R.L. Holsey gave a powerful challenge for us to apply our Christianity. "One way we can do this is by taking Jesus to the people, whether they are in Spring Hill, Cottage Hill, or Happy Hill! We were reminded that prayer is a powerful weapon-a recurrent theme throughout the program."

MOBILE, AL -- The mountains are beginning to tremble, the tributaries are coming together, and a mighty river is being born! What God has been doing in the spirit realm is beginning to unfold before our eyes! In what may be the largest cross-denominational gathering of its kind in the history of Mobile, 260 of God’s key movers and shakers came together on Friday, April 24 to lay aside their walls and unite together in singleness of vision and purpose. The prayer breakfast, sponsored by the Mobile Revival Campaign Outreach, focused on prayer, unity, and direction. Held at the Mobile Convention Center, Christian leaders from all over Mobile and the surrounding areas were challenged to catch the vision, call people to pray, and each find their part in it.

So many pieces of the picture are falling into place as God is mobilizing His forces on so many fronts. For years, prayers have been offered up for revival, and according to Brother Fred Wolfe, Fred Rettig and the Mobile Revival Campaign Outreach is a result of those prayers. God told Mr. Rettig that He would take the Message to every home. The Jesus video has been a fulfillment of that promise and Tim Smith gave an exiting report on what the Lord is doing on that front as "combustion from within" takes our city. Then there are the billboards and signs Mr. Rettig has plastered all over lower Alabama. Everywhere you look, there’s a sign proclaiming a message from God...buses all over town carrying the message; people in bars, on the streets, and everywhere, coming under conviction and getting right with God! On another front, John Mann spoke about reconciliation, and how Mission Mobile was working to tear down racial tension and that it must be deliberate and planned. Just as God brought John Mann to Mobile for this purpose, Steve Gray, a missionary to Tanzania was sent here by God to teach discipleship and follow-up through the outreach of Sonrise Ministries. Then there is First Priority, working in the school system with junior high and high school students. God is hand picking and assembling key people from all over the world in preparation for what He is about to do here on the Coast. People all over the country are saying "watch Mobile"!

God is also bringing people to Mobile to take revival back to their homes. Some have come from South Africa with a vision for what God is already doing here. They have come from Ghana, North Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan, Gulf Shores, and other places specifically to take revival back with them.



R.L. Holsey gave a powerful challenge for us to apply our Christianity. One way we can do this is by taking Jesus to the people, whether they are in Spring Hill, Cottage Hill, or Happy Hill! We were reminded that prayer is a powerful weapon-a recurrent theme throughout the program.



Dick Braswell proclaimed that "we are on the verge of a Spiritual renaissance" and that we would experience a "breakthrough before we fall through." In keeping with the theme of unity, he talked about the common ground that was shared by all. Their common calling to preach the gospel will be accomplished by the same God who has called them to do it. Another common area is the platform from which to exercise that calling. And thirdly, a desire to see this city blessed is something that is also shared in common. Also, we are all under a common banner of Jesus Christ. The challenge went forth to be "willing to do whatever it takes" and "pay whatever price is required" to get the job done! And finally, Brother Dick exhorted his listeners not to give in to discouragement; to rest in the confidence of the calling that God has placed within-to believe God no matter what! "Don’t give in to the facts, always believe the truth - what you see will discourage you; what you believe will encourage you."



Finally, Fred Wolfe used Ephesians 4 to establish the Scriptural basis for the "unity of the Spirit" upon which the gathering was based. "It is Jesus Christ that has brought us together and it is Jesus Christ that binds us together" Brother Fred explained. In the Fall of 1995 Brother Fred spoke of "a fresh wind of God’s Spirit" that was blowing. There have in fact been a number of times when revival seemed eminent, only to fall short at the last minute. Brother Fred shared the barriers that God revealed to him that must be removed if the "fresh wind of God’s Spirit" is to continue to blow. The spirit of competitiveness would have to go if we expect God to continue to move in our midst. Secondly, the spirit of recruitment would also have to be dealt with. Our obsession with winning everyone else over to our exact doctrinal position only serves to alienate others and reinforce those walls between us (that’s not to say that we can’t remain strong in our own convictions). Another barrier that must be removed is the spirit of insensitivity toward those who might not be where we are. We must be sensitive to where they are and be "all things to all people" as Paul says, so that our "zeal does not exceed our knowledge". Then there is the spirit of suspicion. When we jump to conclusions about other churches, we are giving place to the lies that the enemy is constantly trying to propagate about them. This is not how the Body of Christ is supposed to operate, and only serves to cause further division. When these barriers are removed, we will begin to feel less threatened by each other and the Spirit of God will be able to move more freely.

There were specific prayers of repentance as these things were renounced and unity was proclaimed. "When God’s people cry out God responds" (II Chronicles 32:20) Brother Fred continued..."There has never been a great move of God apart from a desperate, prevailing prayer of the people of God". There was a beautiful and sweet time of prayer and ministry that culminated in the final moments as a fresh anointing was imparted to those present. This was not just another "meeting"; in the words of Brother Dick Braswell, it was a "launching pad for what God has in store for His people."