Jeanne d'Ark 1412-1431

PARIS, FRANCE -- She was just nineteen years old when she was burned to death by religion. She knew she was a messenger sent by God. In that day the English controlled France, now religion and sin control this country. In a small shop near Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine someone asked, "Where's the Jeanne d'Ark remembered. Every souvenir shop in Paris has a plaque of who they think was their greatest general. Napoleon Bonaparte was not France's greatest general. The greatest was a servant to the most high God. She lived in holiness and died as a martyr. Americans call her Joan of Ark. Joan of Ark (Jeanne d'Ark 1412-1431) as we know her is a testimony of a great individual controlled by a living God. Napoleon served himself and brought a different type of glory to France but it wasn't Gods' glory.

Called France To A Dedication To God

This young girl called upon men to dedicate their lives to Christ for the glory of God and France. Joan's men knew hat she walked with God and they would walk into hell with her heavenly cause. She was a prophet and she is with God today. In her trial she named the year, the day and the month that the English would be driven out of France. The next day she burned but what she said happened to the very day. Religion called her a witch but later they would call her a saint.

She Heard The Supernatural Voice of God

People like Joan are called from childhood, the supernatural visions she received from God and the direction He would give her were questioned by the church. It doesnít matter what denomination you are in, when the outside forces of the supernatural begin to occur, religion will do anything possible to destroy that vision. The bible says in Proverb 29;18 Where this is no vision the people perrish. Joan was raised up at a time when people needed hope. It was 500 years ago but her struggle was no different than today. The politics of relgion and the politics of government always crush the hopes and the dreams of the future. France had no future at the time and the vision became Joan, she had divine inspiration to speak to the poor and the commoner of France who were tormented by the English. Vision interpreted in the Hebrew means, "the revealed word of God." It is a time and a place where God reveals Himself supernaturally to His people, and the vision usually happens when all hope has been lost. Joan became the vison for France and the French people, God would not allow his people to be destroyed.

She Died As A Human Sacrifice

The greatest lesson in the New Testement was the life of Christ, His supernatural ability to touch and to heal caused the established denomination of that day to want to kill and destroy His work. Once again those who were without hope saw the reality of a loving God of kindness who would meet the needs of the people. The Supernatural part of God is always taken to task by established religion. There was no place where Jesus didnít go that He did not release that power. For three years he stayed on the outside of Jerusalem because of the timing of his momment. He was chosen in time to be a sacrifice. Joan of Ark was chosen to be a sacrifice, the rightful King of France and the established denomination desided to offer this 19 year old lamb for sacrifice. Today you do not see half of France with a British Flag over it, today you see the vision of God that Joan provided by being an obedient servant.

She Was Frances Greatest General

No France, Napoleon was not your greatest general, it was Joane of Ark (Jeanne d'Ark ). The shop keeper said her name and pronounced it as one word, but Jone of Ark would never have an image of her in a Paris souvenir shops because she was too humble. Yes she did something maybe no other person has ever did or will ever do again, she lead France back to Jesus.  Pray for the Nation of France that they may return to the thing that made them great as a people, a dedication to Jesus, saviour of France, saviour of the world.