Vaudie Lambert Dedicates New Revival Church

MOBILE, AL -- It’s Vaudie Lambert’s last year as District Superintendent for the State of Alabama and it is Cecil Turner’s 36th year as pastor of the Calvary Assembly of God in Mobile, Alabama. Vaudie Lambert called Pastor Turner the "Bishop of Mobile." Pastor Turner has served as the District Presbyter for the area of Mobile. It was the last day of January and Lambert had come to dedicate the new sanctuary of the Calvary Assembly of God. The superintendent hadn’t lost a step as he helped panel a question and answer session on the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Lambert made this statement about Brownsville, "I’ve never been slain in the Spirit but all our Alabama staff went to the great revival to receive a touch from God. Everyone of my staff members went down under the power but me." Lambert said he had never been slain in the Spirit.

Calvary had also opened the church this week for revival as Evangelist Tim Todd also was on the panel along with Winifred Turner, the wife of Cecil Turner. One of the questions was from the audience and the question had to deal with the Pentecostal people being able to explain the Baptism in the Holy Spirit to people who don’t understand the Pentecostal way. Tim Todd made the statement that teaching was important when it comes to understanding how to witness the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Lambert’s message was timely as he launched into it with the fire of a young tiger. His text was taken from John 12:28 "Father, glorify Your name." Then a voice came from heaven, saying, "I have both glorified it and will glorify it again."

Lambert said he would speak to the people of the new church with a Spirit of optimism. I used to say civilization was going to the dogs, but now I have more respect for the dogs. "It is a sad day when 67% of the American people condone the conduct of the President of the United States. "Jesus said, you are the salt of the earth. Don’t underestimate the power of the church. When the people of God leave this world then the flood gates will be opened. We are important, we are not politicians, we are the salt of the world. The earth, when it was made, had a natural beauty. It was man who messed it up."

"I know things are going to get better. It says in scripture when the darkness begins to cover the earth, then the Spirit of God will come in like a flood. Each dispensation from one to another has always gotten better. The next thing God does will be better than the last thing."

Lambert encouraged Calvary Assembly. Calvary Assembly growth has been from revival. Calvary is one of the only churches in the Mobile area to sustain a revival that lasted more than one year and the church still has a revival spirit. The new building has accommodated the growth of that revival. Lambert said, "This church could be on God’s agenda to bring down something that has never been done before. There is not a limit to the creative power of God. Make every day a day of expectation. The best days of the church are not in the past but they are in front of us. The first miracle that Jesus did was at the wedding feast. Even though He said to his mother, ’Woman, my hour has not yet come.’ He told the men at the wedding feast to do what ever He told them. No one knew when the water changed to wine. Who can explain a miracle, that’s why they’re called miracles. You see the devil serves his best wine first and then at the end there is nothing but chaos. They said the best wine was saved until last. God hasn’t forgotten us. The best days of the church are ahead."

"Jesus said, I have come to cast fire upon this earth, I must be baptized with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Jesus told His disciples that He must go away so the comforter would come." Lambert said Jesus was unable to be in every place at one time but when the Holy Ghost has come upon the earth then the Spirit of God would bring fire upon the earth." Lambert reminded the people, "When darkness is upon the face of the earth then the Spirit of God will come in like a flood. The best days of the church are ahead. I want to retire from where I am now so I can draw closer to Jesus."

Kevin Turner lead the congregation in the song Glorify Thy Name as Superintendent Lambert and Pastor Turner dedicated the new church located on the western side of Mobile.