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MOBILE, AL -- For the last twelve years Editor Jerrell Miller has spoken on a daily basis on the Radio on the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast.  We celebrate twelve years this month, and we also celebrate Jerrell and Vivian's 22 wedding anniversary


When I got married in 1982 my wife and I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee — the day before we got there we stayed at the foot of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. As I went to sleep that night I had a dream and in the dream a voice spoke to me, “Every one that is born of a virgin is born of God.” How holy was our wedding night, I married my bride and the only man that she has ever known is me. How wonderful and how beautiful, I know that there is a mystery but it  was a direct word to me in a vision while I sleep. As we walked down the main street in Gatlinburg, Tennessee we stopped at a Christian book store. As I walked by some of the plaques that were hung in a gallery to sell my eyes fell on one of them it said, “I asked Jesus how much he loved me? Then he stretched out his hands and died.” Immediately the Spirit of God fell on me and I began to weep. I couldn’t control what happened to me because it was a God moment.
         As I dated my wife before we were married I was at a movie house where a reenactment of the Crucifixion was shown, once again I began to weep and cry in an instant of a time. When I’m gone perhaps my children will read there father’s old newspapers and be touched to know how much there father loved Jesus. I love my children and I watch over them, believe me teenagers struggle to go the right way —with so many hurting so hard I feel for some of the young men who come to my house. It seems as if my boys have a burden for others. It seems as if all they want to do is encourage those who are loners. Do you know how many teenagers are being raised by single parents, do you know how many of them are in trouble and need help. There was a promise once given to me by God about one of my children. I saw a great evangelist take a bible and lay it at the foot of his bed.
             Do you know that God is going to move through people you have cast away, God won’t hold you accountable but He will shock you. We went to the 26th of November before we published last month, but do you know we were on time. Did you know we published something that was spot news and of interest to our readers. Brother T. B. Joshua stopped by my room and began to tell me about what happened during my last visit to The Synagogue Church of All Nations. I learned that the very night I arrived the Zulu Princess was healed of epilepsy. He told me that it was unique that I was there on day she was healed. I remember what I was doing when I was there. I was reading a book written about William Branham, I was not just reading these book I was inhaling them. I found out I was still hungry about the things of God. A good friend Bill Johnson introduced these books to me in Redding, California . Julius was assigned to me at the Synagogue Church to let me know when it was time for me to come to the meetings. On Wednesday I was reading one of these books when he came to get me for the evening service. Lagos is not a comfortable place to come to but what is in Lagos is worth looking at. God was going to challenge me on this trip. We saw a pastor who had escaped Liberia instantly healed, I took the picture and the story and it was in the September Remnant. We moved down and Julius came to me and told me that the people T. B. Joshua was going to pray over at the other end of the church.  It was the Queen of the Zulus and the daughter of the Zulu King. My Father in heaven directs me and puts me in the places where He wants to show me his glory. Six thousand miles on a plane to see God do something. What was it that He had done? God had moved into a situation that 400 years of sending missionaries to South Africa couldn’t do.  I remember Gandhi the Liberator of India say, “I would become a Christian but I don’t see much of what Christ taught among the people that call themselves Christians.” It was Gandhi that taught the policy of non-violence to change things.  Martin Luther King the great leader of the Civil Rights movement changed all of America by the teachings of this great man Gandy. This was the figure that Dr. King studied about when he was in school in Boston.  He was his role model of non-violence in the great Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s.

     Gandhi could have been a great evangelist to India, he could have been a Christian but the witness of what he saw in Durban, South Africa brought him back to his own religion.  Just think if they would have accepted this man in the church in South Africa. The evangelism of India would have been a fact by now.  God moved Ghandhi into his destiny.  He was going to be the liberator of India no matter what anyone said, just think he could of done it as a Christian but when he was a young lawyer in South Africa he was turned away from a Christian Church because of racial make up.  Once again we are seeing something of a great mystery.  Why would the King of the Zulus come to Nigeria to visit  a man named TAB. Joshua.  If you would have met this king you would know one thing about him.  He is kind, considerate and benevolent to his people and also strangers like me.  He was very gracious when I spoke to him.  He was grateful that Jesus had healed his daughter.  I could see a kind and sweet love between this king and his daughter.  Believe me when King Goodwill Zinlathi left the church in Lagos, he and his daughter have a testimony that could move all of South Africa.   Could we not learn from people who are going to be used by God.  Recently a well know magazine spoke about T B. Joshua and made accusations about this man of adultery, witchcraft and false healings.  I have spent 21 days with T .B. Joshua and I have learned one thing about this man.  He is much like this Zulu King.  He is kind, loving toward his family and dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I watched how he works with his people and he is nothing like what was written about him.  One thing Joshua knows about his calling is that it comes complete with critics.  He also knows that when critics begin to tear the glory begins to come in. I have seen that pattern before I remembered when my pastor was arrested for taking out unruly witches from his church. The two weeks between the trail dates the glory flowed through the Oak Park Church of God.  It was an awesome time of ministry.
      The witness of what we do will last for an eternity, I believe that Prophet T.B. Joshua is a key to the last days revival in that nation of South Africa, and he could also be a key in America.  The last major move of God that was led by a black man in this country was Azusa Street.  The prejudice of Azusa Street still lives today in many Pentecostal Organizations. The most segregated hour of worship in the American Church can be found in the Pentecostal Churches of America between the hours of 10 AM and 12 noon.   The promise is found in the gospel of John in the fourteenth chapter the promise of the Spirit only comes to those who are in unity, when you exclude anyone from this gospel then you will find yourself in religion and that is a deadly place to be.

Today is Sunday and between the hours of 10 and 12 the greatest segregation the world has ever seen will be within the churches of our land of America, do we really want revival -- for the Holy Spirit to come we must be one in body mind and Spirit, the prejudice of Azusa still lives.

MOBILE, AL -- Charles Finney was a lawyer for many years and found himself one day at the foot of the cross.   The elements that made Finney as a lawyer were played out in the congregations that he preached to in later years.  He always based his sermons on the Word of God and then he would try his case in front of the people.  Finney had the ability to convict those who were guilty in his 19th Century revivals, but better than this was the grace he offered at his altars for repentance. 


A  great injustice has been in our lands for more than 100 years.  The Azusa Street revival had a one eyed black prophet who preached on Azusa St. in Los Angeles, California.  The fundamental church at that time called him the vomit from hell.  Many Baptist , Presbyterian, Episcopal and Methodist preachers came to Los Angeles to received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.  The question has to be asked today why are there black and white Pentecostal Churches today.  While James Seymour had the ability to have a break through in the Spirit, he never saw the church of his day with a break through in racial prejudice. Times have not changed and the slander of Seymour has reached across an ocean now.


The same element of racial prejudice in the United States is being played out against the Synagogue Church of all Nations and its Pastor Prophet T. B. Joshua, the influence of this church and the magnificent healings that are coming out of it has caused some in the media of the United States to accuse him as a false prophet.  In a 30 minute interview by Editor Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine the question was asked about T. B. Joshua's fidelity to his wife. Joshua made the statement that he he has  always been faithful to his wife.  And then he asked Editor Grady, "How can a man be in my position and not be holy before God and work in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ."  Many horror stories are being written about Joshua but this time those who are writing have gone all the way to the gutter this time. Accusations of people not being able to leave the church because of fear have not been proved and have not been seen by this editor. All three times I was at the Synagogue Church I was free to come and go as I pleased, and if I would have wanted to leave the people at the church would have done anything possible to help me to go.     The fact the matter is that I could have left in the middle of my last trip and they were willing to help me to leave, we had went beyond our publishing date Editor Jerrell Miller felt that it was more important to come out late with the conversion of the King of Zulus testimony. "They were willing to help me to leave to do my work so I could go home and publish." The man that made the accusations spoke about one of his relatives who could not have a baby, he also made the statement in the December Issue of Charisma that the healings at the Synagogue Church were false.  Just to verify that people are prayed over to receive babies we thought we would publish the testimony of Hans and Josien Baksteen who could not have a baby in Holland.  Remember every one of these reports are backed up with complete medical facts.  

Once Again One Publication Has Caused Divisions Among Believers

Most of what is being printed as accusations against the man of God in Nigeria known as T. B. Joshua  is hear say.  The real question has to be asked is prejudice still in the white Pentecostal Church of America. Charisma has become very raw in their stories about this man, with so many in  receiving healings from this church, the very creditability of this magazine in the body of Christ to tell the truth has caused many to questions their methods. 


Hans and Josien Baksteen came to the Synagogue Church of all Nations from Holland in March of 2002 to be prayed for because they could not have a baby. The couple had both been to the doctor and were told that Hans had a low sperm count and that Josien could not conceive in her womb, they were resigned to the process of adoption and had been approved for a baby until they came to Lagos. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the couple and at the time the prophet told them they could forget about adoption because they were going to have their own baby.

It was in late summer when the couple returned to Lagos with Josien showing a baby which her and Hans had conceived. Once again they were prayed for and the prophet said that the baby was going to be a girl and her name would be Promise Joy.


On the third return to the church a beautiful baby girl was in Josien hands the celebration was made complete as Hans spoke the new babies name, Promise Joy Baksteen.


There are many questions to be asked about some peoples reporting of this man of God.  One thing the Synagogue Church of All Nations has done is to write the descriptions of illness in a log book and record the visit to the church.  It also has a system of recording the records of after the healing so those who question if the healings are authentic can research very easy to find the truth. Last year when we were in Lagos we even met a Medical Doctor and his wife (HIV healings) that had verification of their healings at the Lagos University Hospital and the American Hospital in Botswana.  Before and after blood tests. 

Who are we to believe?

Who are we to believe?  Charles Finney used to try his cases by the evidence of the Word of God, but T. B. Joshua has used the Word of God along with extensive medical records to prove  that the healings at his church are real. The question we have to ask in this country is, "Is there still racial prejudice against black Pentecostal Preaches after a hundred years of segregation in Pentecost. We have presented two cases of healing in the last two postings of breaking news. We must be very sure of what is being said and how its being printed in the media.  God will be our witness and the people always seem to find a way to find the truth out.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International


LONG ISLAND, NY -- Violet Licari, 51, comes from Long Island, New York, she had several health problems that threatened to shorten her life. First she had a bad heart and could hardly walk a few feet unless she became and winded and dizzy. Her condition was called ventricular tachycardia, this condition is when the heart has an irregular heart beat and leaves the body weak. Her right ventricle was not beating in rhythm with the rest of the heart and it was causing her to be exhausted and not being able to walk but at short distances of time. Her next problem was diabetes with a sugar level at 360. She also had high blood pressure and was taking three medications a day for that illness. Violet had heard from a British Pastor Peter Butt who had visited her church as he spoke about T.B. Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

She began to shout that she was healed!

       As Violet waited with the others who had come the man of God put his hand in front of her body causing her to collapse to the floor under the power. Once again as she was brought to her feet as she fell in the Spirit again. As she came up the second time she began to shout that she was healed, but the fullness of what had happened did not register until she returned to the church on another visit to give the testimony. As Violet went back to the doctor he found that her heart had turned to a normal rhythm. Then he did a test on her diabetes problem and found her to be normal. Not satisfied with just one test the doctor examined her over a three month period of time and pronounced her healed from diabetes. Her problems with hypertension was gone. Violet had taken three medications for her hypertensin for five years and now she was not taking anything for high blood pressure or diabetes anymore. After several months of being back home her doctor gave her a clean bill of health at age 51.

"When are you coming to America."

Editor Jerrell Miller is revealing the truth about the man of God in Lagos, Nigeria --  the truth about Prophet T. B. Joshua is being revealed in  The Remnant.  On August 24, 2003 Editor Jerrell Miller asked the question, "When are you coming to America." It has not yet been seen what or where this man of God will move but he is being led by the Spirit of God to bring revival to this world.  Violet Licari is just one of several who have come from all over the world.  The real thing about her healing is that it can be backed by medical science.  Religious people say that sometimes healings are manifested by the devil but they said that in the day of the Son of Man, which was answered by Jesus in this way.  "Can the devil cast the devil out." Stay tuned to The Remnant as the move of God intensifies in Africa and America. Not by might nor power but by my Spirit saith the Lord. 

Why Are We Late This Month?
   It's Our Ten Year Anniversary

MOBILE, AL -- We are late this month because of what happened in Lagos, Nigeria.  It is our 10th year of publishing -- the picture above is the actual picture that was taken when Princess Sibusile of the Zulu Nation was healed on August 20, 2003.  This healing brought the Zulu King to Lagos, Nigeria on November 15 of this year we wanted you to see it and realize what this means.  The Zulu are the largest tribal group in Africa.  This healing could affect the salvation of a nation.  We rejoice with Prophet T.B. Joshua in the healing of this child of God. The full story is listed below. We know God will use this to win the Nation of South Africa, "Not by might nor power but by my Spirit saith the Lord." 
Editor Jerrell Miller
Remnant International Editor

By Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International


LAGOS, NIGERIA -- It has been said in scripture that the heart of the King is found in the hand of God. In the case of the Zulu King who came to the Synagogue Church of All Nations the kings heart was touched by healing power of God. Since 1998 the kings daughter Princes Sibusile had been struck by epilepsy. She went through a situation where she was beaten by a group of men and left for dead. While she was taken to the hospital she had been struck all over her body and severely on the top of the head. After leaving the hospital she began to have seizures. Many people had tried to find a cure for her. She had met a friend who had been to the Synagogue Church and her friend had told her that she would be healed if she would go. Other people began to get involved in her healing. Her family had always been close to the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandella Helped Her 

When Nelson Mandella found out about her illness, he arranged for the best doctors in the world to examine her and try to help her in her epileptic condition. Princess Sibusile had called Nelson Madella one day and she told him that she wanted to go and be prayed for at the Synagogue Church. "Nelson Mandella is a close friend of the family, he has been a spiritual grandfather to me. He said he didn’t know this man of God named T. B. Joshua and that if I would go through the hospital and nothing worked then I could go to Lagos to be prayed for." The finest surgeons and doctors in the world came to examined her in South Africa, but the daughter of the king had a hope and a wish to come to the Synagogue Church. "For six months I was at the hospital being tested on a daily basis. They tried all kinds of drugs on me and some of the drugs began to affect my blood system where I could have become a cripple. As the doctors worked on me I had a sermon from T.B. Joshua that I would put under my pillow. I even witnessed to the doctors and told them Jesus could heal me. Christians were coming to the hospital praying for me. I kept on sharing my spiritual life with the doctors and I told them when you are through I’m going to Nigeria to be healed, in my heart I knew all the time that the trip to Nigeria would bring healing to my body. I knew I needed to be delivered, I knew that I needed a complete and everlasting healing. I knew they were just experimenting on me, I became the experiment but after all they had tried to do failed I got the chance to come to Nigeria."


On August 20 of this year the princess flew from South Africa to the Synagogue Church. Sitting in a chair next to her mother Queen Buhle, the Prophet T.B. Joshua came to pray for her. Over her head was the familiar signs that you see at the Synagogue Church, it read epilepsy. ( The Remnant Editor Jerrell Miller had chosen to come to the church and witnessed the whole event) For seven long years this 31 year old princess suffered from this disability. The prophet began to pray in his own way over her. He led her out of her chair that night as she walked a distances away from the prophet, he then drew her back to him in the Spirit. As she sat back in her seat you could see a peaceful look on her face as she slept in the Spirit.

No one back home knew it at the time, but God had completed the work that night and healed her. What the finest surgeons, and doctors of the world could not do was done by the Great Physician Jesus Christ. One night of prayer at a service at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in August would change her life forever. She immediately stopped using her medicine for the seizures. Many people around her began to notice the princess was back to her normal self again. No more would she worry about driving her car. She used to have seizures at official functions but all that was over as the princess had returned to her old self and all the people who knew her noticed the change. She never failed after her visit to the Synagogue Church to give Jesus the glory as she told people about her healing in Lagos. The greatest witness of all was when her father the king noticed the difference, now the heart of the king was in God’s hands. Can one persons healing change the destiny of a people and a nation. The princess said this, "My people have been through many struggles as a nation and we have always found a way. I believe that Jesus will be the healer of HIV and AIDS in South Africa."

"I believe that my healing is a part of my redemption. I don’t think I would have lived much longer if Jesus had not healed me. I put God on the test and He came through for me. I knew my life was deteriorating and I wanted Jesus to restore me and make me whole again."

Princess Sibusile went on to say, "I believe that my healing is a part of my redemption. I don’t think I would have lived much longer if Jesus had not healed me. I put God on the test and He came through for me. I knew my life was deteriorating and I wanted Jesus to restore me and make me whole again. I haven’t had a chance to speak to Nelson Mandella but I called him and left a message for him telling him that I was perfectly fine. I want to pick a time when I can go to him and show him that I am perfectly whole and at peace now. Nelson Mandella is very, very busy so with God’s timing I want to go to him and speak to him about Jesus and tell him what God has done for me. I believe that my healing and my redemption are one in the same. My healing has affected a lot of people already. When your a father you sees your daughter deteriorating and there is no hope, then the man of God prays for me in the name of Jesus and I’m healed that has a tremendous affect on everyone who is involved." The princess went on to mention that she sees a great hope for her people in South Africa and that it would be the salvation of her entire country, she said this, "Jesus is the healer and he has the ability to touch anyone. I was dieing and wasting away until the man of God prayed for me. There was no hope and the last resort was Jesus Christ, I knew I would be healed if I could get to Legos, Nigeria and now I am a new person complete in Jesus. Jesus is my redeemer and my healer, there is no other God before me but him."

On Sunday God really began to move in a great way at the church. It was a day of celebration as the King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulus, his wife Queen Buhle and Princes Sibusile were all in attendance. Several of his staff sat with him during the entire service. The King of just one of millions of other Zulus in South Africa. One must remember that the influence of this man is over the entire nation of South Africa. As Prophet Joshua preached on the presence of God the glory of God filled the place. The choir sang as the all day service lasted late into the afternoon. "In His presence is fullness, in His presence you become like a child. In His presence there is life. Christ has forgiven us of sin and will make you a child of faith. In Jesus name you are a child of healing. He is a healer and within His healing is life..The prophet Joshua encouraged his people to confess who he is and repent of their sins.

Immediately after the sermon Brother Joshua moved to the inner walkway of the church where there were several people who had come with various diseases. The amazing thing about Joshua is how he uses the prophetic over the people before he prays for them. One women who had come for a healing was challanged by Joshua and her life as a call girl. He had the mind of Christ in the prophetic as he moved from one person to another. With each person he would speak the prophetic over them. One of the visitors was from Holland and during the service I had spoken with him about his children. His oldest girl was in a struggle at school with rebellion and substance abuse. Joshua went right to this man and told him about his child and that she needed to repent. He also told the man that he needed to forgive his wife. It was amazing, the man of God had spoken over him all the situations that he had related to me early in the service. He had no way of knowing anything about this individual. The next people to be prayed for were the HIV and AIDs cases, as he went from one to the other and spoke the prophetic words of sin in their lives. Each person spoke the word of repentance to Jesus and the prophet said to each one to come forward, "Go and sin no more." This day would see three people walk who were diabled. One of the first healings was Dr. Rachael Bandele a 60 year old doctor who had Lumbar Sponoylosis for three years. She was a medical doctor who had come early and waited until the end of the service to be prayed for. One of the associates named David went to her car as it was backed into the open space by the side of the church. Television cameras watched as Brother David rebuked the sickness and called forth her healing. Her legs began to move and then as Prophet Joshua went to aid his assistant the women began to rapidly come alive as she stood on her feet and began to walk, completely healed here braces were removed from her legs as she stood and walked on her own. You could hear the whole church take a breath as the women began to walk. It was very exciting. The next lady who was healed came in a wheelchair and once again the prophet sent one of his associates, she began to rebuke the disease as her paralysis lifted and she started to run and had to be contained. The next last lady could not walk after child birth and was brought in the back seat of a car. As she was prayed for she began to walk and then run. The tears of her daughter were clearly seen as the manifestation of God’s power was in the house as victory after victory was won this holy day at the Synagogue.

It says in the Bible that without a vision the people perish, and that vision was the witness of a mighty God this day. After these tremendous healings the church was in a buzz, the Holy Spirit flooded the house as the virtue of healing was released. It seemed as if the visit of the King had stirred the house of God to a greater celebration. The king came in peace to show greatfulness to the one who had touched his daughter. In his parting statements to the large assembled congregation at the Synagogue Church he made the statement about Jesus, saying that He was a prince of peace and in a world where there is so much war and killing He is an answer to many of the problems of Africa. While he was at the Synagogue Church he made a commitment of his acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of his life.. It was the healing of his child that drew him to Lagos, Nigeria. His first name is Goodwill and that’s what he showed to the people of the church during his stay. Several times during his visit to Lagos he mentioned the fact that the African people needed to come together as one. The hope of the redemption of Jesus Christ as the prince of peace would be the element one day that would bring brotherhood among the African nations. The king was touched and surely the heart of the King was in the hand of the Lord this week in Lagos.

MOBILE, AL -- The move of God in Pensacola, Florida is one of the most unique situations that has ever happened in the Body of Christ. It was a season when the vent of Heaven opened up so God could show His Face.  The Assemblies of God denomination was established in 1914 and in all of its history, never had there been a move of God where one church was the center point of salvation, refreshing and renewal. Make no mistake about it - the Brownsville Revival was a season of the Supernatural.
       Did you think there wouldn’t be controversy? This church,  like a prizefighter, went into the ring eight years ago and took on some of the greatest enemies of the Church. Yet, the greatest enemy it took on was the enemy of religion. The Supernatural had once again entered the church and those who had not seen it in years wanted to control it.  Indeed, even as many of the tent evangelists in the 1950’s battled the Assemblies of God because of the occurrences of supernatural healing. What was it like to see all those people fall out and vibrate on the floor until they had been purged of sin? What does the  Supernatural look like in God? When my friend John Kilpatrick was in junior high, he stood at the front of a church and saw Holy Angels of  God come to protect a pastor who was under attack.
         There was an ongoing fight in the old guard of what we know as the Assemblies of God, but two leaders were in place at the right time. Thomas Trask and Charles Crabtree were no strangers to what God could do beyond a man. My friends, they were the friends of the Supernatural when spiritual turned to the tangible in a Holy Place called  Brownsville. Pastor John Kilpatrick was a good leader and he knew that he wanted the God of his childhood to revisit him. If you had been  there before it all started, then you would understand that this was not
a natural thing that happened.  In the fall of 1991, I visited Brownsville - a church that was very dry in worship but very good in obedience. We started publishing our paper ten years ago and we went out looking for the best testimony  we could find to represent the supernatural. The testimony we got was John Kilpatrick, speaking about when the spiritual turned to the Supernatural. While many people say that they have seen angels, there  were sixteen other people who had witnessed the event to back up Kilpatrick’s testimony.
        After the revival began, I remember Dick Reuben telling me of  calling a local pastor in the area and asking him what was going on in Pensacola. That pastor said, “Well, the place has gone nuts. They’re  barking like dogs and rolling on the floor and God knows what’s going to happen next.” The previous Fall, Reuben had said that revival was going to happen in this church and it would touch the world. Those in the Assemblies looked from the outside in judgment, but as one by one their  ministers came to test the reality of this fire, they soon found out
that to lose control of your church is to allow God to come in. Many of  these pastors today will tell you that they went to Pensacola as a skeptic and walked away as a believer.  Are we to believe in these situations of the Supernatural? There  is a phrase in Pentecostal Churches that says a man is ‘evangelically  speaking’. That means that most of the truth is not there and the truth  is not in him.
          In the early days of this revival, I sat and watched the events in those services. The first night I came to the revival was on a Thursday. I had to ask who the evangelist was three times because he  has such an ordinary name. I had been baptized in the Spirit in the Charismatic days, so at first I said, “This won’t last long.” Then my  eyes went beyond a man’s eyes into the Supernatural. There were two particular nights when the power of God moved so strong that I felt the rain of heaven fall in Pensacola! It was so strong that I felt the robe of this world literally fall at my feet as the sense of the freedom of  heaven moved through my heart. I felt as if I could fly without wings!
       I ask you, have you ever felt that way? The man in the pulpit that  night was from England, his name was Gerald Coates. He had come to Pensacola to talk to the Methodist people about revival. As he spoke,  the liquid fire of God’s presence flooded the church, penetrating everyone there with the Holy Spirit. What a memory of God’s presence! Who could go back to the dryness of before? There is a song that speaks  about the robe of flesh and it really describes what happened that night. You could feel the robe of your flesh fall at your feet and the  joy of the Spirit of God come so hard that you actually had a peek at what it will be like one day in heaven.  Pastor Richard Oliver was sitting behind me in the congregation  that night and he invited me to come and speak in California. I had  been born there but had not been back since I was a child. Revival  opened that door for me to return.      A second time of His visitation for me happened on a Friday and  extended to a Monday night at revival. I was prayed for on a Friday night and as I went down, I kicked a lady in the head. That lady, who  was a nurse, was healed that night of bone cancer and delivered from an addiction. The woman called The Remnant with the testimony of her  salvation and healing. The following Monday, I came to the church to give that testimony. As I stood up at the break to give the testimony,  I heard Dick Reuben say, “Healing of bone cancer. Come here Jerrell, you need to give that testimony.” Brother Kilpatrick looked at me and said,  “You’re supposed to lay hands on them Jerrell, not kick them in the head.” I remember sitting down and the moment turned to liquid joy as  the presence of God swept in and once again the robe of flesh fell to the ground.
          It was a time when the tangible showed up — Steve Hill moved  toward John Kilpatrick as he was preaching and the tension of the Holy Spirit was in the air. Many of us on the first five rows looked and saw  God manifest Himself in front of the pulpit in a poof of a Glory cloud I remember describing the event to Larry Davis, a pastor friend that  I saw later and him saying, “You don’t have to tell me, Jerrell, I saw it from the other side of the church - I was there that night!”  Many who have tasted of the freedom of God in revival are  spoiled. Keith Greene, a powerful songwriter from Texas, wrote a song  called, “So you want to go back to Egypt.” I don’t want to go back to  Egypt! Egypt is where Pharaoh resides. They worship animals in Egypt!  We have come too far to go back to Egypt and engage the animal of  religion. Many of us would rather die and go home to Jesus than to  worship a form of religion cut out by man. Our ministry is toward the  living God, not dead religion. Remember that this move of God in Pensacola, Florida was the  first major revival move that the Assemblies of God denomination had  ever experienced. The hard part of this is with the people who deny the  supernatural of God. You see - they want control of church once again.    Enough with this foolishness from Pensacola! Well, you can wish all you  want that it goes away, but tens of thousands of ministers and laymen
have been touched and most of those people today understand the  Supernatural. Multiple thousands of people won’t put up with a man controlling the church anymore. The minute they begin to hear the voice  of a man, it rings like a bell in their ears. God has chosen that this revival go out the door and keep multiplying the move, not stay in one  church.  Though now in our tenth year of service, this was still a young  newspaper when revival started. When we started the paper, Pensacola was famous as a place of the abortion conflict. The scare of that  atrocity was wedged deep into the reputation of this Florida city.  Religion said, “Kill the doctors of abortion!” But God said, “Send that  city a revival on Father’s Day.” Those who wanted to physically control  the disease of abortion in that city chose a gun instead of prayer. All  of a sudden, we have a visitation from God though the intercession of  the Brownsville Church. What an interruption! Did a man orchestrate all   this? Too much was going on. A fatherless pastor had already been involved in the conflict by directing one of the shooters of these two  abortion doctors. He barred a young man from his church because of his violent obsession toward these doctors. Weeks later, that young man  would take a doctor’s life. Was there vision in Pastor John Kilpatrick’s life? He could indeed see into this young man’s heart.  The young man was warned three times. As much as Kilpatrick wanted him to reform, he knew he had to bar him from the church. The spirit of  violence and taking the law into your own hands could not remain and would not mar this move of God. God’s house was being prepared for revival.      I saw the witness of the supernatural again recently in a young  man named Todd Bentley. Bentley understands that to win the lost it is  going to take an event that defies all logic. Are you still hungry for  the supernatural? Or… are you so tired that it doesn’t matter anymore.

by Editor Jerrell Miller
LEGOS, NIGERIA -- It’s early in the morning here and it is only Wednesday but the people were at the gate waiting for prayer.


    One by one they came through the gate and were met by ministers of the church. Many of these ministers have committed their lives as missionaries from several countries around the world. Many came on a visit only to stay and work in the great church called The Synagogue Church of All Nations.


      The registration of each person is important. Each person who is prayed for is logged in a main record book by date, name and infirmity. People who have been infected with the HIV virus must have a written lab report describing that they are infected with the disease before they can be prayed for. Early in the morning tables are set up to list and record each visitor to the Synagogue Church of All Nations. During the recording of these people illnesses and events in their life, later as they are healed the testimony will be established of the healing power of God. They are prayed for at the church until the time of the main service on Wednesday.


   Many of the students who train at the Synagogue Church are being mentored by people with experience in the ministry. Many parents from all over the globe have sent their children here to experience the healing power of God. This is a fruitful ground of deep conviction and revival. This is the place where young people learn the lessons of obedience and commitment to deep ministry toward the sick and injured. Many who come for prayer find them selves in deliverance. What better school to teach in but the actual experience and execution of ministry.  For more on this story you can subscribe to the newspaper at 888 755-9145 for 12 issues. 

PENSACOLA, FL — On a bus going to New Jersey, Editor Jerrell Miller got hold of Brother John Kilpatrick and asked him some questions about the transition at the Brownsville Church. 

Jerrell — What will you do in your new role as a minister? 

Kilpatrick — God has called me to be a minister to the ministers.   

Jerrell — What’s it like not to be a pastor right now? 

Kilpatrick — It’s a little different right now. God has moved me into an area of faith where He will move through me in this new role.  

 Jerrell — Do you feel that this move will have an affect on the
Brownsville Revival School of Ministry? 

Kilpatrick — No, I believe that the right man is there right now. With Richard Crisco at the helm of the BRSM, I believe that the future of the school is in good hands. 

Jerrell — Did you know it has been 12 years since I last interviewed you? I remember coming to the church just after the church was built. The first time I came, Rose Compton told me that you had gone on a sabbatical back home in Georgia. 

Kilpatrick — I remember that time, it was about 12 years ago and The Remnant was the first one to write my testimony. You have been such a blessing to the revival and to the church. 

Jerrell — Do you ever see yourself in a pastoral ministry again? 

Kilpatrick — Right now, I know God has called me to the place where I am, but I’ve also learned never to say never again. 

Jerrell — Isn’t it strange that Steve Hill is a pastor and you are on the road like an evangelist? 

Kilpatrick — It is strange, but I see this role as more of an apostolic role. I want to be able to help pastors. Pastors are interested in revival - and not just any kind of revival - but the presence of God. 

Jerrell — Do you feel that the presence of what you felt on Father’s Day 1995 is still at the Brownsville Church? 

Kilpatrick — How could you not feel it. The Brownsville Church has a mantle and a ministry on it that is bigger than any one man. I really believe that what God has done at the church in revival will go on. If you come to a Friday night meeting at the church, you can judge for yourself. When the Bishop from Africa was there last Friday, people were deeply touched as he moved in the prophetic. God moves through this place called the Brownsville Assembly of God. 

Jerrell — I saw how God moved at Little Rock, Arkansas in first prayer crusade. Do you intend on doing any other crusades like that around the country? 

Kilpatrick — I have spoken with Lindell and he has said that it would be good to hold some of those meetings in different places for pastors.

 Jerrell — Do you notice that when you go into different church situations around the country there are differences in places? 

Kilpatrick — The beautiful thing about what I get to do is visit the different situations and circumstances around the country. Every place has its own environment and its own attraction. Since the revival has started, we have had the blessing to visit several situations and every place you go has a different personality to it. God has several faces in the places we visit and it is a joy just to visit these pastors. These are places where God touches pastors and they get renewed and go back to their churches to bring the Presence to their people. That’s the burden of my heart - that pastors and church members will experience what the Brownsville people has experienced in the last few years. 

Jerrell – Wow, I lost you again! (All during our conversation the cell phone would hit highs and lows as the bus rolled into the night on its way to New Jersey.) 

Kilpatrick – Jerrell, just keep calling until we finish. 

Jerrell — Are you still seeing the hunger across the nation for revival? 

Kilpatrick — While I have traveled across the nation for the last few years, I still see the hunger in the people. I see it in the pastors’ eyes. The one thing that every pastor wants to see is revival in their home church. 

Jerrell — Dutch Sheets, when he spoke at the church, says very often when God leads you, you don’t know what you’re doing - He has to reveal it to you in faith. 

Kilpatrick — Very often, God will take you to a place and lead you to do something different. You very often don’t know what’s up ahead. This is a great adventure for me, but in every move I have made from the churches I have pastored, God has been like that. He just tells you to go and you have to move out on faith. I am sure that this apostolic call that is upon my life is a sure call, and as I go toward what God wants me to do, I will hear His voice even deeper. Very often He calls you to do something and you have to be obedient to receive the blessing. 

Jerrell — Three years before revival, I sat in your office and interviewed you about those angels that you saw in Columbus, Georgia. I remember you saying to whom much is given, there is much expected. Did you ever think that it would be that big when God came on Father’s Day, June 18, 1995?

Kilpatrick — For anyone who was there when it happened, it still is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my life as a pastor and it is my burden to see other pastors experience that same impartation in their lives. We who know about the Presence of God cannot go back. We will never be the same. It is my hope that we can touch this nation with revival.

Jerrell — Now that you have more freedom as a minister, do you see yourself going to other countries?

Kilpatrick — If the opportunities arise and God speaks to me - I will go, but I mainly feel burdened for this country. There is a new beginning and I believe God will lead us on our new adventure. My heart is with the pastors of this nation. I want God to use me in this role to change the face of America.

It was twelve years ago that The Remnant first came to the Brownsville Assembly of God church. It has changed a lot. Revival has moved the church into the world spotlight. It would be fair to say that the church will never ever be the same again. God has moved and opened a vent from heaven to bless America. This pastor has not changed in the last twelve years that I have known him. John Kilpatrick is the same man that I met at the Holiday Inn in Mobile, Alabama more than twelve years ago.

During the time that I first met John Kilpatrick, my pastor, who had been such an influence in my life, was in a transition. I can tell you one thing about that situation. When The Oak Park Church of God lost its pastor, Pastor Sam Luke, it was a radical time of change for that church in Mobile. But the change behind that move would help launch this newspaper. Sometimes change is good. While many people think that the church will never be the same, God says that the change will be good. Even Jesus said, "If I do not go away, the Comforter will not come." John Kilpatrick said it also in reference to the church. Brownsville has a destiny tied to it and it does not revolve around one man. Brownsville, while many people in the church feel as if you have lost your best friend, there is good that will come out of this separation.

HURLEY, MS -- Editor Jerrell Miller will put on his prophetic mantle in Hurley, Mississippi this morning after a turbulent week in Pensacola. The Brownsville Revival will still be a major factor in the River move of God in the United States and the world.  Pastor John Kilpatrick will expand his ministry to the entire world now that he has been freed from the post as the Brownsville Pastor.  Revival in Pensacola went on as usual on Friday night with a capacty crowd.  Pray for the transition at the church at this time.


It was learned this week that the Happy Hill Church in Ramona, Oklahoma has broken forth in full revival.  A one night a month meeting has stretched into several days and two consecuitive weeks.  Pastor Robert Boyle said this on Friday, "I don't know where we would have been if the Brownsville Revival had not had there move of God.  It has touched our church in a deep way at this moment, we are praying for the people at the Brownsville Church right now."  The Brownsville Ambassador John Davis has been at the church for several months and now the power of God has moved so much in the past few months that the people have asked for more services.  The Remnant will go and report on this amazing fire as soon as time permits. 


John Davis is no stranger to Oklahoma.  It was in Oklahoma that Davis preached revival in Miami at the First Assembly of God and saw thousands saved and renewed in the early days of the Brownsville Revival.  This was a major revival event only reported by this newspaper. As the fire grows deeper at Happy Hill Church it seems as this event is going to the next level at this time.  


After talking will several pastors around the country we have found that the good will toward the Brownsville Church has a deep foundation.  The one thing  many have mentioned about the resignation of Pastor John Kilpatrick is that the people know  he carries a mantle that will go beyond the doors of that church and  the church itself has raised up enough leadership to carry the fire in Pensacola.  This was a move that The Remnant had fully expected for some time and would like to put our blessing to it.  The glory has never left the church in Pensacola and it was there on Friday night during the regular revival service.

Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International 

PENSACOLA, FL -- Pastor John A. Kilpatrick who has been the senior pastor at the Brownsville Assembly of God since 1982 announced on Sunday he will step down from his position as Senior Pastor of the church but remain in a ministerial role within the church.  A ministry spokesman for the church said on Tuesday night that Brother Kilpatrick felt that God was leading him in a new role to minister to the nation.  The spokesman said that it was a difficult decision for the pastor to make but that after he met with the board of the church and explained his position and how God had directed him, they were in full agreement with Brother Kilpatrick.   


Brother Kilpatrick said that his heart is still with revival at the Brownsville Church in Pensacola and he also made it clear that revival will continue at Brownsville and that he was committed to that process.  John Kilpatrick will still play a major role in revival at Pensacola and he will still be a part of the Brownsville ministry but in a limited capacity.    

We at The Remnant wish Pastor Kilpatrick the best in his new ministry.  We believe he is a man of honor and has made the right choice in stepping down as the pastor of the church.  May the blessings of God be upon you and your family.  Not by might nor power but by my Spirit saith the Lord. 

The Editor Jerrell Miller  

MOBILE, AL -- There's no place like home but to travel is to have a knowledge of what God is doing in this world.  Are we really near the end?  That question is asked of me on several occasions.  When you look at the world you notice where ever you travel you see the battle of the ages, Islamic belief is a battle in each of the countries I have been to recently.  


The Anglican Church decided yesterday to not make a decision on the question of Homosexuality.  That question in the Islamic Faith is already answered.  The Anglican Church has taken their brothers in Nigeria and has put their hand in the fire.  The condemnation of the United States Anglican Church should have come forth yesterday to preserve the Communion of all of those seek a holy God in that fellowship.  Our country has had sexual scandal after scandel in the Catholic and Anglican Fellowships in this land.   America keeps asking God to judge them.  We are on the edge of the day of the Lord, pray that our churches will repent of what they have tried to put upon the righteous of their congregations.    

It is good to be home and we will post this webb with revival updates.  Thank you for following us in this medium of communication.  

The Editor Rev. Jerrell H. Miller 

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- On September 29 The Remnant will leave for England with Cleddie Keith and a group from Heritage Fellowship.  It will be the first time in four years that the newspaper has visited England.  Most of the ministry time will be spent in Bradford, England with Editor Jerrell Miller visiting north of London and Coventry.  It will be wonderful time of power and demonstration of His love.  The newspaper is growing very rapidly  and we ask you to lift us up in prayer.  

Remember Christina Barnhill Please Pray & Remember this young person 

One note of interest on a young lady who was in an accident last Friday evening.  This young ladies name is Christina Barnhill. When the editor returned from Charlotte he learned that young women was on life support at the University of So Alabama Medical Center in Mobile.  On Monday her brain began to swell and blood began hemorage from that side of the brain.  Editor Miller called the intercessors at the Watch of the Lord in Charlotte, and the intercessors in Alberta, Canada to begin prayer for her.  It was right after the call was made that she stopped bleeding from the brain and her swelling stopped in the brain area.  That Monday night Editor Miller went to the hospital room of Christina Barnhill (17) and prayed the prayer of faith with her father.  Just before the editor went with her father to pray all of Christina's young friends joined in the waiting room along with her mother and prayed the prayer of faith.  More than 15 of her classmate and her mother and father laid hands on John 11:25 to pray.  The next two days she made rapid improvement.  Today she was moved from critical to guarded.  She is still in a comma state, please pray for a complete recovery on this young lady.  It was a pleasure to see Jesus manifest his preasence of this young person.  Those of you who read this please pause to pray for her now.  .

CHARLOTTE, NC -- If you have never been in a service with Todd Bentley then you are in for a big surprise.  He comes loaded and wired.  He is a walking talking healing machine -- what happened here tonight was more powerful than the Hurricane that brushed the outer limits of Charlotte.  His hair stands straight up on his head as he paces back and forth.  Every part of his body moves with every word that he speaks. 

Awesome Saturday Night

On Saturday night the glory touched All Nations Church as Todd Bentley moved in the tremendous power of a healer.  He called out people by knowledge and spoke the word of healing over them. He said that he was home in his living room praying when an angel 20 ft tall appeared to him and told him to take the healing power of God to the nations. He is a modern day William Branham and Bentley says that he has the same marks as a healer in his hands just as Branham did but in Bentley's case it is in the opposite hands.  He has a special call to Africa where he has seen thousands saved and healed.  Blind eyes open, deaf ears come open, people hear out of ears that have no holes in the sides of their ears.  

20 Ft Angels Told Bentley To 
Go To The World

Bonnie Chavda said, "He is like a rapid fire machine gun, he comes in mows everybody down and God gets the glory."  Bentley was called just five years ago as he worked in a lumber yard.  Sitting in his living room the glory of God came in for several months and then an angel came that was 20 ft tall and told him to take the healing power of Jesus to the nations. As Bentley quit his job the same words of the angel were echoed in a women's conference.  He is not like anything we have ever seen before -- this was really a signs and wonders conference, Bentley prayed for everyone who came tonight and will be again at All Nations Church in the morning.  To read more about Bentley please call and subscribe to The Remnant 888 755-9145.

CHARLOTTE, NC -- The first two days of the Signs and Wonders Conference has scene a presence in the tent that has touched and healed several people though the power of God.  On the first night Mahesh Chavda ministered and was assisted by Canon Andrew White Envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The presence of God rolled through the tent.  Early this week the intercessory prayer team prayed that the winds of Hurricane Isabel would not touch the meeting, and what has occurred is the best weather of any conference yet.  


      The second night a delayed Todd Bentley showed up and once again the power of God hit the tent even in a stronger way. Bentley taught on the fundamentals of healing.  God heals by his word, by His presence and by people of faith.  Several times as Bentley taught he would stop in the middle of his sermon and began to move into healing mode calling out people in the word of knowledge by names and associated cities.  It was the first time we had ever scene Bentley.  He is a very unusual minister, he moves quick and when he speaks every part of his body moves.  The one thing that distinguishes him in his patterns is that he is a teacher to the body of Christ on the gifts of healing, so they might move in power.  He is very powerful in word, and he is pulled toward Africa and the ministry there. He spoke of creative miracles where God had grown eyes back in sockets and several other creative miracles while he was in Africa and Europe. If you would like to read more about this conference subscribe to The Remnant at 888 755-9145.

KINGSPORT, TN -- This reports being filed on September 17 from Kingsport, Tennessee today we will move toward Charlotte, North Carolina where there is a powerful hurricane near there.  The last three days here Don Milam and Cleddie Keith have touched the people on this side of the state in a powerful way.  They call it a Hungry Preachers Conference.  On Tuesday of this week there was an awesome sweep of God through this place.  Preachers from all over the South came here to testify of God's goodness.  The power of God has done an awesome work here. 

Charisma Editor Visits Synagogue Church of All Nations

On the Monday that we left Lagos, Nigeria Editor Lee Grady came to the Synagogue Church of All Nations from the Charisma Magazine. He spent just one half hour there.  We received a video tape from the Church of the interview.  It was done in the  probing style of a secular journalist.  Pray for the people at the Synagogue Church in Nigeria -- Grady left the church without ever being in service there.  The timing of his arrival is questionable.  We have sit in service and have mixed with the people of this church.  This is a family church that is doing a great work there in Lagos.  We know they are making an effort to reach Africa.  With more than four satellite churches they are building something that will make a difference in this part of the world.  At no time did we see anything underhanded here, we saw the gospel of repentance preached in power and demonstration.  Pray for the people at Charisma that their work would continue to represent the truth as it is written in scripture. 
Editor Jerrell H. Miller, The Remnant International. 

MOBILE, AL -- Remnant Editor Jerrell Miller returned to Mobile on August 28.  While in Lagos, Nigeria he witnessed the power of God once again as people from all over the world came to the healing service on Sunday, August 24.  HIV, AIDS, Cancer patients were in God's Hospital at the Synagogue Church. As the prophet went down the line he called each forward and gave them a word.  T. B. Joshua spoke to them about forgiveness of others and the other things that have entered life. His gospel is simple, when you hear him preach it is not complicated. He is a pastor-evangelist who preaches on sin, he speaks to his people on going to the next level. "Temptation is a invitation to evil, to go to the next level we must suffer a temporary discomfort by denying temptation. We will receive our reward if we endure.  Temptation offers temporary pleasure for moments delight, but to deny it is to gain eternity and to go to another level in this world."  

Power honors this man because he is preaching on sin and repentance. After he preaches God shows up in power.  People are saved healed and delivered as the Synagogue Church is growing in influence throughout this country and growing from within. 

On Wednesday night a Liberian Pastor was healed while he stood in line.  It was a special service as it was attended by the Zulu Queen and her  princess daughter. In the above picture you can see the actual healing as it happened.  To the right is Zulu Queen Burle. 

 He has a committed group of people and disciples who are taking the Synagogue Church  message throughout Nigeria. They have come from all over the world to share in the impartation of the power of God.  Where they burned and killed Christians in the northern provinces there are satellite churches from the Synagogue Church where Islamic people can come and be healed in open service.  The power of God that is in the Joshua ministry is the power that will win the Islamic struggle in Africa.  Through signs and wonders of the Holy Ghost Africa will be won in the last days. 

PARIS, FRANCE -- She was just nineteen years old when she was burned to death by religion. She knew she was a messenger sent by God.  In that day the English controlled France, now religion and sin control this country.  In a small shop near Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine someone asked, "Where's the Jeanne d'Ark remembered. Every souvenir shop in Paris has a plaque of who they think was their greatest general.  Napoleon Bonaparte was not France's greatest general.  The greatest  was a servant to the most high God.  She lived in holiness and died as a martyr.  Americans call her Joan of Ark.  Joan of Ark (Jeanne d'Ark 1412-1431) as we know her is a testimony of a great individual controlled by a living God.  Napoleon served himself and brought a different type of glory to France but it wasn't Gods' glory.  This young girl called upon men to dedicate their lives to Christ for the glory of God and France.  Joan's men knew  that she walked with God and they would walk into hell with her heavenly cause.  She was a prophet and she is with God today.  In her trial she named the year, the day and the month that the English  would be driven out of France.  The next day she burned but what she said happened to the very day.  Religion called her a witch but later they would call her a saint.  No France, Napoleon was not your greatest general, it was Joane of Ark (Jeanne d'Ark ). The shop keeper said her name and pronounced it as one word, but Jone of Ark would never have an image of her  in a Paris souvenir shops because she was too humble. Yes she did something maybe no other person has ever did or will ever do again, she lead France back to Jesus.  Pray for the Nation of France today that she would receive Jesus.  Not by might nor power but by my Spirit saith the Lord.

MOBILE, AL -- On Monday -- August 18, 2003 The Remnant will leave for Africa to report on the amazing healings at the Synagogue Church in Lagos, Nigeria.  Prophet T. B. Joshua has brought forth an answer to many people who are infirmed with HIV Positive and Aids.  Pray for our mission to this African country.  

MOBILE, AL -- He came to celebrate Pastor Cecil Turners 40th year as pastor of Calvary Assembly of God in Mobile, Alabama, but what he left behind is a vision of Evangelism for the State of Alabama.  Billy Glover is the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God.  He followed Vaudie Lambert in 1999 and immediately began to talk about evangelism to his churches.  In his 10 year plan to reach the State of Alabama, Glover said that he wants to see every Assembly of God double within the next ten years through the last days harvest of souls.  Speaking with him after the service, Glover spoke of a time when he was seriously ill and felt as if God was going to take him home before his time.  "I was disappointed with God because I had not completed what I wanted to do for Him.  I got alone with God one night and he began to minister to me.  I felt this intense anointing from the Holy Ghost upon me and it was the  powerful presence of God.  The next time I went into my pulpit I was struck for words to preach but the powerful presence of God was on me and it was intense.  People wondered what was happening to me but at the altar service when I began to pray for the people and intense power came upon me and those who began to come from that time on came because they wanted to be touched by God.  It was embarrassing to be stuck that hard with power to the point where I couldn't preach but it was what He wanted for me at the time.  He asked me about the embarrassment and I asked Him why and the what came back at me was, it was for Me you did this, are you willing to be embarrassed for my sake.  I soon realized that people in the church needed ministry forward.  As I began to go out and talk with people in the church, I found there was great need that would reveal itself as I went.  God gave me a special grace for the people of the church.  I realized that God wanted us to be evangelic but at the same time He wants us to take care of the flock."  God sent Billy Glover for such a time as this, he has the vision of child and yet he is a seasoned warrior of the Holy Ghost.  The people of Alabama are truly blessed to have this man in leadership.  


FLORENCE, KY -- What in the world could ever become of someone who lived his life for the devil, partied all the time, resisted love, called his mother by her first name, hunted wild boars with his dog, and had several step-dads? No hope for him, you say? Here comes trouble? How about, here comes Chris Harvey, the entirely engaging, especially candid, and extraordinarily anointed man of God.

Cleddie Kieth of Heritage Fellowship in Florence, Kentucky had Chris minister a little while back, and that Friday night pulsated with the rhythm of the fire of God. As Chris shared with us about the different types of seekers there are in the Body of Christ, we found ourselves either repenting or rejoicing. And, if you the reader will follow on, his insight will transform your life as well. I am presupposing, of course, that you, like me, love receiving from ministers who know God. Seek and you will find.

"Without faith it is impossible to please Him. But he who comes to God must believe that He is God, and a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him." Hebrews 11:6

Chris reminded us that we couldn’t please God without faith… And yet, had we ever considered that even though we have passion for God in our hearts, without faith, we still wouldn’t be pleasing to God? It was sobering to recall that God intends for us to believe Him above all else, and before all others.

Hence, we must seek Him. And that, diligently. Still, did you know that the most common seeker in the Body of Christ is a discouraged seeker? Chris prompted us to consider what discourages believers in the first place. And, keeping his pace, our journey into the heart of God had just begun.

You see, discouragement sets in when we try to seek God, but things aren’t happening. It is evident when we have a passion for encounters with God, but in our longing to have newness of life and a fresh filling, we get bored quickly with the mundane… even frustrated. Sometimes God is silent when you seek Him, and that’s when we have to press in harder. Further. More. "To seek God," Chris says, "you have to go out of your way. Sometimes you won’t get everything you need or want from God on your first endeavor… you may not get it on the second or third or fourth or fifth…" But the gist is, we will find Who we seek persistently.

However, he told us that for many there is a famine in the land of hearing the voice of God. We have enough to eat and drink, we simply need a Word from God spoken directly into our lives. You see, when Elijah ran from Jezebel into the wilderness, God sent an angel to give him water and cake. The next day, Elijah received more of the same. Afterward, he arose to his next destination. Upon his arrival, God finally spoke to him.

"You can be in a meeting," Chris says, "getting under the anointing that’s there, and you can be in a meeting getting teaching and all that stuff, and you might understand a lot of different things, but you’re having a problem really hearing God for yourself about your life. Amen? And the thing is, we desperately need to hear from God for our life. God wasn’t in the earthquake, and He wasn’t in the wind, and He wasn’t in the fire, but He was in the still small voice that came to the heart of Elijah."

One can also get discouraged because of the lack of hunger, passion, and purity in people… especially leaders… in Christ’s body. God wants us to seek him with passion. Accordingly, we must discern His ways.

Sometimes believers don’t understand some of the processes they must go through when seeking God. Chris had us consider the character in the Song of Solomon. This person sought the Lord and didn’t find Him. So, he went out into the streets looking for Him. The watchmen of the city then found him and beat him.

The watchmen in our lives could be anyone we choose to go to rather than God. Still, after having been beaten, we find that this person went on a bit further, and he found the Lover of his soul. If we go on a little further, as this man and Chris have, if we press in a little further than looking to people, things, and our own strength, we’ll usually find the One with Whom we have to do. "Some people just press in a little bit more," Chris divulged, "and suddenly, BOOM! They’re in that place."

Elijah was discouraged because of a manipulating and intimidating force called a Jezebel spirit. This spirit has been known to take a mighty man of God and turn him into a mental wreck. Even though Elijah called fire down from heaven, raced and beat Ahab and his chariot while running alongside him for 20 miles, he still cowered and ran from Jezebel.

Chris told us that Elijah did all these mighty works, and then Jezebel sends him an email with threat in it, "by this time tomorrow..." Elijah saw the message and let it get inside him. Then, he hit the road. He ran for the hills. "One little email broke his life down," Chris says. Elijah was a discouraged seeker. Nevertheless, God came to him during that time, refreshed him, and as he waited upon God, the Lord empowered him, and sent him back with a fresh power to empower the next generation. "We’ve all been there in discouraging times," Chris says. May we touch our generation as well.

"It was amazing that after all the false prophets were killed that (Elijah) heard the sound of the abundance of rain. Now I think that one of the things that stops the rain from coming is all of the false ministries that are out there. And some of them need to be taken out or taken off or switched off or shut up or something so that the real sound of the abundance of rain can start to come to the earth, amen? Cause the rain didn’t come till the prophets were all killed- the false ones."

When you suffer the woman Jezebel to teach (Rev. 3), she manipulates you emotionally, drains you, and shows you that you’re always the one in the wrong. This spirit is at one’s work, in the church, and all over the place. It’s very subtle. However, he tells us that we shouldn’t find the person and kill her and feed her to the dogs. "Learn how that spirit works and keep yourself isolated from that spirit… it doesn’t matter who it’s in or what it’s in. Learn the way it thinks and the way it deals with things, and see it coming… amen?"

The Jezebel spirit teaches fornication, or, unlawful intimacy, Chris says. "(Unlawful intimacy) is when we take things that aren’t ours, and we exploit things for our own endeavors." This led him to the second type of seeker: the defiled seeker. The defiled seeker "seeks God, but only for what they can get out of Him. God wants to heal, restore all that’s good… seek Him for that; He’ll give it to you. But, there’s so much more."

"Like Simon the Sorcerer, he saw that Peter had the power to get people filled with the Holy Ghost and he said, ‘give me this, I’ll buy it off of you’. And Peter said, ‘you’re stuck in the gall of bitterness, you better watch out. The earth’s shaking right under your feet, buddy’. And, suddenly, Simon got a bit of a revelation and freaked out, ‘pray for me, help me. I’m sorry I clicked out there for a minute. The ring came too close to me…’"

Chris wondered why many wouldn’t stay in their given ministry and do what they’re called to do. "The reason people are burning out is because they do the wrong thing… they’re out of the will of God. Musicians want to be pastors, prophets want to be teachers, and teachers want to be evangelists... Nobody wants to stay within their ministry, so the bride ends up all spastic. She’s supposed to be running…"

"Have you ever tried to have intimacy with someone who’s spastic?" Chris asked. "I’m not trying to mock anyone. I’m sure someone in a body like that feels like, ‘LET ME OUT! I WANT TO BREAK OUT AND BE WHAT I’M CALLED TO BE!’ And that’s what the Holy Ghost feels like in bodies everywhere, not physical bodies but the body of Christ. He wants to start to feel His muscles work properly… (It’s then God would say) ‘Oh, there’s a foot doing what it’s supposed to. Ooh, glory! Well, We can sort of get along like that!’"

Defiled seekers have the mindset of, ‘what can I get out of this?’ However, we must remember that a body doesn’t function properly when every limb is in it for themselves. When another approaches, the defiled seeker tries to deplete the life out of that member till there’s nothing left. They think, ‘maybe I’ll get an anointing, glory to God!!’ Or, ‘here’s somebody coming my way that can help me!!’ Chris asks us, "Have you ever heard of God being your source?" We should never try to use people, manipulate them, and deprave them. Do not seek God in a defiled manner. Don’t look for honor, God will bring it your way when you humble yourself. Don’t need to be heard.

And then, we have the distracted seeker… half into God, half into something else…. Preaching a sermon with thoughts of both God and the things of this world that pass away… golf, the stock market, whatever… When you are double minded, you plant mixed seed. Chris tells us that when you cross a donkey and a horse you’ll get a mule that’s sterile… "That’s what happens," Chris says. "You don’t have enough of God to be any good to anyone. You have just enough to be an embarrassment… just enough to be a reproach… or, just enough to have not enough to help anybody when they’re in a crisis… just getting through…" Distracted.

He tells us a story Roy Ellis told him of a man in Roy’s church who’s a tattoo guy- a top tattoo guy in his area who got saved and is on fire for God. "This guy brings a big bunch of people to the church every Sunday to get saved. People come in to his shop, and he tells them, no cussin’ in here, this is a Christian place. No smokin’."

"His ad in the phone book says ‘tattoos in a good clean Christian atmosphere.’ He hasn’t been convicted, and you can’t force that on him. Now religious people would dive on that guy and kill him… but he’s bringing in more lost people than them. Some of us have been in the river for five years and you haven’t got one person saved. This guy’s probably got 40 people saved in the last three months."

"What’s the bigger sin?" Chris asks. "I don’t know? Weigh it up… five years in the river, no one saved…"

He reminds us that to the pure all things are pure. "Religion tries to convict people. God will convict them. Once He does, and they make a decision off their conviction, they’ll walk into freedom and they’ll stay there. And it’ll be a powerful thing, amen?" To further this matter, Chris told a story about a guy who jumped off the top of a building into the water and now no longer opts to do it again. "He’s convicted now," Chris said. "That don’t work, I’m not going to do that anymore." He told us that it took two broken legs for that guy to come into his conviction. "But people do that spiritually all the time… AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! God hasn’t spoken to them, they just call it a leap of faith."

I asked Chris what kind of seeker God is looking for. He answered, "Oh, a passionate seeker. A humble seeker. A sensitive seeker. An obedient seeker. A servant seeker. A worship seeker. One that will believe Him."

What are you looking for? Have the watchmen found you and beat you? Who will you seek? How will you seek Him? Chris’s advice would be to be a determined seeker… diligently go that extra mile. You will find God when you seek Him with all your undefiled and undistracted heart.


WASHINGTON, DC -- We are watching a peace process going on now that could have a bad ending. Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazem) is in the process of negotiations with Israel for the West Bank of Israel. A Washington Post reporter asks him if the peace talks would have to be approved by Yasir Arafat and he said absolutely he is the leader of the Palestinian people. He is on record as saying that there was no such thing as a Holocaust. To know a little about this man Abu Mazem is to know his statements and feelings about the Jewish people. These statements were made in his book published as a dissertation for his doctorate, in that book he said that Zionists leaders collaborated with Germans to help establish the state of Israel. Abu Mazem says there was never a Holocaust and that 6 million Jews were never killed during the World War II period of time. The Holocaust was manufactured as a land grab against the Palestinian people to create the Nation of Israel.
       There is a rush to peace by the Bush Administration and it seems as if any leader will do other than Yasir Arafat, but when it comes down to the place of dealing with the over all peace plan, the bandit of Ramalla Yasir Arafat will cast the final vote. During the siege at Ramalla by the Israeli Army it was found that he was housing the men who assassinated the Travel Minister in Jerusalem during October of 2001.


      Documentation and letters were found at his compound that has linked him to several organizations and people associated with Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Should the United States of America be dealing with this known terrorists. We are being sold the same furniture time after time again and in the end we have the same results, violence against the people of Israel. We are treating an old friend like an economic pawn, we are more worried about losing Saudi oil than protecting the people of Israel from the blood bath they are now under. Does our country realize that most of the 19 highjackers on September 11 were Saudi Arabians.

Israel Under Financial Pressure

      Israel is under extreme financial pressure, the one industry that has blessed Israel for years is tourism. Tourism and those who support it are bankrupt after three years of terrorism. No one ever thought they would come into the country and launch such bloody attacks against school children, commuter buses, teens and people in simple restaurants in Jerusalem and all over the country. Before the Israelis established there new nation, it was nothing but sand and desert. Slowly the state of Israel is turning into a welfare state, the people have worked the land and every fruit you can imagine is growing in the Jordan River Valley. Now the Palestinians want the water rights to Jordan River, the three aquifers in the north of Israel that feed the Jordan River will be under the control of the Palestinians. If they have the power of the water rights they could divert the water and dry Israel up. Before Israel came home the Palestinians who claim to have the land rights did nothing to improved the land for farming but the amazing agricultural process of Israel was written in scripture and spoken of before it happened.

    Planning of the New Temple?

       The killing of the Zevi, the tourism minister was done for a reason, since 1987 the archeology excavations around the temple site has proven that the Jewish Nation were the first inhabitants of the land. Today a new museum of antiquities has been dedicated near the temple site. It had been dedicated a month before Zevi was shot at the Hyatt Regency in October of 1987. It was the anger of the Palestinians that wanted this man dead for building that building and insulting there belief and claim on the land. Islamic believers deny the fact that there was ever a temple on this site and hold this site holy because of The Dome of the Rock. Zevi worked also with the people of the Temple Institute. What will happen next on this site, many fundamentalist Jews are calling for the rebuilding of the temple on this very site. If the Jewish people rebuild their temple on the correct site, The Dome of the Rock will be no more. This is going to happen, how do we know? – scripture tells of this event. It will happen and it will be done by those who are searching for a savior. Jews without belief in Jesus, believe they will never be exiled again and they also believe they are close to their Salvation and the temple site will be a major bone of contention for this area.

Prophecy Proves It

      The fulfilled scripture in Israel has proved prophecy to be exact. In Zephaniah 3:9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent. The main language spoken in Israel today is the ancient Hebrew language remodeled by the gifted scholar Eleazar Ben-Yehuda. This man fulfilled this scripture. As we sit back and read our Bibles we know what is going to happen next, but there are those who are living for now and the wealth of nations. Perry Stone said something that was very interesting about the colors of the Four Horsemen of Revelation. Stone said that the colors of the horses are White, Red, Black and Green. Where people thought the fourth horse was pale, it is actually green through the interpretation of scripture. Stone also went on to say that in the last days the Anti-Christ would come out of the Kabala region of Iraq. There are only two flags that have the four colors of the Revelation Horsemen and they are found on the Palestinian Flag and the Flag of Iraq.

The Four Horsemen Colors

      The very fact of the colors draws us even closer to the day of the Lord over Israel. To step back and watch the whole scope of what is happening is to see the entire Arab world unite over the Palestinian situation. The Shiites are pressing in and are gaining strength in Iraq, soon we will have to face this rapidly growing movement among the Islamic people. As I sat with a powerful spirit filled leader who grew up in an Arab region he said this, "The moderate Arabs will follow the Jihad, its just a matter of time." The United States is the power broker of the world, we have not initiated a sequence of events that will bring the Arab Nations together like they have never been. While we try to establish democracy in the middle east we are going to see a rise of the fundamentalism of the Islamic belief and the fundamentalism of the Jewish people. Between this conflict the final stage is being set for some of the greatest warfare this world has ever seen. The man of sin is about to appear and he will bring with him the unity of the entire Arab world. We are the witness of the final conflict of this entire world before Jesus Christ comes through the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem.

      No one can see the future but and oracles of God. The oracles of the Old and New Testament have written about the final conflict. The entire world does not bow its knees to the one who came to save it. The conflicts will affect many who live a normal life-style, but when the events start happening rapidly it will be like a new 911 every month. The birth pains of the end were sounded by the fall of the towers but the final conflict will be in Jerusalem as we see Almighty God come in defense of His own people. Redemption is drawing closer, those who have a prayer now must lift up President George W. Bush, and ask God to show him any deception in the process of this peace that surrounds Jerusalem, my friend Pray for the peace of Jerusalem like you have never prayed before.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- It didn’t happen right there in the church at first but shortly after Argentine Evangelist Conrad Lampton left a women noticed something on her hands as she returned home. As she looked at her hands a coating of gold came upon her that was a supernatural manifestation of the Holy Ghost. It was gold flake and it was all over her. Lampton had just been there for a meeting but what was left behind is still going on in the church today.  Pastor Paulette Blaylock says that these strange events are still happening. 

Painter Touched By God

      A young man was painting a muriel on the front wall of the church for Vacation Bible School and as he came off the ladder he noticed his entire arms and hands were covered with gold flake. "It was a cause for rejoicing but it has also served as a point of repentance. It’s strange but this manifestation has caused a greater awareness of God in our house.  People are falling under conviction when they come to church and the altars are being filled with people on their knees asking God to forgive them.  It’s a deep conviction people are feeling here, its as if God has his eyes on us and the people are searching their hearts to please a very tangible presence. He’s is in the process of revealing sin, we are seeing a flood of repentance in the church."

Oil On Babies 

      Recently a mother noticed a strange situation going on with her babies after church. It was a release of his glory in their apartment on Sunday night. The mother noticed a  manifestation of oil on the tips of  her babies.  As she picked the children up she could see oil on their tiny fingers tips and it kept coming.  The parents called Pastor Paulette and several other people from the church who live at that apartment complex. Pastor Blaylock related what happened next, "The little babies knew something was happening because they were holding their hands up for us to see, it was a deep moment as we stood and watched them but that's not all that happened that night.   Many who live at the apartment complex are members of our church.  They began to manifest gold as they came to witness the miracle that was happening with the small children."  

Miracle Healing Night 

       On Thursday night the Landmark Church has a healing service. Recently as Pastor Paulette went down to pray over those who had come for healing she could sense and feel a divine prsence at the altar, as she returned to sit in her chair she noticed  her hands and arms were covered with gold. "It was on my hands and arms and all over my chair."   

       The Central Valley of California is a place of abundant harvest from peaches to bananas, to anything you can imagine, grows here. They call California the Golden State and when you look at the foothill mountains next to the High Sierras here, they are golden in color, on both sides of the valley the mountains are golden in color," said Pastor Paulette, "What is happening at our church is supernatural and it was totally unexpected. The supernatural part of God has placed a deep respect in our hearts for His divine presence, it makes you wonder why God is coming through at this time like this, but we're  just glad He has chosen us  to manifest his presence among us."

"The Lord is there." Ezekiel 38:35

      Two years ago Pastor Blaylock had an open vision driving down the streets of Porterville as she was going to her dentist and it said, "Porterville is going to be a revival town."  Going back home the she was directed to open the book of Ezekiel, an in the last verse of that book she read, "And the name of the city from that day shall be, The Lord is there." Great things are happening at Landmark Christian Center. At the end of August they will host there Campmeeting with Chris Harvey and Yan Vintor

House of Praise will release their first CD this week call for first release (228) 588-6004

HURLEY, MS -- The music from House of Praise in Hurley, Mississippi comes from the heaven lies.  This is one powerful River Church on the Alabama-Mississippi state line.  William Hancock is the pastor but he is also an inspired worship leader.  The Remnant was invited to review an evangelist at this church but ran into something much more powerful in scope.  "I can remember the first time I heard the original worship songs written by William Hancock.  I asked my wife Vivian, where did he come from?"  I had never heard anything like it before.  I know how hard it is to learn and play worship music for a congregation but to write the music and it to be as anointed as this man music is, it is hard to believe.  

 Laying on of Hands imparts the presence of God during altar service


William Hancock is one of the best hidden secrets in the body of Christ.  This week the ministry in Hurley, Mississippi will release its first original CD.  There is a glory on this fellow and it is the center pieces of the whole church.  He is a humble man who gives the glory to God but the presence of God can be felt in this river church.  It's not a large congregation but it is a place of God's presence, many people have visited this church and have felt the glory of God here over the past few years. Lisa Handcock his wife is a brilliant teacher in the word of God.  Today she taught from, these two are very gifted in music, preaching and teaching.  Believe me this is one of the best guarded secrets in this area.  The River is very powerful here and the people are very dedicated to the purpose of reaching others in this area. 
Editor Jerrell H. Miller/The Remnant International

MOBILE, AL -- We are currently editing the August Edition of The Remnant, this month we will go to France and Africa.  The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is gaining great creditability in the United States since last August when we visited Lagos, Nigeria several Americans have traveled to this ministry in Africa to see God's glory at the Synagogue Church. Since our time there the church has built new dormitories to handle the tremendous flow of believers who have come to receive their healing.  God has his hand on this prophet and despite his critics he has proven very credible among those who have made the long trip to country on the equator. 

CHARLOTTE, NC -- It was the first live recorded album of music recorded at the Watch of the Lord, and it was given to Canon Andrew White, who is the special envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 
       When Canon White returned to Baghdad this spring he visited the main Palace of Saddam Hussein where most of the 103rd United States Army unit was stationed.  Many soldiers have been sleeping on the lavish floors without any air conditioning during the long hot Iraqi summer. The worship center was the old thrown room of Saddam Hussein.  Canon Andrew White took the Watch of the Lord Volume 1 -- Featuring the Mahesh Chavda Ministries International Worship Team.  This was Worship Leaders Michael Neukam's first live project at the Watch.  The selection that was played is a very familiar tune at the Brownsville Revival and the Watch of the Lord, "We Shall Ride." Along the top of the room are painted white horses.  Its very strange how the hand of the Lord moves.  Just four days ago the Prophetic Conference prayed that Saddam Hussein and his sons would be captured. Two days after the prayer the U.S. Army surrounded a building in Northern Iraq that contained Saddam's only two sons.  The message is prayer and the power of its force, it can move mountains and capture dictators.  


CHARLOTTE, NC -- We are just one day removed from the Charlotte area and the Prophetic Glory Conference at All Nations Church.  They started praying for the capture of Saddam Hussein on Saturday and the two sons of Saddam were captured  yesterday.  How powerful is this group of people in Charlotte.  Editor Jerrell Miller offers his reflections of this ministry in Charlotte and what makes it happen there.

Being on the road a lot you see things that change your mind. One ministry that has really given me a cause for thought is the ministry of All Nations Church and The Watch of the Lord in North Carolina.  Reed Grafke was a member of the early ministry of the Watch of the Lord in Charlotte.  He was a simple man but he had such a powerful message about "Children at Risk" in the world. Sometimes God chooses people to speak for Him and they are called Oracles. Grafke is an oracle from the inside of God's own heart, in the this dark hour. He has opened a door of revelation about what God wants done at this moment.

 Children at Risk

      Children at Risk is what he was speaking about, he said that 1/3 of the entire world is under fifteen years of age and many of these people are at risk because of poverty, oppression and many other things. Something began to happen while Reed was speaking in a mono toned voice very often cracking at times because of the burden. It was a God moment, as a door of glory was opened up for a few minutes in that Holy tent. In one moment of time the Father   said, “Hear my Son.” I believe when the presence of God came into that tent, God was saying, “Hear my son.” Recently I have come across several people who are joined to the plight of children in the world. Reed is one of these people, he accomplished more under the anointing that day in a short period of time then many people accomplish in a life time. One thing that people really know about in this River move of God is when God shows up. It was a burden, it was a call at that particular moment. God was reaching into our hearts through Reed Grafke to tell us that it is the burden of His divine heart for someone to care for that children at this moment.
      Reed spoke of other people at his church who were itinerant ministers and had been led into this position. Wes and Stacy Campbell play a major role in reaching the children of the world. God is moving through these people and this is where revival is at this moment. The work of the Children in Mozambique through Heidi and Roland Baker is being magnified by the Lord. Reed mentioned that he was a businessman and that when he redirected his profits toward the ministry of Children at Risk, he immediately saw his business explode. Reed never mentioned his business at the conference, nor did he come to recruit anyone on a multi level program but what he did do was talk to the people who were there to open their hearts to change and focus on the needs of these Children at Risk. Reed said that he always heard that business and the call of God didn’t mix but he was touched. How else would these projects get funded unless a businessman took it upon himself to share his wealth.
       The funding of God’s work is serious business and Reed said he had periods of time when the visitation of the Lord was so strong it changed him. Once again I must warn you that to find God is to seek His presence -- no work these days will have quite the staying ability unless the presence of God is within it. We have a lot of work in the body of Christ that is simply work. There are a lot of good works going on in the body of Christ but the works that have His presence on it are the places and the things that God wants to put his hands on through surrendered people who know his presence.
      We do see through a glass darkly as the scripture has revealed, little by little God sends his prophets and his people into our lives to help us to see the vision He wants us to see. God is not going to force us to do His work but His greatest encouragement is when His presence comes into our hearts. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed for a brief time in the tent at Charlotte, what Reed was sharing was opening the door of heaven over us. As he began his message I was extremely tired, I even fell asleep a couple of times. I wasn’t sleeping because I wanted to, I was sleep because I was just worn out. As I took my notes toward the end the glory came into the tent. These are the times of God’s presence that you cannot manufacture, these are the times when a man of God is revealing God’s heart. Without a vision the people perish, God was giving us a vision of the Children at Risk. The children are without defense and they matter dearly to our God, He was coming to us through this man called Reed Grafke and He was showing us His heart. God doesn’t reveal Himself in such setting unless there is a work to be done. I remember Heidi Baker speaking at Toronto, I remember her asking for volunteers to go to the mission field. I saw a flood of people go forward, I even felt as if I wanted to go but God held me back. I wondered how many of these people would actually go upon the mission field. I know my place in God’s kingdom is doing what I am doing right now. I am called forth first as a scribe of the river and second as a prophetic-evangelists. It’s not to say that God couldn’t take me to Africa but I would have to hear his voice on this matter. One thing I can tell you is that Reed Grafke was speaking a message right to my heart.
I had lunch the conference with David and Michelle, they are such a special couple. It seems as if God speaks around the dinner table, many who were with Jesus found themselves very relaxed around the master as he spoke and taught on the things of the Father at the table. The one thing David said that really impressed me was this. Reed used to be a part of us, many years ago he went from our fellowship because he was led by God, then David said this about All Nations Church, the reason our church works together so well is that we love each other and we are called to the role of a servant. No one who serves at All Nations Church is here with an agenda. The reason we flow so well together is that you can’t help to feel close to each other when you have spent hours of prayer in the Watch.” It was the Watch of the Lord that drew us to All Nation’s Church. The first time I came through the back door of the church Ed Briggem found we with my newspaper. I remember coming Charlotte for the first time, through blinding rain I drove all night -- I found Highway 77 and found the old warehouse where the all night prayer meeting was going on. It was so good to come to this place. I spoke to Mahesh for the first time at that meeting. He’s a Papa with a vision. There’s no one who ever meets this man unless they walk away with a feeling of warmth of a fatherly touch. He has mentored many and has touched several lives through his gentle touch. He is not striving for popularity but he is only concerned about finding God. What I have learned from these people helped me separate myself from a lot of religious garbage. The message of this church is so simple and so plane that you could teach it you have to experience and see what I have seen in the supernatural there.
     My friends in Charlotte have struggled to build a new building to worship in . We have seen storm after storm attack this tent during conferences, Hell does not like this tent of meeting. They are a group of people who are in the wilderness like the Jews of old. They also had a tent where God showed up, but there is a vast difference between these people and the Jews. The Jews wondered for 40 years because of complaints and dissatisfaction, but at All Nations Church the role of those who serve has been established through corporate prayer. They move as a corperate body, they move as one. They work on jobs and are a part of Charlotte community but on Friday night they are in the tent and they are praying and the prayers are not selfish prayers. The have a list that they go down, people with cancer, Jerusalem, the Palestinians and many other things.
      The struggles have been great for Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda but their work is coming up before Jesus as a sweet sacrifice. This tent of meeting is Holy and the things that go on in Charlotte at this tent is holy. We love what God does with us personally there, its like looking over a fence in to heaven to see what the Father is doing. Bless you Mahesh and Bonnie for setting a standard of excellence in the River move of God.

Bobby Conner Shakes The House

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Bobby Conner is one of the chief Conner stones of the Morning Star Prophets.  Last night he gave a demonstration of power in the pulpit that will long be remembered by those who attended this meeting.  It seems as if it was coming so fast and so anointed that no one had a chance to take a breath.  He spoke to the body of Christ last night and warned them about letting God come into a house that is clean.  His message was more about revival than prophetic.  At one point he challenged the church to change, "What do you do when you buy a new aquarium do you just tell the fish to show up, that's what the church is like you build a church and then you demand that the people show up and that's not how it is done."  


A new CD was played in Saddams main palace and it came from the Watch of the Lord.  When the Army went back into Baghdad Cannon Andrew White had occasion to visit Saddam's main palace right after it was taken.  In a room where white horses are painted all around the top of the building Andrew White pulled out the CD from the Watch of the Lord and began to play  We Shall Ride.  He's coming on a white horse was in the palace for the glory of God.  In a place where a brutal dictator lived the glory of God was released on the special CD from the Watch of the Lord. The final day of the conference was a mixed blessing as Reed Grafke, Bobby Conner, Boonie Chavda all spoke during the main service.  


CHARLOTTE, NC -- The vision of All Nations Church in Charlotte, North Carolina is to change the world with prayer.  At 2:00 PM today (Saturday) the church went into intercessory prayer in a mini Watch of The Lord.  This is a supernatural place and a place where God visits.  Last night as Pastor Mahesh Chavda took the pulpit as the manifestations of gold peppered his dark suit.  It happens often and naturally.  In a day when some Pentecostal institutions have backed away from manifestations of the Holy Ghost, All Nations Church welcomes the move of God, this is truly a place of signs and wonders.


Reed Grafke spoke at the morning service.  In his message he spoke how God had blessed his business when he begin to be challenged by where he was putting his money.  Grafke has a burden for poor people and he has found the secret of wealth.  This is just another one of the anointed speakers who have come to grace this house.  Grafke spoke about how he was raised to believe that business and the call of God did not mix.  He spoke how God wants to release great amounts of money for kingdom work but the spoils of money very often change the people who receive it. Garfke said that almost one third of the world is under 15 years of age.  Staying the presence of God on different occasions changed Grafke and gave him even a deeper burden for the poor and the children of the world.  A deep period of prayer at the end of the service was held.  God really moved at this service as the burden of the poor caused people to weep under the presence of the anointing here. 

CHARLOTTE, NC – Pastor Bonnie Chavda started the second day of The Prophetic Conference here at All Nations Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. She delivered a stirring message for the moment about rebellion within the body of Christ.

Bonnie spoke on a vision that she saw last night, she said that she saw the entire audience as eggs being ready to be hatched, then she spoke of a coming visitation of the Holy Spirit. Water is a picture of the Holy Spirit in scripture and water always flows to the lowest places on earth. For centuries the Holy Spirit has not played a fully active role in the church. There is a new life about to come forth in His body as these eggs are about to be hatched.. It will come forth and emerge as a form that has never been before. It is up to the living one within us to break out from within. It can’t break forth before time but it is going to break forth.

I believe right now people are being dealt with about strongholds in their own lives, something might have resurfaced from the past that the Holy Spirit wants to deal with now. He wants to deal with it so He can open some new doors in your life. Last night I saw God coming like a great big wave, He is going to come like a mighty wave all of a sudden when no one is expecting it. I see surfers who have been waiting in the water for years sitting on their boards – this wave could kill them but they are ready and willing to go for it. God wants to deal with His body before it comes. Convention usually goes right out the window when the Lord comes, don’t worry about the wave just hang on when it comes. You know these things usually happen when the skeptics begin to say its all over --then all of a sudden here comes the flood. The book of Malachi says "I will send Elijah before the dreadful day of the Lord." This is a clear clarion call, He will turn the children to the heart of the Father. This is the beginning process before the dreadful day of the Lord.

America is being called forth

Right now America is being called forth to a great purpose. Prime Minister Tony Blair of England said, "If Americans ask the question, why America? I would say it is because destiny has put America in this place in history for the task they have to do." God is looking for justice in the nations. Justice is the right moral foundation working in the destiny of a nation. This is the return of a nation to the fear of God.

This was a prophetic message to those in the body of Christ w ho are using their individual freedoms as a license to rebel. Bonnie spoke about a swelling cancer in the body of Christ that has come about because of individual freedom in the Holy Spirit. Many people have taken this personal freedom and have turned it into rebellion. This cancer if it is not treated will eventually kill the body that it is attacked to. God is preparing some doors to open that have not been opened for years. People with itinerant ministries are in the body of Christ and they are not submitted to any type of authority. Some ministers come to our conference to be recognized,. Some are so independent that they cannot support another ministries destiny. None of us are island but we have responsibilities to others. The more responsibility that is given to a ministry the more they have serve. God respects the local church, we cannot go everywhere unless we make ourselves known to the local leadership. Make yourself a servant in the local church, the abhorrent behavior of the Charismatic Christian is the rebellion where they have been so set free that they have given themselves over to rebellion against the leadership of the local church. If a person refuses the dealings of the Holy Spirit in these matters then the Spirit of God will just flow around that person in rebellion.


MOBILE, AL -- Today we release the July edition of The Remnant, from all over the world people will read this today.  We are going this weekend to Charlotte and to Hardeeville once again to cover revival.  On August 18 we will fly to Legos, Nigeria to be with Prophet T.B. Joshia at the Synagogue Church.  We will also visit revival in Paris, France.  In the fall The Remnant will travel to the home of Smith Wigglesworth in Bradford, England.  To see the new edition touch here.   

MOBILE, AL -- We have watched the actions of the President of the United States and his administrations dealing with peace in Israel.  Woodrow Wilson knew the scriptures and was raised by his father a Presbyterian minister.  He had a heart for Israel and helped with the process of the Jewish nation coming back to Palestine.  President Harry Truman was a Southern Baptist and fulfilled scripture when he authorized the United States Air Force to fly the Jewish nation of Israel back into the land from the eastern side of that nation.  Each time the Nation of Israel returns to the land they come back in from the eastern side of that country.  President Jimmy Carter another Southern Baptist worked hard for the peace process as he signed the Camp David Accords to secure peace between Egypt and Israel.  President Bill Clinton, as much as conservative Christians disliked his conduct was also a major player in the peace of Israel.  Clinton was instrumental in the peace accord between the Nation of Jordan and Israel.  We must remind our readers that this land they are trying to give back to the Palestinians was given to them by God and they were the first settlers of the land.  Pray that people call this administration to task by writing their congressman or senator.  Remember there has never been a Republican Administration that has ever signed a peace agreement with the Jewish Nation.  Wilson, Truman, Carter, and Clinton have all participated in signing a peace treaty with Israelis aggressors without having to give up any land areas unless there was great security provided for the Jewish nation. We believe in the foundations of the Republican Party as they have spoken out against Abortion in this country and have also stood behind the reintroduction of prayer in school.  The Republican Party has done so much good in recent days but those who are trying to give the Israeli lands back to the Palestinians for the process of peace, is dealing with a serpent.  Pray for President George Bush and pray that he receive divine guidance. Editor Jerrell Miller email me your comments.

By Derek Prince/Jerusalem
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Let me briefly introduce myself. I hold duel citizenship, both US and British. My educational background is in Eton College and Cambridge University. I held scholarships both at Eton and at King’s College, Cambridge. For several years I held a fellowship in King’s College, Cambridge. I have also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For sixty years I have ministered as a teacher of the Scriptures to the Body of Messiah worldwide. At age eighty-seven I am now a permanent resident of Jerusalem. I have been requested to assemble some relevant facts concerning the Biblical significance of Jerusalem as it relates to present day Israel. More specifically, I have been asked to produce reasons why Israel should never be required to consent to a divided government of Jerusalem. 1. Jerusalem has a unique place in the history of Israel, not shared by any other nation in the world.
(1) It was there that God commanded David to purchase ground that was destined to be the site of the Temple: "…the angel of the Lord commanded Gad to say to David that David should go and erect an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite." "So David gave Ornan six hundred shekels of gold by weight for the place. And David built there an altar to the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings, and called on the Lord; and He answered him from heaven by fire on the altar of burnt offering" (1 Chronicles 21:18,25-26).
(2) Later, Solomon built his temple on this site and God said to him: "…My eyes and My heart will be there perpetually" (1 Kings 9:3).
(3) It is Jerusalem which God has declared to be a city which He has chosen for Himself. The following are some examples: a. Solomon quotes the words which had been spoken by the Lord to his father, David: "Yet I have chosen Jerusalem, that My name may be there..." (2 Chronicles 6:6).b. 1 Chronicles 23:25: For David said, "The Lord God of Israel has given rest to His people, that they may dwell in Jerusalem forever…" c. In 1 Kings 11:36 God speaks to Jeroboam and says regarding Rehoboam, Solomon’s son and heir to Solomon’s throne: "And to his son I will give one tribe, that My servant David may always have a lamp before Me in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen for Myself, to put My name there." d. 2 Kings 21:4: He (Manasseh) also built altars in the house of the Lord, of which the Lord had said, "In Jerusalem I will put My name."

The Jewish people are mandated by Scripture to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem three times a year: "Three times a year all your males shall appear before the Lord your God in the place which He chooses: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, at the Feast of Weeks, and at the Feast of Tabernacles…" (Deuteronomy 16:16).   In no other religion is pilgrimage to Jerusalem mandated.
2. The name "Jerusalem" occurs 778 times in the sacred scriptures of the Jewish people. By contrast, in the Koran which is the book sacred to Islam, Jerusalem is not even mentioned once.
3. Historically, Jerusalem has been the only capital of the Jewish people, both political and spiritual. Jerusalem has never been the capital of any other people throughout history. As a city, it only became politically important to the Arab peoples after the Six Day War, June 1967. Previously, under the Jordanian occupation, Jerusalem never had the status of a capital.

 4. After the return of Israel from the Babylonian captivity, when people from other nations sought to share in the restoration of Jerusalem, Nehemiah the Jewish Governor said to them: "The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build, but you have no heritage or right or memorial in Jerusalem" (Nehemiah 2:20).
5. Over the years, the Jewish people have adopted from Scripture a special name for their inheritance in Jerusalem. It is Zion. "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in His holy mountain. Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the great King" (Psalm 48:1,2). 

This has given rise to the movement now known as "Zionism." The Restoration of Jerusalem (Zion)

 1. The prophet Isaiah depicts the rebirth of the State of Israel as a unique phenomenon: "Before she was in labor, she gave birth; Before her pain came, She delivered a male child. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion was in labor, She gave birth to her children" (Isaiah 66:7-8).

 2. The rebirth of the State of Israel is correctly presented in Scripture as a unique event and without historical parallel. On one day, the 15th of May, 1948, Israel emerged as a complete nation with all its functions: army, navy, air force (one airplane), parliament, police force, medical and educations systems, etc. I know of no other nation in history that has had a similar rebirth. I am appalled to think of the consequences of opposing such a sovereign act of God. As a grateful citizen of the United States, I pray that this may never happen.

 3. The restoration of Zion is seen as a prelude to the return of the Lord in glory: "For [when] the Lord shall build up Zion; He shall appear in His glory" (Psalm 102:16).

The Return of the Lord to Jerusalem
1. All the predictions of Scripture and all the developments of current history combine to focus our attention on one impending event of unique importance: The return of the Lord Jesus in power and glory. This gives special significance to the drama predicted to take place on the Mount of Olives: "And in that day His [Jesus’] feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem on the east. And the Mount of Olives shall be split in two, from east to west, making a very large valley; half of the mountain shall move toward the north and half of it toward the south" (Zechariah 14:4).

2. There will follow a period when God will judge all the nations on the basis of the way they have treated the land and the people of Israel: "For behold, in those days and at that time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there on account of My people, My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; they have also divided up [partitioned] My land" (Joel 3:1-2).

3. God’s purpose is to make Jerusalem a source of blessing to all nations, and He promises severe judgment on all nations that opposes His purpose for Jerusalem.

4. Scripture makes it clear that when the Lord returns, it will be to a sovereign Jewish Jerusalem:

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate; for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ " (Matthew 23:37-39) § "Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place" (whoever reads, let him understand), "then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains…. And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath" Matthew 24:15-16).

The warning against fleeing on the Sabbath assumes that Jerusalem will be under Jewish regulations which would forbid the operation of either public transportation or places of commerce such as gas stations and banks. Only under Jewish government would this be a problem.  Let me briefly sum up my conclusion. In the eternal counsel of God He has determined to make Jerusalem the decisive issue by which He will deal with the nations. Those nations who align themselves with God’s purposes for Jerusalem will receive His blessing. But those who follow a policy in opposition to God’s purposes will be severely dealt with.


COVENTRY, ENGLAND — Andrew White is the Director of the International Center for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral. The Center is responsible for heading up programs of conflict resolution and prevention in many areas of conflict, including Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Nigeria. With his co-director, he is also responsible for the oversight of the Community of the Cross of Nails - a network of 250 organizations in sixty countries committed to reconciliation. Andrew White is a man with a kind heart and a gentle persuasion. His book on Iraq, "Iraq: People of Promise, Land of Despair" is a first hand experience of the people there between wars. In this book, you will see the horrors of a controlled society. Andrew was one of the first Clergy from outside of Iraq to return to Baghdad. Among the ruins, you will find Andrew playing outside the orphanages as he runs, laughs, and passes favors to a lifeless vestige of those that had been forgotten by the Saddam Hussein and his controlled country.
        Andrew takes the long drive for the first time between the plush Intercontinental Hotel in Amman, Jordan, to the beat up old Al Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad. Reaching his hotel room, he waits to see the government representatives of that country. Finally, a Mercedes Benz shows up to whisk him off to see Teriq Aziz. As they go through the streets, at speeds of 70 miles per hour, the people quickly flee from the path knowing that this is one of Saddam’s cars. As Canon White sits in front of the second man in charge of the country, he finds a warm reception. At that time, the government there was hungry for help. Held under the restrictions of sanctions by the entire world, Aziz welcomes more visitors to come. Andrew White begins to visit the orphanages. It is there that he begins to see how much the sanctions have hurt the children of Iraq.
         In the hospitals, many children are in pain because of no adequate analgesic. As White goes from room to room in the pediatric wards of the broken down hospitals in Iraq, he sees hopelessness in the children’s eyes. This is what White is called to do, to come into the difficult places to restore through the process of reconciliation. At the Mother Theresa Home of the Sisters of Charity, he meets two children who were abandoned because of their disabilities. Ahmed and Immanuel become great friends with Canon White. Both little boys speak proper English, taught to them by the sisters. Both of these children have no arms and legs, but because of the love of the Sisters of Charity, they are alive. Many of the children there are those who no one wanted. It is here that the work of Christ is felt the deepest. While these children have very little, they do have one thing and that is the love of the Sisters of Charity. This book reveals the heart of Iraq just before liberation by the coalition forces. 


White visits to the Amica Air Raid Shelter, the place that the United States pilots bombed by accident. It was filled with women and children the night it was hit. On one side of the wall, White’s guide, a lady called Fatima, shows him the silhouette of a mother holding a child that will be captured forever through the flash of the bomb blast against the wall. That haunting image was followed by a shrine dedicated to eleven children who were killed in the air raid. Fatima tells White that these were her children. A small cross adorns the area. Fatima is a Christian believer. She had left the shelter for a short period of time to prepare food for her children. When she returned, all had died by the bomb that had been launched by the coalition forces in the first war.
      This book is a history of the period. It is well written and turns the reader to the true compassion of Jesus. In this book, you begin to see the people of Iraq as the victim of circumstances. White writes about the children through the compassionate eyes of one called to the purpose of Christ. This Spirit Filled Anglican Priest was called forth by Ruth Heflin as a young student in Jerusalem while he was at the Hebrew University. White has become a strategic player in these last days. We at The Remnant pray for his mission in the world and join Mahesh Chavda and The Watch of Lord as intercessors in that effort.To obtain this book, you can contact This is a missionary book and donations toward the work of third world poverty can be made to: Sovereign World Trust, PO Box 777, Tonbridge - Kent TN11 OZS, United Kingdom. 

America Is In Trouble 

PENSACOLA, FL-- Steve Hill preached three sermons on June 13, 14, and 15 that would mark the Eight Anniversary of the Brownsville Revival. It marked a time of a new start for the great revival. In the Bible the number eight signifies a new beginning, and God wanted a new beginning for this move of God, so it would flow into a more powerful force in an America racked with sin.

This day was long anticipated, the people of the Brownsville Church were moving back into their sanctuary . The Holy Place had been struck by lighting and burned last July 4th. Is there still revival in Pensacola? Well ask those who were standing in line, and those in the overflow on June 13th, 2003. Most of these people will tell you it wasn’t the same, it was better. What about the church, what does it look like. If Brownsville does anything in a right way they always move forward and not backward. The entire front of the altar area had been remodeled. The staging area had been changed for more room. The sound board was not in the back but was behind the pastors chair. Gone were the tiles that graced the platform, and gone was the separation between the choir and platform. In deep rich purple carpet Lindell Cooley led the choir. No chairs were seen in the choir area. It had been a year since revival flowed in main ship and it was just like the Jewish people leaving a field fallow on the seventh year, this fountain was flowing again and the harvest would be great. Smiles could be seen on all faces as an exuberant John Kilpatrick beamed from ear to ear as his old friend came to preach for the harvest of Jesus.
Evangelist Steve Hill in his three days in Pensacola pulled out his sword and gave three master piece sermons. On Friday Hill preached on, "Mark The Spot." God wants us to go and visit what he has done for us to remember that He is a God who makes provision for us. On Friday while the evangelist called for those to come forward he mentioned the fact that he had a piece of the old carpet that was in the old sanctuary before it was burned. "Many people have cried and wept to salvation on this carpet but the new carpet will have the same harvest also." Hill preached a sermon on "Mark The Spot," in his sermon he mentioned the property rights that are marked on a piece of property. He said the ancient landmarks that are on the original land will have a greater legal value than any new surveys of of it. With that statement Hill delivered a message on the original landmarks. Hill said that the first scripture he had learned about Hell was Revelations 21:8 "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murders, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: "which is the second death. This was the scripture that really got my attention. My friend Hell is a real place, there are not any unbelievers in Hell today, they know the truth about Jesus now, but its too late for them.

Brownsville has had many guest evangelists come and visit the historic pulpit but when Pastor John Kilpatrick, Steve Hill and Lindell Cooley are at the front of the church it seems to be a time when God moves in like a holy cloud. Hill is a pastor now of Heartland Fellowship, in Dallas and you could hear the mellow tone in his voice. Steve mentioned several times about outreach toward the unchurched and the lost in the surrounding community. He spoke about compassion for those who are visiting your church. He mentioned that if we do not say hello to a visitor we might not get the second time to say hello again. The ancient landmark sermon was just the start of the weekend but the next sermon would be a vintage Steve Hill. The Brownsville Evangelist said he had went to the internet to research the word Nerd and came across a web site called, "Nerds From Hell." On that website it says that a Nerd is someone who doesn’t quite fit in, someone who is not cool. While the sermon was very funny at first the object of what he was saying got very serious toward the end. He used a prerecorded voice in the back ground and every time a point was made you could hear a voice call out from the back ground, "Nerds In Hell." It was very funny at first, but the mood became very serious as Hill mentioned four types of people who hear the Gospel. Hill mentioned the neglectors, and then spoke about the ejectors. The ejectors are those people who hear just enough of the gospel to be stirred but walk away. Like King Agrippa with Paul in the Book of Acts, they are seriously moved by the subject but just cast it aside and say I will hear this matter on another day. Have you ever been cussed out when you were witnessing to someone. Those people are the rejectors. I had one occurrence of a serious rejector when I visited an antique shop in England. I was witnessing to this man and told him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then all of a sudden he began to laugh outlook and say at the top of his voice, ‘You fool, you fool, you idiot! How could anyone believe such and incredible bunch of lies, that book (Bible) is a fair tail." I told him that Jesus loved him and had a wonderful plan for his life. He began to laugh a hideous laugh. I didn’t back away and I gave it one last shot, "Sir I want to say one thing before I leave you, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord one day!" He just looked at me and called me an idiot.

Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord one day!" He just looked at me and called me an idiot.


Hill spoke about the people who were so smart that they had put God to the side. He mentioned that NASA had still not figured out where the missing 24 hours in the earth had went. I have a friend who is very intelligent - you can give him any type of subject matter and he can talk for hours on that one subject. If I wanted to know about grub worms in Bobo, Alabama -- he would sit there and tell me all about the grub worm and when I would get through with him I would be brilliant on the subject. He told me one day that when a bunch of these brilliant men get together and talk about the missing 24 hours they look at me and ask how and I say, "God, it’s in the Bible, God had the Sun standstill for 24 hours for Joshua." Friend I just don’t want them to tell me how water was made, I want them to tell me who the maker of the water is. These intelligent people who leave God out of the picture are Nerds In Hell. There are going to be a lot of smart people in Heaven, there will be a lot of Nerds in Heaven because they were smart enough to figure out God is in control of it all.

Steve Hill spoke about people who have heard the gospel and have done nothing about it. He dwelled on the apathy of this country toward spiritual things. Woo unto you my friend, if you do not accept the gospel, that’s why I tremble at the state of America. It has been served the gospel in every possible way. Woo unto you America for if the things that have been done in your country had been done in other peoples countries they would have repented long ago. Hell is also populated with defectors of the gospel. These are the people who have just not only backslidden but have joined the other side. Its one thing to be a backslider but its another thing to join the other side.


Steve Hill told the story about an Assembly of God preacher who had went the other way and had joined the enemy to take men’s souls from them. Judas walked with Jesus for three years but one day he sold the Lord out and joined the other side. He went to the other side to be a defector. I was with a minister in East Texas, he drove me to a place in the city where there was a XXX theater. He ask me, "Do you know who runs that place? A former Assembly of God preacher runs this theater." Hill said I can understand someone struggling with sin, but I don’t understand this. To have preached the gospel of the Lord and go over to the other side and join the enemy is beyond anything I can imagine. He will be one of the Nerds in Hell, a defector and an enemy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can’t understand a man who stood behind this sacred desk and then sliding like a snake out of the church to do something like this man has done.

Hill finished his sermon on Nerds In Hell -- in his message he spoke about the neglectors, ejectors, rejectors and defectors of the gospel. While the sermon was funny at times, it got the message to those who were there in the sanctuary and the over flow. As Steve gave the altar call on Saturday night the people responded as the front of the church was filled with those who came to make it right with the Lord. It was the right message at the right time for those who had come to revival this night.


On Sunday morning Steve Hill recalled the early days of the revival. A little Catholic women came up to me and said, "This revival is just a little baby, this going to grow. The reason why it is going to grow is because you cared for me." Hill looked over at John Kilpatrick and said this is before CNN and the millions came in the early days. She knew that something was happening here that would not stop for a long time. I remember when Pastor Kilpatrick was wasted in the Holy Ghost and wasn’t any good for anything for three months. The sanctuary was full, the overflow was maxed out and I would look over at pastor and he would be falling out. I would say to him, "Oh no your not going to leave me now." People came from all over the world to just see what was happening. As they looked upon the stage and saw pastor wasted they would say, "I want some of what he’s got."

The reflection of what God did at the Brownsville Church changed Pentecost as we know it today in the United States. Many in Pentecost never accepted this move of God but for those who took hold of what God was doing at the moment, they never forgot. To see God move in the supernatural is to know that the presence can only get stronger in the future.

Honor has got to be given Evangelist Steve Hill, but if you gave him a crown, he would just throw it at the feet of Jesus. Hill and his wife Jeri have always been obedient to go to the place where God wanted them. The story of those who came through the gate of this revival is never ending. There are new works all over this country because of the repentance at the Brownsville Revival. The ripples from this pond are still moving outward to a nation that is dry and thirsty and sits on the edge of judgement. Once again Pastor Cho’s words ring loud and clear. Revival will end when Jesus comes. Eight years is not enough to reach our country. Steve Hill mentioned that the country was in a dangerous position right now. More than ever before we need revival and Pensacola is still an open door to the world. Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord.

PENSACOLA, FL -- The Remnant was published here today and with great rejoicing it has the message of God in it. We honor Evangelist Steve Hill and his awesome word that was released on the Eight Anniversary of Revival.  We also pray for the success of his new church in Dallas, Texas -- Heartland Fellowship.  Steve you have done so much for all of us we pray that you reap your abundant blessing as a pastor. That might seem to be a statement that is always expected but we really do rejoice in what God is doing.  Once again this August we will go to Nigeria to take a drink from a deep well of revival.  Prophet T. B. Joshua is still going strong there, since our visit there we have seen things burst open here with the Remnant.  We were bless by people this month in such a special way that I could feel the hand of my Lord upon us.  We met some wonderful pastors in Leesburg, Virgina and the glory was with me for several days there as I ministered in some deep well of History in the land of the Friends (Quakers).  Ruth Trumbo did a piece on that experienc and the prophetic word that I released while I was there.  There as so many friends that help The Remnant, we a fully blessed here by the hand of God. 

Suzanne Hinn speaks on intercessory prayer at Cathedral of Praise in Memphis, Tennessee


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have reached an agreement for a 3-month halt to all attacks against Israel. The deal is expected to be formally announced in Cairo. However, when and whether the cease-fire (‘hunda’)would take effect is still not clear as PM Mahmud Abbas is unhappy with the 3-month time limit. Abbas doesn’t see how he can sell such a deal to Israel, which has strongly objected to the idea of only a temporary ‘hunda’. Israel feels a short-term truce could hurt Israeli security interests in the long run by giving these groups an opportunity to replenish their ranks. Israel would be committed to a ban on taking any military action against them. The agreement was signed in Damascus by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Saleh, Fatah sources said. Fatah members brought it back to Israel where it was signed in prison by Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who is standing trial for orchestrating the murders of Israelis in a series of terror attacks. The deal also calls for Israel to halt its practice of staging ‘targeted attacks’ or killings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials. Israel has only agreed to such a hiatus in attacking terrorist targets with the exception of what it considers "ticking bombs", or situations in which there is intelligence about a specific operative planning an attack. (JP)*Our eyes are upon You Mighty God.


A full dismantling of the terrorist groups is required to move the peace process forward, not a temporary halt to attacks, Pres. Bush said in response to reports of a cease-fire. "I’ll believe it when I see it," he told reporters. "The true test for Hamas and terrorist organizations is the complete dismantlement of their terrorist networks, their capacity to blow up the peace process". Bush also asked the EU to ban all funding to Hamas and other Palestinian organizations designated by the US as terrorist groups. The EU has only outlawed funding for the military wing of Hamas, while maintaining that the organization’s political wing is a separate entity that should be allowed to receive
donations. *We pray for Pres. Bush to deeply know the Word of God and that he would remain a source of support for the purposes of the God of Israel.

MOBILE, AL -- We want to take this opportunity to thank Carey Robertson and his wife for all the hospitality they have shown The Remnant over the last seven years.  It has been a pleasure Chaplin Robertson.  May you in Sirley be blessed in the future travels in ministry.  Your the best Carey. a lot of love and appreciation from The Remnant.

Editor Jerrell Miller
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We remember September 11 and the fireemen,police and people who lost there lives on this date




J Jewish man plays a flute at St. Annes Church in Jerusalem very near the Via Dolorosa .........