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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- In today war news, as visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was meeting with Israeli officials in Jerusalem—calling for a "sustainable ceasefire," in other words not necessarily an immediate one—a 15 year old Druze girl was sadly slain when Hizbullah rockets crashed down on a mixed Arab-Druze village in the Galilee region. The rocket made a direct hit on her family home in the village of Marar, located next door to the community mosque. Several other residents of the mixed Arab Muslim, Druze and Arab Christian village were wounded in the strike. (By the way, the Haifa worker that was killed in a rocket strike on a Haifa carpentry shop on Sunday was actually not an Arab as initially reported in the Israeli media, but an Armenian Christian).

In Haifa, an elderly Jewish man suffered a heart attack and died this afternoon as he was rushing to a bomb shelter while sirens sounded yet again in the port city, signalling a second wave of Syrian and Iranian-provided rocket strikes today (16 rockets landed earlier, most in open spaces next to apartment buildings and a hospital in what Mayor Yonah Yahav called a "miraculous" development). However one apartment building did sustain heavy damage in a direct strike, and another rocket struck next to a city bus. Overall some 50 people had sustained wounds by early evening as dozens of Hizbullah rockets rained down once again all across northern Israel. Overnight, a longer-range Iranian-made rocket was fired at Israel, but thankfully landed harmlessly in the sea.

Israeli military officials announced that they had taken out a number of Hizbullah rocket launchers in air strikes around the Lebanese port city of Tyre this afternoon. Air force jets were also in action for the first time in two days around the Lebanese capital, Beirut. This came as IDF Intelligence Chief Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that the situation in the region is "explosive." He added that although intelligence officials do not believe that either Syria or Iran wants to become directly involved in the conflict, Syria has placed its military forces on "the highest state of alert." He warned that Hizbullah leaders are "trying to instigate, to force, another front for Israel with Syria." Yadin said Iran provides around $100 million in direct aid to Hizbullah each year, and opined that it is probable both Iran and Syria have urged that longer-range rockets that can strike Tel Aviv be mostly held in abeyance until the final phase of the conflict, in order to drag it out as long as possible.

Meanwhile army officials said they were certain that Iranian personnel had joined the two day fight for control over the south Lebanese Shiite town of Bint Jabail. They said the Iranians were spotted commanding the Lebanese militiamen. An army spokesman said the IDF was now in basic control of Bint Jabail, although he admitted that dozens of Hizbullah fighters are still thought to be holed up in buildings in the town of some 20,000 residents, who had mostly fled north before the fighting began. He added that an estimated 40 to 50 Hizbullah fighters had lost their lives in the intense battle. Two Israeli soldiers were also killed, along with two air force pilots killed in a mysterious helicopter crash on the edge of the battle.

I will be interviewed on radio programs this week in both the UK and New Zealand, along with frequent updates on the US Moody radio network. The interview in New Zealand can be heard on the nationwide Rhema radio network at around 11:10 AM on Wednesday morning. The UK interview will air throughout Europe on UBC Europe (Satellite/NTL Cable channel 0125) on Thursday at 6:15 AM and 11:00 PM UK time, and will also be repeated on Sunday at 1:00 PM.


By David Dolan

Ultimate responsibility for the intense fighting between Israeli and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon can be directly traced to several American presidents, especially to one Democrat who has been busy building houses ever since he left the Big Bungalow on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fearing an East-West clash of apocalyptic proportions, Lyndon Johnson thought it best to confront the powerful Soviet Union and China in an indirect manner. He would inflate John F. Kennedy’s mini-war against Soviet and Chinese-backed fighters in relatively insignificant Viet Nam into a major conflict. His successor, Richard Nixon, further fanned the flames before finally agreeing to a ceasefire in January 1973. After the Communist north violated it, Nixon rushed to pull remaining war weary US forces out of the southern half of the divided Southeast Asian country, climaxing with a humiliating final retreat in April 1975. As expected, South Viet Nam was then completely overran by Communist fighters, who subsequently proved uninterested in conquering their neighbors as part of the dreaded "domino" disaster that had long been forecast if America did not decisively win the costly war.

Tired of overseas adventures, a majority of American voters were then ready to scale back their country’s international policeman role. This led to Jimmy Carter’s election as Commander in Chief in 1976 after running on a fairly pacifist platform.

During the latter years of his watch, a turban bound mullah named Ruhollah Khomeini took over a Middle East country called Iran. His January 1979 Shiite Islamic Revolution was met with shocked surprise in Washington, which was then obsessed with Soviet designs on nearby Afghanistan. After all, the radical Muslims were our allies against the red superpower giant that was preparing to end all life on planet earth in some insane nuclear showdown—not!!

The Muslim fundamentalist leader was fit as a fiddle to move to Tehran and take over the reigns of power. This was largely because Carter had naively allowed him to come to America the previous October to receive first class medical attention.

After ousting the pro-West Shah, the Shiite Ayatollah repaid Carter’s kindness by sanctioning the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran. Over 50 Americans, mostly government diplomats and employees, were taken captive in the November 1979 action, being held hostage for over one year. Operating in the still strong shadow of the Viet Nam fiasco, Carter refused to see the seizure for what it was—a clear act of war—and ordered relatively feeble (and definitely ineffective) military measures to free the hostages, who were only released when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president in January 1981.

Flagging American resolve to take on its declared enemies when actually necessary was thankfully reversed during the Reagan years. But the tall ex-actor also contributed to the current Mideast crisis. Fearing an atomic showdown with Moscow, he ordered Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to cancel his Defense Minister’s rational plan to fully oust Syrian occupation forces from all of Lebanon in 1982. Thus Ariel Sharon’s prescient goal to free Lebanon from Syrian (and thus Iranian) domination was thwarted, which opened the door for Khomeini to establish an enduring alliance with Syria that rapidly led to the formation of the extremist Lebanese Hezbollah militia.

The Shiite force quickly proved to be a faithful Iranian-Syrian anti-American puppet when its operatives destroyed US Marines barracks in Beirut in October 1983—the deadliest terrorist atrocity against American servicemen to this day. But this clear act of war was also basically ignored by Soviet-obsessed White House personnel, who simply ordered a humiliating retreat from the battle zone. Hezbollah-Iran-Syria had won, and this fact would set the tone for their later "victory" over war weary Israeli forces that were rushed from the Land of the Cedars in a virtual summer re-run of the US flight from Saigon.

The May 2000 Israeli getaway left its faithful Maronite-run South Lebanese Army allies dazed and confused, and in instant mortal danger from advancing Hezbollah forces. This guaranteed that no Lebanese Christian groups would ever fully ally themselves again with the Jewish-run state.

Meanwhile Iran had succeeded in crushing the US-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian "land for peace" process. It began supplying weapons and training to Hamas and Islamic Jihad Palestinian terrorists—mainly via Hezbollah channels—soon after the 1993 Oslo peace accord was signed on the White House lawn by Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin. Emulating Hezbollah’s mushrooming suicide attacks against IDF soldiers in Lebanon, Hamas launched its first deadly bus bombing in April 1994, followed by a flood of such wicked assaults in early 1996. Two months later, Hezbollah let loose with a massive rocket blitz upon northern Israel, leading to the election of Binyamin Netanyahu in May, and the total collapse of the peace process four years later.

And so we come to today. Israel has been forced to re-enter Lebanon and the Gaza Strip with its relatively big guns blazing, leading to inevitable Arab and international condemnation. Its unilateral pullouts from both places—demanded by Lebanese and Palestinian leaders—have been tragically reversed amid a flood of blood. All this as Iran’s outrageous "president," under orders from Chief Dictator Ayatollah Khameini, repeatedly vows to wipe Israel off of the Middle East map, probably with nuclear weapons.

Is the current White House occupant finally ready to admit that the insidious theocratic Iranian regime has long ago declared war to the death not only against its main Mideast ally Israel, but also against America? Stay tuned. I’m not overly optimistic that the gravity of Iran’s threat to Western interests is fully understood yet in Washington’s halls of power, given that so much time, money and military lives have been spent going after a regional mouse named Saddam, followed by hopeless attempts to bring enduring "democracy" (how about simple stability?) to his basket case, internally divided country. All of that has only served to divert vital attention from the far more dangerous Regional Rat lurking right next door—Iran—and its supplicant surrogates Syria and Hezbollah.


TAMPA, FL -- During the midst of this tremendous struggle in Israel we have opened the door to revival.  Evangelist Jerrell Miller took off his editor's visor to preach the word at Riverwalk Fellowship in Ft. Worth, Texas.  While Pastor Steve Solomon visited New Orleans  and preached at Victory Fellowship, God used Miller in this pastors pulpit. "We have been teaching on prayer at the church and unknowingly Jerrell preached on the subject, "If My People," Just after Jerrell got home he was off again to participate in Camp Meeting 2006 in Tampa, Florida with Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne. We vested the River Church in Tampa Bay, Florida to witness the glory and the power of God.  We saw many people come to the Lord and be touched by His presence.  The vision that was brought before the people was the renewal of many coming to drink from the River. Nothing touches me more than to see the dept of this ministries outreach through the world.  My friend this is a world class evangelists.  Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne is the proto type of the modern day Pentecostal Evangelist.  He is not your ordinary person.  We look forward to seeing you in our new On-Line Magazine that will be published very soon.  For five dollars a month join our increasing list from around the world that views the supernatural of God, call at 888 755-9145.  


By Dave Dolan
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Fierce ground clashes between Israeli and Hizbullah forces have broken out for the first time in the week long conflict, occurring just north of the Israeli Galilee town of Safed near Moshav Avivim. There are unconfirmed reports at this hour of two Israeli army deaths in the intense fighting, with others wounded. This came after a small IDF ground force crossed the international border earlier in the day to directly confront nearby Hizbullah fighters. As I stated yesterday, some sort of cross-border operation seemed imminent as more reserve units were being called up to free regular soldiers for such operations. A much larger operation to clear Hizbullah fighters from the border zone is expected by many analysts in the coming days.

Further west, another Hizbullah rocket barrage struck the port city of Haifa and other areas this morning, directly hitting one apartment building and sending a huge plume of gray smoke over Israel’s third largest city. However the attack caused no deaths since building residents had either already fled the city or had rushed to nearby bomb shelters. Two people were lightly wounded from shrapnel elsewhere as dozens of rockets came crashing down. Around 1,000 Hizbullah rockets have struck Israeli territory in the last week—the largest barrage upon Israeli population centers since the 1967 Six Day war.

Meanwhile at a special security cabinet meeting in Jerusalem this morning, senior government ministers decided to continue on with the military campaign until two captured Israeli soldiers are released and the Iranian and Syrian backed Shiite group stops firing rockets into Israel. This was the official statement issued after the cabinet session: "The intensive fighting against Hizbullah will continue, including attacks on Hizbullah infrastructure and command posts, its operational abilities, its armaments, and the leadership of the organization." This comes as army officials say they estimate they will need at least another 10 to 14 days to effectively destroy Hizbullah’s fighting capability. After the cabinet session, it was announced that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will visit Jerusalem this coming Sunday.

Action also intensified today along Israel’s other war front in the Gaza Strip and north of Jerusalem. The army crossed again into central Gaza in search of a captured soldier being held in the area. The operation involved at least 30 armored vehicles, mostly tanks. Five IDF soldiers were wounded in the initial phase of today’s operation. Several Palestinian rockets were fired into Israeli territory once again from the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile officials said that a rocket fired yesterday that landed near a western Negev kibbutz was a new and more lethal version of the Palestinian Kassam rockets that have struck Israeli territory hundreds of times in recent months. It was identified as a Grad-type rocket. In Nablus north of Jerusalem, three Palestinian fighters were reportedly killed in clashes with IDF troops who surrounded a building where various militants were believed to be holed up.

As I wrote yesterday, I am scheduled to be interviewed on the prophetic possibilities of the ongoing conflict live via satellite on the Lesea television network Harvest program. That is broadcast at 9:00 AM EST, or 6:00 AM PST. However the international time I gave out on Tuesday was incorrect. It should read 13:00 GMT. That interview can be viewed live via their web site, Click on the "view" bottom under the WHT satellite tag on the left of their home page.  Dave Dolan will forecast the Middle-East in the first edition of The Remnant On-line Magazine.  Learn what he as to say about the role of Syria in these end time events.


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- While we were in Jerusalem this March we made a very special friend. Dave Dolan is a 12 year veteran of CBS News he has sent us  to inform us  of the ongoing events in Israel.  

Israel remains on full alert today as the intense military battle against Hizbullah terrorists enters its sixth day.  The Tel Aviv area in particular is bracing for a possible Hizbullah-Iranian rocket attack as Israel Air Force jets continue to operate in all portions of Lebanon. Fresh Hizbullah rocket attacks today have struck Tiberius again on the Sea of Galilee and other locations in the upper and western Galilee regions, leaving several more Israelis wounded. Last evening rockets for the first time struck the town of Afula in the Jezreel Valley—the prophesied scene of the last battle of history, Armageddon—which is some 35 miles south of the Lebanese border. Others hit Migal Haemek and Upper Nazareth, a Jewish area located next to Israel’s largest Arab Christian town, showing that the Shiite Lebanese terror group and their Syrian and Iranian sponsors are not afraid to strike close to heavily populated Arab areas of Israel (the same could be said for Haifa, which is around 10% Arab). Israeli officials today said the rockets were actually aimed at the nearby Ramat David (Heights of David) air force base, from where many of the air strikes on Lebanon are being launched.

We in Jerusalem came close to directly joining the fray late this morning when a suicide terrorist was intercepted as he was on his way to carry out a massive attack on Jaffa Road in the center of the city.  I heard the familiar wail of multiple security sirens just a few blocks from my home and knew something was up. The details are below, courtesy of the Jerusalem Post web site:

A terror attack in downtown Jerusalem was thwarted Monday, after a 25-year-old Palestinian was caught carrying a bomb in a bag on a main city thoroughfare, police said.  The male suspect, a West Bank resident, was stopped by police on the city's Jaffa Road near the Jaffa Gate for a routine security check during the late-morning incident.  The man was arrested on the scene, after the explosives were found in his bag.  During his initial police interrogation, the suspect confessed that he was carrying a bomb and said that he came to the area to carry out a terror attack, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will give a nationwide address on the growing confrontation later today. Analysts are especially looking to hear what he will say about Iran and Syria, sponsors of the Lebanese Hizbullah militia. Portions of yesterday’s Raad rockets that struck Haifa with deadly precision have been definitely traced to both countries.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. The attempted Jerusalem terror attack just a few blocks from my home was probably thwarted because of them. I remind you that I will be giving an update on the situation via the Moody Broadcasting Network later today on the Prime Time America program, which begins at 5:00 PM EST in North America, or 21:00 GMT. You may go to and click the "listen live" section to hear it live on line

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA -- We are watching something happen that either could be a great revival or a great disaster.  South Africa is going through the greatest period of turmoil that it has ever seen.  Once one of the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world, South Africa now is disease ridden, crime ridden land that is crying out for a savior.  While we were on the eastern cape region of that great country God spoke to me in a small still voice.  "This will be a land of great death if the Gospel does not reach these people." Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne came to America in the late 1980's and now he has returned to his native land to preach the gospel.  We saw more than 70,000 of his fellow countrymen saved during a five day outreach near East London in the Cape Region of South Africa.  Last year more than 186,000 Zulu Tribesmen were saved in Umlazi over a period of 10 days.  I was blessed to be on the prayer team during that time.  As we wadded into the large crowd each night every other person was infected with HIV Positive and the others had no place to go to work.  This once proud race of Zulu Tribesmen are now crumbling in a society that is crying out in pain.  We know that it is just a matter of time before this beautiful country erupts, the poorer people of this country have no hope and the only hope that could reach these people is the power of God to save and to heal those infected with disease, pray for this country for it could be the last days place where God will pour his Spirit out.  Pray for Dr. Rodney Howard Browne and his hunt for the lost in that country. The evangelists who are coming to this country need to be given the power from on high to change this society.  These are good people in a situation that needs to change.   

Above you can see me on a horse going into the caves of Petra in the country of Jordan.  This is just one of the places we have traveled to in the world to seek the face of God.  Each day that I live I thank God that I have been privileged to travel the world and see a side of life that many American have never seen.  The Holy Spirit is being revealed in individuals around the world the vision that is being seen is an awakening and a group of people who have pressed in to see what God is going to next.  All of us who are pressing in have trusted in our God to reveal himself through the men He has trusted upon the face of the earth.  The Holy Spirit is not a man but the Holy Spirit moves through men. We must protect the anointing and not accept a counterfeit. We hope you are blessed today and very soon you will see the new Remnant International on line magazine.  There is nothing like it in the entire world.


Broken Walls & Burned Gates

My walls have been destroyed and my gates have been burned, in the uniqueness of my call there are those who have rode on my ship and yet they have never paid a price of passage

As we seek the unity of Christ we see competition instead of fellowship.  We see the Father's of the anointing discourage the sons of belief and bring them to the point of a crippled revelation.  We see other father's of belief bring their sons up with the new vision that will build hope.  In those fathers we see the Christ and the restoration of broken men.

Long live the father's of vision and let those in competition run there last race.  Live long oh fathers of vision, may you restore every wall and every burned gate with trees of righteousness.