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He will not slumber or sleep when it comes to the defense of Jerusalem

By Jerrell Miller
Remnant Editor 

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- For the last week we have looked at the American prophets.  Some say that the last prophet died when the bible was written, but today there is a trumpet sounding the warning over America.  As we watch the middle east we know that the prophet spoke about Syria. 

Syria A Hot Spot

In Isaiah 17 we see the warning, Damascus will be no more.  The most vicious attacks against the Jewish Nation have come out of Syria.  Syria has been the middle man between Iran and Lebanon to supply Hezbolla with the weapons to attack the Jews.  These are times of wars and rumors of wars and we know that Russia is playing a major role in the defense of another bloody dictator.  Bashar al-Assad of Syria has turned on his own people to promote terrorism and now the terrible Hezbolla is terrorizing his people. Time is very short and Israel is calling for the end of the nuclear threat in Iran.  We no the time is short but we also know that God will not slumber or sleep when it comes to the defense of Israel.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

We Must Tell Them

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- It hasn't changed in 2000 years, the prophets are mocked until they see.  It takes faith to be a prophet and it takes faith to believe a prophet.  To measure what you hear or what you read you have to know the time, the place and atmosphere of God. Prophets hear God and they warn the people.  We who know about prophecy very often never see the light enough to share it with the lost. Many people are asking the question of what is happening and we of the knowledge never tell them.  The prophetic word of God will very often awake a sinner to the fear of losing their soul to hell.  Those who do not fear God are very often found at the judgment seat of God.  God has given us knowledge and we must tell them of the end and the Day of the Lord.  David Wilkerson spoke of nuclear attack from Russian, and A. A. Allen warned of fire from the sea and a nuclear attack (Tap Here To Read Allen Prophecy) .   Recently a Messianic Jew, Jonathan Cahn has spoke about the hedges of protection that  are slowly falling around America.  The Harbinger Book is the hottest book since Tommy Tenney's God Chasers.  Now we see a president that is slowly turning his back on Israel.  This is a desperate time of faith and witness, we are close to the end.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for our country to move our embassy to Jerusalem
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International