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MOBILE, AL -- There are not too many sure words these days but we do see the signs of the end of time.  God has positioned us at this moment to receive.  In the prophetic realm he is going to send a strong word to the nations through the voice of his oracles.  Prophets will send the rain from heaven to water the harvest, his best words are being held back but in the year 2014 he will send those who have been called at this moment signs, wonders and the miracles of the Full Gospel, Jesus said that we would do greater works in his name.  We are on the eve of the greatest works of all time and we are sure to take the harvest of that ground.
Prophetic Evangelist
Jerrell Miller

MOBILE, AL -- When I was in Jerusalem the last time we had the great opportunity to visit King David's tomb.  It was an awesome honor to give honor to this great man of God and prophetically I thought of Amos 9:11 In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof it is a scripture that the Father has given to us so we can feast on His presence. That temple shall be in us and be with us as the Father returns the Son to the earth.

Prophetic Evangelist
Jerrell Miller

MOBILE, AL - This scripture is found in 1 Kings 8:11-13 - The Temple was built by Solomon and the dedication of that Holy Place touched the Priests to the place where they lost control, the value of this scripture is that it can happen again when we seek the face of God. This year we will see Israel enter into a new age.  God wants to come and fellowship with us.  He is coming with the glory of His presence.
Prophetic Evangelist
Jerrell H. Miller 


In The Spiritual Gifts The Truth Will Win Over Religion Every Time

More and more as I spend time around my Christian friends I see those who  are the called out servants being picked off  by the enemy.  While I haven't ministered in a year yesterday I found myself in a meeting with a remnant of men who live in the Mobile area and are hungry for God.  At the end of the speaker asked us to be silent and let God speak to us.  I bowed my head and was in the presence of God immediately, I asked God what do you want me to do?

"See that man that you have known all your life, he is in the deepest valley that he has ever been in and he needs to hear from Me." 

 I looked up and glanced across the room and  God said, "See that man that you have known all your life, he is in the deepest valley that he has ever been in and he needs to hear from Me."  He was a professional man, a doctor and I asked him if I could pray with him, and he said yes.  The prophetic began to flow, I told another man about praying for him and he looked at me and said, "I am in a desperate valley to."  It was clear that God wanted me to move and speak.  It happened the week before at this meeting.  People are in so much need, this was a group of men in the service of the Lord who were being pounded by the evil one.  I was called to speak into peoples lives and to be obedient in this work of prophecy.

 Recently I have been under a strong attack about the spiritual gifts by people who do not think they are real.

  Recently I have been under a strong attack about the spiritual gifts by people who do not think they are real.  I have been sharpened by these believers who are non believers in the supernatural, I was called to speak and to bring comfort to my brothers who are in the valley.  Religion has to be dealt with and we must turn over the tables in the temple once again so we can hear His voice.  We will pay a price for that action but  the vision God has shown us is the revelation of the prophetic for today.  We know if we die we will be raised up on the third day, Jesus wants us to carry the cross, if death happens while we are crucified then truth will manifest through the Holy Spirit in our lives.  When truth turns into fruit then my friend you will see the true harvest of God.  Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit, you have given me gifts and I apologized to you for putting my problems in front of my gifts, I am obedient to you Holy Spirit and I open the door of healing to my brothers who are working the harvest.   
Prophetic Evangelist
Jerrell Miller

We Are To Warn Them Of Coming Events in the World

We see through a glass darkly and it does not appear to be here but we look and see the beginning of the end.  While people plan for a future God is orchestrating the events of the end times that will surprise and change the position of everyone in the world.  These are events to warn the elect to be ready for the coming of Christ in the air for His church, we do not know the time or the moment but the season of Israel is at time.  The four blood moons will reveal the face of God. We have been brought into this world to warn the people who are looking for God.  As a prophet and a journalist we love the truth, we don't pretend to be the answer but like you we are praying and hoping that God will move within this web site and our radio program to be a speaker in Jerusalem and the world to reveal the miracle working power of God.  December 1, 2013 -- The Remnant International.

MOBILE, AL -- The old systems are winding down and there is so much that is going to happen in the next two years.  Many questions are asked when will one third of the world be destroyed, who is the false prophet and who is the man of sin? How could all this happen I just don't see it? People who are out of the word of God are going to have a very difficult time when all this happens. 

Study To Show Yourself Approved of God

 We have studied the end time prophecies and they mostly center around Jerusalem and the nation of Israel.  The clock tells us that the message of repent for the kingdom of God is at hand is coming closer.  Christian's were not meant for this world, our trip to the wedding feast is very near, we are in a stage of warning and we have been called to prepare the bride.  In the coming weeks we will reveal many things about the last days. We should be the witness and speak the words of the great prophet John the Baptist, "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand."

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- This fall I have been to the campus of The University of Alabama on three different times.  It's a place that is so sweet to my memory, it was in the Fall of 1971 that I heard John Croyle a member of the football team that spoke about his personal testimony.  The power of God was in his mouth but I wasn't ready.  It was two weeks later on a Friday night that I had missed an appointment that night. My friend David Chism asked me to come to the revival.  I had a free night and so I went to Calvary Baptist Church to hear the evangelist. I didn't make it until the last part of the service, I hadn't even heard Asa Couch preach his message.  I heard his voice from the large crowd when he said, "I'm going to end this altar call but the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "There is just one more person to come forward to receive Christ."  I heard him and all of a sudden I moved out of the pew and went forward. I asked myself what am I doing down here.  My heart and spirit was at the altar but my mind was in the pew.  I accepted Christ that night more than 40 years ago.  It changed my life, my family and my whole direction in life. One moment, one decision and one choice gave me eternity and completely changed my life. I didn't come to The University to receive a diploma I came to Tuscaloosa to find God. 

IRANIAN PEACE PLAN Fooled Again America

MOBILE, AL -- Once again our brilliant State Department has signed a deal with the largest terroristic state in the world.  Iran has vowed to destroy Israel and America.  We have allowed them to continue to enrich uranium for a Nuclear Bomb and at the same time lifted the sanctions on that country.  "This new leader is a wolf in sheep's clothing, you had better watch his every move," these are the word of the current prime minister of Israel.

MOBILE, AL -- There is no doubt that the church cannot see the on-coming fulfillment of prophecy.  With the time almost near the use of prophecy in the church is there for the people to get ready for the coming of Christ.  Jesus himself said that John the Baptist had one message and he was the greatest prophet in the entire word of God, "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand."  We don't pretend to know the day or the hour but we do know that this is the season.  


There are many foolish virgins in the church, the oil is not in the lamp and the Father is getting ready to signal to the Son of Man to come and get the faithful. Where is revival and where is the church at this time.  These signs and wonders in the heaven lies are a warning before the Word is executed across the earth, many will be shocked at the season but those who have kept their lamps full of oil will be ready for the coming of man. 


Matthew 24:23 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: The major disasters and volcanic activity that has been seen and felt around the earth happens usually when the United States is dealing with the enemies of Israel. Right now sanctions against the Iranian leadership is being negotiated and the Prime Minister of Israel is warning the State Department of the United States that the current leadership in Iran is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  

Editor Jerrell Miller has said,

 "The darkened atmosphere of the country has allowed the enemy to take a foothold that it has never had in the history of this America.  The new season in this country has seen the Supreme Court identify with Gay Marriage, the very foundation of our country is the family.  The problem with homosexual marriage is that it cannot produce a child, and many local laws against sodomy are being wiped from the books in local cities, and states.  Its like a infestation of darkness trying to undermine the family and the Christian values of this country. The Supreme Court has overruled Sodomy and has accepted anal intercourse by a man as the act of marriage. The holy image of God producing life in the womb of a women has been perverted by this ruling, this is an abomination to Father God and His Son Jesus, the days of the United States of America and this Presidency are limited, it is time for America to repent, so it can be a Godly nation again."

MOBILE, AL -- Have you ever thought that this might be your last Christmas at home with your family.  In the next two years  four events will happen that has never been seen on the face of the earth.  The dates listed above are of a critical nature and many prophets believe that this is a signal of a judgment upon the face of the earth to come.  These four dates correspond with two Jewish Passovers and two dates of the Feast of Tabernacles during the next two years.


The events of the blood moons have appeared before but never like this. These moons happened in 1493 and 1494 when Jews were expelled from Spain. The blood moons in 1949 and 1950 came right after the nation of Israel was assembled, giving the Jews a homeland for the first time in thousands of years. The blood moon happened in 1967 & 1968 during the Six Day War when the Jews retook the City of Jerusalem. In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted as saying: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light. … And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” (Matthew 24:29-30)  A quadrant of four moons is very significant as Father God is going to put His divine hand upon all earthly function for the sake of His people. 

Total Solar Eclipse

Not only are there four blood moons on 4/15/14, 10/8/14, 4/4/15, and 9/28/15, but the significance is that the total solar eclipse on 3/20/15. It begins the biblical calendar of Nisan 1. Nisan 1 begins the religious New Year according to the scriptures.  This date was the grand opening of Moses tabernacle in the wilderness. This is the day a great sign came and fire fell to light the burnt offering. In Israel this year it is the year 5773 and many believe that the time of the Jew is at hand.  It says in scripture that a generation shall not pass, (Jewish Generation is 52 years) until the time Israel is dealt with as a nation.  We mark the beginning of that Generation in the year of 1967 when Israel took the City of Jerusalem.  No man knows the day or the hour but you can be sure that God is trying to warn His people to be ready.
Prophetic Evangelist 
And Journalist Jerrell Miller 

MOBILE, AL -- Racism is still a problem in the church, when God called me as an editor and an evangelist -- the Lord has always spoke before men. In the whole time of my editorship of The Remnant International, I ran into revival leaders and people who tried to get me to stop going to Africa and when I mentioned racism in Mobile, Alabama I was not welcomed any more. Revival churches are not interested in the poor or reaching the ghetto, they are interested in money to promote their personality.  One revival leader said, "Since we have come out of the Ghetto" -- I sat in my seat and was shocked at his words, shortly after that I was led to another place to worship.  We have learned over a period of time that this website is prophetic and speaks to the need.  When we are stirred you will know it is of God.  No one is more special than another, but God has chosen simple people to flow through  --  the racism shown in many revival leaders has had its day. Jesus said, "The poor have the gospel preached to them," too much money among the leadership that people are following those who follow the will of God will find themselves to every race creed and nation and that includes the poor blacks in this area of Mobile where the last slave ship entered the Bay of the Holy Spirit.

“Every one that is born of a virgin is born of God.”

When I got married in 1982 my wife and I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee — the day before we got there we stayed at the foot of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. As I went to sleep that night I had a dream and in the dream a voice spoke to me, “Every one that is born of a virgin is born of God.” How holy was our wedding night, I married my bride and the only man that she has ever known is me. How wonderful and how beautiful, I know that there is a mystery but it  was a direct word to me in a vision while I sleep. As we walked down the main street in Gatlinburg, Tennessee we stopped at a Christian book store. As I walked by some of the plaques that were hung in a gallery to sell my eyes fell on one of them it said, “I asked Jesus how much he loved me? Then he stretched out his hands and died.” Immediately the Spirit of God fell on me and I began to weep. I couldn’t control what happened to me because it was a God moment.

         As I dated my wife before we were married I was at a movie house where a reenactment of the Crucifixion was shown, once again I began to weep and cry in an instant of a time. When I’m gone perhaps my children will read there father’s old newspapers and be touched to know how much there father loved Jesus. I love my children and I watch over them, believe me teenagers struggle to go the right way —with so many hurting so hard I feel for some of the young men who come to my house. It seems as if my boys have a burden for others. It seems as if all they want to do is encourage those who are loners. Do you know how many teenagers are being raised by single parents, do you know how many of them are in trouble and need help. There was a promise once given to me by God about one of my children. I saw a great evangelist take a bible and lay it at the foot of his bed.

God is going to move through people you have cast away, God won’t hold you accountable but He will shock you.
             Do you know that God is going to move through people you have cast away, God won’t hold you accountable but He will shock you. We went to the 26th of November 2003 before we published last month, but do you know we were on time. Did you know we published something that was spot news and of interest to our readers. Brother T. B. Joshua stopped by my room and began to tell me about what happened during my last visit to The Synagogue Church of All Nations. I learned that the very night I arrived the Zulu Princess was healed of epilepsy. He told me that it was unique that I was there on day she was healed. I remember what I was doing when I was there. I was reading a book written about William Branham, I was not just reading these book I was inhaling them. I found out I was still hungry about the things of God. A good friend Bill Johnson introduced these books to me in Redding, California . Julius was assigned to me at the Synagogue Church to let me know when it was time for me to come to the meetings. On Wednesday I was reading one of these books when he came to get me for the evening service. Lagos is not a comfortable place to come to but what is in Lagos is worth looking at. God was going to challenge me on this trip. We saw a pastor who had escaped Liberia instantly healed, I took the picture and the story and it was in the September Remnant. We moved down and Julius came to me and told me that the people T. B. Joshua was going to pray over at the other end of the church.  It was the Queen of the Zulus and the daughter of the Zulu King. My Father in heaven directs me and puts me in the places where He wants to show me his glory. Six thousand miles on a plane to see God do something. What was it that He had done? God had moved into a situation that 400 years of sending missionaries to South Africa couldn’t do.  I remember Gandhi the Liberator of India say, “I would become a Christian but I don’t see much of what Christ taught among the people that call themselves Christians.” It was Gandhi that taught the policy of non-violence to change things.  Martin Luther King the great leader of the Civil Rights movement changed all of America by the teachings of this great man Gandy. This was the figure that Dr. King studied about when he was in school in Boston.  He was his role model of non-violence in the great Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s.

 Gandhi could have been a great evangelist to India, he could have been a Christian but the witness of what he saw in Durban, South Africa brought him back to his own religion.  Just think if they would have accepted this man in the church in South Africa, he was turned away from the door of a Christian Church because of the color of his skin.

     Gandhi could have been a great evangelist to India, he could have been a Christian but the witness of what he saw in Durban, South Africa brought him back to his own religion.  Just think if they would have accepted this man in the church in South Africa. The evangelism of India would have been a fact by now.  God moved Gandhi into his destiny.  He was going to be the liberator of India no matter what anyone said, just think he could of done it as a Christian but when he was a young lawyer in South Africa he was turned away from a Christian Church because of racial make up.  Once again we are seeing something of a great mystery.  Why would the King of the Zulus come to Nigeria to visit  a man named TAB. Joshua.  If you would have met this king you would know one thing about him.  He is kind, considerate and benevolent to his people and also strangers like me.  He was very gracious when I spoke to him.  He was grateful that Jesus had healed his daughter.  I could see a kind and sweet love between this king and his daughter.  Believe me when King Goodwill Zillah left the church in Lagos, he and his daughter have a testimony that could move all of South Africa.   Could we not learn from people who are going to be used by God.  Recently a well know magazine spoke about T B. Joshua and made accusations about this man of adultery, witchcraft and false healings.  I have spent 21 days with T .B. Joshua and I have learned one thing about this man.  He is much like this Zulu King.  He is kind, loving toward his family and dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I watched how he works with his people and he is nothing like what was written about him.  One thing Joshua knows about his calling is that it comes complete with critics.  He also knows that when critics begin to tear the glory begins to come in. I have seen that pattern before I remembered when my pastor was arrested for taking out unruly witches from his church. The two weeks between the trail dates the glory flowed through the Oak Park Church of God.  It was an awesome time of ministry.
      The witness of what we do will last for an eternity, I believe that Prophet T. B. Joshua is a key to the last days revival in that nation of South Africa, and he could also be a key in America.  The last major move of God that was led by a black man in this country was Azusa Street.  The prejudice of Azusa Street still lives today in many Pentecostal Organizations. The most segregated hour of worship in the American Church can be found in the Pentecostal Churches of America between the hours of 10 AM and 12 noon.   The promise is found in the gospel of John in the fourteenth chapter the promise of the Spirit only comes to those who are in unity, when you exclude anyone from this gospel then you will find yourself in religion and that is a deadly place to be.

BOGO, PHILIPPINES -- The Israeli Defense Force has traveled half way across the world to bring aid to one of the small villages that have been cut off from the entire world in Bogo, Philippines. The Israeli contingent brought fresh water, a medical team and food to the people of Bogo.  

The Israel Defense Forces rescue mission to the Philippines is planning to set up a field hospital in the City of Bogo, at the northern end of Cebu Island. The mission landed Thursday morning on Cebu Island and began transporting medical equipment to the north of the city, following the request of Philippine authorities. The island wasn’t as badly hit as other regions, but has suffered a complete power failure.

"The damage to infrastructure here is severe. There’s no running water and tens of thousands are currently homeless, said Col. Ramatin Savti, the mission's commander Thursday. The mission, which aimed to have the hospital running within hours of landing, have been asked to aid the city's one other functioning hospital in offering routine treatment to the public.

The IDF’s field hospital can treat up to 500 patients daily, but mission officials believe the number of daily patients will be considerably lower. “I believe our hospital will be used more as a clinic, offering communal service,” Col. Savti told military correspondents. “Our aim is to take over some of the services the hospital would otherwise offer.”

The medical delegation will soon be joined by infrastructure crews consisting of engineers and construction, electricity and water personnel. Local authorities specifically requested that the IDF delegation aid in reopening local schools, which are all still closed, as swiftly as possible. We pray with the people of Israel on their Godly mission.


MOBILE, AL -- Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away, Matthew 24:35   This scripture is in His holy word, it is found in the chapter where his disciples are asking about the end time.  There vision was short sided but the Lord told them after the long range vision of the Father.  Even Jesus told them that they could not even approach the Father but through him and that Jesus and every man on the face of the earth will not know the time of his return until the Father tells the Father to come and get the church.  The ways of the Lord are always a surprise to those, he comes to help at the least expected time but he does come.  The Father requires that his virgins have oil in their lamp, if the oil is not there and they are not ready they will not go home to the wedding feast of the lamp.  Without discipleship in the church the harvest will wither and fade, its not just enough to be saved but we must go on to the Promise of the Father, it is in every bible and that is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  Not everyone is going to teach this and for those who read the word and are not accountable to these words, they will be answerable to what God has written,  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away, Matthew 24:35

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- It seemed as every day I was faced the question would I graduate. Spanish consumed me and it seems as if it would be my downfall but for the grace of God.  My family was not interested, no one to encourage I found myself in a battle where there was no support coming.  My only wish was to be a high school history teacher but God had other plans.  I found myself locked in a room was a chain smoker and down the hall I found a new friends named David Chism and we soon traded roommates from the smoke that billowed up next to my bed.  David was from the Northern part of Alabama and was there studying for a master degree in English.  He really became a good friend in the Fall of 1971, I was a Catholic and he was the son of a Baptist Preacher.  God put us together for a divine purpose.  That year was a golden year as David invited me to a revival at Calvary Baptist Church.  I had other plans but those fell through and I decided to go to the church I had already heard the football player John Crowell give his testimony and I could feel the Holy Spirit around what he said.  As I entered the church I could see David Chism and the preacher had started the invitation.  The powerful Holy Spirit pulled me forward and I accepted Jesus as my personal savior.  I couldn't understand how this Catholic Boy received Christ.  You see my head was in the pew but my heart was at the altar.  Something compelled me to go forward and it was a new beginning not just in my soul, but it was also a call in my life that I was burdened for and was obedient. Today David is a missionary to Spain, John Crowell has a ministry near Gadsden, Alabama called Big Oak Boys Ranch.  In the Fall of 1971 many were called to a different destiny and I was one of those in God's divine plan. 

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- It was a long time ago when I finished my Senior Year at the University of Alabama.  I left there to never look back but 39 years later I am offered a ticket to go to the football game and I went with three dear friends.  The ticket was from a dear friend who had passed away from illness, the widow allowed me to go in his place.  After 39 years many things were still in place but most of it had changed from 1972. In 1972 the football stadium only held 52,000 but now it holds 110,000 and is one of the largest stadiums in college football.  We sat at the 10 yard line in the southern section of the stadium.  It wasn't like this before but after you have won 7 national championships you are a little more abundant.  As the Crimson Tide entered the field the roar went up from the crowd.  The place reminded me of the movie gladiator and I thought to myself, will this stadium be a broken down hulk like the Coliseum was in Rome.  It was like Rome as the crowd was wild and untamable from beginning to end.  It was a trill after 39 years but I don't think I will be back.  I am very proud of what the new coach has done.  Nick Saban has won three national championships in five years and has an undefeated team right now heading for the finish line.  My days are growing long now and just to make that one visit to the place I received my college degree from was lasting memory. 


TULSA OKLAHOMA — In the Fall of 1 9 7 9 , I felt as if God wanted me to accept a call to ministry and go to school. I made an application to The Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was engaged to  at the time but God wanted me to be obedient to Him, for a short period of time. This was going to be a work of hope and vision that would prepare me for my future destiny as a minister. I worked at the local newspaper (The Tulsa World) in Tulsa as a sports reporter and a circulation manager. I struggled to go to class and study. I felt like a lost ball in high weeds. I believe all vision of the supernatural. 

While I was at the school I was interviewed by The Tulsa World on being a new student at ORU and what I thought about the school. The reporter didn’t tell me he was going to print everything I said, but he did. He wrote that I was disappointed at the vision of the university. I said, " you  watch Oral Roberts on television and the miracles of God are big and beautiful and that draws you to the school but once you get here it is nothing like that."   I mentioned the fact that you never see Oral Roberts in the school. Two weeks after the article, Chancellor Roberts established a new class where he would interact with the students in the seminary about ministry. I went to those classes and enjoyed them. When Oral Roberts walked in the room for the first time, he was big. I saw the Cherokee Indian facial features. He had a large nose and large ears. He combed his hair straight back and he could communicate one on one like nobody I had ever heard. One of the students asked the question, “How do you know when to pray with someone?” Roberts said, “Everyone wants to be  prayed for and the more you are in ministry, you’ll know that. You don’t wait nor ask may I, they have come to see you in ministry and you just reach out, take their hands and quietly ask, “Can I pray for you?” The anointing was so great in the room. I stood in awe of him. He was a legend in Pentecost and he will always be. I knew I was standing in the presence of a great man. Oral Roberts changed the way we thought about God but his seminary at the time had teachers who didn’t think the same way he did. I very often asked myself after meeting him, “Does he actually know what is going on here?” My teacher recommended that I should see a psychologist and he said that I had never gotten over my father’s death, but it wasn’t that I had just been Baptized in the Holy Ghost and I wanted to know more about the supernatural and how God uses men. I went to the psychologist and he prescribed medicine for me which I never used. I knew after one semester that there was not a lot of future here so I decided to withdraw from the school in January.

I struggled to go to class and study. I felt like a lost ball in high weeds.I would get up at 4 in the morning to go to my job and I was wearing out ORU was difficult that year. Oral Roberts was building the City of Faith and the work was at a stop because of the tremendous amounts of money it called for; and Richard Roberts was going through his divorce. I had a professor who wanted us to contract for grades and pick a written assignment. Of course I contracted for an A. 

It was what I was writing about that got me into trouble. I asked the question, “Do men of God today have the ability to physically raise the dead?” In the ORU Seminary, was a remnant of teachers from the Candler School of Theology in Atlanta. The seminary was being run by the Methodists and the shock I went through was there  and it was real. Just before Christmas of 1979, I went to a Chapel Service where Oral was going to speak. As he walked out onto the stage in the chapel, he looked like a ghost. You could see that he was pale with worried. The City of Faith and Richard’s divorce had taken its toll on him. I, with two other students, walked forward and laid hands on him and began to pray for him. My time was coming to an end at Oral Roberts University and I quietly withdrew at the registrar’s office. I packed up my car and headed  toward Mobile. That Fall Hurricane Frederick hit the center of Mobile and destroyed it.  Something else was going to happen to me a day before I tried to leave. When a student withdraws from school, they always send a guidance counselor over to speak and pray with the student that is leaving. Dr. Andy Rizzo had joined the staff at the Chaplain’s office and he showed up at my door, in graduate housing, to talk and pray with me.  

We went into my bedroom and Dr Rizzo said, “Why don’t you lead the prayer?” As I began to pray with Andy, the glory of God entered the room and I began to speak words of prophecy over and over again. It flowed as fast as it came out of my mouth, for five straight hours. Andy and I were under the glory the entire time. God’s presence was so heavy and so enormous that we found ourselves on the floor at times flat on our faces. The glory was so great I was pressed in my spirit and wanted it to end. It was like turning on a light that you thought you had turned on, as a normal light in a room, and all of a sudden, a full spotlight appears that shocks you and makes you ask, wow, what was that? I was glad that it was over, and it’s not because I didn’t want an experience with God. This was so sudden and so powerful it just totally blew my mind. I began to wonder, what this was and did this happen with other students. Before I left the next day, I had lunch with Andy, and I asked him had this ever happened to any other students leaving and he said, “No.”


 I had a call on my life but I never thought that I was going to really be active in ministry. I was so defeated and down as I drove back through Arkansas, it was 700 miles from ORU to Mobile and I knew it was a time I had to find myself and just trust God.  In November, I had sought God and fasted for 26 days, and I believe this encounter was God’s response. Today I can say I have done more things in ministry and am very satisfied. God told me to write this and tell people about this struggle in ministry that I went though before God ordained me and blessed me in what I do today. The time I spent in the room with Dr. Rizzo was a door opened and a vent from heaven to prepare me for something very strange and unusual in my life. Vivian and I were engaged two more years and finally married after a prophet spoke a word over us on November 8, 1981. The prophetic has always been a big part of my life. 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- We were at JFK International in New York, New York.  We were all excited in the Spring of 2006.  I had spent a cold December in Louisville, Kentucky designing an putting out the first Voice of Jerusalem newspaper for High Adventure Ministries, Jackey Yockey got be very good friends with Jerrell Miller, the prophetic voice of The Remnant International. . The vision that God had for The Remnant International was to sew into the future of Jerusalem.  Jackey Yockey was an awesome encouragement to this ministry.  When the first newspaper came out the beautiful blues and picture of Israel made that newspaper look like a diamond. In a trip that Jerrell had taken in 2001, he took some of the most beautiful pictures of the Holy Land.  The evangelist-editor knew a lot of history about the country, and the coming back to it by the Jews.  "My heart is with the Jewish people, I was glad to do this newspaper for the Voice of Hope.  When it was finished, I looked at the stories and pictures of Israel and my heart began to be stirred, I wept over the cover.  It was my offering to this ministry and to the Jewish people."

Dead Sea Scrolls

My youngest son was only eight years old and it was the day after Mardi Gras. " Nathan would you like to go downtown and see the scrolls," he said, "Yes."  As I looked at the Isaiah scroll my heart began to fill with a desire to go back to the Holy Land. It was under five inches of glass.  Mobile saw revival several years after the scrolls had come in a building right next to the place we were.  I felt like the word came first and then the people came back.  In 1946 the word came first and then the Jews came back in 1948.  Like a  lost sheep I began to ask myself, "How long has it been since my heart was burdened for the Jewish people, Lord I want to go back to Jerusalem."   Nathan's middle name is Josiah it was a name we chose the year Nathan was born in 1994.  As we walked through this holy exhibit, we saw a page out of the early Gutenberg Bible, it touched me.  We saw an exhibit where the Dome of the Rock was and I asked a question?  Where was the Holy of Holies in the position in the area of the Dome, and the women pointed to the center of the Mosque.  More and more my heart began to grip the moment, and then I told God I wanted to go back to Jerusalem.  When we got home God told me to pull out my Bible and read about Josiah one of the last good kings of Judah.  It said, "When Josiah was 8-years-old Josiah became King of Judah and he did what was right in the eyes of God.  My son was 8 years old and it set the mood for me as I rejoiced.  

Lets Go To Israel 

 It was just about three month latter that I got a call from Jackey and she invited me on a trip to the Holy Land.  I had enough sky miles with Delta Airlines for an international trip and El Isle was a partner to Delta.  God had seen the desire of my heart.  The trip was incredible -- Jackey called for me to minister in the tour on four different times, The Garden Tomb, Mt Carmel, Eliot, and a place where Gideon chose his final men for the battle.  God was such a blessing and the fullness of the adventure was all over us.  Each time I spoke I could feel a deep presence of God that I remember to this day.  As I got home I told Jackey that I had a Christian Program named The Remnant International.  She listen to it and decided to put it on the Voice of Hope/Voice of Jerusalem.  Jackey had honored me by allowing this prophet to speak from the Kidron Valley.  The Voice of Hope is located on the other side of Kidron Valley just across from the Old City of Jerusalem.  What an honor that God has allowed this to happen.  We were blessed and we wanted to be a blessing.  It was an awesome time as Jackey called me on December 1, 2011 and said, "Jerrell we are going on the Jewish Cable Network and this will mark the first time that a Christian Broadcast could be heart from one end of the country to the other and The Remnant International is the first program up. 

We Salute Jackey Yockey 

 We are both similar in nature, we both started out in Broadcast ministry.  For years the work of High Adventure Ministry came out of Southern California but in the last few years Jackey shifted the ministry to Kentucky.  The decision to keep the ministry in Israel was made and Jackey  would be the new president of the ministry as she took it over from Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Today the good news of Jesus is preached in Israel from the top to the bottom and the international medium of the internet.  We are bless and honor this powerful women of God for her burden for the nation of Israel.  Jackey has taken this Christian station further than anyone can imagine.  The Gospel is preach in Israel, look what the Lord has done. Listen to Salute on Ipod Broadcast. 
Prophetic-Evangelist Jerrell Miller
Editor-Publisher  The Remnant International 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Today Jerrell teaches on the 22th Chapter of Isaiah.  In the chapter God reveals through his servant the place of vision.  The vision of the valley lies in Jerusalem.  It is the place of stirs, the prophets are the only ones who faces death here. Prophets are those poor souls who reveal the truth to Gods people before judgment.  In a sinful world the truth is too hard to handle.  Most of the time the truth tellers are destroyed.  No matter how many times a prophet reveals the sins of a nation. Those who serve those people time after time try to escape the vision of the prophet and they end up in the judgment of God.  A merciful God speaks through his men time after time only to see the mercy end in judgment.  The whole world stands on the end of time looking into the eyes of God without fear but the clock time is running out, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Wow what a truth that Isaiah has revealed in this valley of Hope for God's people.  We are too heavenly minded for this world, but if the world was heavenly minded then all sin would be removed and people would fear a holy God.  Not by might nor power but by My Spirit saith the Lord, listen to podcast click here

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL --  Jackie Yockey, President of Voice of Hope/Voice of Jerusalem recently included a testamony about the day that the Voice of Hope/Voice of Jerusalem went live through out all of Israel on the Kol Hatikva Cable System that goes throughout all of Israel.  We didn't know it but our small five minute program was the first Christian broadcast to go throughout all of Israel on a major voice of communication in the Jewish Country.  What an honor, I can't tell you what good news this is at The Remnant International.   We have been so blessed by God to speak to his people for such a time as this.  We are in the last days and as the time of the Jew approaches we see His hand on our work. God will have the last word in World Events as the Father will one day signal to his son Jesus to call his church home.  Get ready everything is in place and we are ready to go home, Maranatha, even now come Lord Jesus. Listen to podcast.


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Where there is no vision the people parish. In days of old the Jewish Community had wise men called prophets who guided the ship of Israel and warned them about impending danger.  In today's I pod broadcast we examine the days of Jerusalem and how the leadership over and over again destroyed the prophets as they warned them of the coming judgment.  We see through a glass darkly but we can see because God has given us his presence and his word to speak to our hearts. listen to Jerrell as he looks into the hearts of leadership today and puts out the warning.  Click here to hear the vision, the revealed word of God.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Where there is no vision the people parish. In days of old the Jewish Community had wise men called prophets who guided the ship of Israel and warned them about impending danger.  Today where are the prophets, there are no Daniels, Jeremiahs, Isaiah's or Ezekiel's.  We live on a ship without a rudder.  In Amos 3:7 It says, For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets Jews believed in their prophets but who are those who speak today.  Most of the Jewish prophets were assassinated by their rulers but the people still listened to them.  We see though a glass darkly but some of us can't see at all.  The church is blind and can't see what is about to happen but sure as I write these words, the vision of the end time will appear.  It's not a place of fear but it is knowledge and it comes from the prophets.  The vision will not be revealed unless the church comes together as one, not by might nor power but by my Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts. Click here for message. 


MT CARMEL, ISRAEL -- His name was Kent Christmas and I met him for the first time on the tour through Israel.  Kent was a powerful Holy Ghost Evangelist that had just went through a series of trials.  We had a lot in common as we spoke about our small dogs.  We both had Chee Wa Wa's I know I didn't spell that right but he became a good frined during the tour and I haven't seen him in years but the memory of that day on Mt. Carmel will always be a Holy Marker in my life, listen to today's pod cast by clicking here.  

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- We see through a glass darkly as the prophetic reaches out to us from the ages of the present. How could our time refer to an ancient prophet named Isaiah.  As the darkness begins to cover the world the ancient words of a prophet who has been dead for more than 2500 years begins to be the daily news report.  In Isaiah 22, he speaks about the valley of vision.  It is apparent that this prophet loved the city of Jerusalem.  This is the place of stirs, Isaiah was stirred in his beloved Jerusalem to write about a future time.  He saw  Damascus destroyed and now he speaks about how the prophets are destroyed in his beloved city.  Isaiah was killed for speaking about the slaughter of the innocent.  A nation falls during the time when the innocent are slaughtered.  Both times the  future and Isaiah's present time are still dealing with the same issues as both Israel and America are locked into the deadly killing of the innocent in the abortion mill.  We are marked by a time of revelation and his ancient works speak to us right now..  This book reveals who we are and where we are at the present.  There is not a pleasant future ahead,  God is speaking to the nations and Jesus is looking to the father for the time and the place for his return.  Will we understand fully or will we just stand by as a neutral observer to watch the world end in a fiery judgment of tragedy. Jerrell Miller makes a prophetic statement about the city of stirs, where the prophets have spoken for years in the valley of stirs near the old city. The Kidron Valley is where the Voice of Hope is, click here to hear the Valley of Vision, Jerusalem.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Since January of 1973 the greatest killing of the innocent has happened in America, more than 54,559,611 abortions have been performed since Roe vs. Wade.  This landmark decision  of  the Supreme Court open the door for these events to happen.  It was an execution date from Hell set in time and this year America a generation of killing the innocent in the womb.  More than 54 million babies never to have a mother or a father and the blood is on American hands.  This is also an event that happens in Israel as the have followed the path of Israel.  No one in God's house has been able to control this.  Going back to the time of the Kings of Judah we see the same thing happening before they were defeated in battle, King Manasseh offered up sacrifices to Moloch and ancient God of pleasure. America's desire for pleasure without cost has put us in the place of judgment, America has been tried in the Supreme Court of heaven where there is no liberal or conservative and has been found guilty of killing the innocent.  A click here will take you into that teaching

PENSACOLA FL --  Revival will always comes with a price, long nights in the harvest takes a toll on the people hosting it.   God always sends a prophet before revival. Covering four different moves of God I have seen the best and I have also seen the worst.  I watched one revival crash and burn through the acts of the leadership.  While people were looking at the supernatural the vision was lost through the morals of those who God trusted with His divine glory.  God assembles his team and then he lets his glory pour down for a season. Steve Hill still stands as one who needed to be listen to, he has always had wisdom when it comes to a the move of God. Purity is the one standard, that God expects when his presence is in the building. People can feel God's presence leave when morals are compromised.  God will leave a building where this happens.  I have seen four different revivals and I can tell you when God comes in a building, religion has to leave.  In the early days of the Brownsville Revival those carriers of that revival in Pensacola were hit and hit hard by religion, a lying newspaper and several who couldn't see how peoples lives were changing.  When 1.000 people a week were being saved, the deepest cuts came on the leadership.  Many learned that when the fruit inspectors show up that is when you do not react to them.  As I sat on a pew in the front of the church and revival had been going for two years I watched 23 different nationalities walk across the front of the church from every continents and every nation.  They knew what was in the building because people visited and returned home to express the vision of what God was going on.  Revival is phenomena that no one can explain it, its like a runaway fire and their are not fire trucks coming to put it out. Today I will conclude the series on personal prophecy and revival click here to hear today's teaching.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- People are looking for hope, Jerrell Miller will end his series of teaching on personal prophecy.  He identifies the short revivals that have brought false hope to the body of Christ.  People are heart broken over the things they have had to go through, with no revival in sight we call upon the Lord and his divine promises.  Jerrell Miller has followed revival all his life and has some interesting insights of revival.  A click here will take you into that teaching

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- No one ever forgets a prophet when he is speaking his word.  Some speak and several years later it happens.  The more you know about the Bible the more you are on the edge today.  We see what Amos said, and then we read Isaiah and see another piece.  Piece after piece is being put together today.  Thank God for the prophet or we would not have a direction.  The word says that Prophecy is the Spirit of Jesus on the face of the earth.  Even today God speaks to his prophets just before a major event happens in the world.  All is at rest and we wait for his coming.  We know the day and the time is at hand and we wait upon the Father to commission the time and the day that Jesus returns.  The teaching today speaks directly to the laziness of the church when it comes to the prophet.  When the prophet is not speaking the church is dead. A click here will take you into that teaching

JERUSALEM -- Today Prophetic Evangelist deals with a subject that most Christian Churches completely ignore.  These are the last days and those who are not looking for Jesus are not in the way of fulfilling their mission. Most people who go to Christian Churches are not ready for Christ to come.  When the wars, and rumors of wars are in the land, they do not recognize the end time events.  We pray today that most of the church would be awakened to the vision of what God has showed in his holy plan.  Today on our emphasis is on fasting the companion of prayer.  How can we hear from God unless we seek his face.  Jerrell also teaches on the revelation of 39, A click here will take you into that teaching

MOBILE, AL -- People say there is a great awakening in the land and I say yes there is but its not what it seems to be.  The awakening started at Azusa Street and it has met us where we are today.  Most of the fundamental churches have said no to the spiritual gifts.  A rebellion started among fundamentalist in the 1960s as the Spiritual Baptism in the Holy Spirit entered a place that had been blocked for years.  Behind this Spirit Baptism came the nine gifts of the Spirit.  One of the gifts was never accepted, it was called gibberish, and many other things but what they didn't call it was the tongue of God for the revelation of the prophet.  Oh you say he don't speak through men anymore and then you cast out the transmitter.  I say that if you cannot trust God with your tongue then you cannot trust him at all.  A measure of the power of God has entered the church but the full measure waits on the door.  As a believer I believe the promise is at the door for me to see the glory of God over all the earth.  Today I will teach on personal prophecy, a powerful refreshing to individuals who need to hear from God in desperate situations.  Many call it witchcraft but it is the Holy Spirit at its finest.  Prophets hear the voice of God first, let the prophet speak to help refresh the church. We celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles today and look for his return.  Scripture for the ipod teaching.A tap here for teaching Amos 3:7 NIV Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.


MOBILE, AL -- From the Heart of Dixie The Remnant Church now is broadcasting the teaching of Prophetic-Evangelist Jerrell Miller. One of the greatest weaknesses of the church is the lack of prophecy and direction.  While many have a guidance and a direction many in the church have no vision at all.  God still wants to fellowship with his people but he has no entry way into the harvest. The true voice of the prophet is muzzled while people look for leadership from pastors who have guarded their pulpit so hard that despair has set in.  Leaders control the prophetic voice and the vision is lost, Jerrell has felt the voice of misdirection so many times and understands how desperate people are to hear from God today. The same teachings heard ever day on the Voice of Hope in Jerusalem are not on our web site directly from Jerusalem, Israel.  God has blessed this ministry with this tremendous teaching ministry heard every day on cn line just click here

MOBILE, AL -- The church has lost one of its most cherrished supernatural gifts, the gift of prophecy.  Many in the church have several issues to face, one of the most damming issues in the church is racism.  When the personal prophet comes to the church, the supernatural is challenged.  Jesus spoke that the prophetic is one of the most cherished gifts.  In the Old Testament it says that God will do nothing unless he consults the prophets.  The fundamental church walks into the will of God stumbling and falling for a man made anointing without any power.  Someone who wants to control the church has blinded the prophets and have muscled him. The church belongs to the people, it adheres to the leadership and the leadership is called the Holy Spirit.  Some believe that the church will go up during the rapture without harm.  They have blinded the prophets and have mussed their mouths and they cannot even see their own demise is at hand.  No vision will cause a visitation from the Holy Spirit, if it doesn't represent God then it will divide and fall.  God wants to visit his people and in these days he will use what ever means he has to come through any door of a church with hungry people.

NASHVILLE, TN -- They call them angels of mercy, how valuable is a nurse that goes into the most desperate areas of Africa.  Julie Shirley RN has a burden to fulfill her mission to several countries of South Africa, Mozambique, Swazie Land and several areas in India.  God has taken this young nurse and have place a specific burden in her heart to serve no matter was the hazard.  Right now she has a need of $7,5000. Julie has a message to Remnant readers, "Thank you to everyone who is supporting me through prayer or financially.  Y'all helped me reach my deadline of $3,500 for this month!!  Now time to get started working on the next deadline in December! I need monthly sponsors as well as one-time donations to help me reach this next goal of $7,500.  Click here to go to my web site and donate, any donation will help us in our outreach to the nations.  There are several options to help donate: We endorse this outreach and we ask you to support Julie Shirley, she is a blessing to us and her family. 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- For the last three years Prophetic Evangelist Jerrell Miller has broadcasts a program in Jerusalem from the Kidron Valley on the Voice of Hope.   Now you can hear that same message as you enter the web site on a daily podcast.  Jerrell has traveled America for the last 20 years as an evangelist and a journalist.  He has been an international speaker and has also traveled as a Missionary-Journalist through the world as he published The Remnant Newspaper for 20 years. While he has a prophetic gift he has a burden to teach on the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and use of the Spiritual Gifts in the church today.  He is currently in the process of a written work about the last 20 years of revival.

A Prophetic Word 
For Friday
Sept 13, 2013

"It hasn't changed in 2000 years, the prophets are mocked until they see.  It takes faith to be a prophet and it takes faith to believe a prophet.  To measure what you hear or what you read you have to know the time, the place and atmosphere of God. Prophets hear God and they warn the people.  We who know about prophecy very often never see the light enough to share it with the lost. Many people are asking the question of what is happening and we of the knowledge never tell them.  The prophetic word of God will very often awake a sinner to the fear of losing their soul to hell.  Those who do not fear God are very often found at the judgment seat of God.  God has given us knowledge and we must tell them of the end and the Day of the Lord.  David Wilkerson spoke of nuclear attack from Russian, and A. A. Allen warned of fire from the sea and a nuclear attack (Tap Here To Read Allen Prophecy) .   Recently a Messianic Jew, Jonathan Kahn has spoke about the hedges of protection that  are slowly falling around America. (Tap Here To Read Cahn's Word).  The Harbinger Book is the hottest book since Tommy Tenney's God Chasers.  Is this the last pope to sit on the Chair of Peter, an amazing revelation has come forth from a Catholic Prophet that spoke a word about this last pope more than 1000 years ago. (Tap Here For St. Malachy (1094-1148) prophecy about the popes of Rome) Now we see a president that is slowly turning his back on Israel.  This is a desperate time of faith and witness, we are close to the end.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for our country to move our embassy to Jerusalem."
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL  -- Acts 2:1-47 - And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  One thing that the church has forgotten is the power of God and how it comes into the church.  The power of God comes from unity.  The reason America has fallen into the situations that they are in today is because those in charge are allowed to do anything they want and the church sits by and allows it because those who are the in charge are not on the same page.  This scripture above represents the unity and the power of the church.  We will win this world with signs and wonders and the power of God. America has not paid their power bill and the power company is coming to turn the lights out. Its not by might nor power but its by my Spirit saith the Lord.
Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

MASADA, ISRAEL -- It was two thousand years ago that a small settlement of Israel called Masada fought off the Roman Army on top of fortress.  As the Roman's built a ramp to attack the last Jewish Settlement in Israel at that time, the Zealots took their lives.  The Jewish Nation reappeared in June of 1948 after 2,000 years.  Every Jewish Officer commissioned in the IDF (Israel Defense Force) goes to this high place and swears that never again will God's people be trodden under the foot of a conquering enemy.  Today we recognize the existence of Israel.  We ask all those who read this to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

ISRAEL -- This morning Israel tested their missile defense system by firing a missile at their homeland to see if the interceptors could catch it in their net of safety.  While America debates the response to the Syrian leadership in a military form the United States and Israel are preparing for the worst.  Assad the Syrian leader has threatened to attack Israel if NATO forces comes against Syria.  As Syria has become the focus of time we remember what Isaiah has said about Damascus. It says in Isaiah 17:1 That Damascus shall become a ruinous heap.  The promise of the end time is here where it is said that one third of the earth will be destroyed.  It will come suddenly without warning, Jerusalem has once become a cup of trembling once again, pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. 

MOBILE, AL -- We are late into the Hurricane Season here and we have not seen the first storm hit the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic.  We have posted a picture from the land that Abraham traveled near the red sea.  On one faithful day Moses told Aaron to prepare the sacrifice because the Lord is going to visit us soon.  In Leviticus 9:24 we read about how God came down at that time.  He has always wanted to visit his people but they have not always been right in side.  Sin is in the process of conquering a land once dedicated to the purpose of God.  In recent days we have seen America favor the homosexual in marriage and kill millions of innocent babies in the womb.  These are the days of Elijah where the dry bones become as flesh.  His people are crying out for God to come and visit and he has promised us in Habakkuk 2:14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea Today we speak over people in the prophetic with promise after promise. While some people mock the prophetic here is what was said several years ago about the prophetic ministry of Jerrell Miller.

Who are the real men of God? I have been invited to several places to speak in the prophetic over congregations and a pastor usually walks by my side so he’ll know what I’m saying to his people. And time after time, I have been taken aside by these pastors and told, “This is amazing. How do you do that when you know nothing about my people?” But I have found that the prophetic flows at any time, in any place, and under any condition. Now, I have laid hands on a man, many individuals and have received some pretty unique words. 

One day, in Kingsport, Tennessee, I laid hands on a woman who had never ever traveled outside of the state of Tennessee. I told her she was going to go on a trip to a far-off land, and then I told her she would be in a desert and would witness a flower bloom as a person poured water on it. After the service, I told my wife, “I must be losing my mind, why did I say that to her?” I came back to that church a year later, and the same lady approached me and told me that she had just taken a trip to South Africa and her tour guide took them to a desert region in Namibia. Then she said this, “It’s just as you said it would happen. The tour guide took a bottle of water and poured it over this plant and a flower came forward.” Men are imperfect and the abuse of the prophetic is very common today.  In all my travels I can only say this about the use of the prophetic word, don't ever speak a word unless God is speaking through you.  He will always honor you as you honor Him, the vision will always be sure as long as the prophetic instrument is obedient to the will of God and purpose of the people he speaks over.  Beware of false prophets in this day.  God still wants to visit his people but it takes obedience and discipline in the word of God and the execution of the personal prophetic.  Personal prophecy is not for itching ears but sometimes it serves as an answer in a desperate moment. 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- We are looking at the world change.  Russian war ships are steaming right now to make a presence known outside of Syria.  The Russians are making a statement as the Ships of America are side by side with a cold war enemy.  As Syria has become the focus of time we remember what Isaiah has said about Damascus. It says in Isaiah 17:1 That Damascus shall become a ruinous heap.  The promise of the end time is here where it is said that one third of the earth will be destroyed.  It will come suddenly without warning, Jerusalem has once become a cup of trembling.  The mission of the last days are at hand.  In the great battle of Gettysburg in the early days was only a skirmish but after three days thousands upon thousands of soldiers were laying dead on the battlefield.  We are to not pray for ourselves but we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

DAMASCUS, SYRIA -- Damascus has been spoken about more than 3,000 years ago that it would no longer be a city.  God has placed the words of his direction in the prophets mouth.  Many today don't believe in the prophetic word but God has said it and it will be done as he has said.

Resisting The Holy Spirit 
Will Cause The Vision To 
Be A Division 

   Stiff necked Jews were warned by the prophets that to bind the words or the work of the Holy Spirit will be a folly to anyone who participates.   When the Holy Spirit walks away from a situation, that situation cannot exist without a division.  When the vision becomes a division then the direction of God is lost and the people are scattered to another flock and another destiny.  God wants to hold his church together in these difficult times.  This country has engaged the Syrians for war crimes against their people. 

The word of God clearly 
says that the nation who honors deviant behavior is an abomination to God.

America has just honored Homosexual marriage.  The word of God clearly says that a nation who honors deviant behavior is an abomination to God.  America is on the edge of their own judgment, while many preach a rapture we must know that there is no revival in our nation at the presence time and we have fallen to a place of God's oversight.  The question is not what America will do with Syria, but the question is what will God the Father do with America. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International
August 26, 2013

AQABA, JORDAN -- We had flown to Elate on the Red Sea and next to Elate was Aqaba, it is where the Jordanian King vacations, but at one time Aqaba was erected as a strong fortress to those who would intrude on their 600 year Islamic reign of Turkey.  A young British Officer named Lawrence put together a Bedouin Army to come down the valley behind Aqaba and destroy the presence of the Turks in this area.  Many in the Army had long been under the heavy hand of the Turkish Empire but Aqaba was going to fall in these long days of the First World War.  This would open the door by the British to resettle the land of Jerusalem and Israel with Jewish Zionist.  The Balfour Declaration was going to guarantee the Jewish people a homeland.  We were traveling with our tour guide as we walked across the border of Israel and Jordan to that Ancient City of the Turks, Aqaba. The tour guide spoke perfect English being educated in London and he said this, "Many years ago my grandfather rode with Lawrence to destroy the Turks at Aqaba.!" His grandfather was a Bedouin and he was proud of his heritage and the fact that his people helped to rid the area of the Turkish domination of 600 years.  That day we traveled up the valley to visit the stoned city of Petra.  As we came home we saw the beautiful shades of the Sun casting shadows over the beautiful mountains of this valley.  This day would long be remembered by me as we traveled with Jackie Yockey of the Voice of Hope -- Voice of Jerusalem crew. 
Editor Jerrell Miller  

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Today we would like to salute the brave souls who run the Voice of Hope in Jerusalem.  Situated across from the old city, Troops, and also Israelis hear the powerful gospel voice twenty-four hours a day.  In 2010 President Jackie Jockey invited Jerrell Miller to do a daily program on the station called The Remnant International.  The station is an internet radio station but it is also broadcast to the troops by short wave radio in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It is a favored station on the short wave through Africa with a transmitter in the middle of Africa that sends the signal.   This is a vital link in preaching the gospel around the world and in the City of David.  We celebrate this outreach and ask that you send support to this vision in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

LAKELAND, FL -- Last night at Revival in Lakeland, Florida Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne told a story about a trip to England and how God touched an Islamic women in a wheelchair.  She came up and told me what happened to her when I gave the altar call.  "I was watching you give the altar call and all of a sudden you came out of the television set but when you stood in front of me you were Jesus.  Jesus extended his hand to me and  told me to take it,  I wouldn't take it.  He did it a second time and I refused but when he did it the third time and he told me to take it again, I took his hand.  He took my hand then he came into me.  I rose up out of the wheelchair and I was perfectly healed."  The revival in Lakeland can be seen on the CTN televsion network, the glory and the power of God can be seen every night.  

Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

MOBILE AL -- America is looking more toward God for the answers.  After Chief Justice and the O'Bama Administration finally fell in line with the Gay Agenda, the government fell into the hands of God.  If Christians were as hungry for revival as the Gay Agenda was hungry to impose their values on us we would see revival.  The vision requires leadership and believers are as divided as the denominations that they represent.  Justice is in the hands of God and the voice of God is calling for His people to pray for His Government to be established upon this earth.  The fire of God will burn away the Gay agenda and any politician who has launched their agenda against the family by endorsing their political will upon the people..  It is the first order for the family to survive, the family is older than the church and God has sent his heavenly angels to preserve it. 

LAKELAND, FL -- He came here as a missionary-evangelist almost 23 years ago.  Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne has made a commitment to America to win as many people to Christ as possible.  His current move of the Holy Spirit is found in Lakeland, Florida where at Family Christian Center.  It seems as if God is still honoring Dr Rodney Howard-Browne and his desire to reach this country.  I listened to him one night just after he received his citizen-ship in the United States, his ideas were bold cutting down the government for how they had not represented the holiness of God anymore in this country.  I believe this man is sent in a time of decision.  Anyone who has watched this countries morals fall over the last 30 years understands that a standard has to be established to save the country from the judgment of God.  The whole world is looking for Christian leadership to follow and there is no one around, while many know we are at a pivotal point of no return and yet Christian leadership have lost the vision of revival.  We pray for Dr Rodney Howard-Browne will start a fire that will burn through all the land.  We are happy to endorse this move of God and we pray that this fire will increase in the days to come, IF MY PEOPLE is a reality in the camp of Dr Rodney Howard-Browne, we pray for their increase.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 

MOBILE, AL -- We live on the Gulf Coast of America.  We see beautiful sunsets like the one above but we must understand that our thoughts and our ways are not always of the Lord.  True revival in us happens when our ways are like Jesus and our thoughts are like the thoughts of God.  We become more than what we are when we cast all of our understanding upon him and let the Lord make our decisions. It's not by might nor power but it is by my Spirit says the Lord.  Editor Jerrell Miller

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- Last week the church lost a great battle in America when the door was opened for homosexual marriage. A Baptist pastor made the statement in his pulpit that we are divided as a church. He read from the Book of Nehemiah and spoke about the people who raised their hands and worshiped God as the book of the law was read. He mentioned the name of Leornard Ravenhill, a Pentecostal evangelist who mentored Evangelist Steve Hill of the Brownsville Revival. This was a sermon spoken by a man who has a hunger for God. He mentioned how his denomination had declined in population for the last five years. We honor him for going against the traditions of his own church to seek the face of God. As long as there are men in the pulpits of America like this one we have a hope for great revival in our land. Remember it only takes a spark to start a great fire in the land. One man willing to sacrifice his life will cause thousands to receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a savior.....

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- Recently I have been listening to our pastor teach in the old testament.  He read a scripture in Nehemiah on Sunday.  Pastor is an ordained Baptist Minister, the presence and the glory of God is coming into the church so much that Baptist believers all over the sanctuary have their hands raised in worship.  As pastor read the scripture in Nehemiah he spoke about the children of Israel who had just returned captivity raise their hands in worship.  He made it a point to say that worship with your hands in the air is a pattern of worship that is natural to the believer.  During his sermon he spoke a lot about repentance and mentioned the name of a very well known evangelist named Leonard Ravenhill.  Steve Hill was the evangelist at the Brownsville Church and was mentored by Ravenhill as a young preacher at Teen Challenge in Texas.  The message was how the country has lost on so many political issues because of Christians not being together.  Pastor mentioned Methodist, Assembly of God's, Lutherans have believers in there churches who care about the issues but are never together as one. 


I had been a Roman Catholic all my life, and one day while I was doing written work for the mass God removed me from that church and took me in another direction.  Dr. Jerry Vines at the Dauphin Way Baptist Church was doing a funeral.  I called him the next day and told him how much I enjoyed his message on his TV broadcast.  I lived in an old garage apartment at the time in the middle of town. One Tuesday evening he came and knocked on my door.  It was awesome to meet the man who was preaching on the television.  He was more than a man he would be the man who would open the door of Salvation to my entire house.  He prayed with me and as he left a presence of God could be felt in my house.  I had already accepted Christ in my senior year at Alabama but something told me to lay down my music and go to Dr. Jerry's church.  I was 26 years old at the time and I began to learn the word of God.  I would go to a single adult bible study every Saturday night and this time at Dauphin Way Baptist Church was a special time.  One night I went to this Bible Study and prayed to receive a wife and my fathers salvation.  It was amazing as I went into the next room my best friend introduced me to his girl friend and her name was Vivian Weaver, five years later through a series of circumstances I married her. At the time she was a beautiful young girl and I told my friend how pretty she was.  That night the teacher Jack Skinner taught on the crucifixion of Christ and how bloody and horrible it was.  That night after I went to bed I dream that my father had died of cancer in the New Orleans Oshners Clinic.  I thought that dream was just a passing dream until the next time I slept I saw him in the same circumstance again.  I only took that dream to mean one thing and that was that my father was on the edge of eternity and he didn't have peace with God.  How do you lead a Roman Catholic to the Lord.  I prayed and God gave me the right moment to approach him. I spoke to him about my two other brothers and how they had families but they were not in a church.  I told him that he was the spiritual leader in our family and as you go so will the rest of us.  Just three months before his death I pulled out my bible and read this verse to him.  "Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will be saved." I went on to lead him in the sinners prayer and he went back to his home church in downtown Mobile.  He did die five months later in New Orleans at the Oshner Clinic like I had seen in a dream.  Just a short time after that, my oldest brother Wayne Miller accepted Christ at Cottage Hill Baptist Church and my middle brother Harold Miller accepted Christ at a missionary Baptist Church on Christmas Eve through a kindly man of God named Brother Gary.  In Mobile I have spent some time with other Catholic believers and while I can't say that I go to that church any more I want to tell the rest of the Body of Christ that there are several members of the Catholic Church who know Christ and are seeking the will of Christ in their lives on a daily basis.  When you pray for revival, if you exclude the Body of Christ in the Catholic Church then you are mistaken about your own identity.  My father as a Catholic died in New Orleans, La and went to heaven on May 7, 1977.  It was a sad day when the Board Members of Dauphin Way Baptist Church locked their pastor out of his house and took his car away and fired him from the Dauphin Way pulpit.  Our family owes so much to this man of God, he was the one that Baptized me in believers baptism and also helped me and my entire family to the foot of the Cross through the salvation of my father. He was too evangelic and a power blessing to the community of Mobile, he was truly a man of God and an evangelist that was always on God's time.

PENSACOLA, FL -- It was 18 years ago that God came to visit Pensacola for a short season in revival.  Every week for the first year almost 1,000 people were saved.  You ask was it a real revival.  Every night Evangelist Steve Hill preached Hell hot and Heaven eternal.  Steve Hill was mentored by Leonard Ravenhill and was a product of another time and place that many still speak about.


  Above you see a picture of a dove that is still over the great sanctuary.  On June 18, 1995 little children saw the supernatural in the sanctuary of this revival church, they actually saw this dove come off the stained glass and fly around the sanctuary.  Revival was so powerful that day that Pastor John Kilpatrick could not stand up and lay wasted on platform as the glory flowed like a mighty river across the stage.

The Pictures and Correspondence of Sister Cathy Wood

    Sister Cathy Wood was known on the internet as Sister Wood.  From week to week she posted her accounts of the actual revival along with The Remnant newspaper who published on a monthly basis.  Here is just one short comments from her book The Visitation

"This revival, this awakening is for anyone who will lay aside their own plans and expectations, who will lay aside those sins that they have known for years that God wanted out, for those so hungry for God that for God that they will let Him change them any way He chooses.  Do not let this awakening pass you by. Come to the River. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Sister Wood -- July 26, 1995"

Cathy Wood was the photographer for all the years of this revival.  Her work has been on the front of every major newspaper in the United State including the New York Times. 

Death of a Friend

MOBILE, AL -- Looking for a church we visited several church in the local area of Mobile, Alabama.  We heard Pastor Greg Pouncey deliver the word of God and the Lord spoke to my heart about this pastor.  We have not joined the church yet but we were touched by this house of God.  One couple we met were people who made you feel as if you had been a church member all your life.  Ricky and Cheryl Parker were are favorite people at the church, just last week these two people worked in the vacation bible school.  They were like that, they never met a stranger and they had their hand in everything in the church.  Ricky invited us to a singing and asked me to bring my guitar.  I had not sang in years and it opened my heart to singing again and write music. 

He Died Too Soon

On Monday night he died at a local hospital here in Mobile.  It was too soon, he was so full of life and full of Jesus.  They were planning a special night of music at their home from the fifties.  Ricky was like that he very often knew what people wanted and what they were thinking.  This is a death that we will never get over.  We want to thank Ricky and Cheryl for making us feel like we belong to body of Christ who cares.  It is a great personal loss to Vivian and I and we will never forget him -  he was an incredible man of God, who loved, shared and helped all of those in the church and outside of the church.


Who are these men who speak in season, remember they speak in season to warn all of coming events.  At the top we have three people who are in end time prophecy. If most Christians read the stories of these three individuals they would be shocked.  We are standing at the door of eternity and yet when things start to happen in America, the people will be as shocked as the people in the streets of New York on September 11, 2001 -- God is sending us a warning but will the people listen? Millions are in the valley of decision and yet they don't even know they have a choice, pray for the harvest so all will know him when he comes. II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- The word of God has many powerful scriptures in it but the one that speaks toward the future is II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.   Today as I studied scripture the Lord spoke to me to post the Judean Desert on the website and call the body of Christ to pray. The Judean desert was the place where Jesus went to pray for 40 days.  When I was in Israel there was no more beautiful place than this desert that you see posted on our web page.  This is what God told me to show today and like the shofar being blown today we are blowing the shofar to call for a sanctification of the land.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International

MOBILE, AL -- It is on the table right now, Syria has chosen to ally themselves with Hezbollah the arch enemy of Israel, and Iran has supplied the leaders of Syria with all kinds of weapons.  Hafas al- Assad is hated by his own people and has vowed to strike Israel if the NATO forces become involved in their Civil War; the Syrian people hate the influence of Hezbollah and want to see Assad removed. To add insult to injury, Russia now appears to be in the background supporting Iran and Syria, and the enemies of Israel. 

The Jews Could Be Forced Into Action

Right now Israel is standing on a war time footing, they know what Assad has vowed to do to the Jews if NATO becomes involved in the conflict.  It just doesn't involve Israel, a superior force could surround Israel if Jordon falls.  Israel and the United States of America will not tolerate any type of action that would compromise the nation of Jordon.  Jordon is not a friend of Israel but Israel would not want to see their neighbors to the east of them fall.   We know that the Jewish prophets are 100 percent accurate.  Reading Isaiah 17 causes one to think that one of the oldest cities of the world will be completely destroyed in one day. How could this happen unless someone would make a nuclear attack from another country. 

A Revealed Word

How could a prophet of God have seen this vision? This scripture now has the possibility of becoming a revealed word.  In the last war with Israel, Hezbollah was very successful and the fear of Hezbollah and Syria attacking peaceful Jordan has come up before a free world.  Israel in their own defense will have to move into the process., The United States is confronting the Russians today on this matter in Ireland. 

The Warnings of World War III

With such a peaceful day around the world the warning from Isaiah is a clear warning to be prepared for a world war during these events.  Many modern day prophets have seen this day and know that the eve of an all out world war could happen very soon.  The day of the Lord is at hand an millions are in the valley of decision. We post these events to prepare for the coming of the Lord.  Pray and warn those around you that the Day of the Lord is now at hand and be ready when the Bride Groom comes during the mid-night hour.
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International

MOBILE, AL --  Oscar Lipscomb was the Bishop of Mobile for more than 30 years before his retirement.  As I approached the Annex building where revival was being held I saw an elderly Catholic Priest approaching the door of the building.  I reached down to open the door for him and I asked his name and he said, "My name is Oscar Lipscomb."  I hadn't seen him in years but he was my bishop when I was a Catholic in Mobile. We immediately got into a conversation and I told him I had graduated from McGill Institute and had went to St. Dominic's.  We sat together in the congregation and we began to talk about what happened during The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

The Bishop Wanted To Know About Pentecostal Revival

He wanted to know more about the move of God and was completely open to the renewal that was going on in the city.  Almost 1/3 of the population in Mobile are Catholic. Eventually the bishop was spotted by those who were in revival and they came to him and asked him to move to the front.  Bishop Lipscomb had made a friend and he told them that he enjoyed speaking to his new found friend (Me).  They eventually moved him to the front of the church but revival leadership never recognized him.  At one time he represented 1/3 of Mobile but as this revival he was not recognized. 

He Was Not Recognized?

 If you wanted to reach Mobile with revival wouldn't you want to recognize this man of God.  It was left up to me to recognize this man of God and while I am no longer a Catholic in practice I recognized that I was sitting next to 1/3 of Mobile, but revival leadership didn't recognize this man.  When I was sitting with the Bishop he invited me to go to lunch one day where we could speak about revival together. This man of God was very much interested in seeing God move in Mobile.  This night he crossed the line of belief and was never recognized.  The Bay of the Holy Spirit was named by early Catholic Explorers, the Pentecostals recognized the old name but they recognized who named the bay for what it is today.  I never saw Bishop Lipscomb at revival at revival, as the bishop left the revival that night he invited me to go to lunch with him. People who love Jesus are from many denominations and you cannot take a city unless you recognize them when they visit your work.
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International

MOBILE, AL -- When you study revival you have to go through some of the events and happenings during the last 500 years that goes beyond Martin Luther and his break with the Roman Catholic Church.  We in America are a group of people with unclean lips. A Supreme Court in this country stands on the edge of validating Homosexual Marriage and millions of babies have been butchered in the abortion mills of this country by cash hungry doctors.  Can revival happen in America and how will it happen.  In the history of England we have seen the models of great revival.  John Wesley turned the country upside down on the back of a horse.  God wants to come to his people but he cannot visit sin.  There has to be a preparation before the Holy Spirit comes down in great proportion.  Has there ever been a country in complete revival? The following is what happened in Whales, England as a young coal miner would set the foundation for a move of God that would sweep over an entire nation.  The national anthem of Whale was sang for years, "Bread of Heaven Fall On Us."

An Entire Nation On Fire

The last time I went to England I looked out my window to right side of cabin to notice the mouth of the Severn River near Cardiff, on the other side of that inlet  was the small Nation of Wales.  It was here that history  was made by a man with a passion for his countrymen to find Jesus.  Never in the modern history of  revival would an entire country bend there knee and surrender to the will of God.  Not even the people of God known as the Jews ever surrendered to their maker like these people in the year of 1905.
A young man named Evan Roberts, who came from a family of Calvinistic Methodist would shake his entire country and lead them to the feet of Christ.  Everyone one in Roberts family had a reverence for the word of God.  
     The title of National Anthem of Wales is, “Bread of Heaven Fall on Us.” In the year of 1905 that is  exactly what happened. From one end of the country to other a great revival led by a young man who knew that it was his destiny to led it.  A year before the great revival young Evan Roberts saw the vision of a great arm coming out of heaven to come down to touch his country.  It was a once in a lifetime event that the world has not ever witnessed since.
  Believe it or not the same buildings are in the same places as it was more than 97 years ago.  The only thing that has changed in Wales are the hearts of the people that live there.  It’s hard to believe that a country who once loved Jesus has only a shadow of that belief in place today.   
   Robert’s father was a coal miner and a godly man.  During Evan’s teens years his father had an accident in the mine and Evan felt it was God’s will for him to go to work in the mines.  With his heart fixed on Jesus Evan went to work each day with his Bible under his arm.  He took his Bible and  hid it in the mine only to go back and read it on his break time.  Robert’s knew the power of the Holy Spirit but he also knew the power of the word of God. Evan was a praying warrior and had a fire and a purpose deep down inside.  Very often people thought he was a little strange but in those days going to church was a moral obligation.  It  would be Evan who would awaken the people to how much their need for God would be. Prayer times for Evan as he accepted the call of God to full time work would be in the early hours of the morning and then after he fell back to sleep he would awaken once again to pray for five more hours at a time.  The strength of Roberts was his relationship with God and when he went to the pulpit the display of the Holy Spirit would fall on the people leaving them with a mark of God’s servant on them.  It was at one of these meetings that a man of God encouraged Evan to go full time into the ministry.  This was just before the great awakening in 1903.

Seth Joshua
   Seth Joshua was a well known preacher of Evans days.  It was during a meeting that Joshua preached a sermon on bending to the will of God.  This sermon touched Roberts deeply an moved him toward a deeper commitment.  Joshua had longed prayed for a man of God to come to lead a great revival in England, little did he know the man he had prayed for had made a commitment in one of his services.   After surrendering his life to the will of God Roberts began to feel a power sensation of love go through him.  He felt the touch of God from that date on.
    Evan Roberts chased the Devil from one end of Wales to the other and then disappeared.  Roberts knew that the actions that were happening at the time of the greater events in Wales were those of the Holy Spirit but what he didn’t know were the time limits of his body after the anointing would leave at times.  These were times when he withdrew and like many evangelist to precede him they would also find out that the release of the Spirit thought them would not be the power they would find in the quite times away from the pulpit.

Preaching With Conviction 
        But let us look at what happened during the time of the great event of that revival. Under the preaching of Evan Roberts the awareness and the presence of the Holy Spirit became evident.  God moved through him as he came out from behind the pulpit and walked up in down in the aisles preaching a sinners conviction.  It was unheard of for a preacher to do that but under the presence of the Holy Spirit, Roberts brought great changed into church meetings.  God’s presence and the power of the Holy Spirit began. He became one of the most influential men of his time.  Church was no longer an obligation but it became an experience, much like what has been experienced in meetings today.   
    As Evan came to different meetings Welsh people would follow him and some small communities would see their churches overflowing with people.  The call to the nations began as the witness of what had happened in Wales began to go out. People began to come to Wales from South Africa, India, The United States and Canada to see the great work of God in progress.  It was all an education that would soon open a larger door to Pentecost.  California Evangelist and Journalist, Frank Bartleman wrote to Roberts.  Bartleman asked how to bring revival to the United States. It was next year in 1906 that Bartleman would begin to report on the move of God at Azusa Street.  
     Newspapers pumped the message of Roberts to the public.  Bars and sporting events began to close down as the fire got larger.  It seemed as if the young Evangelist Evan Robert could do no wrong as the entire country of Wales was on fire.  
      What caused the flame of revival to return to ash in Wales.  The power of God was real and the man with the mantle stirred the people but the one thing Evan Roberts forgot to do was rest.  Roberts would preach for long periods of time but depression began to set in during his periods of time.  His anointing was a full blessing and his intercessors backed him up during this time, but what was needed most during these times was rest.

The Great Man Passed
    Evan Roberts died at age 72 in 1951 and was buried at Moriah Chapel in North Wales.  
   What were the lessons learned in the shadow of this great figure.  We must realize that God supplies the power and we must guard ourselves with rest.  It is during the times of tiredness that Satan moves in his best troops.  Evan Roberts had led an entire nation to Jesus but fell to his own weariness of the hour.  He was a great man and today the only thing people remember about him, is that he led an entire nation to Christ.


MOBILE, AL  -- We had a great revival in Mobile, Alabama but I for one want to know why it ended so quick.  It was spontaneous, miracles abounded, it was happening in Mobile but most of the churches in Mobile knew nothing about it.  It was very strange, we saw a women come out of a wheelchair and people took notice for a short period of time.  We saw a revival in Lakeland, Florida happen and explode over night but it only lasted for 100 days.  Most of the people who came to this revival could sense and feel the Spirit of God. As Roy Fields led worship the power of God swept the people.  It grew overnight as thousands came to sit in the seats and participate in the overflow, but something happened and as soon as it started it was over.  God Television promoted the move of God and people were excited as they traveled to the great event but something happened and it crashed.  

In Mobile a women came out of a wheelchair and everyone took notice.  In fact how did Mobile's Revival become a world wide event.  Many pastors in Mobile didn't even know about the revival, as God-TV came into the city Mobile was forgotten.  No one reached the people in Mobile as the revival at the foot of Government Street went out to the world, Mobile was forgotten.  It did not grow like Lakeland.  Lakeland got so vital and large that it had to change to several venues.  It was Holy wildfire and the vision crashed as Todd Bentley fell from favor as he divorced his wife. People who look through the window of revival very often remember the last revival.  Mobile had a revival and as God-TV took over, the revival died. People asked the question was this like Lakeland? Once again they saw the familiar figures of Wendy and Rory and people remembered the disappointment of Lakeland.   It is important for the leadership of revival to gain the trust of the people.  The Bay of the Holy Spirit revival never touched Mobile, but it did touch the world. Was God-TV the kiss of death to Mobile, what more could have God done here if they had never come.  People in Mobile today are disappointed, and we are still looking for a move of God in Mobile.  We are a written word and are hungry to see the face of God, we are tired of looking into a man's face, we would see Jesus. 

QUMRAN, ISRAEL -- It was an honor to be with a pioneer of Christian Radio in Israel. In the early days of the Voice of Hope Isaac Gronburg stood with Armstrong the original founder of the High Adventure Ministries in Lebanon and Jerusalem. In Southern Lebanon a mortar shell hit the little station killing a Christian announcer as he did his job. Hezbolla was moving into the region as the Israeli (IDF) pulled back to the borders of Israel.  Right outside of the door of this station was the grave of the Prophet Obadiah.  With a warning to move within 24 hours the little station packed all the equipment on a truck and started moving toward the boarder of Israel.  At the time Israel was sympathetic toward the radio station and allowed them to come across the boarder to store the station in Jerusalem.  In time the Jewish people would be  gracious and the radio station would be allowed to broadcast its message, situated in the Kidron Valley.  It is one of the only Christian Radio Stations in Israel today -- to God be the glory.  Under the leadership of Jackie Yockey the station has prospered. Jackie stood in the gap when people wanted to move the station to Malta. Jackie believed that the Voice of Hope should be in Jerusalem.  It was a prophetic word out of her mouth as the vision came through and is a source of Christian Broadcast in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. God has blessed this work, we salute Isaac Gronburg and Jackie Yockey in their effort to preach the gospel in the middle east. 
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant Newspaper

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- “I was in Jerusalem and it was early morning and I asked God a question, when is your coming."  We were on a High Adventure tour in Jerusalem -- I had been to this city before.  We were just a half mile from the place of the scroll -- it was just seven months before that I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls in downtown Mobile with my youngest son.  God must of heard my heart -- I said at the time have I forgotten your people, I feel like I am a million miles away from the burden of the Jewish nation.  I don't think you can live in Christianity today and not have a burden for the Jewish people.  It was just a short period of time later that  Jackie Yockie, President of the Voice of Hope asked me if I wanted to go to Israel on a tour.  God looked deep within my heart and saw my longing to revisit His Holy Land.    

Preaching In Israel 

Jackie told me that I wanted to participate in some of the ministering during the different sites we visited that I was welcomed to speak.  On Mt. Carmel we were overlooking the Jazreal Valley and I realized that Israel would be terrified of the days to come as the armies of all nations would come to punish the Jew.  Kent Christmas a very fine evangelist from Nashville got up to speak, and then I was allowed to address the tour group. I spoke about how the high places in Nazareth were covered with minarets who praise a god that never came out of the grave, the violence of his conversions are straight from hell itself.  I spoke about the high places in Israel that would be brought down.  The pride of the Islamic people would be dealt with in times to come.  It was an honor to speak at that time, it was the very spot that Elijah destroyed the prophets of Baal.  There were high places in the days of Elijah and there were people in the land this day that would make trouble for the people and the prophets of Israel.   It was shortly after I came home that Jackie allowed me to place my program of 23 years on the Voice of Jerusalem.  Jackie and Margie run High Adventure Ministries from Louisville, the kindness of these called out sisters has honored our ministry.   The two times I visited Israel and Jerusalem will never be forgotten by this man of God.  We honor the Jewish people and pray for their endurance as a nation, we will see the King one day -- Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- My love for the Jewish People and the understanding of their ways came early.  I read a book at McGill High School written by Cham Potock called the Chosen.  It was about two young boys who played baseball in the little leagues of Brooklyn, New York.  One child was a reform Jew and the other was an Orthodox Jew who was expected to follow in his footsteps of his father as a Rabbi. When I read about how he wore his hair, it was strange as he wore a lock of hair down the side of his head.  I asked how could he play baseball like this. It was the traditions of the Jews that got in the way of these boys friendship, but this was my first understanding of the Jewish people and their traditions.  The book was written around 1948 during the time that Israel was about to become a nation.  There was an on going battle in Brooklyn, New York about wheather Israel should become a nation.  God's people came home the world was blessed by this passage.  President Harry S. Truman made sure the new state would exist as he threw his full support behind the effort at the United Nations.  

Honored In Jerusalem 

New York came into my mind and the Jewish culture through the reading of this book.  Potocks view of the Zionist struggle challenged me as a young Catholic boy but as I grew to age and was called as a full gospel prophetic ministry I was honored and touched when it did a newspaper for the Voice of Hope at Christmas time in Kentucky.  I told Jackie Yockey the President of the Voice of Hope that this was my gift to the Voice of Jerusalem.  Jackie honored me by taking me to Israel and then she opened the door of Voice of Hope three years ago to broadcast The Remnant International.  Now we honor her and celebrate this tremendous work from the Heart of Jerusalem.  We are heard at 4 PM 8AM and 12AM Sunday through Thursday.  We say pray for the Peace of Jerusalem for he is near the door of his coming.  Jesus will return soon praise HIS name.  

MOBILE, AL -- God spoke to my heart to donate my collection of revival papers as a study archive for Regents University to help students of the word understand what happened in Pensacola between the years of 1995 to 2004.  We want to sew a seed of blessing so others can understand this wonderful work that God did during this time of revival.  Pray for revival now in our country.
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International  

MOBILE, AL -- What is the job of the church, in the case of sexual misconduct in the ministry, it is the responsibility of those in charge to reveal it to the congregation.  When sin is hidden in the pulpit the Holy Spirit will not move in that church, and the people ask why do we not have revival or why do the greatest revivals fall because of the conduct of those involved.  Todd Bentley went 100 days in the pulpit in a revival in Lakeland that everyone had great hope for.  When Bentley announced he was leaving his wife, he kept right on having meetings until public opinion put his candle out. 

Sweeping It Under The Carpet -  People Will Never Know about what happened?

For years I have watched a situation that is an on going situation and is allowed to go on by church leaders.  This particular individual has went from church to church and the leadership of the local denomination accepted him with open arms and made him a teacher in the church, but no one else knows his history.  Those who know this man who was in the church went to the pastor and warned about him, warning after warning came to the former pastor and the existing pastor while they looked away from the situation and allowed it to go on in the church.  One of the pastors in this denomination shunned him from the congregation only to see him show up at another church.  While many people have went to two pastors and warned them of this man, he is allowed to keep a prominent place in the church.   When I was a young man I was a Roman Catholic child in a very good school system.  I never experienced any discomfort while being in the school system but a priest and a Brother of the Sacred Heart went through a court room situation several years later after my graduation from the system that I could not believe everything I heard but it was happening while I was in this system.  If it be known the bishops in the latter part of the 20th Century of the Catholic Church in America are guilty of shipping priest from coast to coast because of pedophilia.  
Are we suppose to look the other way or are we suppose to let the civil authorities bring these gruesome crimes against children to the local authorities.  Why doesn't the Catholic Church excommunicate Nancy Polosie (D), or the Vice President for their views on Abortion and Homosexuality.  Several other members of the Democratic party are Roman Catholic.  They make laws to destroy traditional marriage and murder innocent children in the womb. 

We Respect Authority 
Why No Revival?

There are three ways to expose sexual predators in the church.  The leaders of that denomination can flush them out of the system, or  the civil authorities whether they be local or national can root them out through law suits and exposure, or the press can open the door of truth.  It takes a lot to do the written work that I do.  There are many other situations of greed in ministry and sexual disorder that we know about, and in time we will do what God has spoken to our hearts about these situations, it's time to come out from among them.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International   

MOBILE, AL -- The messenger spoke with me the other day, this angel made it very clear that I was to witness the Baptism in the Holy Ghost to others.  It's time for them to receive, did you forget that it was your first touch with the written word.   God purged me of sin and I was in a recovery mode when I first began to write about the Baptism in the Spirit. What was in the past had fallen off me. There was a new vision inside me.  I lived with my mother in the early days of the written word.  I wanted to know just exactly what happened to me when I received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.  After I received the infilling, it was like a fire that moved from room to room in my house.  Everything was praise God and halleluiah.  I asked the question, "How can I tell people about this wonderful gift."  

I Started to Write

In the middle of my old bedroom at home I began to search the scriptures.  In my mind I wanted to challenge believers to receive the Baptism In The Holy Ghost like I had received.  It took a written book by Dennis Bennett (Nine O'clock In The Morning) to convince me, but now I wanted to write a tract with a small teaching tied to it so people could put it in their small pocket in their shirt.  The mention of the Holy Ghost at the office I worked at caused me to receive. And this little gift of a tract   could be pass to a believer without hard. I can't tell you the many testimonies people had accepted Christ on just by giving out a tract, but this tract would be for believers.   I designed the tract so it could be folded and the front of the tract would say Receive Ye The Holy Ghost with a white dove on it.  On a Friday in 1977 my tract was finished and I came to the church where I was attending.  I showed it to my pastor and he and I took a young Baptist boy into the prayer room.  Pastor Tim Dodge read the little tract to the young man, at first I thought this man would just put it into his pocket and that would be the end of it, but just after Pastor Tim read the tract to young man named Ray he raised his hands and received fullness crying out in tongues while tear streamed down his face.  It was such a special day, later that night I was in the worship service and interpreted a message in tongues, in the back of the church was a beautiful young women.  The minute I saw her, I knew she was special -- that young women is my wife today  God had chosen her for me.  God doesn't miss and four years later at 32-years-of-age I married that young women. 
By Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International  

MOBILE, AL -- The year was 1976 and I was an editor for Scripps-Howard newspapers.  Bob Metz my boss flew in from New York to find out what I was doing to make the publication I had at the time reach the entire newspaper industry.  God was in my work and he was interested, I saw myself going to New York to work on projects with $100,000 a years editor's salary but something got in the way.  Our office accountant was having prayer meetings in a small church near the office.  He was ran out of the office because they wanted it out of the office. People classified Don Zorker as weird but he was on a mission from God and he knew that I had the gift of editorial.  I knew how to create a newspaper or a magazine and promote it to the point of success.  He approached me about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, one day he laid hands on me after office hours and spoke over me in tongues.  At first hearing this language I thought he was weird and I thought that was weird.  I visited Bay View Heights Baptist Church that had been in Holy Ghost revival since the early sixties.  A flood of preachers had flowed through this church but I was there as a visitor, as the worship started hands went up in the air and the glory was in the people.  I was in the front row and was unable to flow with these people I knew it was different and it wasn't like the Baptist Church I was going to.  I heard those unknown tongues once again but the power and the worship was incredible.  God was doing a work in me and I was interested, the meaning and the method didn't matter but I wanted to know what the Bible said.  The young minister on the stage that night knew that I was seeking God and gave me a book, "Nine O'clock In The Morning by Father Dennis Bennett. Once he put that book in my hands, my dreams of going to New York and being an editor there ended.  It didn't take but one day to receive the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, the mystery was over and the next time I was at Bay View my hands went in the air and I was worshipping in an unknown tongue.  The next thing that I edited was a tract on the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and 36 years later thousands have received the Baptism through this tract.  It is a controversial subject in the fundamentalists churches but the people who are hungry for this blessing are still in a mode to receive, like me they needed to understand.  I never stopped publishing my ideas and thoughts on the subject and The Remnant International even to this day publishes that 36 year old tract that has opened up the door of His presence in so many lives, to God be the glory for what he has done in me and what he has done in others. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 


MOBILE, AL -- For 17 years we printed The Remnant Newspaper with integrity.  We knew certain things in revival that for the sake of the people we never printed, we could of made extra money by turning this newspaper into a gossip column.  

Evangelist Attacked Us

Certain evangelists through the years attacked this work and pushed us to take things off the web that were written in quotes by the people who spoke them.  We have had entire newspapers removed from friendly churches at the request of a crooked evangelist, we knew a lot but never printed a word about these shady individuals. We could name three different evangelists who have threatened us with lawyers.  We are a faith based work, we have never published a word that would hurt anyone but those who we were trying to write about very often got in the way of the work, in short they tried to control the newspaper and what the people would read.  We had gotten to the point where we were challenged by a major revival figure and were threatened by his lawyers if we printed anything and then in my own home town we were told by leaders in the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival that all of our pictures had to be reviewed by them and the leadership of that revival finally told us that the people don't want to read The Remnant anymore. 

Press Freedom 

 Recently we just celebrated Memorial Day -- I remember my father coming home as a broken man from the war that lost his mental health, and his brother who was killed by a suicide plane in the South Pacific. He paid the ultimate price.  First Amendment Rights mean nothing to a group of people who are trying to control the flow of information to the people in revival.  

We stopped printing after seventeen years 

We stopped printing The Remnant one year ago today, we printed 5,000 editions for over 17 years but now the giant foot of revival has stepped on the printed word of The Remnant.  We pray for revival and we pray that the sins of this revival will come in front of the people.  Sweeping dirt under a rug in The Remnants hometown is too much for this editor.  We pray for those who have tried to put their foot on this prophetic word.  We had two calls come in yesterday, one from England and the other from Maryland.  Both of the calls involved people who were hungry for God and wanted to read The Remnant.  The man from Maryland was hungry for God, he was 62 years old.  It is a tragedy in any community when the truth of a newspaper is shut down.  The editor of The Remnant today is as hungry as anyone else for revival.  Through the years of loyalty in the service of Christ we are asking God to give us a new vision. We desperately need leadership with integrity to lead our nation back to God?

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- Pray for the truth that the imposters of revival will be exposed and that God's will can shine through. Editor Jerrell H. Miller The Remnant International Ministries


DAWES COMMUNITY, AL -- We are seeing a slight change as the focus is taken away from those who have led the true believers of God down a trail of self fulfilled ambition and not the road to repentance.  There will be a changing of the guard within the next three months as revival will begin to happen in some places that were unsuspected.  A true Davidic call has went out among the people and the restless nature of those who hunger for God will open a new door of evangelism.  This new move of God will be lead by a powerful move of repentance and the supernatural will be there, but this time the trust with the supernatural will be given to people who really care about the body of Christ and not a group.  Remember it will be within the next three months that this pure move is forwarded to the children and the believers of God. 
Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International