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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- I was asked several times, what was the best part of your visit to Israel? It didnít take me long to answer that question. It was the day we went to the Western Wall to see the devotion of the Orthodox Jews as they prayed up against the last shrine of their Holy Temple. More than 40 per cent of the population of all the Jews have returned to the Holy Land. It says in Isaiah that in the last days the Jewish Remnant would come from the East, West, South and North to return to their native land and there they would finally receive their Messiah. Standing outside of the holy wall I began to realize that this is why God brought His son into this world.

Going through the Holocaust Memorial on the other side of Jerusalem I noticed that the greatest concentration of Jews were located in Russia. At the overthrow of Communism and the new era of Russian politics, the government finely opened the door for many of these Jews to return to their new homeland.

To me the most amazing thing about these ancient people is that they cling to the Word of God and it so much a part of their lives that they continually search the scriptures in search of their Messiah. We are the grafted in root and to us we think that if they would just accept the risen Christ, everything would be all right. Sitting with Linda Omert and hearing her story about her parents coming home from Auschwitz Prison Camp in Poland I thought to myself, how cruel it was for her parents to go through this tragic ordeal, but then I thought that it has been this way for years, the people of God have never had a bit of rest since 70 AD. Every nation in Europe at one time or another have either branded or expelled them from their country at one time or another. In England in 1290 Edward I put an edict forth to banish all the Jews from the kingdom. At the time there was a large Synagogue just a few blocks from the Tower of London. It was sad because the tower of London became the execution place for many Jews. The value of the Jew was only remembered when James I called forth the scholarship in England to edit the Bible into the English language. It was at that time that this King James gave invitation to Jewish scholarship to come back from the continent of Europe to help in the edited work of the Old Testament into the English language.

The Spanish had there turn at persecution of the Jews as the great Catholic Spanish Inquisition of the 15th & 16th century executed several of Godís people in the thought it would purify the country. From all over the world and from country to country death and destruction of the Jewish people seemed to be the order of the day. God had a purpose in these events as slowly they were shown that their Jewish homeland would be their final resting place. The final events of History would measure all of us by the way have we treated His Chosen People. I was in a Christian store ran by Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem behind Ariel Sharonís new wall that excludes the terrorists from Jerusalem. It was in that store I found a Jerusalem Cross. The Jerusalem Cross has four other crosses, and each one of these crosses represent a corner of the world. Now it is from each corner of the world that God is extracting his people to return them to their homeland. That cross says a lot more than just a return of the Jews, it says that Jerusalem is the center of the world and it will be the place where Christ will rule and reign for 1,000 years. Bethlehem is just six miles from Jerusalem and as we passed through the large wall at the check point into a no manís land, I began to see the what was happening here. We were in a country where the people had voted in the Hamas Terrorists to rule them. Our guide told us that Bethelehem used to be almost 85 per cent Christian but now no more than five percent of the town is Christian. We saw many emblems of St. George the dragon slayers. It was on the front porch of every Christian household that we had seen in Bethlehem. You could see St. Georgeís spear piercing the dragon. I asked our Christian guide what the emblem of St. George means at the door way of the Christian houses in Bethlehem. He told us it was a protection from the devil himself, the dragon representing the devil himself. Right next to The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is St. Catherineís Catholic Church and under the church right next to place of the birth of the Saviour is a small tunnel where the word of God was edited by St. Jerome for 35 years. It was his accomplished work that translated the Hebrew text into a simple Latin language for the new Christian Church. Right next to the place of the Holy Birth was a place where his Word was edited in the 5th Century for all of his church to read. It is called the Vulgate and is one of the most masterful works of the entire church. We are going to be walking into a new world very soon. All that has been spoken of by the prophets of God is now coming to pass. In Isaiah it speaks about the second in gathering of the Jews but it speaks about the four corners of the earth. My friend almost half of The Chosen People of God are now in place as many more fly in on a daily and monthly flights to repopulated the new land of Israel.

So much of God is in this place and yet so much of what God hates is in this place also. Religion covers every holy place and the physiological makeup of what He has brought to man is covered up by the traditions of men. Tradition is a find thing but when that tradition gets in the way of relationship with Jesus, something has to happen. My eyes have been opened in Israel once again to see how far we have come in what we have today. We are people who are pilgrims in this world and this earthly home is not our place. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray they might come to the place of full release in faith as we watch the chosen of God come under the greatest pressure that they will ever see, even greater than the Holocaust before His coming.