SPRINGFIELD, IL -- Last month The Remnant mentioned the name of Brian Gibbs as the evangelist leading the Springfield Outpouring. We also mentioned that he was only twenty-five years of age. That might shock you that he could carry a revival for six months but the thing that is most shocking about Brian is how God has had his hand on him since he was seven years old. Every step has been marked by the hand of God, say what you will but this young man was chosen by the hand of God. The voice of a prophet has flowed through him even before the age of his accountability..

Brian’s testimony starts during an impossible situation. His father and mother were living as man and wife for the last day. His father had entered into a verbal agreement with his mother to go to the county court house and sign the papers for their divorce the next day. As little Brian asked his mother what a divorce was -- tears began to come into his eyes. He knew that this would be the last night his mother and father would be together in the same house. Who could know how God was going to move but He was going to touch a godless family through the prayers of a burdened saint.. The Gibbs family had never darkened the door of a church, Brian’s father had went from job to job unable to handle life. He was deep into alcohol, drugs and perversion. Fighting would often happen in their house and the uncontrollable rage that was in his father’s heart had brought the small family to a breaking point.

God only saw the possibility in this family because the man that had hired Brian’s father knew that David Gibbs had a problem. His foreman was a black man that had a burden for him, and he was led to pray for David since he had started work.

With a heavy heart Brian walked into his father’s room after talking with his mother and asked his father not to separate from his mother. With tears in his eyes Brian left the bedside of his father and then he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come on him. As he turned in the door way to look back at him little Brian spoke, "Dad, God wants me to say something to you." The father looked at the son and said, "What." Brian said, "God wants me to say something to you." The father looked at his son and said, "Tell me, tell me!" Brain said, "Dad your never going to find true happiness in this life until you give your life to Jesus Christ. Dad, Jesus is what you’re looking for. Dad, all the running around, all the girl friends, all the drugs, all the perversion -- you’re never going to find true happiness until you give your life to Jesus Christ. Dad if you don’t give your life to Jesus Christ you are going to die and go to Hell soon." Little Brian had never been to church, he knew nothing about the name of Jesus unless he heard it spoken in vain. God was moving through the loneliness of a little boy to express a supernatural prophetic utterance. The voice that spoke the words were directly from the heart of God.

The next day his father went to work. At 10:15 that morning during break time his foreman approached him. The black foreman said, "Dave, I got a message for you." Brian’s dad looked at him and said, "Who’s the message from." The foreman said, "The message is from God." With a smirk David an swered him, "What’s God got to say to me preacher man?" "Dave did you listen to what your little boy said to you in your bedroom last night." Brian’s dad looked back at him when he said that and said, "What did you say?" The foreman said, "Dave did you listen to what your boy said to you last night in your bedroom? I want to tell you something Dave, I’ve been on my knees for three weeks praying for you since you came on this job. Last night I was beside my bed and I was praying for you and God showed me a vision. I saw your son walk into your room and he was crying over you saying, ‘Dad why do I have to go? Why do I have to go? I don’t want to live with grama and grandpa! And Dave, what your boy said to you in your bedroom last night is the truth." The black foreman repeated word for word what Brian had spoken to his dad the night before. "What your son said to you last night is true, if you don’t accept Jesus Christ you are going to die and go to Hell very soon." It completely took him off guard as he sat in his crane thinking for the rest of the day. David Gibbs said to himself how could he have known our situation. It certainly wasn’t his wife that spoke to him. She wanted to break the family up as much as David wanted to. It had to be God. Knowing that God cared this much about his family situation it began to turn his impossible situation around in Dave’s heart. He didn’t go to the court house at 12 o’clock and when he got home his wife asked, "Where were you buddy, I was at the court house waiting at noon and your weren’t there." David said, "You leave me alone I’m not signing any papers." With that he just turned around from her and went into his bedroom. For three weeks David Gibbs came straight home and that’s something that he had never did before. Before this, he used to go to the bars get loaded come home and all hell would break loose.

In the days and weeks that followed David listened to this black man as he read the Bible to this illiterate man. Gibbs had been a bigot and had no use for black people but his life began to change. After three weeks he asked his foreman the question, "What must I do to be saved?" He said, "I’m not going to tell you." Dave said, "What do you mean, you’ve brought me all this way and your not going to tell me." The black man would not lead him to Christ, but he told him, "You’ll know, you’ll know." That night, November 27, 1979 about 3 o’clock in the morning David rolled out of bed and knelt down and asked Jesus Christ to come into his life and save him. It all happened for a purpose and it all happened for what God was going to do through him and his son in the future. Dave’s first convert was his wife Karen. Karen wanted to know what had happened to him? Dave said, "I got saved." She said, "Saved from what?" Then she said that she wanted to be saved too and Dave led her to Jesus. Soon the Gibbs family found a quiet little Baptist Church, but things weren’t exactly right. While they were both believers they could not shake the habits of a sinful life. No doubt David knew God loved him and cared for his little family, but he could not find the power to resist certain things.

Karen Gibbs would read the Bible to the children because at that time David couldn’t read. As the verses of scripture approached the Book of Acts and the mentioned of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, David said, "That’s what we need, we will never be able to overcome our habits of sin without this type of power." Quickly Gibbs went to his Baptist Pastor the next Sunday to ask him about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Standing in the open church his pastor ushered him into his office and said, "Don’t ever mention that subject in the church again." Bewildered about what his pastor had said to them, they knew that the Bible was a better source of truth then what they had heard in the Baptist pastor’s office.

Once again Brian ran across a friend that was called to be a minister. Both of them had a similar history. Brian called him and asked where his church was. He was an Assembly of God pastor and David wanted all that God had for him. The first service David asked if their church believed in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. His friend said that he was going to preach on that subject to night and he needed to come back. After his friend spoke that night David Gibbs came down to the front immediately to be filled with the Holy Ghost. He came from the pew as fast as a bullet is fired from a gun. He was instantly filled with the Holy Ghost and began speaking in tongues. His wife had came down also but nothing happened to her. She was very disappointed but God had not forgotten her. On the way home from church that Sunday night she went into the grocery store just to get a few things to eat, as she bent over to get a can of pork and beans on the shelf, God touched her and baptized her in the Holy Ghost right in the middle of the aisle.

The Gibbs family came to Jesus through the prophetic voice of a little boy named Brian. A person and a family that were bound in sin. It would have been the last group of people you would have ever expected to do anything for Jesus. This is the great mystery of the Christian faith -- God chooses to confound the wise by taking the broken hearted and rebuilding them for ministry. It was from the ruins of this family that God called Brian Gibbs to be an evangelist.

Just to start your life in a family like this makes you think why did God place his hand on Brian and his father. The reason is becoming very apparent as the six month old revival is now going into its seventh month. God has been moving through this young man in an awesome display of power at the Springfield Outpouring in Springfield, Illinois. You can walk through the Springfield congregation today and pick out former drug addicts, prostitutes, and people that have been delivered from tremendous demonic strongholds. Brian was prepared for such a time as this. He is the forerunner of the Generation X and oh was a forerunner he is. If what is coming behind him is as powerful as what has been seen in Springfield then signs and wonders will begin to flood the churches that are not bound to the traditions of men.

Brian in one way has conquered one tradition. You would think that his age would not allow him to have the freedom he has but when you are verified by signs and wonders on a nightly basis the fire can only get hotter. The pastor at Springfield knew that his people were ready for revival last August but the role of a pastor has limits to it. A pastor cannot serve as pastor and evangelist at the same time. Pastor Eric Hanson met Brian Gibbs when Brian was just 11 years old. Eric had just gotten saved and the families knew each other. When Brian came to the church Eric was comfortable with him because he knew his family and Brian’s walk with God.

Brian is like a seasoned veteran in revival services. The difference that many people notice in this move of God is the fresh word that comes forth. Brian spent time working in the ministry team with Rodney Howard Browne and this had a profound influence on life. "Many people can be around this type of anointing and it does not change them, but when you begin to hunger and thirst for the things of God then he begins to move through your life. Rodney Howard Browne was the deposit of the anointing on my life," said the young evangelist.

God has showed up in tremendous manifest power at times at the Springfield Outpouring. One night people had lined up for prayer as a tremendous surge of power came upon Brian, "Before I went to pray for the first person it was like an electric ripple. I touched the first person and about 30 people were all hit by the power of God and fell backward to the floor. My dad was at the end of this line, when I went near him, he went flying through the ushers and landed on the ground. The power displayed that night was awesome."

Brian described a service where the power once again showed up. "We had two demonized girls come forward, you could feel confusion in the altar area. You could feel a struggle as these two women approached. When I came near these girls the power of God came down upon both of them, and removed those demons. After they took them out of the room I turned to the people and said if the spirit of fear came upon you when that happened I want you to come forward for prayer. More than 30 people rushed forward when a wind came over my shoulder and literally blew the people off their feet into the congregation and slammed them to the ground. The pastor and I looked at each other amazed at the power of God that had come through the altars that night. "

Brian and his wife Brenda have been called for such a time as this. Make no mistake about their ministry, it has been marked by the hand of God and it started through Brian at seven years old. Now the ministry that comes through this young couple is the life blood of Jesus that is setting the captive free. Thank you Jesus for the testimony of Brian Gibbs. Springfield’s Outpouring is not over yet and the best is yet to come.