just after the 911 incident. With the Jewish and the American flag wrapped together, Mahesh Chavda spoke out against the forces of evil, which are trying to control the world. Two survivors of the World Trade Towers stood before the group and received prayer that night. With the talk once again turning to war, Chavda has once again spoken from his Charlotte pulpit to back the President of the United States and his enforcement of the disarming of Iraq. Bonnie and Mahesh Chavda have spoken out in Spiritual circles against those in Spiritual leadership who have gone against our country saying that the current situations are an actual judgment of the country for not turning to God. The brave new voice coming out of Charlotte has been recognized by many as a voice of reason. Chavda has repeatedly spoken of the grace of God that is over this country because of the burden that many of our men of God have to spread the gospel to the Four Corners of the earth.

      The Christian leadership, those who understand the power of God, is in position to have great revival right now. The focus and observance of the right for Israel to exist as a nation will play a major role in the future prosperity of this country. The prayer focus right now should be upon Jerusalem and Israel as a Nation.
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International 

The Impartation of God Pentecost Reborn 

MOBILE, AL -- Those who are students of revival know that this current River move of God is not like anything ever experienced in Pentecost. Manifestations are a stumbling  block for old time Pentecostals but it is part of the new move of God known as the impartation.  This is probably one of the most historic issues of The Remnant will ever printed as Editor Jerrell Miller traces the move of God that started with Rodney Howard-Browne in upstate New York.  Many will disagree with the editor on his time line of events but when you study impartation you'll know its true.  Some men of God call it grace, and some say turn or burn - but the true facts of the situation say that God's presence has come to individuals because he desires fellowship with His children.  To order this issue call 888 755-9145.

By Editor Jerrell H. Miller 
MOBILE, AL -- We are on the edge war, gas prices are on the rise ó President Bush is moving into uncharted waters ó world opinion doesnít seem to care for the United States and its truthfulness about Iraq. Whatís a country to do? I would rather be unpopular and stand up to a bully than to listen to all my chicken friends tell me not to make a move. Watch Europe, it is moving toward the 10-nation status of the last days. Yes, my friend, we do have a President who reads the Bible and seeks Godís face everyday before he gets started. People are not willing to tell you whatís on their minds. This president not only tells you whatís on his mind, but puts action behind his words.

My friend, we are being shaken, but I see America returning to a former glory. When I say a former glory, I donít mean that in the way of military force. Wars will come and go and we will be in most of them in the last days, but something else is happening. I am not one to be given to visions, but recently under an open heaven in Hardeeville, South Carolina, I saw our country changing. I saw the majority of the citizens of this country going after anything that wasnít holy - and destroying it. I believe I saw the fullness of the Spirit of God over our land - and major revival.

How does war and an open heaven exist together? Iím a student of history, so Iím familiar with world events and world history. I understand that most wars are not about likes and dislikes, but war usually centers on economics. If you donít think so, just look at the gas prices. There is a side to war that usually brings about great moves of God. Within this realm, people will cry out to be saved! I canít see the exact future, but it must be something very dramatic to turn this nation around. I know we have to pray and seek His face before He will come and visit us, but what is going to cause us to seek His face? If God shows me the beginnings of this country returning to God, then there will be a price paid before He comes down upon us.

Like a guilty child fearing the wrath of his father, we who know the sins of this nation have enough common sense to know that unrepentant sin - if it goes long enough - will call for a judgment. In the back of my mind are all those babies who have been slaughtered in the abortion clinics since 1973. That is a sin that scars our land and even though in recent days we have made judicial progress in this area, God is going to require payment for this holocaust. Scripture says that there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood. We as a country will answer to God. It doesnít matter how you feel about the situation; God very often deals with nations as a whole.

George Bush is the first president since Ronald Reagan to speak out against this matter. Our leader is trying to take us backward in time so we can return to an age of innocence. Reagan and Bush are so much alike. Ronald Reagan was a little smoother than George W. Bush when he spoke on situations, but make no mistake about these two presidents, both hate the sin of abortion. Think about this, Reagan and Bush have been the only two presidents to suffer the loss of a space shuttle while they were in office. A lot has been made about the Columbia loss. I donít know what it means in the prophetic, but I do know that just as Ronald Reagan made sure the wall fell in Berlin, Germany - George W. Bush will make sure Saddam Hussein will fall in Iraq.

Do you remember Desert Storm? Do you remember how many churches were filled to capacity the weekend before we launched our army into Iraq? People felt we would lose many of our men. Many felt that this could be the end of peace as we know it, but it didnít happen at that time. Our allies went through Iraq like a hot knife through butter. Will it be different this time? The churches are not yet swelled with those praying for our soldiers ó many Americans are only bothered by the gas prices and couldnít care less about the military who will be in harmís way. Most of these soldiers come from the National Guard of our country. Is there something ahead that is going to happen that will bring us to our knees? Bill Clinton said, "Itís the economy, stupid." I say, "Itís the unrepentant sin, stupid."

The office of the President never slipped as far into the pigpen as it did when Clinton was our president. France, Germany, Russia, China, and South Africa all liked this whore-mongering fellow! While they knew what he was doing ó they didnít have enough guts to rebuke him in public for his sleazy lifestyle while president of the United States. George W. Bush is in the White House now and all of these fair weather allies donít have smooth old Bill to deal with any more. Bush is a morally strong man and he is willing to do the right thing, but you see, these fair weather allies still say, "Its the economy stupid." I say to these fair weather friends that our God is a Holy God and He is not a God of compromise who looks the other way just because there is enough money in the bank. France, Germany, Russia, South Africa and China, itís not the economy, stupid Ė itís the morals! Our country was not built on the lifestyle of a Bill Clinton or a Hugh Heafner.

I really did see America change in my day vision ó American began to attack anything that wasnít holy. The moral attitude of the entire country had returned to a place where it hasnít been in the last 300 years. I mean it when I tell you that it was holiness - it was a lifestyle - and it was popular.
We are standing right now on the edge of eternity. We are not just getting ready to go to war, but many of us are preparing the way for His coming. It has been said that the Knowledge of the Spirit of God will cover the earth in the last days like the seas. We have seen the move of God in South America, now watch the move in North America ó we will see His Glory like we have never seen it before. These days are real days of His Glory.


MOBILE, AL --It has been 10 years since the beginning of The Remnant and the focus has always been on revival.  Read this month about the amazing trail that has taken Editor Jerrell Miller all over the world.  Above is the initial publication of the first Remnant in 1993. The Remnant had a humble start in Mobile, Alabama as a local Christian Newspaper but now it spans the globe.  We will keep seeking revival in our land and in foreign lands. Call to subscribe 1 888 755-9145.  

HARDEEVILLE, SC -- It's called the impartation, many call it the rebirth of Pentecost and that's what happened last week in South Carolina.  Pastor Charles Bowman hosted the first Hungry Preachers Gathering at Abundant Life Tabernacle. This is a growing movement in Pentecost that has captured the Hungry at a moment in history of the Church that seeks the face and the presence of God.  Cleddie Keith says that this current revival is a movement of grace, last weekend they came from Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee just to experience the power of God.  One preacher who returned to his church in Anderson, South Carolina spoke about what God did for him on the last day of the gathering, "Pastor Bowman was praying for the pastors when I felt the glory touch me.  It was powerful , I felt a bolt of electricity run down my spine and I was out in the glory.  As I went home from the conference I could feel a rain drop falling on my head.  It was raining outside my car, but it was also raining inside of it also. This manifestation lasted with me for several days.  Read more about this meeting in the March Issue of The Remnant Newspaper.  Call to subscribe 1 888 755-9145.  

HARDEEVILLE, SC-- If you are anywhere near Savannah, Georgia it would be good for you to visit the HUNGRY PREACHER GATHERING in Hardeeville, South Carolina.  It is an event that doesn't happen everyday and Cleddie Keith -- many last year were changed never to be the same again.  Pastor Robert Bowman, Cleddie Keith and Evangelist John Davis will be the main speakers.  Read more about this conference by calling 888 755-9145.   


CHARLOTTE, NC -- Make no mistake about it, All Nationís Church has chosen to back the President George W. Bush and his quest to disarm the Nation of Iraq. Prayers went up on Friday night and a mandate was laid down by the Charlotte leader . "I speak against those who have called for the judgment of this nation," said Chavda. "We have a man of God in the White House who is up a dawn every day reading his Bible and praying for direction. We have prayed over this situation and have a knowing that he is in the will of God. We will not be neutral, we will stand behind our President and our sons and daughters who are about to do battle in the middle east."

Watch of Lord will support 
Troops with prayer

Mahesh Chavda said the two greatest events to ever happen in the last 2,000 years was Israel being established as a nation in 1948 and the Jewish Nation reclaiming Jerusalem. Then Chavda said that the greatest American President was Harry Truman, because Trumanís mother taught him how important it was bless the Jew. Truman was responsible for Jews being flown into their homeland. It was the United States Air Force who few the Jews back into the home land in 1948.  Mahesh Chavda said that as the troops go into battle the Watch of Lord will support them with prayer.

Bonnie Chavda Speaks On Saturday Morning

On Saturday during the early session at the church Bonnie Chavda once again spoke out in favor of the Presidents policy. Against the back drop of a storm that blew against the gospel tent violently opening the sides of the tent on two difference occasions Bonnie Chavda spoke. "I speak against those cyber prophets who are calling for the judgment of this nation. We have a man in the White House who prays on his knees and reads the bible." The Chavdas spoke out against those who would manipulate the moment to destroy the nation by false prophecy. You can read more about this conference by ordering a subscription to The Remnant, 888 755-9145.


CHARLOTTE, NC -- Stacey Campbell started the conference at Charlotte by teaching on hearing the voice of God. She spoke about the prophet Deborah in the Book of  Judges.  

God is a God of wrath

She said when the trumpet sounds it has to be the right sound before the people will respond.  People will not respond to a trumpet that they not recognize.  God is a God of wrath, for years the saints in heaven have asked the question how long oh Lord?  These saints are in heaven and when the prayers on earth touch the prayers in heaven, that's when God begins to act.  God will move in wrath, it is written in the Book Revelation.  

I Taught Two Year Olds

Stacey said that she was raised in Baptist Church situation and her husband was a visionary.  I was 27 years old when I received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost in a Plymouth Brethren Church.  I started teaching two year olds.  I had 30 two year olds in a Sunday School class.  God had a reason for me working with them because I overcame a lot of fear there.  In England I was asked to speak in front of 2,000 people and I had not fear at all when I spoke in that situation. We need to respond to what God wants us to do, it is very often the place where God will train us to use us in chosen situations.  Stacey spoke and said that it is more important to follow God's will in your life that to chart your own course. Read more about her message in The Remnant by calling 888 755-9145.

CHARLOTTE, NC -- If you want to know the place where The Remnant goes to get refreshed is this place here. Today we begin our three day coverage of Praying Down The Glory. The worst part about this meeting is that my wife Vivian is not with me today. The Watch of the Lord and Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda have become deep friends with The Remnant.  Mahesh is a fatherly figure who carries the presence of God. They call their ministry a signs and wonders ministry but to us it is the full gospel demonstration of the power of God. Believe me this is a unique place and a unique ministry. All Nations Church is a place of refreshing, if you are in traveling distance of these services you should come.  The church is located in the Ft. Mill area of the old PTL grounds off of Interstate 77. Stay tuned for more reports. You can read about Praying Down The Glory in the March issue of The Remnant.

MOBILE, AL - - Mobile, Alabama is feeling the beginnings of revival .  Last night at Pathway Temple on the Northern Side of Mobile the glory fell in the early service and continued the entire night.  Pastor Toby Morgan is in his fourth year at the church. Pathway Temple is the largest Church of God in the Mobile area.  As the pastor lead worship from the pulpit the move intensified as pews emptied and the power of God moved upon the people. Pathway Temple was established by now retired Pastor Henry McDuffie.  It was McDuffie who asked the question of Pastor Paul Yonge Cho of Korea, "Would revival ever happen in America?"  Cho replied to McDuffie by pointing to the Gulf Coast area of the United States.  These events happened around 1990 in Seattle, Washington at a Conference held by the Pastor Casey Treats Church.  While Mobile has experienced a revival on the western side of the city at Calvary Assembly of God that went 18 months, no other church in this region has come close. 


Toby Morgan in his book called, "Can God Move Here?" was moved on by the supernatural while at another church in the state. The glory of that experience and the memory of this event moved him to author a book to ask the questions of revival from a person who has been a witness of God's presence.  Morgan was touched so deeply by this experience that it left him hungry for more.


Alabama has played a major roll in the river move of God.  Steve Hill is from Huntsville, while Lindell Cooley is from the western side of Alabama.  John Kilpatrick was born on the Georgia border town of Alabama, Columbus.  Even the editor of the Revival Paper Evangelist Jerrell Miller is from Mobile, Alabama. 

HARDEEVILLE, SC -- No one who was at the Hungry Preachers Gathering last year has forgotten what God did in that Church of God in Servierville. Itís that memory that many and that touch that has caused those who were involved to rally the troops once again to start this year off right. Many came from California, Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas just to sit under the spout where the glory poured out.

Cleddie Keith pastors a powerhouse church in Florence, Kentucky, just below the great city of Cincinnati. He is a powerful man in prophecy and many who have been under that anointing will tell you one thing, "Wow! I never knew church could be like that." Many a poor soul has been in the river of refreshing and came back home to tell others where to get a drink. Thatís what it is all about, getting a drink and then coming home to share the overflow with those who couldnít go. It has been said by many a religious man that you donít have to go anywhere to receive from God, you can get it right at home - but these are the people who have never traveled to Pensacola or places like Hardeeville to take a drink of the real thing.
Pastor Charles Bowman will host this yearís Hungry Preachers Gathering at Abundant Life In Hardeeville, S.C. He visited the Brownsville Assembly of God more than 30 times until he caught the vision for his own church. Abundant Life is now in its fifth year of revival in South Carolina. Abundant Life AOG is a house on fire and many have come to this fire to be warmed. From Savannah, Georgia to Charlotte, North Carolina, the powerful pull of revival has come out of this church. Cleddie Keith and John Davis,
Ambassador to the Brownsville Revival, agree that this is a place where a vent from Heaven has already been established. The intercessors at many churches are right now preparing the stage that will be set in Hardeeville.

"Give Me More." That is what the Hungry Preachers are coming for. This year it is not just the preachers who will be in the house of God near Savannah, but many others will also join in.
Those who have heard Pastor Charles Bowman preach - from California to the Carolinas - knows that he can carry the message for that moment. Recently when we went to that small Carolina City, we heard him preach a sermon that they are still talking about today. Tap, Tap, Tap was a powerful display of Godís word as Bowman spoke on the anger that the prophet Elisha had for people with a limited vision.

What more can be said about John Davis, he is a fixture in revival and is one of the most sought after evangelists in the river of God today. The power of his delivery is funny and entertaining, but more than this, it is a powerful thrust of the Holy Spirit that will change lives. All across the nation the powerful move of God continues to move through this man.


MOBILE, AL -- It has been reported to The Remnant that a move of God is in its infancy in Mobile, Alabama at Church of God.  Pastor Toby Morgan is the pastor of the church.  The Remnant has felt a pull in the area of Mobile for a while.  Editor Jerrell Miller's wife works as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse in a local hospital and one of her associates began to talk with her about revival at their church.  Vivian Miller has known this couple for a long time and she was impressed by what they were saying and doing around her. "I have know these two people for years and hadn't ever heard them speak about God but her husband came to the floor one day and spoke about the great revival at Pathway Church of God.  She said  on Sunday night the Spirit begins to move in the church and on this particular Sunday it started in the young people.  He said you know its the Spirit of revival when it starts moving through your young people."  


Bishop Levi Knox at Living World Christian Center on Government St was moved to ask Paula White to come and minister to their Women at the Church.  Paula White is a dynamic speaker and comes from the Church without Walls in Tampa, Florida.  

EDITOR  JERRELL MILLER "It's More Than A Feeling, its time."

"It's More Than A Feeling, its time.  When we started The Remnant ten years ago God came to me in prayer and spoke these words.  'There is going to a great revival in Mobile and I will use my servant Levi Knox in a great way.'  After God spoke these words to me I went to the phone to call Pastor Knox, his wife answered the phone.  I told Marilyn at the time about what God had spoke to me.  Since that time Marilyn has went home to be with Jesus.  I remember Bishop Knox preaching in Western Mobile at a Methodist Church on the week she died.  God has began to stir me inside for my own city.  The mood of what is beginning to happen is happening among the right people.  How can the south truly have revival unless it includes all nationalities and all races.  Recently as I preached among the Navajo Indians in Gallup I was extremely aware of their people's suffering on the reservation but among these people I saw great faith and the ability to take that great faith back to the reservation.  That must happen in Mobile. To read more about this story you can order The Remnant at 888 755-9145. Happy Valentines Day.



PENSACOLA, FL -- He's been a Paul outside the walls -- In the second year of the great revival in Pensacola an evangelist emerged with the message of the River of God.  Today after five years of constant travel Evangelist John Davis has become more than a spokesman for the great revival he has become and institution of that powerful event in Pensacola.   Every week John Davis receives calls from all over America to come to different situations of revival but Davis says he hears from God on where to go and what to preach.  In this edition of the Remnant Davis moves onto the reservation areas of New Mexico and Arizona to touch the mighty American Nation of the Navajo Nation, read all about this man and this move of God in this issue by call toll free 888 755-9145.

PENSACOLA, FL -- With a national television audience Steve Hill preached out of the Book of Daniel last night . "The first half of the book of Daniel dealt with the personal side of Daniel but the second half of that book deals with the things that are happening right now in the world.  How can a book written more than 2500 years ago be so representative of today." 

It was the first of many first Friday sermons that will be preached at the Brownsville Revival this year, and it was covered by a national television outreach with a potential of reaching 80 million homes.  You can read more about this service in the February Edition of The Remnant.

It was learned last night that a good friend of the Remnant is at a Pensacola hospital.  Pray for Elmer Melton's complete recovery.  He is a fixture at the Pensacola Revival.

This month the Remnant will deal with the move of God In Gallup, New Mexico and do an indebt article on The Ambassador of the Brownsville Revival, John Davis.  Call to subscriber at 888 755-9145l. 


MOBILE, AL -- Heartland Fellowship Church has been established as a new church in the Dallas, Texas area by Evangelist Steve Hill.  Hill says that the purpose for the new church is to see souls saved, disciple, and pastored, but also, to see thousands raised up and trained to evangelize. Home to over five million people, many of whom are unreached, The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is a prime location for a church that can effectively serve both needs. It was with this clear vision and directive that plans for Heartland Fellowship Church were begun.

Steve Hill will preach at the Brownsville Revival on Friday night. For more on this story subscribe to the February issue of The Remnant - (888) 755-9145.


GALLUP, NEW MEXICO -- It was in November as Pastor David Toppen drove 13 hours from Gallup New Mexico to Ramona, Oklahoma to hear the Ambassador of the Brownsville Revival, John Davis speak at the Happy Hill Church.  As the pastor asked Pastor Robert Boyle if he could speak with John Davis, that's when a divine connection was made once again to touch another nation.  This nation would be the Navajo Nation of the South West.  Happy Hill Church was powerfully impacted by the Brownsville Revival more than four years ago and has been in revival since that time.  The Cherokee, Eskimos, and now the Navajo Indian Nation has been touched through this country church on the plains of Oklahoma. 


Last Saturday night in Gallup, New Mexico saw a full house with chairs down the main aisle and also two rows of them at the front. It was like the early days of the Brownsville Revival as crowds grew larger and larger just before the worship began.

As the worship began a glory began to penetrate the building, 90 percent of the congregation was Navajo Indian. Looking over the faces of the people in the congregation you could tell many of them were there for the first time. You could see the glory across the faces of many, and then you could see the blank stair of those who were there for the first time.


Before Evangelist John Davis spoke there were several in the house who spoke out in tongues and interpretation. A total of seven revealed messages came forth before the preaching. There were messages that spoke about spiritual arrows and a great battle and then there were messages spoken about winning a nation.  The house was pregnant with revelation before John Davis, the Ambassador of the Brownsville revival spoke.


The pureness of this move of God could be deeply felt as Pastor David Toppen ask John Davis to come forward. Davis was brilliant in his delivery of the world of God. He had a recognition of what God wanted to do this night and his take at hand was to build the people for expectation. His message was "Expect a Miracle." Davis spoke about the impossible situation of his brother who was in a comma and was near death. During that time Davis also contracted a death bed situation as a child at his Missouri home in Potosi. The power of God instantly touched his brother and brought him out of a long coma and caused him to run. John Davis was next touched and began to run around the house. That day Luther Davis and his boys celebrated the miracle of healing. Davis gave the altar call after the message and half the church came forward to repent. Many in the large congregation came to the altar for first time salvation.


Seeing the altar call this night at the church would tell you one thing, the pastor has a problem. Since revival has touched his church he has moved to two services. This revival is touching the Navaho Indian Reservation, there is a stirring of revival among the Navaho Nation and the church is getting to he place where it cannot hold what it is winning to the Lord. Some churches grow through programs but this is a church on Fire with revival. The powerful miracle of salvation touched man this night, this revival is touching the Navaho Nation in North New Mexico. Read more about this move of God by subscribing to The Remnant there will be a complete coverage of this event in the February edition of The Remnant.


GALLUP, NEW MEXICO --  Pastor David Tappen came to the Brownsville Revival with his wife in March of 1997. From that time on the supernatural has moved among the congregation of First Assembly of Gallup, New Mexico.


Surrounding Gallup, New Mexico are four Indian Nations that have more than 360,000 people.  In Window Rock, Arizona is the government seat of the Navajo Nation. 

Most of the stirring of the Holy Spirit at First Assembly is among three Navaho people.  This congregation is alive in the presence of God.  These people are deeply committed to reaching the Indian Nations of this area.  God is moving among the Navaho through this ministry.  Tonight The Ambassador of the Brownsville Revival will be in Gallup at First Assembly for the next two days.  The manifestations and the power of God was displayed last night as Prophetic Evangelist Jerrell Miller of The Remnant spoke.  Miller says that he was led to this area after his friend John Davis spoke to him about the move of God among the Indian Nations here.  


It's a beautiful day right now as the sun is setting in the mountain that surround this painted desert.  The area looks much like Israel.  The momentum toward revival will push even harder tonight and tomorrow as the power of God is released through Evangelist John Davis. 


by Editor Jerrell H. Miller/Prophetic-Evangelist
MOBILE, AL -- We are basically a news gathering revival paper -- since the first time we traveled to Sikeston, Missouri to cover Evangelist John Davis we have been blessed.  John Davis is known as the Ambassador of the Brownsville Revival but he has become more than that lately. God has decided to bless this man of God.  As I sat in a church of 3,000 and watched a great man of God preach the Word of God I was impressed by the great knowledge of this individual but when John Davis began to preach something entered the room that was not there before he got there.  That night I saw something in him that was far beyond the explanation of the seriousness of this event.  There is something on the man and it is supernatural.  Many people laugh at this mans jokes in the pulpit and no doubt he is a very funny man, but the power of God that flows through him is a direct result of a touch he received early in revival at Pensacola.  


As an editor I drop in on revivals all across the nation but the very thing I understand about this subject is the fact that some have a presence of God and some are still being guided by the hand of man.  Many do not know this but we were in Pensacola before there was a revival.  Let me tell you the before and after of revival.  Pensacola is the greatest thing that has ever graced the denomination of the Assemblies of God in this country.  This move of God is still alive and it is centered around the leadership of its Pastor, John Kilpatrick.  Let those be aware of some things -- many have come and gone from that revival but John Kilpatrick is the same man that I met in the Summer of 1991 as he is today in the Winter of 2003.  Knowing and watching him all these years has taught me something about ministry.  When he is in the house things are right.  Many today know that his leadership is of great value.  As I have traveled from California, England, France and into Africa the Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Outpouring is known by those who are seeking God.  


We ask for prayer in this country right now  --  I will travel to a town in New Mexico on Thursday that bares the name of the ship (USS Gallop) my father was on in World War II.  He  was one of  the first six ships to return to Philippines in the Second World War and was in the greatest navel battle in the history of man, The Battle of Late Gulf.  The sunken ship of the Japanese Navy are still at the bottom of that gulf but a greater battle for men's souls is going on now.   Pray for the Brownsville Revival and its leader John Kilpatrick -- he has been in revival for the last seven years.  His dream is to touch other pastors in this nation and yet maintain the fire in his own church.  How sad it would have been for all of us if he hadn't paid the price in the last few years.  Hell has turned up the heat on this great church.  The fire that hit  the revival church last year has taken all this long to repair, because of delays the projected finish of the sanctuary repair has been extended.  We need Pensacola's Revival, pray for the leadership there.  I bare witness of the character of this revival and we ask God today to bless those who are there and we tell them from our hearts that if there hadn't been a Brownsville Revival this country would even be in greater danger and closer the a more sure judgment than it is today.  


PENSACOLA, FL -- It was to be a day of healing, a time of renewal and a day to close old wounds. Old friendships were renewed. The whoís who of the Brownsville Revival was there. The Lord our God was smiling for sure!

When we arrived at the church at 8:00 AM there was already a line waiting to get into the sanctuary that stretched to the street. A fine mist of sleet was falling. When I found Donna in the line she was standing next to one of our close Brownsville friends James Moody. I said to James what some of my cattleman friends say when they see something a little unusual. "I have been to a goat ropíin and a county fair but I havenít ever seen anything like this." Here were grandmothers many in their 70ís+ sitting in aluminum lawn chairs waiting to get into the church. A group of ministry students had come out at 2:30 am to be first in line. Of course there some youngsters in short sleeve shirts freezing. You see dear friends there is still a fire for revival and a move of God at Brownsville. The problem with commitment is NOT with the congregation. If a thousand people will come and stand in the cold wind at 8:00 AM on Sunday morning with sleet falling they have not lost their hunger for God nor their commitment.

Why had all of these people come out at 8:00 AM when church usually starts at 10:30 AM? It was going to be a day of reconciliation between John Kilpatrick and Michael Brown. If you are going to have a family fight, the best part is always the kissing and making up. Today was to be a day of making up. Differences of opinions and pride do not have to lead to permanent separations. Today was to be an example to the Christian community that renewal and reconciliation are possible. Lindell and the Brownsville choir opened the service. The service was capped off by the praise and worship team from Fire International.

Pastor Kilpatrick opened the service by introducing Dr. Michael Brown and his wife Nancy to a standing ovation. Dr Brown said, " What God has done is truly amazing. As real as the pain was of separation, so is the happiness of reconciliation." The shofar blast signifies total forgiveness! All offenses and wrongs are forgiven under the blood of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Kilpatrick called Mr. and Mrs. Brown to the front of the platform. He then told Charlie to bring the bag to him. He pulled out a pair of hedge clippers. The clippers were a symbol just as the arrows were to the king when Elijah told him to strike the ground. Brother Kilpatrick then went around the Browns clipping around and over them from head to toe. He was snipping everything that had been said them. Any and all curses, criticism and discouraging remarks are cut off of you. Pastor Kilpatrick then spoke a blessing over Dr. and Mrs. Brown. The leadership of Fire International was ask to stand and be recognized. Pastor Kilpatrick then spoke a blessing over them as well.

Dr. Brown then made a presentation to pastor Kilpatrick, giving him a plaque with Hebrews 54:17 inscribed in Hebrew upon it. A plaque was then presented to Dr. Brown recognizing his contribution to the Revival. Along with the plaque he was presented a framed picture of Pastor Kilpatrick, Steve Hill, Lyndell Cooley and himself taken during the Revival.

Dick Reuben was then called to the platform. He was thanked for his contribution to the early Revival days. Dr. Brown and Dick Reuben both having Jewish roots brought the Revival wonderful teachings. Pastor Kilpatrick then read 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold are become new."

TAMPA, FL -- Rodney Howard-Browne spoke about the loss of his daughter Kelly at the 11:00 AM service at The River Church in Tampa, Florida.  "Christmas morning at 4:37 AM I gave my biggest offering ever." Kenneth, Rodney's son said on the way to the church, "Dad you can feel the peace all over us, the prayers of all those people have put us on a Spiritual High.  Rodney used the scripture of John 14 in his sermon.  He spoke and said that he had heard from so many people the entire week.  

        While Kelly had died on Christmas Day Rodney asked if the funeral home would bring her to the church so he could pray for her resurrection on Monday, January 30.  "It was so beautiful, when she was laying their and we were praying for her you could feel the peace of heaven.  It was so strong I likened it to the deepest experience you have ever had in the Holy Spirit multiplied by 1000 times.  God was all over us.  At 5 PM we committed her to the Lord and she was buried on Tuesday."  It was a powerful day and an usual day at the church in Tampa.  Rodney said that he had heard every major figure in the body of Christ this week.  This has brought many people together and has served as an open door for revival.  To read the entire story on Kelly Mae Howard-Browns October 25, 1996 to December 25, 2002 call to subscribe at 888 755-9145.

ORLANDO, FL -- We are currently in Orlando, Florida where the temperature fell to 32 degrees last night.  I saw Mickey Mouse in the parking lot looking for his coat.  We go into this year to begin our tenth year of editorial.  With so much at hand right now we are pressed to publish once again our Fasting Edition for January.  On January 14 we will once again go to the people of God to ask them to fast and pray at the beginning of the New Year.  


Cleddie Keith will begin a series of Hungry Preachers Conferences this year.  Charles Bowman will host the first conference and that will begin at the end of February and end March 1.  If any of you attended the one in Sevierville last year, you will probably never forget the power of God and how it swept the people at the Church of God there. Cleddie Keith will be with John Davis in Hardeeville and if this meeting is anything like the last one you will not be disappointed.  


The above picture is a picture of Judean Desert, it was here where Jesus asked for the favor of the Father before He began His Ministry.  We can only reach out to God and ask, He is the one who supplies the revelations, He is the one who brings the harvest.  We have had a very successful re-subscription drive in November and December.  While this paper was once built around the Brownsville Revival we have changed very much since that June day in 1995 -- while we pray for Brownsville as their sanctuary is restored from the July 4th fire, we also see a new vision of revival as many are touching the heart of God.  .  The one thing we heard as we spoke to the people who re-subscribed to the newspaper was how much people loved the newspaper.  


Our friends at the I-55 revival are exploding.  Evangelist Steve Foss has spoken to the pastor and says that the glory has returned in measure.  Foss has been in New Zealand but is scheduled to return to the call of revival near Jackson, Mississippi.  
       Next week while we are editing the January Edition we will be in revival for one day in Hurley, Mississippi.  Pastor William and Lisa Hancock have asked me to come for one day next Sunday for a revival service.  On Monday we will be at Abundant Life Tabernacle in Hardeeville, South Carolina to cover Evangelist John Davis.  Davis carries a heavy river anointing, he is no doubt one of the most in demand evangelist in the land today.  One thing about the Hardeeville Revival, it has a power force of intercession behind it.  The refreshing has grown deep and strong, the Hungry Preachers conference with Cleddie Keith, John Davis and Pastor Charles Bowman is something we will all be looking forward to.  I can't tell you how much the Hungry Preachers Conference touched this ministry last year.

Bill Johnson At New Freedom 

Don't forget that New Freedom Church will host Bill Johnson very soon near Dothan, Alabama. Many consider Johnson one of the best teachers in River move of God today.  He Pastors Bethel Assembly of God in Redding, California.  The beauty around his church near Mt. Shasta is awesome, looking out from the Alabaster Box Prayer Center you can feel and sense the move of God.  

 Well I thought I would lay out our agenda, hope you enjoy the fasting paper.  We will preview this edition on the web over the next few weeks -- if you are not a subscriber call and subscribe. The next edition will be one of best edited products on fasting and prayer.  Call to subscriber 888 755-9145, to God be the Glory.  Once again I want to thank all that subscribed in the last three months, we have been touched by your loyalty.  Editor Jerrell H. Miller/Prophetic Evangelist.

TAMPA, FL -- Last Summer I visited Rodney Howard-Brownes' new church in Florida.  I saw Kelly Howard-Browne  sing.  I never knew that Rodney and Adonica had a child that was physcially limited.  God chose to take her home on Christmas Eve night.  We at The Remnant are saddened to hear the news.  We call a blessing this morning over the Howard-Browne house, and stand with them in their loss.  Editor & Publisher Jerrell Miller, The Remnant.


This is the offical notice from the Brownsville Assembly of God on Michael L. Brown and John Kilpatrick

On December 12, 2002, Pastor John Kilpatrick and Dr. Michael L. Brown met together privately for three hours for the purpose of reconciliation. As a result of that meeting, they have issued the following joint statement: "We are pleased to announce that a complete and total reconciliation has taken place between us. We have no outstanding issues, nor is there a hint of bitterness or unforgiveness between us. We fully bless one another, and we fully bless one anotherís respective churches, schools, and ministries. We know that many believers were deeply hurt by the breach that took place exactly two years ago, and because of that we ask the forgiveness of the Body of Christ worldwide and the forgiveness of the Body in Pensacola in particular. We desire to be examples of unity and grace, not division and strife, and as the Holy Spirit has indeed done a supernatural work and there is not a hint of ill will between us and a real sense of friendship and trust has been totally restored, we pray that the Holy Spirit will work supernaturally in the hearts of all those who have been wounded by the separation. May healing and grace be released! May restoration come! May unity replace division! May the reality of Psalm 133 touch each and every one of you as it has touched both of us, and may this announcement of the gracious working of the Holy Spirit bring a special added joy to you during this holiday season. We give all honor and praise to Jesus our Messiah, our Lord, our Redeemer Ė and our blessed Reconciler. "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaronís beard, down upon the collar of his robes. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore" (Ps 133:1-3).

At this time of the year, it is common to quote the words of the angels spoken in Luke 2:14, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!" Pastor Kilpatrick and Dr. Brown are thrilled now to be able to extend blessings of peace and good will to all after two years of hurt and pain.

There will be a joint service on Sunday morning, January 12, 2003, at Brownsville Assembly of God that will be attended by both the leadership and congregations of Brownsville and FIRE. All are invited to participate in this special event!"

Prayer Targets For
The Nation of Israel

ATLANTA, GA -- The Prophet Jim Goll was at the meeting as he sounded out the targets of intercessory prayer for Israel. The one common element Goll directed his message to in each incident of intercessory prayer was repentance. When God would use someone it would often be from a humbled position of humility. In one incident when the Temple of the Lord was finally built by the son of David, Solomon he illustrated it through scripture. "Solomon humbled himself as a king to identify the sins of the Nation of Israel. That day the Lord showed up in a mighty presence as the priest went into to dedicate the Temple of God. (1 Kings 8:41)"

Jim Goll Battles Cancer 

Jim Goll was very excited about being at the conference. Recently he has been through radiation treatment for cancer. This was his first conference back after going through the treatments. "Many people have been praying for me and I appreciate it. I noticed a growth on me in August that began to grow rather large in a short period of time. The growth was as big as a cluster of grapes and you not just feel it, but you could see it. After 25 radiation treatments there is no sign of the cancer anywhere. We will not have the full results on the treatments until later but as of now it looks as if it has been completely arrested."

Repentance Through Godly Leadership 

"Moses fasted 40 days and nights to touch the heart of God for Israel. Moses cried out to Israel because of itís sin. When God was ready to destroy them Moses had Godís ear thought the power of intercession." Again as Goll taught on the target spots for intercession in Israel he emphasized one element that took God away from the nation and the way God came back into the picture. God used Moses to go before the people to spare them because of their sins. Goll used the scripture of Deut 9:18 And I fell down before the Lord, as at the first, forty days and forty nights: I did neither eat bread, nor drink water, because of all your sins which ye sinned in doing wickedly in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger. Like in many revival settings Moses went before God and reminded him of his promises to his people. Deut 9:29 Yet they are thy people and thine inheritance, which thou broughtest out by thy mighty power and by thy stretched out arm. This got the attention of God and preserved the future generations until the redemption of man came forth from these rebellious people out of the seed of Jesse.

Goll took the group through many scriptures that posed the leaders of Israel as each went before God to plead the case of the people. Jesus was the last to plead the case of the people until Israel was finally vanished from the face of the earth in 70 AD -- the promise of the return was seen in 1947 and now intercession has started in a new way by the people of the earth who know the prophecy and timing of the second return of Christ.


ATLANTA, GA -- It was at the Capitol Plaza Hotel near the Olympic Site. You could still see the giant construction where the Olympic Flame burned during the Summer Olympic just a few years ago. It was a place in Atlanta where all the nations met to compete in the Olympics, but from December 5th to the 7th Barry Segal came from a land that could rally all nations to conflict one day. For Such A Time As This was a conference to renew the bonds of several Christians with the Jewish State of Israel. In the book store you could pick up bumper stickers that say, "We Support Israel." Spirit-filled believers came from all over the United States to participate in the music, the dancing and the prophetic roles the speakers would play during this event.

On the eve of the Sabbath, Barry and Batya Segal celebrated the Shabbat on Friday, December 6, 2002 . As young girls danced and the Hanukkah Candles burned for the eight day of a nine day celebration. Segal spoke on the struggle of Israel during the difficult days of bloodshed and terrorism his native country.

Segal spoke of the time that several Christians went to a Catholic Church to celebrate and worship together. "We came that night and it seemed as if we were lost and caught up in the worship. More than six hours passed as Christians felt the place explode with the presence of God. We had had draped flags over the statues and the nuns were into the worship as well as several Ethiopian Jews who join with us as the glory fell."

It was a beginning of sorrows because the next day, Arial Sharon would walk up on the Temple Mount. Palestinians rioted near the Temple Mount as the simple as Sharon walked near the Holy Place of Zion just worship his God. "This seemed to be the beginning of the unrest that has lasted for the last two and half years. It seems as no Jewish family has not suffered from terrorists bomber in this period of time. The slaughter of several families in Israel has caused a grief to cover the land and a heightened awareness of the birthing of the coming of Christ.

Barry Segal is the founder of Joseph's warehouse a humanitarian outreach to the Palestinian and Jewish families who have need in the City of Jerusalem. To subscribe to The Remnant 888 755-9145.


ATLANTA, GA -- It will be just three days but it will mean so much to so many back home in Israel .   We had just come to Jerusalem at sundown just a year ago.  We pulled into a warehouse full of medical supplies, cloths and many other objects that could help in the struggle of both Jew and Arab.  In the Joseph's Warehouse we found two nurses from Germany who were organizing trauma supplies for the local hospitals.  Needless to say the trauma supplies were used very much last year with all the terrorist  attacks at the population of the tiny Jewish Nation.   Everything we saw and heard that day touched our hearts as we begin to understand the mission of Joseph's Warehouse.  Hospitals, school children and poor Jewish and Arab citizens come to this ministry for help at one time or another during the year.  It is so important that we bless Joseph's Warehouse in Jerusalem at this time.   The blessing of this country is that we have always supported the Jewish Nation.  

HARDEEVILLE, SC - Has it just been five years since the door of Heaven opened up in a small South Carolina/Georgia border town? Palm trees mark the way to the small hamlet called Hardeeville. We have seen revival history come out of this move of God. There has never been a great move of God within this area and the high water mark of the Spirit can be felt in this situation, but the real story of this great outpouring of the Spirit is the relentless determination of Pastor Charles Bowman.
Twenty-eight years ago, Charles Bowman decided to change denominations to begin a work called Abundant Life Assembly of God. If you know anything about the pastor of this church, you know how much energy he puts into everything he does. There have been accomplishments stemming from this small church, evidenced at the local high school where you can see "State Championship" baseball pennants. It was the dream of Pastor Bowman to start a community church that would express itself in excellence, but one thing was missing - the Spirit of revival.
Charles Bowman knew something was happening in the city of Pensacola [Brownsville] and in his desire to witness a move of God first hand, he got in his car early in 1995 and headed toward that seaside city. It would not be his only trip, either, as Pastor Bowman has made the 500-mile drive from Hardeeville to Pensacola more than 30 times. In his heart, he knew that what was going on in Pensacola could also happen at Hardeeville, even though his church could only hold a maximum of 200 people. Bowman came to revival in Pensacola one Thanksgiving and noticed Evangelist John Davis. Davis was taking up the offering just before Steve Hill began to preach.
Bowman heard the Voice of God direct him to approach Davis and ask him to come and preach. Many people at the church in Hardeeville had begun to prepare the way to revival through prayer. Bowman didnít know it then, but God wanted to come and visit this part of South Carolina even more than the people there wanted Him to come.
Right after Christmas, John Davis (Ambassador of the Brownsville Revival at the time) called Bowman and said he would come for one Sunday. Although Davis was preaching revivals in Canada, Ft. Worth, and several other places, and finding the time to come to Hardeeville would be difficult, he let the Voice of God rule over his personal schedule. He phoned Pastor Bowman and told him he felt it was time to come to his church to preach.
When Davis took the pulpit at Hardeeville the first night, he could feel the glorious weight of the Spirit of God in the church. Intercessory prayer had moved him into a position of sensing the Glory of God. It takes an evangelist to stir a move of God, but first it takes the people of God calling upon Him for years to experience the real fullness of the Spirit. At Hardeeville, Charles Bowmanís enthusiasm had ignited the people to strive with all their hearts toward revival. In subsequent weeks, the true Glory of God began to appear. John Davis is an experienced evangelist and he knew he was in the right place for a move of God.
While the revival has now lasted for 5 years, there have been times when Davis was not the main evangelist. Wayne Neal from Missouri was there for a short period of time. He was followed by Dr. Larry Martin. After Dr. Martin was called to teach at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, Wayne Neal came back for a brief period. Then for the last year John Davis has been back in the saddle. The glory has even intensified over last few months as Pastor Bowman and his intercessors have sought to touch the heart of God. Recently, Pastor Bowman visited the "Glory in the River Conference", in Charlotte, NC, where he was deeply touched through the ministries of Mahesh Chavda and Chris Harvey. The blending and impartation of these ministries have pushed the Hardeeville Revival
to a new level.
After Pastor Bowman returned from Charlotte, Davis couldnít make a vital plane connection for the Monday night revival. God stepped in and gave Bowman a message entitled, "Tap Tap Tap". In this powerful presentation, Bowman spoke about the last moments of the Prophet Elisha as he called King Jehoash forward to anoint him and give him guidance. Israel was seeking victory against the Syrian Army. Bowman spoke about passing the anointing on to the next generation and how the current generation didnít care about the things of God and were not willing to work toward His Glory. Just as Elijah had passed the mantle on to Elisha, Elisha wanted to pass that mantle on to the king. The prophet asked the king to pull out some arrows and beat them on the ground. Each time the king beat the arrows on the ground would represent a victory over the Syrians, but when the king only hit the ground three times, the prophet was angered. Elisha died an angry man because the king did not insure the future of Israel. The arrows hitting the ground represented a half-hearted response and a sure failure of the future of Israel. Even today, because of the tap tap tap of King Jehoash, the Nation of Israel faces the third largest army in the world on their border to the north.
Bowman had a hand full of arrows in his hand and every time he mentioned the half-hearted response to revival, Bowman would beat the ground three times with the arrows. It was a powerful illustrated sermon that got the attention of the people that night, but the real action occurred during the altar call as Pastor Bowman asked Jerrell Miller to assist him. What followed was pure glory. Even Pastor Bowman said the after glow and the altar prayer was one of the most powerful the revival has experienced. The glory was on the people in a mighty way as Miller and Bowman waded into that charged atmosphere to lay hands on and speak over them. The level of anointing began to increase as Miller spoke prophetically and went toward the intercessors to pray for them. The power of God was in the service. Pastor Bowman asked Miller if he could return next week. Miller agreed.
The week after Pastor Bowman preached "Tap, Tap, Tap", John Davis delivered another anointed sermon. Davis preached on the seven mountains of God and how they relate to a believerís victory. Mt. Sinai represented the Hill of Holiness; Mt. Carmel represented the hill of fire and priority; Mt of Temptation represented the hill of preservation; Mt. of Transfiguration represented the hill of His Glory; Mt Calvary represented His hill of love; and Mt. Zion represent the city of God and His providence. It was a powerful demonstration of preaching, but early on, Davis could sense that God wanted to move into the altar service. Davis called Pastor Bowman and Jerrell Miller forward once more to pray and speak the Word over the people. Once again the Glory was in the house. During the service, Pastor Bowman called Craig Rymal, a local builder, forward to give a testimony of giving. Rymal spoke about how God directed him to move from Southern California to South Carolina so he could build new homes. He spoke about how his giving had opened up his business standard to a level where it has never been before. Rymal spoke of two individual construction projects that were called in by phone that had brought him a harvest on his giving.

Itís apparent that the Spirit of revival and renewal are in the Carolinas. From Charlotte to Savannah, the Carolinas are on fire, as several pastors in the area have visited Hardeeville to bring the glory of the impartation into their own churches. Roger Quisenberry, pastor of First Assembly of Walterboro, is one of them. Walterboro is a beautiful South Carolina city, its streets are lined with oak trees, but the real beauty can be found in the new sanctuary at First Assembly. Evangelist John Davis is now coming to the church once a month and as Davis began to preach on a recent evening, once again the altar service seemed to be the order of the night. He said that the night would be a night
of new beginnings.
"Many of you think that you are at the end of your road," Davis encouraged the people, "but if youíll just look to the right, itís just a bend in the road."

John Davis has been up one side of the Carolinas to the other and everywhere you go you hear the testimony of his value. One mother talks of a son delivered from drugs, while another talks of a son in seminary. He has done an eternal work that has captured the eye of Jesus. The trail of what he has done cannot be measured by the physcial eye, but the eternal value of what he has done will live for an eternity.






MOBILE, AL -- David had five smooth stones before he launched one to drop the giant. Who are the giants in our lives? A giant is anyone who has more resources than you and has the ability to cause you harm without you having any recourse.

I am puzzled and disturbed about the facts that sometimes never come to the front. Watching Prophet T. B. Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria I found a true man of God who was deeply involved in the healing of his nation. We have heard much about what is wrong with this man from a publication known as Charisma. Since we have published our last paper we keep hearing from ministers and people from around the country who have had a personal experience of going to the Synagogue Church in Lagos, Nigeria.

My first experience of meeting Marvin Gorman and listening to what he had to say about T. B. Joshua made me very curious about what Charisma Magazine  was saying about the man. We looked into some of the articles written by Charisma Magazine  and then we noticed they were not written by staff members, but are written by other  ministers in Pentecostal leadership in the city of Lagos.

Then a very respected Childrenís Minister called me one day and said he had called Editor Lee Grady of the Charisma Magazine and told him to pull back from criticizing T. B. Joshua. David Walters said his brother in law was involved with the Joshua ministry at the Synagogue Church and said that what the articles in Charisma Magazine represented was very far from the truth. Recently this same minister did an article about the man that Rhinehard Boonke who had raised a man from the dead.  I really believe the man was raised from the dead, but the man who wrote the article about the resurrection was the same man who wrote the article on about T. B. Joshua. At the end of the story this writer mentioned that he could not obtain a death certificate on this man, and yet this man who wrote the critical article about Joshua said that official documents from the Health Ministry in University of Lagos in Nigeria were false. Wait a minute, you mean we are supposed to believe the Boonke resurrection without proof and yet when T. B. Joshuaís people show proof of their healing this man labels it as a hoax. I believe its time for Charisma to send their own reporters to situations that demand truth.  What is at risk is Charisma's credibility and who they have put at risk with pure rumor is T. B. Joshua.  It's called slander without concrete evidence.  Joshua's people do not allow anyone to sit in the healing gallery with HIV positive without a certificate saying that they have HIV positive. Are we to believe that thousands of documentation of HIV positive from Lagos University have been falsely drawn up.  I witnessed these people coming in the gate at 6 PM in the morning one Sunday. I was free to stand there and no one told me where to go or what to watch. As they were interviewed by the ministry associates, the ministry associates asked them to provide proof of being HIV positive, I watched these people send people away when they didnít have a proof of the HIV illness.


Last year when the Brownsville School of Ministry separated and Dr. Michael Brown started the Fire School in Pensacola I read in the Charisma that the Brownsville Assembly of God Church had split. We knew that the school had  separated but at the same time we also knew the Brownsville people were very much together. People questioned the man who wrote the article and told him that there was no split in the church but the writer of the article said, "We stand by our story." Even when something is not the truth the people at Charisma will not correct it. This statement was made by the same man on two different occasions.


I donít consider myself to be a great journalist but I did go to the University of Alabama and received a degree in journalism. I have worked for three daily newspapers, and a national magazine for Scripps Howard Newspapers. In all my training I have learned one thing, unless you know it as a truth you do not PRINT it. On the 25 year anniversary edition of Charisma Magazine  I took a picture of a white minister in Mobile washing a black manís feet. Charisma Magazine  promised to pay me for the picture. While the picture ran below the George Foreman article and was identified not as my photo but another newspaper in Mobile, Alabama.  Charisma Magazine never paid The Remnant nor did they ever give accurate credit to the taker of the photograph who was me. They gave credit in the following issue but they spelled Remnant wrong and they spelled Jerrell wrong and no check was ever sent to The Remnant for the publishing of the picture.  At the time I gave Charisma Magazine the right to publish and stopped the New York Times in their editorial review process of the picture. Every newspaper has problems with proofing, spellings and several other grammatical errors but one thing that most publications watch is slander. Kathryn East's interview of Yan Venter's quoted Venter as saying many people in leadership are bothered by the statements of what is being made in their publication.  Venter knows African Church politics and has served as the National Evangelists for South Africa.  Trust is a terrible things to lose from the public eye.  


"If we are supposed to be so powerful how come we canít intercede for the finding of the gunman that is shooting people in Virginia." Pastor Bob Gorton 

UNION CITY, TENNESSEE -- Pastor Bob Gorton, Evangelist David Kelly and Evangelist Jerrell Miller came to Reelfoot Lake to talk about the great earthquake that happened in the area in December of 1811. Aftershocks from this massive earthquake were felt in Atlanta, Louisville, and as far away as Boston, Mass.

The day was planned as Bob Gorton, Pastor of Trinity Assembly of God took a friend and Evangelist Jerrell Miller to see the Lake that was formed by an Earthquake in 1811. Miller was into the third day of a four day revival. On Monday night Miller made the statement, "We are what we say we are?" That statement captured the pastors mind. Bob Gorton said a lunch that day, "If we are supposed to be so powerful how come we canít intercede for the finding of the gunman that is shooting people in Virginia." It was more than an idol statement as Gorton opened the revival service on Wednesday night by asking the church to intercede to find the gunman in the Virginia-Maryland area. Once again he made the statement that the church should be powerful enough to intercede in prayer to be able to find the men who were doing this destruction to these people.

Gorton didnít know it but Evangelist Jerrell Miller was going to challenge the congregation on his last night in Union City with intercession as his main topic. At the end of the service Miller called a young family forward to be prayed over. On Monday the women of the family was going to file divorce papers the next day but the husband came to the church and accepted Jesus as his savior. Evangelist David Kelly helped in the service as he prayed over the pastor at the end. David Kelly is an unusual evangelist, he uses the prophetic gift. The three ministers flowed together in revival at Trinity Assembly of God.

As Evangelist Jerrell Miller and Pastor Gorton went home for a late dinner, Gorton turned the television on to see how the World Series was going when breaking news announced that two people had been captured in Maryland and taken to the city of Baltimore. The next morning authorities said that they believed the two were the shooters in the Virginia-Maryland area where more than 10 people had been shoot at close range with a high powered riffle. There was power in the small church in Tennessee, and we will probably not know until we see Jesus what happened on Wednesday night but the 80 people who were in the church knew that God had moved through dramatic intercession this night. Yes my friend when the church is in revival God can do anything for his children when they call upon him.


TORONTO, CANADA - It took The Remnant seven years to visit the main stream of revival in North America. Today, all over the world, the river flows - from Pensacola to Holy Trinity Brompton in London, England. There are so many revival stories to tell. The newspaper St. Peter edits in Heaven is filled with pages and pages of individuals and great churches that have been touched by the Fire of this great event that happened more than nine years ago. It might have taken US this long to come to this place of glory, but make no mistake about it, the fire is still as hot here as the day it started burning.
        It started in a place called Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Randy Clark, a struggling pastor in the Vineyard Church of St. Louis, Missouri, was told about a man named Rodney Howard-Browne and the amazing things that were going on in his meetings. Randy had completely given up as a man of God, but the Lord called him to go to a place called Broken Arrow. What a name for a place to have! The arrow in the Bible represents a battle; the "broken arrow" is significant of those who have lost the battle. Randy Clark had lost the battle for his own ministry, but he gave in to the leading of God to go to a place where there was teaching on prosperity. Clark said that he didnít believe in what these people believed, but he would go in obedience to God.
          Line after line of ministers filled the building as a man from South Africa walked through row after row of ministers and lay people, just saying one word, "Fill." Randy fell under the power and time after time, he worked himself into the line to receive more and more of the River that was flowing out of this man. This was no ordinary river and this was no ordinary revival spirit, because what was given to Randy Clark that day was an impartation for the final statement to be made by a Righteous King. Jesus saw Randy and his need, and as he returned to his small church in St. Louis, Randy preached and then began to call his faithful forward. That day, Randy knew something was different as each and every person who came forward felt the power of God as they dropped to the floor. For years, Clark had not seen any power at all in his ministry, but this was a new day for those who were there to receive.
         Pastor John Arnott, of the Toronto Vineyard Airport Fellowship Church, called Clark as the news got out that revival had touched a Vineyard Church in St. Louis. Randy Clark had gone across the border and smuggled the goods into a church that would touch the world! Mary Aubrey, who was on staff at the church, remembers the night that the Spirit of God moved in. "There were just a small number of people as I arrived at the church. I opened the back door of the church and the glory of God buffeted me with a warm blast." From that day on, many broken arrows would come to the place that is called, "The Fatherís Heart."
         Pastor John Arnott stands big beside his small wife, Carol, but he has greatness on his face. The first time I saw him, he reminded me of Babe Ruth. Many look on Ruth as the Father of baseball, the man who saved the game. In many respects, John Arnott is like that big baseball legend. Any sports fan will tell you that no man is bigger than the game, but many would tell you if there hadnít been a bambino, the game would not be alive today. Arnott is much like that when you look at the church. The church was failing and in a miserable condition. The traditions of religion were seriously challenging the future of what we know as the Christian Church. Toronto was a door open to the broken arrows as people found the fire warm in the Airport Church.
What happens when your own people go against you and say that youíre wrong? Arnott was not willing to sacrifice what he had for a denomination. As the Vineyard movement wanted to move away from the Toronto Church, people like Sandy Miller, Heidi Baker, Lindell Cooley and Brenda Kilpatrick were finding their way to the carpet at the great church. The great thing about this story is that it has not been completely written yet. The Fatherís Blessing in Toronto has not reached its fullest dimension yet, and some say that what was started in Toronto will Father the entire world for revival before itís all over.
Heidi Baker had an awesome vision in which she was directed by God to forego a large meeting to return to Toronto to receive a vision of the end time. In her vision, she saw Chariots of Fire circling the world, with two saints standing in each chariot. The saints have a golden sword in their hands and they are poised to release their power upon the world. Tied to each chariot are the reigns that go all the way to Heaven and are held in the left hand of Jesus. She said she looked up and saw Jesus lower His right hand and say, "Now." As each chariot goes into the world, it is ablaze with the Spirit of harvest and revival. The places where it is received are enveloped in its flame, but the places that withdraw are caught up into total darkness. According to Heidi Baker, she believes that Toronto is a place that will launch the fullness of the end time upon the face of the earth.
This was our first time to go to revival in Toronto and we were totally blessed.
Even now, Lord Jesus, come!

CHAROLOTTE, NC -- They call it the "Glory in the River" conference. To me it was a "Tent of Meeting," because God was present the entire time I was there. Iíve never seen people touched so deeply during a conference. Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda have created a place of glory in the city of the prophets, and All Nations Church has become a place for those who are hungry for revival.
They had invited Chris Harvey this time. I remember being with Chris in England and watching the old skeptical faces of religion in that country burst into joy under a tent in Brandford. Cleddie Keith always says, "Thereís just something about a tentÖitís a place where people lose their religion and find God." During that meeting in Brandford, we saw hurricane force winds try to blow the tent down. The men were hanging on to the polls with the whole meeting in the balance. But when the winds all settled down, Chris Harvey and Ivan Tait ministered mightily.
Itís funny what can happen in the elements during one of these tent meetings. In Charlotte, Mahesh got a single word from the Lord for the people one night - "Shalom". Mahesh was upset with the Lord. "Is that all You want me to say - Shalom?" That night, however, Mahesh got the full understanding of that word, as the same thing that had occurred in England was happening to HIS tent. Just on the edge of blowing away, after trying everything, Mahesh remembered the word the Lord gave him. He said, "SHALOM" over the sound system and instantly the Lord calmed the storm around the tent. Thatís the night that Mahesh Chavda learned the meaning of the Scripture, "Mercy is better than sacrifice." Why sacrifice when you can do the will of the Lord, be obedient, and allow Him to fix the problem youíre experiencing?
The patriotic presentations on Friday night during the "Glory in the River" conference were incredible. The person playing the role of the Statue of Liberty moved from scene to scene where there was something happening that required the touch of God. The amazing thing about this situation was the moving of Godís Spirit over the tent at that particular time. When the group began to call for the Spirit of God to rain on us, it began to rain - outside the tent! People who were on the grounds at All Nations Church witnessed that while the group sang, "Spirit of God, Rain on us," the only place it was raining at the time was DIRECTLY OVER THE TENT - no where else!
Many supernatural occurrences have happened concerning the Charlotte tent. It was not too long ago, as Mahesh spoke at one of the meetings under the tent, that the glory of God moved like a blowing wind. Cameraman George Payne, from Andalusia, Alabama, caught the occurrence on video tape as little shimmering particles of reds, blues, and greens flowed through the top of tent as Mahesh gave the testimony of the young man who was raised from the dead in Africa.
During the Glory in the River Conference, many people were touched by the spoken prophetic word. Mahesh called out that a person was in the audience who was a Florence Nightingale from Israel. Mahesh said she had the eye of God. A woman from Israel, Dr. Jeanne Garth, came forward to say that she was a medical doctor who was an eye specialist that worked in a Jerusalem hospital. Mahesh laid hands on her and pronounced a 100-fold anointing on her life.
Mahesh spoke of the great lady, Ruth Heflin, who came to the early meetings. Two years ago, September of 2000, Ruth Heflin died, and last year we were at the same meeting in September when comments made by Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell concerning the 911 events stirred such a controversy. This year Ruth was missed, as manifestations of the Gold Dust brought her to our collective remembrance.
Mahesh spoke about being delivered from intellectualism. "I am very zealous to see the Bride of Christ be captured under the glory. This is the difference that we need to see in the body of Christ and is the pure difference between the real Jesus of the Bible and the one portrayed by religion. The crippled church has been sitting outside of the gates of the temple asking for money - without knowing it is to become the Bride! No longer does it need to beg and walk like a cripple outside the door of the temple."
We have seen so many miracles of deliverance during these times of prayer. Bonnie Chavda shared something that happened just recently at the Watch that came through a sign. "Someone had the vision of a Broken Arrow and brought it forth," she related. "We began to intercede and were led to pray for Israel. It was shortly after this that Israeli intelligence discovered a large truck of explosives that was heading toward Jerusalem. It was so large that it would have caused the largest explosion - within the walls of Jerusalem - in the history of terrorism, but intercession caused the plot to be revealed."
There are people who donít understand the move of the Holy Spirit in meetings like this. The fundamentalists, whether they are Baptist or Pentecostal, always ask the question, "Did anyone get saved?" I laughed and said, "Yeah, I got saved." Doing this newspaper and going on the road is sometimes grueling work. But then you get a chance to be refreshed in a meeting like this. One purpose of these meetings is to invite the Power of God to restore, refresh, and deliver those who are in the throws of the struggle of doing ministry. For example, four years ago I met Chris Harvey for the first time at Heritage Fellowship in Florence, Kentucky. It was at a low period in my ministry life. I didnít know who he was, but when he laid hands on me, I felt a strong bolt of electricity go through me from my head to my feet. I had been feeling as if I hadnít slept for several days, but after Chris touched me and spoke a direct word over me, I got up from the floor feeling as if I had slept all night.
It was the same kind of meeting Saturday night during Glory in the River at All Nations Church in Charlotte. God was in the house and as Harvey began to minister, he began to speak to the hearts that were there that night. If youíve never heard this man preach, you would be shocked at how he delivers the word. He preaches with a mixture of reality and large doses of laughter. What happened on this Saturday night was a complete restoration of the body. Chris began to minister on the body of Christ and what opens the door of revival. "You have got to be in love with the bride as much as you are in love with the Bridegroom to have a breakthrough and go to the next level. Very often, the Lord is wounded when we donít go to Him for comfort, strength and correction. When youíre seeking God, you need to throw away all of your agendas except your agenda from heaven. God wants to purify and empower us with the Fire of the Holy Ghost. He is a Refinerís Fire. He wants to infuse all of us so we can achieve the next level of His grace. Do you want to go to the next level? In Hebrews 11:6 it says, "But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."
We must have a love for the body of Christ. We need to be excited about someone elseís success. We know His nature is in us when we are not jealous of anotherís promotion or blessing. When you get jealous and envious about the success of another, you probably are not sure of what God has done for you. Relationships in God change us from the inside out. You have to make a decision to break the curse of your familyís harmful habits. God will make you hungry for the real things in life. God will cause you to have a supernatural attraction to your brothers and sisters in Christ. To start turning up the attraction factor, you have to be so in love with Jesus that your problems will just fall off of you. We have to become vulnerable before God so that we are clothed with His righteousness. God will bless you in the low places, butthe reason He wants to bless you is to make you love Him only! The closer you get to God, the more of the revelation of Him you will receive. Donít run away from the training times in the fire! Heís training the horse to carry the Kingís glory to other places. The hidden parts of the Body are the most important parts. Pride, selfishness, and stupidity can cause you to be removed out of your place in the body. Chris read Galatians 5:17-26 and finished his sermon by saying that you must pray, read the Word, and worship to keep yourself in the presence of God.During ministry time, Harvey began to play his Navaho Indian Flute and sing. The more he did so, the more the glory of God flowed through the building. The glory began to hit the first three rows on the right side. People were staggered as they came out of their chairs and fell on the floor under the glory. This was a deep time of refreshing that went long into the night. Looking over the church, it looked like a massive traffic accident as people were wasted under the glory. Some had been prayed for and tried to get up, but were unable to stand.
Who could say what this did this night, I can only speak for myself. My wife and I came to the meeting with very little sleep, but as we stood under the glory for those three days, we received a refreshing charge to our batteries under the anointed umbrella of All Nations Church. As we drove away on Sunday afternoon, we felt as if we had touched the landscape of heaven in that tent. I urge anyone who can to go to these meetings. They will change your life and give you a view of God that you have never had before. To Mahesh, Bonnie, and the entire staff in charge of these events - thank you for being totally free in the Liberty of God. It sure helped revive a tired old editor and a stressed out hospital nurse. Why take Tylenol to sleep at night? Just get under the glory and you will never be the same.

MEMPHIS, TN ó Itís the fourth year of the "Eat Thou Honey" Conference. On Saturday, Suzanne Hinn finished the conference. You could say that Conference Host Darlene McCarty saved the best wine until the last. Suzanne Hinn moved under the most powerful anointing ever felt at Cathedral of Praise Church in Memphis, Tennessee, according to Pastor Randel McCarty. Suzanne started in the pulpit, but as she delivered the word of God, she was moved to ask all those who had lost husbands and loved ones to come forward, and that is when the glory began to be poured out without measure. As the ladies, along with men from the choir and the general audience, moved to the altar, the glory of God began to be poured. Standing next near the platform, I could feel and sense a glory that at times was so strong I could hardly stand up to take pictures. It all started when Suzanne spoke about angels being commissioned in the sanctuary. "God loves to hear His children call forth as children," said Suzanne. "The greatest power is silence, thatís when our bodies are totally given over to God. At 17, I said that I didnít want to be a ministerís wife, but at 23 I was married to Benny. When you love someone with all your life, there is a continuous warfare that goes on. Benny said one day, ĎThis is going to make you angry,í and then he proceeded to read an article from a South African newspaper. A women was caught shoplifting in South Africa and that story made one of their newspapers. While it was complete lie, the story remained on the Internet for several months. Our lawyers contacted those involved, but these are some of the things you have to put up with when you are in the ministry and everything you do is public exposure. Benny sometimes will call home and tell us how well it is going in the crusade, but all hell is breaking out in California where we live. This entire week was battle after battle before I got here."
"Benny asked me to speak to our staff about intercessory prayer. When we asked for a commitment for prayer, some of our main people did not come up. I gave them a choice, whether they wanted to be intercessors or not. I was moved by their honesty, but God doesnít give us a choice in this matter. Itís time for us to hold up the man of God. We are preparing His bride for the coming of the Lord and the time is short. I had a visitation from the Lord and felt as if I was going to go up. I went into the bathroom to fix my hair and prepare, but I soon realized now was not the time. Thatís how the Lord will come, you must be ready to meet Him as you are and live each moment as if the time was now for Him to come. Some of the reasons we get hit so hard sometimes is because the intercession is not there. Prayer is just praying but intercession is doing the will God for the moment at hand and the place He has called us to pray."
"I thought that I had surrendered everything that there was for ministry and then the Lord spoke to me, ĎYou havenít surrendered your dance." At the time, I was Assembly of God and I told the Lord we donít do that, and then He told me, "you can stay at the level you are now or accept what I have given to you." There are two things my husband is impressed with in ministry and that is the level of obedience in a personís life and a personís personal walk (holiness). We must walk holy before God to obtain His favor." Following that statement, Suzanne called forth the altar call. She had not been into the message but just a few short minutes when the glory came into the house. It was a divine interruption, as she ministered first during the altar service and then she moved into the choir where she went one on one with each member. This day was the glory of God, but the entire "Eat Thou Honey Conference" was touched.
On Saturday night as Darlene Bishop ministered, a member of her church from Middle Town, Ohio was touched. Wanda Daniels had quit singing in the choir after being struck with asthma and the inability to breathe. She didnít think that she would ever be the candidate for a healing, but as she became more obedient to God to work in the nursery at the church, God began to show her she was going to be healed. She had completely withdrawn from every event at the church and her children were shocked that she was going to come to the conference. Just before she came, she saw a vision of her coughing up everything in her lungs and being healed at the altar when Darlene Bishop touched her. A woman from the group spoke directly to her and said that she had seen the same thing. On Saturday night, Wanda was deeply touched and what she saw in the vision happened. Pastor McCarty gave her a choir robe to put on as she sang in the Cathedral of Praise Choir during the service. Many more people came to the altar healed of cancers, and several other diseases. Darlene McCarty said that more was done at this conference then she had ever seen before. To view the testimonies of this three-day event, you can log on to We just visited one day to this conference and have covered it since its beginning. There a total difference this year, we could feel it.

Alma, An Awesome Presence

ALMA, MICHIGAN - - It was the third time that Editor Jerrell Miller had come to Alma Mt. Hope Assembly of God in Alma, Michigan. The church was celebrating the sixth year of Dale and Susan Sherbyís ministry at the church. Miller had just returned from the Catch the Fire in Toronto and the glory of God was on him. In the two short services during the weekend celebration, the Remnant editor, staggered by the Glory of Toronto, and spoke about the spirit that is dwelling in this local congregation. "I donít know what it is about this church. Itís not a large church, but Godís glory hovers over it. It is very easy to hear from God in this place. Dale and Susan have really birthed something there that you very rarely see across the nation. Itís not about numbers, because if that were so, Alma would not be in the running, but itís about His presence. God moves in this place so fast you just wish it was like this every where you go. "
Miller spoke about his travels to several places of glory and how much it had changed his ministry. "I was told not to go to Legos, Nigeria and visit The Synagogue Church, but that visit has touched me so deeply. In this line of work, when they tell you not to go somewhere, you quickly learn they have something the others who are criticizing wish they had. T.B. Joshua is one of the most outstanding men in Pentecost today. I believe that when the truth gets out about this man, it will be done in a secular newspaper. I witnessed several people who had been healed of HIV and AIDS. We were told that documentation was false, but when we met a doctor from Botswana who had been healed, we were convinced that Prophet Joshua was being used by God. I can tell you one thing, since he laid hands on me, my ministry will never be the same. Religion has dealt this man a harsh blow. What bothers me most about his situation is that western publications are using other ministers to write lies about him. I learned a long time ago that the local ministers will attack anything that works because of ministry jealousy. In a revival setting, the greatest opinion that is put forth is never put forth by religion, but it is put forth by the people. Believe me, the people know if you are real or if you are a fake. Godís doing something in His body that canít be done by religion. In Pensacola, He came on Fatherís Day after abortion doctors had been shot in that city. In Legos, Nigeria, He has come to a part of Africa that is reeling from an epidemic of AIDS and HIV. God always comes to the places of despair."
"We are seeing the birth of a new type of ministry. The critics can only pick and pull apart, but in the end, God has the last say on these matters. Just like Alma Mt. Hope, itís a small congregation, but when the secret of their glory gets out it wonít be small for long." At times during the evening service, Miller was struck by the power and drunk at times during the altar service because of the glory that had touched the building.

TORONTO, CANADA -- Paster Jens T. Mankel and his wife came from Frankfurt, Germnany to be refreshed in Toronto. Jens is a Four Square Gospel Pastor who is hungry for the move of God for Germany.  Live are being changed here under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  The power that has moved all week in the services has built to this point.  Many are receiving the anointing for revival. Prophetic-Evangelist Jerrell Miller will be in Alma, Michigan this weekend to minster at Alma Mount Hope Church in Alma, Michigan where Dale Sherby is pastor.  Remnant editor will return home on October 7th, 2002.

TORONTO, CANADA -- There coming back to where it started, Pastor John Pressdee came to Toronto early in this move and was violently touched by the Holy Ghost.  Pressdee said that it was such a violent touch that the moment he came into the parking lot, he began to be overwhelmed by the power and had to be helped into the building.  Last night he found himself walking backward as people once again came to his aid to straighten him up.  This morning Pressdee brought a break through in this conference as the entire sanctuary was set a fire.  People were praying and shouting at the top of their voices as the passion of John Pressdee touched the huge assembly.  Pastor Pressdee is well known for starting the March for Jesus as an overweight pastor he walked from one end of England to the other to and got international attention as the March for Jesus began to be an international witness to the world.  Today he is in good shape as walks to Russian and through Germany have caught the attention of hungry believers all over the world.  Tonight Heidi Baker the phenominal missionary will speak to the conferecne.  Pressdee really broke this conference to a new level this morning.  

TORONTO, CANADA -- Brenda Kilpatrick has come a long way, when revival started in Pensacola on June 18, 1995 she was just a pastors wife.  Today Brenda Kilpatrick has traveled the world with the gift of a renewal speaker.  No longer is it a struggle any more as Brenda has spoken on several international television program.  Her first program was on the God Network in England as a struggling Brenda Kilpatrick asked Ken Gott to pray for her.  During that program God anointed Brenda to carry the message and carry it well.  Many believe that if Brenda Kilpatrick had not been obedient to go to Toronto, then revival would of never happened in Pensacola.  God has used her to open doors for several ministers and churches in the river move of God.  On September 4th she returned to the revival that helped light the fire in Pensacola.  Catch The Fire Television host John and Carol Arnott are now on the national Christian Television on the Inspiration Network.  

TORONTO , CANADA Ė It was four years ago a tired missionary named Heidi  Baker came to the Toronto Blessing.  She was told by her missionary supporters that they would pull their support from her if she went to the P place ( Pensacola ) or the T place ( Toronto ).  Heidi said the support amounted to 1 million dollars America money.  John Arnott asked if there was anybody in the audience from Mozambique Ė Heidi slumped down in her chair and then Arnott asked if there was a person named Baker in the audience.  It was then she knew it was God and she became a poster child in front of her supporters, as her life would be changed in a radical way. 

          Heidi and her husband Rolland have done a work in Mozambique that has built more than 400 new churches in four years and has touched more than fifteen other countries.  She might have lost one million dollars of support but the power of God and revival is sweeping Mozambique by signs wonders and miracle.  The dead are raised, the blind see and the deaf hear.  Tonight Brenda Kilpatrick spoke about the learning to fly.  Her experience in being a conference speaker has been a blessing n to those who have followed the Brownsville Revival.  Brenda was a power speaker tonight. The altar call was tremendous at the end of service.  Lindell Cooley led worship in the morning tonight and early this morning.  

TORONTO , CANADA Ė Lindell Cooley came here eight years ago with his father and was touched so deep that he never was the same again.  Tonight he returned the favor as the power of God rocked the house of God into a new destination.

      At the end of the service Cooley sang a secular love song and gave it to God.  ďYou are so beautiful to me,Ē  The testimony of Lyndell and his dad was one of transition as they both were deeply touched they sat on the edge of their hotel room at the Constellation and wept uncontrollably That what this place does to you, once you have come and soaked you will never be the same again.

      Toronto is the birth father of many moves of God through the nations.  Today Heidi Baker will witness what happened after she was transformed four years ago at a healing meeting in Toronto . She touched an entire nation in Africa and reached into 15 others nations in her region with a burden to reach orphaned children.

TORONTO , CANADA Ė For the first time since The Remnant started covering revival, The Remnant is covering an event at the Toronto Airport Church in Toronto , Canada . Lindell Cooley, Brenda Kilpatrick and Randy Clark are here for the next three days.  The conference will begin this morning and finish on Friday evening.  It is the first time Editor Jerrell Miller has ever covered an event at the Airport Church in Toronto , Canada .

       This month The Remnant has visited some of the hottest spots for revival.  The one impressive place where God is still moving is at the church in Hardeeville.  Pastor Charles Bowman has guided the ship there through some rough seas to find the glory of God.  The most impressive things about this revival are the altar services every Monday night.  The falling of the glory of God has become a natural event at Abundant Life in South Carolina .  Abundant Life is located near Hilton Head Island and has made a tremendous impact on several of the churches in the South Carolina and North Carolina area.

        What more could be said about All Nations Church , the glory in the conference tent there is too much. We were renewed and strengthened while we were there for the Glory in the River Conference.  Suzanne Hinn was there and the witness of the powerful presence of God was all over place as Australian Chris Harvey ministered the powerful anointing during the altar services there.  Bonnie Chavdaís powerful preaching and the prophetic touch of Mahesh Chavada has established All Nations Church as a major influence of revival.  Charles Bowman said this, ďIt was one of the most powerful moves of God I have ever witnessed.Ē  


WALTERBORO, SC -- Evangelist John Davis moved up the road to Walterboro to preach revival once again in the lowlands area of South Carolina.  The glory was so powerful in Hardeeville, S.C. last night that it carried over to the night in Walterboro.  God moved powerfully in the alter service as Evangelist Davis was moved to open the alter up soon. "Many of you who came here tonight have really been going through something and I being led by the Holy Spirit to call the altar service early.  Davis called Pastor Charles Bowman, Editor Jerrell Miller along with Pastor Roger Quisenberry to move in the alter service.  Once again the glory hit the church as people wondered through the glory in laughter and a power barrage of the Spirit of God.  Walterboro is an off shoot of the Hardeeville Revival.  Pastor Roger has built a new church in the small historic community to break down the walls of religion.  Tomorrow Editor Jerrell Miller will head toward Mobile, Alabama where Hurricane Isadore is predicted to touch the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida.  There is a stirring move of God going on in the Carolinas  -- the power of God is touching the small cities of South Carolina and it seems apparent that God wants to touch those who are in these small cities.  

HARDEEVILLE, SC. -- This is the low land area of the East Coast, in this area the fear of late Hurricanes are often spoke of but last night Hurricane John Davis came to sew the seed of revival into the congregation of Abundant Life Assembly of God .  Davis is working in the South Carolina area and is involved in three area revivals.  The power of God has grown into a major strength in this area. God last night touched the people at the altar service.  The glory of God has come to this revival and is a major factor. More and more it seems as Hardeeville is turning into a major move of God.  Pastor Charles Bowman has seen the whole face of revival change here over the last year.  While the revival has been in the hands of two other evangelist the original Evangelist returned last year to stir the move once again. The glory of God was upon the altar workers and the power could be felt and scene at the altars last night.  Tonight Evangelist John Davis will be at Walterboro, SC as the people of First Assembly of God there has moved into the glory. 



EDITORíS NOTE: Never has an article been so controversial in The Remnant. The first time this article was printed Masons and Former Masons called with questions about the Masonic Order. We have had so many requests to run it again that we had room this time and decided to run it again.

PENSACOLA, FL -- Several years ago, someone gave me a copy of the "prayers for the release of Freemasons and their descendants." I read them and found them to be so bizarre; I filed them away and actually forgot about them. Months later my wife was ministering deliverance to a young lady who told my wife she felt like she had curses on her from her father. She said "he was the Grand Something of a Masonic lodge up north and he had molested her as a young girl." She also said, "he spoke things over her, maybe some kind of prayers or chants." I told her about the prayers I had, and how bizarre they were. This girl was so desperate to be free; she was willing to try anything.

I dug out the prayers and studied them again and they were still weird. I then got a book on Freemasonry. As I researched it, I started to see specific spirits behind Freemasonry, spirits of antichrist, bondage, witchcraft, error, infirmity, and perversion. I then decided to give the prayers a try at our next session. As we prayed the prayers with this girl she began to manifest. We were all amazed and pleasantly surprised by the results. This girl was set So Free!!!

From that day on we began asking people if they had Freemasonry in their background. If indeed they had, we would lead them through the prayers and we started seeing incredible deliverances, and healings. We continue to receive powerful testimonies. One of the ladies on our ministry team prayed the prayers quietly while I was leading another lady through them. She felt something physically lift off her chest and shoulders as we prayed. She was set free from a life long asthma condition.

Once we started using the Questionnaire, pages 21-30 of the "Deliverance Training Manual" we started to notice some very distinct patterns with people who had Masonic ancestry. What we actually started to notice was the fruit produced by the Stronghold of Freemasonry. We noticed, that almost without exception, women whose parents or grandparents (but more often grandparents) had been involved in Freemasonry had been molested as children, not necessarily by their family members but by someone. Many had however been molested by a close family member.

Regardless of what Masons believe or say, Freemasonry is a false religion steeped in witchcraft, which mixes the Holy with the profane and invites in spirits of error and perversion among others. Once the door is opened and the enemy has been given a legal right, the attack against the children is relentless until the devil gets his due. I cannot tell you the number of horrible stories of perversion, rape, molestation, and incest weíve heard. The next fruit of Freemasonry we see is infirmities, primarily breathing or lung disorders, with asthma and allergies leading the list. We also see a host of other ailments we can directly attribute to the curses of Freemasonry. Two emotional areas we see heavily affected by Freemasonry are anger and fear. As we look into the rites and rituals of freemasonry the reasons for the fruits of freemasonry become quite evident. The deceptive nature of Freemasonry begins with induction and membership in the lodge. When a member of the lodge wants to get someone to join the lodge, he is not allowed to ask that person to join. Instead he has his wife ask that personís wife to have him to ask the member about the lodge. This is deliberate in order to give the devil a legal right to torment that person and his family. He opened the door himself by asking about membership in the lodge. When they join the lodge they go through an initiation ceremony. In that ceremony the initiate is bare-chested and blindfolded with a noose around his neck. He is then taken outside the lodge, they knock on the door and a person inside asks the initiate what he wants? He then answers by saying, "I want to come out of the darkness and enter into the light of freemasonry." The initiate is then brought into the lodge still blindfolded and a dagger or sword or other sharp object is placed against his bare chest. He then swears the first of many blood oaths and curses over himself and his family. He agrees to be murdered or mutilated if the oath of the degree is violated.

The spirit of infirmity comes in from the noose around the neck, which is evidenced by the fruit of asthma, allergies and other breathing disorders in the descendants of Freemasons.

It is the belief of Freemasons that each degree obtained, brings them closer to the light, and to enlightenment. However deception is a key ingredient in Freemasonry, the initiate never really knows the truth. Albert Pike, considered to be the father of modern freemasonry; in his book "Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry" Wrote this:

"Masonry like all religions, all the mysteries conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect and use false explanations and misrepresentations of its symbols to mislead those who only deserve to be misledÖ

He also wrote: "The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended he shall imagine he understands them."

Albert Pike wrote his book Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry in 1871, after spending much time studying the Hindu "Vedas." Which are said to be written so as to prevent understanding of them. As well as immersing himself in the occult teachings and witchcraft of the French lodge. The teachings of the French lodge were so demonic and steeped in witchcraft the English and American lodges had boycotted them since 1765. Pike studied the French lodge, and later wrote a 6-volume work containing 1,460 pages. He then used these writings to redesign the 4th to the 33rd degrees of the Scottish rite. Albert pikes writings are considered to be radically anti Christian and occultist in nature. Pike was also known to be a Luciferian, heavily involved in magic and astrology. And spent considerable time studying Jewish kabala (Jewish mysticism), which may have contributed to his frequent bouts with depression and seclusion. Iíll make a personal observation here; every person I have ministered to that has been heavily involved with witchcraft and the occult has battled with severe depression and suicidal thoughts, so I donít find it strange that Albert Pike did also. Every tree produces fruit, a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit.

The Masonic lodge has 3 basic divisions the blue lodge is where the first three degrees are earned. You will see a blue Masonic building in almost any town in this nation. Once a person achieves the third or Master Mason Degree, he then moves on in the degree work either in the York Rite or the Scottish Rite. Once a person reaches the 32nd degree he is then eligible to become a Shriner. The 33rd degree can be earned or it can be honorary. Some Presidents and other influential people have been given honorary 33rd degrees for public relations reasons.

Albert Pike, when he was Sovereign Grand Commander of the supreme council of the Grand Sovereign Inspectors General of the 33rd Degree wrote this:

"That which we say to a crowd is, we worship a God, but it is the God one adores with out superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and the 30th degrees Ė The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian DoctrineÖ.Yes Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also GodÖ. Thus the doctrine of Satanism is heresyÖLucifer, God of light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, God of darkness and evil."

If you knew nothing else of Freemasonry this should be all you need to know, to know itís demonic. However, I want you to have a broader understanding of the rituals and how they effect the initiates and their families to the 3rd, 4th and even the 10th generation. Weíve already looked at the noose around the neck and the obvious connection to choking and breathing disorders in the first or entered apprentice degree. Also in that degree the worshipful Master of the lodge lays hands on the initiate, and dedicates him to the God of the Lodge (which you now know is Lucifer.) He also asks that by the secrets of the lodge and by the secrets of their art he may gain eternal life. In the third degree the initiate is blind folded and again led around by a noose around his neck. In this degree the initiate is approached by three ruffians who demand the initiate to tell them the secrets of Hiram Abiff. Hiram Abiff is the legendary builder of Solomonís temple and founder of Freemasonry. The person leading the initiate speaks for him and refuses to tell the three ruffians, so they proceed to Symbolically beat him to death. He is then placed into a coffin or stretcher in a symbolic burial. Which by the way invites in a spirit of death. After a while the worshipful Master of the Lodge directs a person with a glove that resembles a lions paw, to reach down and pull the initiate out of the darkness of death and into the light of freemasonry. This ritual is an absolute mockery of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the ritual of the 18th degree, and in other degrees, the initiate takes part in a false communion. This includes a biscuit, salt and white wine. Also in many false communions the wine is drunk from a human skull. This again is an absolute mockery of Jesus Christ and the sacrament of Holy Communion.

In the higher degrees of Freemasonry, the initiates proclaim Lucifer to be God. They also invoke a wide variety of other Gods and Goddesses during their ceremonies, including Egyptian and Hindu deities. The principle spirit behind Freemasonry is Witchcraft. The Masons have drawn from every type of witchcraft trying to gain power. The power to control the rest of mankind. (New world order?) Perhaps.

Freemasons claim their ancestry back to Solomonís temple. Their rites, rituals and worship as well as the statues and icons of the various lodges display origins back to ancient Egypt. However its documented history only begins in 1717 with the London, England lodge.

Freemasons also claim to be a Christian organization; they even include the Holy Bible in their ceremonies and rituals. There are even Masonic Bibles in print. If you look through a Masonic bible youíll see a classic example of mixing the Holy with the Profane. What they donít tell you is that they will also use the Koran, The Hindu Vedas or the laws of Confucius if the initiateís religious beliefs so dictate. Thatís a far cry from being a Christian organization.

To the public the Freemasons appear to be a fraternal organization that does good deeds, caring for children and orphans, including the Shriners who sponsor and support Childrenís hospitals. I have a copy of a Masonic Scholarship Award one of our Bible School students received from the lodge in her hometown. Now that all seems to be very noble doesnít it? Sadly, the reason behind their good works is based on one of the biggest and most deceptive lies of Freemasonry, which is; " Man is not sinful but merely imperfect, and therefore can redeem himself through good works." Therefore negating the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

The Shriners, plainly proclaim Allah to be God. Allah is believed by many to be another name for God, but in all actuality Allah is the name of the moon god worshipped by the Arabic tribe that Mohammed was born into. Shriners are also known for their little red hats with a tassel. What people, including most Shriners donít know, is that hat called a Fez is named for a town in North Africa. In the 7th century Mohammed ordered the destruction of all infidels (anyone who would not bow to Allah) including all Christians. As the Muslim warriors swept across North Africa they came to Fez a Christian stronghold and they killed everyone in the town, they then dipped their hats in the blood of the Christians martyrs. They wore these blood red hats as a celebration of their victory and a warning to Christians, to convert to Islam or die. Have you ever driven by a Shriners temple? They are nothing more than an Islamic Masque. Many Masonic temples resemble an Egyptian tomb or temple.


In fact all of the symbolism of the Masonic lodge is a symbolic act of what is actually done in witch covens around the world as they worship Satan and proclaim him to be god!



HARDEEVILLE, SC -- On Monday night of this week Pastor Charles preached on tap tap tap.  It was the sound that the arrows made after the prophet Elisha told the new King that he would win over Syria if he would strike the ground with his arrows. That is what made the prophet Elisha angry as he went to sleep with his fathers.  Because he only struck  the ground three times, that would be the number of times the Jewish nation would win in battle against Syria.  Now  Syria is the greatest threat of security in Israel today.  Many of the terrorists campaigns are launched from the Golan Heights areas where Lebanon and Syria. In this area are some of the best known terrorists in the region.   Had they followed the prophets warning, the Jewish nation would not be facing Syria as a serious challenge to their security.  God is moving in a rapid way in Israel, the movement of war seems to be on the horizon as U.S. Warplanes are already engaged in limited action around the no fly zone in Iraqu.  It is just a matter of time before we see the hostilities warm up against some of our closest Arab allies.  



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