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DAMASCUS, SYRIA -- Isaiah 17:1 calls for a time that the city of Damascus Syria will be destroyed.  For all these many years Isaiah the prophet had called for the total destruction of one of the oldest cities of the world.  Not everyone including the newspapers are familiar with this scripture, nor or they familiar with the prophets of God.  In front of the United Nations building they have a quotation from Isaiah 2:4, And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more They quote Isaiah and the verse that will end world wide conflict but how much have they missed, knowing that the prophets of the bible are deadly accurate .

BLUEMONT, VA -- It was a short visit to Virginia this time but the opening of a larger door for this ministry happened. As the three meetings I had revealed the glory of God in this work I called The Remnant International.  At Elijah Gate Church I spoke over several people but it was a young girl of 24 years of age who got my attention. I was approached by this girl and she said, "You spoke over me in accurate detail, how did you know me?" I told her it was the Holy Spirit who spoke through me,  She then said that she was a Moslem from Afghanistan, I then asked he would you like to receive Christ, she bowed her head and prayed the sinners prayer.  Then in my next meeting I spoke on how some fundamentalists cannot see the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. A young man who was Baptist was in the group and came forward and received the infilling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  Then on my third meeting three new Remnant Ministers were ordained that night. On October 7th I traveled home with the sky light of my car opened I noticed the moon was bright and shinning.  I stopped at a rest stop and my car starter went out at 1 AM that morning.  I had the car towed the next morning but as I spent the night in the car I noticed the large moon once again.  After my car was repaired and I went home I found out it was the second blood moon that I was watching all night, these events happened between October 4th an October 7th of this year.

LEESBURG, VA -- For the last ten years the Prophetic Voice of Jerrell Miller has been heard in the Leesburg-Winchester Virginia area --Pastor Lyman Edy is a friend of revival, over the years he has hosted many evangelists, including Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne in the early days of his ministry to America.  Jerrell has a specific word for this region and will give that word at 10 AM Sunday Morning.  Jerrell was the editor of The Remnant Newspaper and in these days of the coming of the Lord he will deliever a desperate message for those who are hungry for revival. In his own words he said this, "Either we give this message now or write off America as a place of divine hope in these last days.  My word has always been directed at this area close to the Washington, D.C. area.  In the middle of the four moons of Israel, I have felt God come into me recently and allow the vision to come forward.  We can only see darkly through the veil, but we are now seeing God pull the veil so all can see what his glory is going to be like on the face of this earth.  No church that hasn't received the warning of his coming should stand by and be idle, we are preparing for a coming king.  Don't be a foolish virgin at this moment we have come to fill our lamps with holy oil."   

DAPHNE, AL -- The new church is going up at lighting speed, will it be a place of revival.  Those who have followed Pastor John Kilpatrick, know that he is a man after God's own heart.  In 2006 he came to the Mobile area to establish a church with God's name on it, he called it Church of His Presence.  We know where the presence of God is there is revival.  Everywhere this man of God puts his Ebenezer down he sees something happen.  Plans are being made for Perry Stone to come to the church dedication around the time of Thanksgiving -- we can only see the revelation come forward for this is truely going to be a place of Holy Ground. 

JERUSALEM ISRAEL --  Isaiah 10 and 11 pave the way through the prophetic pen of a master to warn Israel of the judgment of the Syrians and also the coming together of Judiah for the final time.  It says that the chosen would fly in from the West to return to the homeland for the final time.  It says that they will come from the four corners of the world to rejoin as a Remnant of what used to be.  These miracle prophecy's give great hope to the saved world, in the hope of his coming Messiah Jesus.

MOBILE, AL -- Vivian and I had got to church just as the worship had begun.  I noticed there was something peculiar in the air today.  The usher brought us to the front of the church and we were directly in front of the teaching pulpit of Pastor John Kilpatrick.  At first my wife objected for being so close to the front but when the praise and worship began, it was a marked day for the glory of God to come down in this current situation.  For weeks I have suffered from diabetes not being able to sit through one meeting without having to go home, but this day was going to pull on me to receive a healing in my seat.  As I lifted up my hands all I could see is a blue light and as I focused on that light I received great strength.  John Kilpatrick came on to the  pulpit and said, "God is in this place, a divine prescience is over us at this moment."  This marked me and as my strength came alive so did the word of God come alive that Pastor John Kilpatrick was preaching, "So many pulpits in America are not sounding the warning, it just as thought every thing was the same and that it is going to go one forever, but I tell you something is about to happen and the people are not being warned by their pastors."  This message was a message for the moment, included in this message was a strong warning to prepare your soul for what is getting ready to happen.  

Church of His Presence is building a new sanctuary in Daphne, Alabama just about 30 miles form the downtown convention center.  The move of God has always been with this pastor and what is about to happen in Daphne, Alabama could be and end time outpouring that could measure as great as the Brownsville Revival.  I can only say that my diabetic readings went down over that week and returned my readings to normal. .  


MOBILE, AL -- Pastor John Kilpatrick pastors a church called Church of His Presence and yesterday at the Mobile Convention Center that presence was felt.  For two years they have met at the Mobile Convention Center but now they are just months away from a new home and the people who have faithfully waited for this event were in celebration yesterday. 

MOBILE, AL -- We teach a program a day from our studio in Mobile, Alabama.  Never have we taught a more power series that when we taught about a Christian and how he deals with his own sins.  It's a very humbling teaching that requires an introspection of the Grace of God -- whether it be for the sinner or the saint. Jerrell teaches this in his prophetic message that he will unleashes in North Virginia during the month of September. 

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Jackie Yockey preaches the gospel from the Kidron Valley just across from the Old City of Jerusalem. God has chosen this honored vessel to preach the last days Gospel, it is said that in the last days God will speak through his servants the prophets in the Kidron Valley.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray for the Voice of Hope, a chosen instrument to preach the atonement of Jesus Christ.  Jackie may you instrument be enhanced to reach all of Israel in their time of despair.  We thank God for this instrument to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ, God bless you Jackie we love you and lift you up in prayer.
Prophetic Evangelist
Jerrell Miller  


 JERUSALEM ISRAEL -  Go to Jerusalem each day and hear the word of the Lord. Jerrell Miller, A prophetic evangelist teaches bible principals from the Old Testament that explains the new Covenant in Jesus Christ -- The real message of the Cross is taught here. t

"Ask God Alton, and if you don't hear anything from Him, ask your wife."

PENSACOLA FL -- Evangelist John Davis advises John Kilpatrick at times on certain events and situations. The Brownsville pastor's closest friends know him as Alton. When he is seeking God, Davis often tells him in a joking manner, "Ask God Alton, and if you don't hear anything from Him, ask your wife."

A Plane Ride To Toronto Would Open Heavens Door Back Home


No doubt Brenda Kilpatrick has a touch with God and can feel the pulse of His purpose toward the nations. These days she travels with Holy group women to touch the nations, but it was the plane she took to Toronto one day that would shake a nation and bring revival. If the history of revival is written in future years it will be this women's obedience that will be one of the most valuable contribution to the initial move of God on Father's Day. Before revival, revival moved through her to serve as a witness to her husband.

Toronto Wouldn't Be The Image of The Assembly of God, This was God's Face

She would be a voice heard as she began to seek God for her and her husband's own personal life in 1994. Like Steve Hill she would see some radical things in Toronto that would not be a part of normal Assembly of God life back home. It was the return of the supernatural to the church - when that door would be open the price of religion would begin to become the fruit inspectors of this move. You see, God never intended for His people not to see him - many in the church today cannot handle the supernatural. But as the way of Isaiah 55:8-9 began to happen people who had been in dry Pentecostal Churches began to make the visit to Pensacola to bring the flame back to their situation.

What good is a church if no one ever gets saved or delivered there?

The supernatural events of 1995 would challenge religion like it had never been challenged before. It was within these events that the Pentecostal denominations would be challenged to see if they were still as supernatural as their history led them to believe.

Pastor John Kilpatrick was built for a time such as this. If you would have seen what I saw at the Brownsville Assembly of God in 1991, you would have never guessed that the supernatural power of God was about to come though the door. It was Paul Yongi Cho who said that it would happen on the Gulf Coast. Cho said that a great move of God would begin on the Gulf Coast as he attended a meeting in Seattle, Washington. The fire would start there and touch all of America.

It was just two years before revival that the foundation would be laid for one of the greatest revivals in the history of the modern church. Under the direction of John Kilpatrick, a seamstress was asked to create banners to represent areas of prayer. The Brownsville Pastor was directed by God to have prayer meeting instead of service on Sunday night. Harkening back to the days in Columbus, Georgia, when 17 men saw angels at Riverview Assembly of God, Kilpatrick said, "I long for the God of my childhood." A memory of time and a hunger inside of the man created a deep void in the Brownsville pastor's heart. It was a search for an event long ago that caused the leader to abandon church as usual.

Prayer is not a popular thing with some churches. Pentecostal churches on Sunday night in the south are hot places of action but the need for revival outweighed the need for blessings. The verse of Scripture, II Chronicles 7:14, would turn the faithful at Brownsville to stand before banners of repentance over several situations of the country. Pastors, revival, national leaders, schools, and several other subjects would be the targets of prayer for the next two years.

People had spoken to the pastor and told him that the Sunday night prayer meetings would destroy his church, but it did the direct opposite. The population of the church began to grow as people showed faithfulness to the man of God in seeking revival. A generation of Pentecost had never seen the events that were about to happen. Jesus said he came to divide and yet the Holy Spirit came to bring together. How could one divide and the other bring together? What was being brought together were the people who had never been to church before and what was dividing was religion. Pentecost was at hand and the birthing of this baby would cause people to take sides. When man can't control God and when a man begins to be obedient to the Holy Spirit there is the mixture of the two sides that will cause one to go on and the other to stay.

Time after time, as people, pastors, and churches were refreshed you would hear the statement, "What do we have to go back to -- we have longed for God to come and visit us and now He is with us."

Seven months before revival a prophet of God came to a small church on Navy Parkway and said, "I see a fire starting in Pensacola, and I see that fire touching other cities in our country. And I see those fires growing together until the entire country is set on fire.

It was on June 18, 1995, that the match struck the gasoline of the Holy Spirit laid all over the sanctuary for the last two years, just waiting for one to strike the match that would start the fire. Steve Hill was in his office that day, the office of the evangelist, and as the match set the place on fire, people, pastors, and the entire world would come to Pensacola to seek the face of God.

Once they were touched they went home and told others until lines of hungry desperate people circled the sanctuary. It was meant for such a time as this, and it was meant for this place.

Pensacola was known for shooting abortion doctors, and now the Father of the universe would open a vent up in the top of the sanctuary on Mobile highway and send angel after angel down the ladder until a new Bethel was re-established upon the earth.


PENSACOLA, FL -- In Sikeston, Missouri, a young man called me and wanted some of our newspapers. I told him I would meet him in Jackson, Mississippi, and give him 2,000 newspapers for the Boot Hill area of Missouri. Rick Irwin met me in front of the capital building in Jackson, Mississippi. As we unloaded the papers in his van I started back home. Rick held one of the papers up and as he began to talk with his companion in the van his hand turned into fire and got very hot. The supernatural message of revival was beginning to travel. It had touched his hand for it was the first time the paper would travel out from the center Gulf Coast area.

First Visit Outside of Pensacola Fire

It was going to touch people in the Boot Hill area where another unknown evangelist, John Davis was meeting at Larry Davis's church for ten weeks. As Davis saw the hunger in the people he moved into National Guard Armory and the people of that part of Missouri began to be touched by the fire of impartation of the Holy Ghost.

Cleddie Keith

It was in the midst of this fire that I was invited by John Davis to visit South Side Assembly of God in St. Louis, Missouri. It was there my life would be completely changed forever as I met a man who was a true revivalist. I got there late that night, but in the morning I walked into a meeting and a bald headed preacher with a lot of fire was walking up and down in front of a group of pastors. I didn't know who he was but he seemed to know me by the Spirit of God as he called me forward to pray for pastors. Cleddie Keith would begin to be a part of my life and this newspaper. His hunger was contagious and the fire of what we saw in those days was more intense than it is now. People can say what they want to say but when the fire is hot, it is totally different and there is a difference.

I had seen church situations created before my very eyes to help the people of religion hang on, but when the fire is there, neither program nor man can satisfy, it is a God thing.

Steve Hill Touched at Holy Trinity Brompton London

Revival is all about movement and change, and in the early days of Pensacola it was very sweet. Evangelist Steve Hill was a very rare individual. His "in-the-face" type of preaching brought sinners to repentance. Visitors who would come and watch from the balcony would find themselves in need of a savior. You never knew who was going to be there or what was going to happen -- strippers who had come to Pensacola for a photo shoot layout for playboy, or Patrick, a large bouncer who sat and listened to the man of God pull at his heartstrings. From the darkest of sinners to the people who thought they knew God from religion -- Hill pulled the net every night until everyone who could come could be had.

Charity James, a young 16-year-old girl, sang the Mercy Seat song as they came running toward the front for eternal security through repentance.

Who Was Steve Hill?

Who was Steve Hill and what was his mission to those who heard him first? He came from the tribe of David Wilkerson, and in those days the tribe was in New York City, but more than David Wilkerson had an influence over his life. Hill's heart was the heart of an evangelist and he had come from the place of signs and wonders. After the Falklands War in Argentina he found himself by divine appointment in a country that was enslaved by religious tradition. The entrance of certain people who God wanted to rise up broke that system of bondage.

Carlos Anaconda was raised up as a nobody to break a system of bondage that had enslaved the people for years. Unlike days past, it was the English in Protestant England who were the forerunners of revival, but here in an environment controlled by the Roman Church, great strides were being made in the supernatural. As the man of God would raise his hand in the great stadiums of that country people would begin to violently shake as deliverance was taking hold of a Spanish speaking country.

The Impartation From Canada Touched Steve Hill In London, England

Steve Hill brought that understanding to the Brownsville Revival and the powerful entry of Toronto would play a major role in his life. Coming back from Russia, the Brownsville evangelist found himself seeking out the places of revival in England that he had read about in a secular magazine. Pastor Sandy Miller and Holy Trinity Bromton in London would wreck whatever normal understanding Hill had of revival from his past experiences. While the past would play a major role in what he would do the next few years, the supernatural touch of the revival was in that Episcopal Church. Miller had traveled to Canada to receive the Toronto Blessing and that blessing was a supernatural touch that would change the English Church. Hill would be a major player in revival as he was being prepared for the ultimate role of his life.

Remembering Revival 

(This written page was executed in The Remnant Newspaper seven years after the revival at Pensacola, the roots of worship was a foundation for this great work, today this written work is found on The CBN 700 Club web site, it is a detailed introduction to the fundamentals of revival projected by the Jewish Worship Pattern of the Old Testament.) 

PENSACOLA, FL - If you have been at Pensacola for the last 7 years then you know that the face and the expression of what we know as the "Father's Day Outpouring" has changed over the years. At first a no-name evangelist came to a grieving pastor and the supernatural came forth on the afternoon of the June 18th, 1995. What has changed, and what is different these days? No doubt the presence of God was much stronger in the first two years of the great move of God.

What is different from then and what has changed?

Tangible Becomes Spiritual

In the early days of revival the manifestations of the Holy Spirit were visible to the eye of man. In those days it was the birthing of something, which had not been in the Pentecostal Church for many years - signs and wonders were returning to the powerful expression of Pentecost. Early on the power chased away those of poor understanding but many would come seeking God in this burning bush and would begin to lead captivity captive. On different nights we witnessed God showing up through individuals and tangible settings of God's manifest glory.

Dick Reuben Saw It Coming

It was Dick Reuben who saw the angel in the balcony in the fall of 1994, and it was during that week Reuben said that the world would visit the sanctuary. Many people knew who Dick Reuben was in the early nineties along the Gulf Coast. The first time I visited Brownsville Assembly of God in 1991 to interview Pastor John Kilpatrick, Reuben was doing the Temple in the Wilderness at Pace Assembly of God just across the I-10 Bridge on the western side of Pensacola. In those days the blowing of the shofar was not heard in the sanctuary, but the Brownsville secretaries were excited about what they were learning at Pace Assembly about the Temple in the Wilderness. These secretaries and members of Brownsville didn't know it but what they were seeing at Pace Assembly of God would one day be actual manifestation of that Wilderness Temple by the Spirit of God on Father's Day.

Dick Reuben's statement about physical and spiritual would stick in my mind all through this move of God. "To understand the Spiritual side of God you must understand the physical, whatever was done in the tangible in the Old Testament is done in the spiritual in the New Testament." The physical side of God was the Temple in the Wilderness.

As I sat under his teachings during some of the Minister's Conference in the early days of revival, Dick would explain how a Jewish man would court his future wife and there again the physical and the spiritual would be married in the believer's minds. Reuben was called in an affectionate way, "The Big Ugly Jew," but how beautiful were his feet in those early days as he brought the prophetic message of Christ and how He would come to his people in the last days.

We knew God had put his hand on us to do this work of reporting revival -- in the early days we tried to stay married to the city of Mobile. One night we were buffeted into producing the newspaper. I remember telling my friend Luis Lopez about how God was dealing with me to fully concentrate on the covering of revival. Luis looked at me and said, "You need to go down and let pastor pray for you." As I went forward I saw Pastor Kilpatrick as I was in his way, he had a strange way of praying for people. Pastor Kilpatrick took my hand and held my back and began to slap me on the back calling for every pocket of hindrance to fall away. I collapsed to the floor that night and when I got up I received a personal word from God, "If you will cover My revival I will send you all over the world."

It was at that moment I knew, I had been chosen, and it was a call from on high.

This was not just going to be a Pensacola thing but it was going to be a fire that would travel all over the world..

BOSTON SPA, ENGLAND -- Elim Pastor Don Tillett drove a long way from his Sowerby Bridge Church to deliver me to a destination that I had never been to.  I had spoken in Halifax, England to three churches who had come to see what the Brownsville Editor had to say.  "Jerrell Miller brought the glory with him during this event, as he laid hands on a young women who was on the worship team she flew out of his hands that launched her backward in the air several feet."  People had come expecting that night and the air was filled with the Holy Ghost and power.  More and more the prophetic flowed through the Brownsville editor.

Boston Spa Meeting

  The next day he would be up early to have breakfast with his friend Don Tillett. Miller had been invited to a group of ministers who had ministered in the Elim work for the last 10 years in ministry, my friend Don Tillett was in these very sensitive ministries. The place was a retreat area called Boston Spa.  As Miller gave a brief message on the Brownsville Revival he began to move in the prophetic once again.  Many burdens were released as each had paid a price to be a front line minister in the early years of faithfulness to their pastorates.  Many of these young pastors were hungry for a word from the Lord.  Many were on the edge of collapse because of the price that each one had paid for having a family and being in the ministry, yes even I could relate with these younger men of God because the travel schedule I had for being the Brownsville editor was taking tremendous time away from my family at home in Mobile, Alabama.  Geoff Feasey was then the overseer for this group of ministers, that day he thanked Jerrell Miller for speaking into these young ministers lives.  I left Boston Spa totally exhausted that day, but Geoff Feasey extended an invitation for me to come back and speak over the entire group of Elim Ministers in Yorkshire, England.  He said, "You were right on target from the Lord, you couldn't have known about these men -- the prophetic word was accurate and to the point.  What a refreshing to the men and to me you are."      


Witchcraft Was Around

HEPTENSTALL, YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND -- It was a dark day and Don Tillett and I headed to the highland city of Heptenstall above the Calder River.  It was a Wesley Preaching House that held more than 800 believers at one time and it was pitched over the side of mountain in Heptenstall, Yorkshire, England.  I mentioned in the prophetic to my Elim friend Don Tillett that we would face witchcraft today.  As we climbed above the Ancient River Valley of the Calder River, it was mentioned to me that fire pots were lit on the tops of these mountains to warn villagers of the Viking Ships that would be terrorizing their neighbor hoods.  In those days the people would escape to hide from these terrible individuals.  The tops of the mountains for 300 years back served as the high places where the Druid Witches would gather and seek their father Satan.

The Wesley Pulpit

We approached the old preaching house where John Wesley had rode on horseback to stir the English Churches toward revival.  In Heptenstall there was a group of people who came together for the sake of revival.  John Wesley made friends with the other vicars at the time and this meeting house was built to house the outreach of revival in the 18th Century.  John Wesley rode the entire length of England to preach revival and this was a holy place of dedication that had long ago fell away from the faith.  As we approached this Holy House of worship we could not get into the front door.  A women in a flowing black robe approached us with some keys, as her keys dropped down to open the door a silver plated pentagram was on the end of her chain of keys.  It was strange that a witch held the keys to Wesley's preaching house but that was the church in the decline of all of England represented on that key chain.  Today England is 50 per cent Islamic and the places of worship have been sold to them to feed the growing Islamic Faith in England.  I walked through the old church and ascended the Wesley pulpit, it was a day set in time to visit a powerful expression of faith that long had been forgotten by the local people of Heptinstall. 

MOBILE, AL -- It was the seventh month of revival in Pensacola, Florida.  Pastor Fred Wolfe joined in the celebration of revival.  Fred Wolfe recognized the move of God in Pensacola as a Southern Baptist Convention Pastor.  He was a very influential Baptist Pastor at the time, was put up to be the SBC President at one time.  


These were strange bedfellows at the time, an Assembly of God pastor and a Southern Baptist Pastor met in the 7th month of revival to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a major revival.  It was a lasting friendship between John Kilpatrick and Fred Wolfe that would last to this day.  Pastor Wolfe had a revival with a Pentecostal minister at his former church Cottage Hill Baptist.  Leonard Ravenhill was a mentor of Evangelist Steve Hill.  He had come to a Baptist Church and was praying for people as they fell out in the Spirit.  As the Baptist pastor watched this he had to go before God and ask him, "Is this of you God and should I end this meeting now?"   God spoke to Fred Wolfe and said, "This is of me, allow me to move in the sanctuary the way I want to."  This was an awesome tribute between denominations.  People were being saved at Cottage Hill Baptist and that was a beginning recognition of this great revival. 

Fred Wolfe Preached At Revival in Pensacola

With this an invitation was given to Fred Wolfe to preach at revival on a Sunday.  It was one of the greatest meetings I have ever witnessed the Holy Spirit moved in a great way as the presence of God saturated all. 

My House Shall Be Called A House of Prayer 

Fred Wolfe is the pastor at Luke 4:18 Fellowship in Mobile.  He still holds on to the presence of God and has never forgotten his relationship with Pastor John Kilpatrick.  He stood in his pulpit yesterday and said, "My house shall be called a house of prayer."  This house of God meets every Friday at 7 PM in Mobile and evokes God to come down in revival once again. 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Look for Syria to put a strike in the North of Israel.  Hezbollah might try a two pronged attack from the north while Israel is busy in the south with Hamas. Isaiah 17:1 will be a major issue at this time.  Some time in the future the IDF will bring down Damascus and turn it into a ruinous heap.


 The United States is involved in the Russian expansion in the Ukraine.  The shooting down of an innocent airliner yesterday has drawn the two super powers on a close war time footing.  The prophecy of A. A. Allen comes into the picture.  Allen said that if America didn't repent of its sins, it could be taken from the existence of its 300 years of age by a nuclear attack form the seas.  Allen's vision from the Empire State Building on July 4, 1954.  

Torch of Awakening

PENSACOLA, FL -- It has come to Pensacola and a Pensacola pastor, Rick Curry is leading a group of Remnant Churches in the area of the panhandle of Florida along with what Dutch Sheets has called a Torch of Awakening.

A Remnant Band of Churches

A blessing of faith has come together and this small remnant body of churches are banning together to seek Godís face in intercessory prayer for revival. 

Rick & Jennifer Curry

The Torch of Awakening is a nation wide, non stop prayer meeting. Churches, Houses of Prayer, Home Groups, Businesses, Civil Government, and anywhere people want to gather together for prayer can sign up to pray. Prayer is made for our nation, state, communities, families, churches, businesses, etc to experience awakening which impacts all of society.

Panhandle Florida Churches

Pastor Rick Curry a well known figure from the Brownsville Revival days has a meeting on Friday night to carry the Torch of Revival through the areas of Ohio, Arizona and Colorado.

A number of churches in the Florida Panhandle are carrying the Flame of Revival. Pastor Chris Mathis of Crestview, Florida has joined with Rich Curry and others to release the power of prayer and join others in the seeking of revival.


The Prophet Will Have The Last Word

In January I announced that we would begin a new publication called Voice of Jerusalem. On January 14, 2014 we retired The Remnant Newspaper. Now we are moving into the last days of our existence as a nation. The Remnant was a name that was created in 1993, because there was not that many people who believed in the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. Revival broke in Pensacola and we traveled the nation and the world to cover this event. The River move of God was the last great thrust of revival in this country, that lasted for about 10 years and the rest is history. I hold on to the scripture in Habakkuk 2:14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. God has not forgot his children.

Speak to the Mountain

I speak to the mountain and the mountain has to be moved, we are favored of God. For the last 3 years I have spoken every day in Jerusalem and heralded the coming of Jesus Christ ó my friend the last event is Jerusalem. He shall come and set his feet upon the Mount of Olives and walk through the Eastern Gate. My friend Cleddie Keith has just celebrated 20 years of revival in Florence, Kentucky. My pastor is building a structure in Daphne, Alabama that will house the Church of His Presence. We are moving into a church age that will last just a few short years. I have published Ezraís Pen over the last two years now we are ready for a full newspaper. I could not make a move until God allowed me to publish, we are now moving into something that will move very rapid.

I Was Placed In Jerusalem

I have never understood my message as a prophet but the entry way of Jerusalem and my voice that move showed me that God can place me anywhere that he wants me to speak. Looking up the Kidron Valley where the radio station is located gave me a glimpse of what I am supposed to do in these last days. (The Kidron Valley is the place where the prophets speak) Isaiah spoke here before he was destroyed by the evil king, and now your servant Jerrell speaks from the Kidron Valley over the whole nation of Israel from the Golan Heights to Eliot in the south the voice of this prophet is heard daily on The Voice of Hope located in the Kidron Valley right across from the Old City of Jerusalem.  My voice will soon turn into a written word of peace to the nations, The Voice of Jerusalem will be published about the time of the completion of The Church of His Presence.


PENSACOLA, FL -- It took a while but we dedicated The Remnant Newspaper to Regent University on the 14th of January this year.  Something was very special about that day as I have gotten older and have slowed down a little, I am doing the written word of this revival. 

The Powerful Grip of Revival

 I will never forget the powerful grip that it had on my life for so many years.  I followed the tributaries of this great river.  From Bradford, England to Israel the sound of revival was in tune for a season.  When you went to Yorkshire, England to Porterville, California the message was not mixed but during these seasons of revival the rivers were many and most of them traveled to cities of the world and the cities of America. It was so easy to write The Remnant Newspaper every month but the editing of this book is something that I am very slow at doing, but I think that the memory of this revival needs to be burned in the hearts of all those who seek his face. 

They Had A Special Pastor

This Brownsville Church had a special pastor who led them into the presence of God.  It was the prayers of a church for two years that brought God down to people on June 18th -- Father's Day 1995. Pray for The Remnant Editor as he works at the large process of coving revival.  We will never know where we are going until we understand the pasted that we have witnessed and the face of God who came down and kissed a sanctuary on the Mobile Highway in Pensacola, Florida. 

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- The move through Syria by ISIS is narrowing the plan against Israel.  When they are united they will turn their weapons toward Jerusalem and the Jewish IDF will respond in kind.  The words of Isaiah 17:1 is the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.  Watch and see this is the season of the Blood Moons of Israel. 
Edtior Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International . 

PENSACOLA, FL - It was the third week of June in 1995, I got down next to my bed and God spoke directly to me and said one word, "Brownsville, call the church." I called the church and one of the sectaries told me, "We are in revival right now, it starts at 7 PM and lasts until the Sun comes up and we have been in this move since last week.

I traveled on that Thursday night to Pensacola. I moved into the sanctuary as a sparse population was in the pews. When I got to the church people were in the pulpit speaking about their conversion or their healing. I didnít know how deep this was as I was just an observer.


I asked three times what was the name of the evangelist. Steve Hill had come as a missionary evangelist for one night and he was still at the church a week later. No one knew it would last for the next ten years. Hill had not called off his other meetings but when the thrust of revival got so deep, Hill had to make some decisions. First of all this revival was going from sun down to sun up. A schedule had to be where people could get some sleep and there had to be days off. For three weeks it was non stop but the next month saw the schedule change as it was reduced to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the pastor preaching one service in the morning. It was organized to the place when the Spirit captured the stage late at night around 12 midnight the lights were blinked to let people know it was closing. The altar call came first and then the impartation came next.


In the early days of this move the manifestations of the Holy Spirit were many. You could stand in a pew while the evangelist and pastor prayed for the people and could smell the sweetness of heaven, and then as you watched Steve lay hands on the people you could see the manifestations of the Spirit. People were crying, laughing and shaking. Sometimes the shaking lasted for days. School children were in trouble at school because of the shaking. No one understood this from the outside but the shaking was doing a work in those who received.

People who were grieving would often be prayed for and just laid on the floor while God operated on them to heal their broken hearts. The teenagers who were touched got real creative, it wasnít just one time that they were prayed for they found ways to be prayed for four and five times a night.

This Would Become My Life's Work 

Watching these events in June of 1995 I had no idea that I would be covering this event for 10 more years.  I thought that it would be over in just a few weeks and days but this revival was more powerful than I expected as every tribe and every nation would come to Pensacola during the next 10 years.  It was 19 years ago that it began on June 18th, 1995 and the ripples of this move of God is still touching the world. 
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
Prophetic Evangelist 



MOBILE, AL --When people are called, sometimes they get off the tract and follow
something that they should not be doing. Many revivals have brought wealth and fame to those who were involved but sooner or later they mortgage themselves to the place to maintain the visitation when the Holy Spirit has left a long time ago.

Mirror Image of Greed

 People look through the windows of their churches and see the mirror image of the greed that is going on and faith in these revival leaders begins to have its devastating affect on the people that they serve. When the leader is struck down all that is left is the memories but those memories are put in the back in the recesses of their minds to let them  know that He will come when He is approached  by a holy people. The one thing people have to guard themselves against is the judgment of some of these revival leaders, remember they were called for a purpose to bring God to earth and that call is still on their lives. In our last newsletter I began to see once again the value of a monthly revival report. We are on a mission and God is looking toward us to do the right thing this time.  


The Body of Christ has opened the door of the Presence of God.  The vision is at hand and the end is near, who are we to trust but Jesus himself.  We are to get through these layers of greed and unforgiveness to get to the grace of God He wants to come as much as you want Him to come. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International  

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA -- This will be Jerrell Miller's third visit to Virginia this year. He will begin his trip at Agape Christian Center in Stephen's City, Virginia on June 22nd Sunday. "The vision is growing during this time, it seems like the powerful anointing in the meetings is increasing each time I come.  The balance of what God is going to do in this country for revival will be soon. I believe that the next great move of God will be in and around the Washington, D.C. area.  This country, I believe there are enough people who are pryaing at this time and have the blessed hope.  It is so critical at this time to seek His face to release the power vision that Jesus has for this country.  We must focus on Jerusalem at this moment, it is a cup of trembling and will come more into play at year finishes out.  

MOBILE, AL -- I am disturbed by false promotions of revival.  Recently someone mentioned to me about a revival that was drawing thousands of people to it when there was only about 150 to 200 attending this event. In the last few years we have witnessed revivals who were built off of television promotion and the internet.  There is nothing wrong with this when it is real but it seems as if people are fishing for promotion.  The excitement of the Lakeland Revival was a trick paid on the body of Christ. This revival was built off of television promotion. While people were so hungry for a move of God many flocked to Lakeland to see the great fire.  I went to this revival and there I found an open heaven for God to do something.  As I listened to the leadership from the stage speak every night, they mentioned night after night people who were healed without validation.  It got to be so much that I began to ask questions. 

Roy Fields Truly Anointed

 I will tell you this about this revival the worship leader was awesome, Roy Fields was discovered by the Body of Christ as one with a true anointing.  I believe the appeal of this revival was the purity of the music.  God Television from England hung a tag on this move of God for all to follow.  This was the 100 day revival that hurt the body of Christ and people are still hurt by this, extreme promotion of an event by things that really are not there has caused all to question. Remember the fake will show up before the real. 

The Truth of Revival Can Be Found At Times on Television? 

 Television works in a true move, newspapers and networks will come when the real is there.  It causes one to believe in the secular news media more than Christian Media.  I saw the New York Times, ABC, CBS, CNN and the NBC news media validate a real move of God during the time of the Brownsville Revival.  

It Ended In Sin 

When Todd Bentley chose another women other than his wife to live with and abandoned his family, it crushed many who believed.  It was Jimmy Swaggert all over again but now it showed up in the River of God.  Who are we to believe, we are wounded and we don't know who to believe, its not that we don't forgive these people in the body.  No doubt Todd Bentley is God's servant but what Lakeland caused dented the people of faith, and they are hungry and still looking for the face of God.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International   

MOBILE, AL -- For some time we have been publishing a prophetic word called Ezra's Pen.  The inspiration came from a Prophet David Lebo, he spoke over Jerrell Miller and called him a modern day Ezra, a prophetic scribe called to rebuild the temple of God in our time.  To have Ezra's Pen mailed to you please call us in Alabama at (251) 289-7517.

MOBILE, AL -- I have always been a servant to those who were in the ministry.  I have never tried to inject my thoughts toward another, and have always sought the face of God in everything I do but the time has come after 37 years of following my call to be the thing that God has prepared me to do.  As you can see the web page you can also see the warning from God for the correction of nations.  The moment is here and the time is now to see my hand saith the Lord, fear not believers stay humble and meek, during the time of the distruction of nations I have prepared a place of safty, Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7 


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- On Monday we will see the moon turn to orange as the first of the four blood moons to appear on Passover in the next two years. There is a controversy in the bible about the interpretation of the Word Easter in Acts12:4 -- the original word in the Greek is called pascha witch is interpreted as Easter but it is really the Passover. The word is clear and the reference is spelled out to the believer. When Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (reigned 306Ė337) ruled Rome, Christianity became the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. Historians remain uncertain about Constantine's reasons for favoring Christianity, and theologians and historians have argued about which form of Early Christianity he subscribed to. Although Constantine had been exposed to Christianity by his mother Helena, there is no consensus among scholars as to whether he adopted his mother's Christianity in his youth, or gradually over the course of his life,[1] and he did not receive baptism until shortly before his death.  


The Latin Vulgate was the first completely edited Bible. St Jerome in 382 put the first complete bible together as he edited the ancient text of the Latin Vulgate Bible in Bethlehem near the church of the Holy Seplacure.  Because of Constantine's conversion many things that appear in language are not the same in the Christian Bible, one being the word Easter, Roman tradition has elevated this word over the word Passover, but the blood of Jesus still represents the Passover as the blood was applied to stop the deaths of the first born of Israel and the first born of all who placed the blood ove the door.   

MOBILE, AL -- Recently I faced myself in the mirror and measured my degree of forgiveness in my life.  I realized that I had become very judgmental and was measuring people to my standards, thank God I am not God.  My version of God did not fit within the measure of the gospel. I know I became a Christian when I was 24 years of age but the forgiveness I had for other people was judgment.  God did a work in my heart and set me free, he showed me that before I could ever do another meeting or another work for God I would have to change in my views.  The revelation of grace will cause you to look at the world in a little different.  Jesus is the light and He came to forgive the world, if we being Christians accept God's grace when we are saved, then how can we look the other way on other peoples lives just because we degree with them.  The revelation of God's grace in a persons life opens the door for all to be saved. 

MOBILE, AL -- For about three years we followed some of the modern day prophets of our time.  It seems as if every trail we went down was a dead end for our written word.  As I watched some of these people move in ministry I was shocked at some of their personal words to those they prayed for, it seemed like every meeting ended in a high spirit but nothing happened of any value or worth over the year.  I finally came to the conclusion that these were not people who were going to lead us into the next revival.  None of them had a now word for the moment and all they could do is go back in history and magnify a powerful man of God who registered very high on the believers scale of belief.  I know many a man of God have ridden on the coat tails of other great men of God and were very successful in ministry. We are in the end times in a wicked and sinful country, these so called prophets are not leaning toward repentence but the whole measure of their meetings are signs and wonders in the supernatural while completely ignoring repentance and a move toward Holy Revival.  The body of Christ is headless in America and most of us who know the time and the season, know that God will use another evangelist like Steve Hill to clean the church up, these men of God who are on America's stage right now will not be a spokesmen much longer the rising and the fall of many are at hand and the real leaders will be lead by the Spirit of God and not by images of the past.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 


No One Will Warn Them 

MOBILE, AL -- While people go along in their normal life they have no idea what is upon the horizon.  No one thinks that life will ever change but God has a day called the Day of the Lord that has a time and a date on it.  Looking at the church going along at the time there are no watchmen on the wall warning of the coming doom.  After watching Jonathan Kahn on the Benny Hinn program this morning we have a cause for concern, it seems as God has given the right of warning to several modern day prophets who are on the wall calling for the Bride to be ready.  The 24th Chapter of Matthew calls for the bride to be ready.  The oil (the anointing) must be in the lamp, the anointing is the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.  It is an anointing of warning, Jesus is the Baptizer and this is not received by listening to the doctrinal statements of religion, people must hunger and thirst for God's anointing.  

MOBILE, AL -- The word of God continues to point to a day of prophetic reckoning for their plans and torments of Israel. More than 3,000 years ago the prophet wrote it down in Isaiah 17:1 but it doesn't seem to phase believers or non  believers.  We are living in a prophetic world that cannot measure the time or the moment of the coming of Christ.  Will the Son of man find faith when he come back to the earth.  God has directed his bride to be ready.  The foolish virgins of Matthew 24 are a reality in the church today.  Most of the Christian leadership has ignored the prophetic warnings of the word of God.  My people parish because they lack the knowledge of God to be saved.  
Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International

MOBILE, AL -- Today we were touched by the golden sun as Spring shows off her glory.  We are praying for His will and His mercy over America in these final days.  A burden of prayer is over The Remnant International as we look forward to His coming. Pray for our country and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Editor Jerrell H. Miller
The Remnant International 

MOBILE, AL -- He was part of a three man team that led the whole world to a place in Pensacola called Brownsville. The choice was not his to stay, he came on a Father's Day weekend and stayed for the next five years.  Liddel Cooley Pastor John Kilpatrick and Steve Hill choose to stay in place for five years.  The duration of time saw more than 300,000 come to the altars of the Pensacola Church. Steve Hill battled Melanoma for the last few years and gave up the ghost last night. The beauty of his altar call was unique, no one else could command repentance like Steve Hill.  His booming voice would call people forward that had the authority of God in his voice.  As I write these words today a heaviness is upon my heart.  He opened door to so many people, his words were prophetic into the sinners heart.  The conviction of God came through his voice.  The stress of a great revival can only be felt by those who have hosted one.  Anyone who serves in a choir or worship team understands the stress that it takes just to be in place for three days.  One person who was at 400 services served in that roll as host to journalists and acted as a photographer was Cathy Wood.  Even at the notice of this event God used her once more to send pictures to the 700 Club of Steve Hill.  We have lost a powerful soldier who will God call next, we are waiting but until that man of God comes we have the memory of one who served and one who loved the sinner.   

DAWES COMMUNITY, AL --Recently we have seen Russia move into the Crimea and push with their Army to reclaim a part of the old empire.  America is moving back into a cold war standing with the Russians.  A series of moves within the earth has signaled a time of the second coming of Jesus.  A great time of trouble is coming to the earth, and this is a time where God will do signs and wonders.  When the Son of Man comes will he find faith upon the earth, Luke 18:8.

The Irish Prophet & Saint That Predicted the End of Rome

 According to an obscure Irish Saint there will only be 112 Popes and this Pope will be called Peter the Roman; he will be 112th Pope and will be in Rome when that city is destroyed.  


We have to listen to what is being said to warn the church, the Prophet Joel spoke about these days, he warned of the destruction of the church and calls for a sanctified fast and then he calls for a solemn assembly.  Church leaders are busy with their programs today and they do not have a warning going to their people.  Watching the prophetic teachings of John Hagee has stirred much of the church, the teaching of the four blood moons is enough to shock anyone into a place of repentance.  According to Hagee and NASA the Blood Moons will begin to appear in April 2014 and end September 2015 and the moons concern the judgment of the earth.  According to JOEL 2:28-28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit

St. Malachy (1094-1148)
 Prophecies Published 1595

Saint Malachy, was an Irish archbishop who lived between the years of (1094-1148). According to the record, his  prophecies were largely unnoticed until 1595 when they were discovered and then published by a Benedictine named Arnold de Wyon as a part of his history of the Benedictine order. The prophecies are supposed to list the Popes in order and provide some information on the nature of their leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Saint Malachy Had 
A Vision In Rome

St. Malachy had a vision when he went to Rome as he made his pilgrimage there. From that vision he recorded all the popes and what they would be concerned with until the last pope.  At that time the Catholic Church was the church known along with the Eastern Orthodox Church.  One Pope that he described was John XXIII -- he called him the pastor/sailor. John came from Venice a city of watered canals and active wayfarers.  John Paul II was named after an eclipse by Malachy -- John Paul II was born under an eclipse in Poland and entombed on an eclipse -- Every pope during his prophecies was named in such away and this prophet was deadly accurate in each evaluation of the each pope until the last one, who will be name Petrus Romana. 

THE 112th Pope The End
Petrus Romana

Needless to say they are in no way to be compared to Bible prophecy and have been the subject of much debate over the years. What has impressed many is their appearance of accuracy in describing the Papal reigns of the various Popes. According to the current list of Popes, the next Pope will be the last one, the 112th Pope on the list.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Remnant International 
A Historical and Prophetic Web Site. 



MOBILE, AL -- It's called Ash Wednesday when the Holy Roman Catholic Church calls for others to pray for the poor souls in Purgatory.  I only remember one place named Purgatory and that's a small town in Texas.  What about the seven extra books in the Catholic Bible how did they get there.  For 1400 years the Catholic Church had a sixty-six book bible, with no doctrine on Purgatory and no need to change.   I lived in a Catholic family growing up and the fear of Alcohol coming into my home kept me as a little child in terror and fear of my father on Friday and Saturday nights.  I went to Catholic Schools and received a good education but there was no heart in it.  Only the love of one of the nuns of the Sisters of St. Joseph made a difference.  She read the bible to us and spoke about the miracles and the visitations from the saints.  A small child in Catholic Schools could only wait to get to school because of her love.  Today many former Catholics serve as pastors, evangelists, prophets, and teachers in Protestant Denominations across America.  During the time that this current Pope was in office in Argentina, a Pentecostal Revival took half the Catholic Church with them into Protestantism. Remember this man is a Jesuit, this was an order created to stop the faith move of Martin Luther and Protestantism.  Luther reduced the Catholic Bible to 66 books and taught the Catholic Church that man is justified by Faith in the Word of God and that no sacrament nor dictate from a Roman Pope could ever change it.  Luther exposed the corruption of the church by his masterful study of the Word of God. 

History Changed Me

The study of History made me change from a follower of the Roman Church to a called out preacher of the Word of God.  When I got saved I knew I was saved because I never had another need for alcohol in my life.  We were taught to read the Word of God and not depend on the doctrine of a church that had added books to the bible.  In my time at McGill Institute in Mobile, Alabama there were several Brothers of the Sacred Heart in the closet mode of homosexuality.  It was my dream to be a Catholic Priest one day but history changed my direction and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost changed me totally inside.  There would have been none of this if I had followed the traditions of my church and their false doctrines. The flood of ignorance was not going to allow me to stay in place to follow a priest to offer up sacrifice while the sacrifice only had to happen once on the cross. Who's to blame on the Homosexuality in the Catholic Church.  

The Bishops who shipped these priest from parish to parish in America are to blame. Their records must be opened and examined

The Bishops who shipped these priest from parish to parish in America are to blame.  Each of these priests who were transferred by record of complaint must still be dealt with today.  After about 40 years of this hidden sin covered up by the Catholic Church leaders finally the law and the laity of the Catholic Church came forward with local officials to began to charging these people.  While Pope John the Polish Pope apologized for this valued trust that had been defiled, this new Pope is back in the old system of mirrors and cover-ups.  The Catholic people love their church and these items are up for discussion. The Catholic Church has become a haven for the Homosexual, now is the time that a Catholic Priest must be allowed to be married.  This pope has made friends with the Homosexual community.  It is time for the records to be opened, too many trusting Catholics have paid the price for the files that were never opened by the Bishops of the Church.  It is now time for law enforcement and the Attorney Generals of each state to expose this situation.  It's like sterroids in the Baseball, there is an elephant in the room of the Catholic Church and everyone is looking the other way.  Repentance will cover all of this, its not just enough to say that one is sorry, these individuals must be ruled in eligible as priest and dealt.  Either the Catholic Church will do this from within or the Legal System of this country will make sure it gets done. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem 

LEESBURG, VA. -- It was a night of great direction and two prophets were in the same city at the corner of King and Queen, Martinsville, WV.  David Lebo had come to do the prophetic in a historic home in Martinsville, WV.  David is a very gifted prophet and like the scripture says  in Amos 9:11 That in the last days the Davidic Tabernacle would be re-established.  David is one of those tabernacles, his singing of verse and his prophetic word would be right on tonight.  While we saw a passing of on of the old guard last week, we see the new energy of a new prophet being put in place for the last days.  Bob Jones passed at 82 years, his gift to the Body of Christ cannot be measured.  He was kind and very often spoke what was on his mind.  He would end up in trouble several times, but rather than please man he would speak the truth and it always measured to be true.  The new promise of the word has awakened in the Northern Part of Virginia.  David Lebo came to do God's business on that faithful night in West Virginia.  Jerrell Miller had taken the night off during his trip to Northern Virginia and a word came froth from the younger prophet to older one.   David Lebo spoke about Jerrell having Ezra's Pen in his hand and we all know Ezra was raised up to restore Jerusalem. Sometimes the vision cannot be seen at the time it is spoken, but as the prophet spoke in the O.T. and said it was an appointed time. Jerrell heard God speaking to him to go toward a new vision because it is for an appointed time.  We are soon approaching the appointed time and the vision is going to be written very soon.  Pray for the Voice of Jerusalem that it might do what the dreamers of the vision have it to do.  We highly endorse David Lebo, he is a true Davidic Tabernacle for our time. Amos 9:11.
Editor Jerrell Miller
Voice of Jerusalem  

MOBILE, AL -- The cause of Christ could be a lot better through the knowledge of the prophetic.  In Hosea 4:6, My people perish because they have no knowledge. There has been so much written about the end times recently that if a person missed the coming of the Lord, they couldn't plea ignorance.  Christians go from day to day without a burden for the lost.  Knowledge of the prophetic could be given to those who know nothing about the Lord.  We live on the vision that God provides, people in the Christian body of Christ perish if they do not receive revelation but the lost who know that something is going on at the present but have no idea of what is happening.  

Isaiah & Damascus

The other day I spoke to a person while watching the Six O'clock news.  They were speaking about Syria and I mentioned Isaiah 17:1 and quoted to that person the burden that Isaiah had for Damascus --The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap I mentioned to that person that the Old Testament prophets were 100% accurate, and then I told that person this was going to happen very soon and it could cause the world to go into the full war mode. 

The Blood Moons

As you see the tetrad moons that are on on the front page, this is a sign to all that God is going to deal with His people very soon. I believe that these moons happen on the two Passovers and the two Tabernacles feast, it had significance toward the earth. Our main objective as Christians is to win the lost.  These are end time events that will always awaken the lost to get them to a sinners repentance. I believe that one days God will show us the people in Hell who we could have made a difference with simply by awakening them to the season of the end times.
Editor Jerrell Miller
Voice of Jerusalem 

MOBILE, AL -- For the last two weeks we have written about the move of God in Pensacola, Florida.  I thank God that my father took me to a place one day where I could see his face.  I have been in a place for the last year where the fundamental expression of Pentecost is made fun of -- tongues is called the lest of the gifts and some even call it gibberish.  Let me warn those who tread on the Holy Ghost, God will have the last laugh, we of the Spirit know what it takes to have a real revival, where 300,000 are saved, it was not by emotion but it was by the blood of the lamb.  I have not a man to thank for revival but I have a powerful God who heals, delivers and Baptizes in the Holy Spirit to thank for my heavenly expression.  This week we have looked at what a real move of God looks like. Many of those who paid the price at Brownsville are still licking their wounds today, but those who made the effort in this move of God will never look back, we bless Pastor John Kilpatrick as he builds his new church for the next move of God. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
Voice of Jerusalem

Lies And False Reports

PENSACOLA, FL -- Who is to measure a work when it is done in your own home town.  The Pensacola News-Journal decided to attack the revival through lies and distortions of the work.  It never went farther than the city limits of Pensacola. The New York Times, CNN, Associated Press, CBS, NBC, ABC had all visited the revival long before the Pensacola News-Journal decided to print false reports of the revival.  I had the opportunity to work at several newspapers before we did The Remnant. The greatest validation of truth came from the regional and national news media when they didn't pick up the story.  This attack happened during the time Pastors critical injury after falling off his new home that was in construction at the time.  Overall these claims were ignored by regional and national news services.   

Dr. Michael Brown and Editor Jerrell Miller Dispute Claims of The Pensacola News-Journal  

Dr. Michael Brown and Editor Jerrell Miller both worked the following week to put out a newspaper that contradicted every accusation that was accused by the newspaper.  The Remnant put out a four page tabloid that countered the newspaper on every lie that was printed.  Dr. Brown realized that the only rebuttal to these lies had to be put in print and this was vehicle that was around.  The validation of proof was really from the regional and national media who saw the story for what it was. This was a personal attack that came from those who hated the revival. At the Los Angeles Times the quote from Azusa was said, "This new form of religion was highly emotional and people were speaking gibberish.  Little did they know that the Pentecostal tongue showed up and like most liberals who work in media they would not understand that.  Every some of the leading evangelist at the time called it gibberish, but we all know this as full gospel people, if God cannot control your tongue he cannot use you.     

No Validation of Truth 

 Usually when a local story is printed in a local newspaper, it will go further than the city to a regional wire with the Associated-Press and then if the story is valid it will go to the National AP wire. These stories about the revival were reviewed by the Associated Press and they could not validate the stories to put them on the regional nor the national wire.  During this time David Wilkerson sent a message to the revival validating the Evangelist Steve Hill.  This season of critical behavior came from a newspaper who could not validate the stories they printed. Some of the stories were influenced by former church members who were  in Pensacola and did not agree with the way the church revival started. Many fundamentalist attack the revival at several levels but we must remember what scripture says about these critics.  Three major revivals have happened in the last 100 years and they were all influence by the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and also manifestations of the Holy Ghost, (speaking in tongues).  No fundamentalist denomination has had a major revival in America in the last 300 years. These scoffers of Pentecost are discribed in scripture in II Timothy 3:5 -- were the 300,000 salvations real or was it all emotions.  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5Today I could call so many people who changed their whole life after visiting the altars at this great revival.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem

 PENSACOLA, FL -- Sister Cathy Woodís camera was at more than 400 revival services she was at the revival since the first week.  In her own words she said that on May 7, 1995 she was healed at the church of chronic arthritis  just a week before revival broke.  A South African group called The McGregor's were singing and preached a sermon on David.  Cathy Wood walked with a limp into the service but after she went to be prayed for she was completely healed. 

Pastor's Mother Died 

Something else happened that day, Pastor Kilpatrick's mother passed away.  She was a small lady who took care of her son as a single parent mother.  This was a hard week for the pastor but at the end of this week, the glory of God would visit the house who had prayed for two years.  It seems as if the Lord visits during the most difficult times.  The vision that God had chosen was on time at the correct moment and in the next few years more than 300,000 would find God at the Brownsville altars.  

A Valuable Friend

While I was doing The Remnant I was more than 64 miles away in Mobile, Cathy Wood never forgot to call me when something major was happening at revival.  She was a true servant of God who was one of the greatest diplomats of revival  all over the earth.  God moved through her around the world as the word went out daily from Sisterhood's email address.  Her pictures were scene in every major newspaper in America, even the New York Times.   There was no payment at all for her service, she did her work as a member of the church and as a lover of Jesus and his work at  Brownsville.   
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem

PENSACOLA, FL -- If I had to give credit to who was responsible for revival at the Brownsville Church I would have to give it to the  leader.  No one can have revival in a church unless the entire church is behind the man in charge.  Pastor Kilpatrick lead his people, he did not push his people into revival.  It is a strange psychology that raises up a leader, in revival they are raised up by the Holy Spirit for the moment, some people call it a Greek word Chairos, that is the moment when God and man touch, that only comes through the holiness that one lives in. Anyone who was under the teaching of this Godly man would understand one thing, there was no one who could release the word of God in their pulpit like this man.  The vision was well protected in the Brownsville pulpit and the people were well fed by this man of God. Scripture says, "My people perish without a vision."  

No One Can Schedule A Revival They Happen By  The Will Of God  

If you wanted to understand the Holy Spirit unity and the people with a desire to do something then you have to know the people of Brownsville. Before revival I saw the church and I wouldn't say that it was the most spiritual place to be, but God was in these people because they were behind the pastor's vision.  Two years before revival in the years of 1993 and 1994 the Sunday nightly service was canceled and the people prayed before the banners in the sanctuary.  Each banner was a strategic circumstance and situation in the country.  For two years they laid down a path to prepare the Spirit of God to come into the house Schools, government, revival, and several other banners were laid out for the people to pray before. While other churches focused on programs and growth, the people of Brownsville wanted God.   Everything was in place as a new worship leader (Lyndell Cooley) was invited to the church in January of 1995.  No one knew the time or the hour of this revival but God knew there was going to be a date when God would come down.  Any man of God will tell you that without the people in support of this, it would have never happened.  This was not going to be a revival scheduled by a man but it was going to be scheduled by a God who carefully measured the amount of prayer and sacrifice that went up for two years.  The new mayor of Mobile had a great quote about what God can do, "When men work, men work, but when men pray God works."  That was going to be the difference between people who think they can schedule revival and people who wait upon God to come.  No one can schedule a revival just like no one can schedule a hurricane. You can't move God with your dates and time -- you have to humble yourself before God comes and the Lord God himself schedules the times and the places. I was at Brownsville before revival and after it started.  These people were like their pastor, they knew how to approach God and they knew how to capture the moment. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem

PENSACOLA, FL -- Many peoples lives were changed during the period of time that the Brownsville Revival was in season.  It was unreal as during Summer of 1997, when certain events elevated the level of the revival from local status to world class status.  There was a reporter from The New York Times who came to the event, Cathy Wood who served as the official photographer was also the person who handled the press when they came to revival.  The reporter was a Jewish man but what happened to him at revival would never be forgotten. Cathy Saw an amazing thing happened, she seated the reporter in a placed reserved for him.  The measure of this revival was going to go world class as the reporter was prayed for at the altar and he collapsed under the power of the Holy Spirit.  That one touch from God was like a shot heard around the world.  Media was going to play a role in revival like it never had done before.  The following week the revival made the front page of The New York Times. That newspaper opened a gate of national reporter who had never been to Pensacola.  Lesley Stahl from CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Network) interviewed Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick on the front stage of the  Brownsville church.  The CNN came and NBC came.  As the reports were seen around the world the international groups began to come.  It was awesome as people from England, Japan, Italy, France and South Africa flew to Atlanta and rented a car and tried to figure out where Pensacola was.  In one case Don Tillett who came Sourby Bridge in Yorkshire England rented a Dodge Mini Van and headed out on the wrong side of the road.  Tillett would become a dear friend and travel from England two more times and also host one of our visits to England.  This was a time of making new friends and seeing the world as a host to set a new direction in my life and several other people.  Our lives was changed by the revival and we would never be the same, but there would be days when all wasn't so friendly as the local newspaper would take a shot at the work on the Mobile Highway.  
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   


PENSACOLA, FL -- I can remember Steve Hill speaking about having the ability to produce a sermon every night during revival.  He said that he had three or four sermons that he would do during regular preaching but in revival you have got to have something ready and God always comes through with the revelation.  In the early days for two years straight if you went to revival, you would know it was supernatural as each wonight uld display something different.  The pressure to deliver the message will never be known by the ones who were watching the people upon the stage.  Today I think that they would even agree how difficult it was at times to go before the people.  This was a good team of players, Pastor John Kilpatrick, Evangelist Steve Hill and worship leader Lyndel Cooley were in place every night.  The people of faith would come with expectation every night and those three men paid a dear price to be in place ready for those who were coming. The measure of time can only be felt by those on the worship team and the many people who worked behind the scenes.  You can't have something like this unless the leader has a real touch with God.  Pastor John Kilpatrick was a rock and never missed the opportunity that God presented to him. 


They were a team and during a season of disability as John Kilpatrick fell from the second story of his new house.  A workmen had just moved a table saw from the place where he landed.  It was serious no one would know how serious it was with his injury. Someone at the hospital said, 'These types of injuries usually end in death.'  It was amazing as the pastor of the revival was laying in a hospital with an injury that could of cost him never to walk again.  A this time of injury Evangelist Steve Hill took over and did a masterful work at revival.  All the while Kilpatricks injury was deadly serious.  The power of God was behind the leader and after four weeks he was seen on the revival stage in a wheel chair, if people would have known the extent of his injury they would have said that he wouldn't have been back to the church for six month, if he came back at all, this was a miracle testimony in Pensacola that caused the revival to go to another level. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

PENSACOLA, FL -- We have now looked over the wide scope that the Brownsville Revival covered over a lengthy period of time.  Each element of this revival went out to America and the nations.  This project was a project of love for those who understood what it means.  My wife and I were in Pensacola this week and meet someone who was a very familiar face at revival, Hazel and her husband Benny were on the worship team the whole time of the revival, there must be something about the written word of this event. 

The Revival's Evangelists

Someone said that revival is like throwing a rock into a pond, the rock goes in the water and the concentric rings go out from it.  Other parts of the country were deeply touched by this move of God. Revivals do end and this one ended but the life giving blood of these events go on and on. God used several people to take the word out from the center of the fire in Pensacola. One of the more successful evangelist was a personal friend of John Kilpatrick who started going out from the center of revival to America. In Okalahoma he really blazed a trail, in Miami, OK more than 42,000     God was moving and in Porterville, California a widowed pastor, Paulette Blaylock was touched deeply in Pensacola and traveled back to her home town to establish a new work called Landmark Christian Center.  Others who were instrumental in the outreach from Pensacola was Larry Martin who resigned as a professor in the Bible College in Missouri to follow the leading of God.  The Remnant traveled to one of his meetings in Salisbury, North Carolina and witnessed on of the most powerful moves of God in the entire revival.  Evangelist Wayne Neal also was a major figure in revival across the nation. These were the man of fire and results.  Dr. Larry Martin came off the evangelic field to help at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.   God used these men in the years after revival.  One thing about these revivals, these were no three day ventures when the word of God touched these American churches, you would see revivals go for several weeks.  In Mobile, Alabama at Calvary Assembly of God the revival went for more than two years under Evangelist Wayne Headrick after he was touched at the Brownsville Revival.  No matter what happened it always open the door of a new vision after the evangelists were touched at revival. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

PENSACOLA, FL -- My wife and I are in Pensacola today.  After a long winter, Pensacola is having 60 and 70 degree weather and on this Valentines Day we decided to celebrate the heat in the revival city..  My last trip to Virginia showed me how hungry the people  are for the presence of God. In meeting after meeting we spoke about revival and what happened when revival touched the Brownsville Sanctuary on Father's Day.  God was making a statement about our country and the church.  The vision is still there, it says in the word of God, "Where there is no vision the people parish."  Everywhere we presented the vision of revival the people could sense the power of God when I began to describe.  When Ronnie Midgett and I presented the record of the revival in the old newspapers of The Remnant, the archives that accepted them said that my work was a first hand record of that event as long as I was alive.  This motivated me to continued the written book on the Brownsville Revival.  During the 17 years we published, I visited Africa, Israel and preached in England in the same churches Smith Wigglesworth preached more than 50 years before, those Englishmen where I preached came to Pensacola on several occasions.  I know that people are struggling in the church today and the vision is not there.  The one thing that Ronnie Midgett and I understood was that this country needs a standard once again for people to follow.  Religion has replaced vision and the local church doesn't want to rock the boat on the issues.  If my people is becoming more of an if, then a reality.  We need to pray once again for revival because the end is very near.  Yesterday as I listened to the testimony of Allison Ward she said, "That the closer she got to the revival pulpit in Pensacola, she trembled and felt that the Holy Spirit was grieving over America."  If the Holy Ghost was grieving then what is he doing now.  Even now Lord Jesus Come, MARANATHA. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

PENSACOLA, FL -- This Valentines Day weekend we will go to Pensacola from Mobile where my wife and I will spend a weekend.  Two women made a different early in revival one was a small young girl named Charity James who came to revival to sing the invitation song, even today when I hear it I begin to tear up.  I remembered over and over the people who came to Jesus during these moments. One thousand people a week were coming to Jesus during these days.  Above if you touch picture you can see and hear the Charity James sing  the Mercy Seat.  A person that doesn't tear up when an altar call is given must look at the condition of their own soul.  This was a season when God came down and kissed the earth for churchman and sinner who were not right with God.  Allison Ward spoke a word from Heaven as she stood before the church on August 18th, 1995. Again touch the picture.

She had just heard Steve Hill preach a sermon about no man can serve two masters.  In the moment the Spirit of God fell on her and gave the warning that went around the world.  This one video tape went around the world and at the time it brought the Spirit of God in Sunday schools and churches.  This was one of several people who were touched this way, the closer she got to the pulpit the more she began to shake.  Allison Ward and Charity James was two women who made a difference early in revival.

Blue Cloud Was Seen At Editors House In Mobile On Higgins Road

My wife Vivian fell asleep after watching Allison Ward and woke up to see a blue cloud of glory on the outside hallway. At the time there was nothing like the internet but the power of these videos would show a side of God in prophecy at revival. These two women touched the Spirit of God and the results were incredible.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

PENSACOLA, FL -- This was not going to be revival as usual. One difference in this revival was that everything was recorded on video tape. On August 18th, 1995 a young women stood in the revival pulpit and warned the world that the coming of Jesus would be very soon. That miracle video tape when played caused many churches in America and in the world to go into revival, many believe it was a warning of the coming of Jesus.  I know of one particular instance that happened with in my own home.  Two days before the death of my mother-in-law my wife watched this video and the glory touched her deeply.  Vivian fell asleep after watching the Allison Ward and woke up to see a blue cloud of glory on the outside hallway. At the time there was nothing like the internet but the power of these videos would show a side of God in prophecy at revival.  It could not be denied these videos touched the very soul of those who watched them.  Never before in the history of revival would a recorded message such as this would show these manifestations of glory and enter Sunday Schools and church sanctuaries to cause a rush of repentance toward the alters of the world to repent. 


PENSACOLA, FL -- With more than 1,000 people a week being saved the message was the Cross, deliverance, healing and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit caused people to question from the outside but once they came to Pensacola and felt the presence of God they were satisfied. 

A Burst of Glory

 When you sense, feel and see the Glory of God burst in front of a pulpit during worship then you know God has come to earth to fellowship with his people. It happened in Pensacola as the Evangelist Steve Hill was preaching during the second year of revival. Only the people on the first three rows saw it but it was a real thing because I was standing to the side when it happened. The most controversial part of revival in Pensacola were the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary.  The glory was so much a part of the sanctuary that late at night while the ministers were praying for those who had come you could stand in the open spaces of the pews and smell the sweet aroma of heaven.  Watching the people being touched by the power of God lay on the floor and shake was part of it.  So many people coming hurt and wounded were touched and felt the hand of God on them for several days at time. Some came for one day and missed God.  One minister said that if you just came for one day you could never understand what God was doing, "Come for at least three days and you will see the revival change each night. There is not anything set in place, from day to day you could sense the changing moods of the Holy Spirit . They called this the river move of God and the impartation was where it went. This was not your normal revival, God was making a statement and it didn't matter what the critics said about the manifestations, the presence of God was in Pensacola for a season and no one wanted to go back to normal church, after you have felt the presence of God what do you go back to.  It would not be the same ever again as God showed his face in Pensacola for a season.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

PENSACOLA, FL -- Do you have to work to have a revival, no but it sure helps when your church is praying for it two years before it happens.  As we wrote the story of Pastor John Kilpatrick's childhood in 1993 the pastor was heard to say, "I long for the God of my childhood."  Very tired from building his new church in Pensacola, John Kilpatrick took some time off to go back home to his native Georgia to find out what God was going to do in his life next, he even thought about resigning the church.  At the death of his mother in early 1995 he was at his lowest moment when God did something his church had been praying for.  It was Father's Day at Brownsville Assembly of God, he asked Evangelist Steve Hill to take both services.  He was just too tired to go, when Hill began to preach a new message, he explained what happened to him in England at Holy Trinity in Brompton.  The glory came down on that date and it was like a shot fired into Hell.  This was the place where they shoot Abortion Doctors and God wanted to make a statement on Father's Day to a pastor who was raised by a single parent.  It was a day that would change my life and take me around the world.  This was revival, it was a step up from the broken dreams of religion, this was a visitation from God, it was HIS moment to warn this country of his coming.   
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

PENSACOLA, FL -- It was to be the revival that would never end.  When the power of God swept the Brownsville Sanctuary on June 18, 1995 many felt as if it would never end. Most people who did bask in the glow of God's presence never thought that it would ever end.   During the first two years of revival the power of God swept the building and caused people all over the world to come.  At one time we counted more than 34 nations on one night that walked across the platform. Japan, England, India, South Africa, France, Canada, Australia the Philippines and many more would fly to the seaside city of Pensacola to experience the refreshing.  

Intimate Music Set The Mood

One particular thing that really set the mood of the revival was the music.  Lyndel Cooley set the tone.  Much was different in this music as the power of God could be felt every night as this powerful worship leader led this great setting with a music that had never been heard before.  This music had a presence on it that could not be explained, it was intimate. Much of it was imported from the vineyard albums.  There was no way to practice this music in the day time so Cooley during the time of the impartation after the altar call would practice it.  One of the songs that became the theme of the revival was the, Yes, Lord Song, soon after that you could see red bumper stickers on the back of cars that said, "Yes Lord, We Will Follow You."  How far could you go in the Spirit, the power of God was bringing more than 1,000 people a week to the altars of God for Salvation.  Eventually the fruit inspectors would show up but anyone who experienced this presence would know that it was from heaven itself.  One day the people of revival would have to go back, but the hardest thing about this work of God was the question of, "What do we go back to, we can't go back we have already gone too far." 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem  

PENSACOLA, FL -- Revival had been going for just a few days and the Lord prompted me to call the Brownsville church in Pensacola.  The secretary was very excited when I called and said we have been in revival for the last week.  It starts at 7 in the evening and people are leaving the sanctuary at sun rise.  I hurried and got my camera and note pad and was off 64 miles from my house to witness what was going on in Pensacola.  

The Witness of God's Work.  

As I took my place in the pew I heard testimony after testimony of what God was doing.  Salvation after salvation was witnessed in the pulpit by ordinary people who were invited to share.  During the hottest part of revival more than 1,000 people were accepting Christ at the Brownsville Altars weeks at a time. It was real and it was a work of the Holy Spirit.  I asked, "How long will it last and what is the name of that evangelist?"  Those were the two questions in my mind.  I had to ask three times for the name of the evangelist. I would soon know it and the entire world would know it.  He would preach hell hot and heaven a delight and at the end of his sermon he would ask a young girl Charity James to come and sing the Mercy Seat.  Early during revival charity didn't sing the altar call but as Lindel Cooley and Steve Hill heard her and Hill said, "We must have here for the altar call."  For years opon end the revival went.  This was no ordinary move of God and the power of the Holy Spirit was in each corner of the church.  You could not escape the power of the Holy Spirit, these people were in business to save souls and that half has not yet been written about this move of God, but the fruit still remains active today with the called saved ministers and worship leader out of this move of God.
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

It Happened In Pensacola

LEESBURG, VA -- Recently I had the opportunity to speak on the subject of revival.    For 17 years we did a revival newspaper that touched America.  Not only did we do a revival newspaper we also had a website (this website) that produced over 8,000,000 hits over a period of 16 years.  In those early days of revival we learned of the mysteries of God and how He moved among His believers. People were desperate for the touch of His presence, one visit to Pensacola took them back to their home church with what they called the impartation.  This wasn't the Charismatic Movement, this was another level of God that had never been experienced before.  We never had any idea that we would be fulfilled in every way as he opened the doors of his presence all around the world at one time through this tremendous work. We traveled 32 times across the ocean, God opened the door for me to minister in Israel, England and South Africa. 

The Secret of Revival 

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.II Chronicles 7:14.  This verse does not speak about the leadership of the church but it speaks about the people of God, its all about them and the good people of Brownsville had an anointed vessel to follow named Pastor John Kilpatrick.  The pastor knew that if he couldn't interest his people with a move of God in his church God would not visit them.  The secret to revival in your church is the people who are led by the Spirit of God. 

We Were Led By The Spirit

God visited us on several occasions and told us of the places he wanted us to go .  The first place was Pensacola and it was in 1991.  An Assembly of God pastor John Kilpatrick had been praying for revival for two years. He called off his Sunday night services and ask for God to come to his house for revival.  Kilpatrick had no idea that his visitation would ever manifest in the form of a revival.  We soon learned that revivals are like hurricanes, you can't schedule them, they come when God has chosen to be there.  All this week we will do a series on what happens when revival comes to the house. Be in prayer for the Voice of Jerusalem Newspaper, like 1993 we have seen a vision of a coming revival in America and we believe it will be tied to this prophetic work.  Until we publish keep us on your prayer list and listen to our broadcast out of Jerusalem three times a day on the Voice of Hope. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   

MOBILE, AL -- Recently I was looking up something on the web and came across two prophets who were predicting the end of California.  I listened for a while and then I remembered what God had spoken to me about the future.  And with this the words of the prophets agree, just as it is written: 16 'After this I will return And will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins, And I will set it up;I guess that we as prophets could shout the words of warning but to me I am skeptical.  If God was going to do something He would send revival to that area before he judges it.  I am in a small majority that believe God is going to send revival to us. There are still God fearing people in the heartland that know Washington D. C. has been a place of liberal perversion.  This is where God wants to move in.   I believe the area around Washington, D.C. is going to be moved upon by the Holy Spirit and an explosion of the Holy Spirit will happen in the Blue Ridge area of the Shenandoah.  I have been led to come to an area outside of Washington for the last ten years and I can sence that something will happen in this area by the end of July and the beginning of August.  God might be angry at Hollywood and Washington, D.C. but there are several believers in this area who are in the same belief as I am.  In a small church in Leesburg, Virginia I could sense and feel God move into a service.  It was beautiful and the peace of God flowed through that place like it had never done before.  Pray for us as we seek God's face at this moment. 
Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem   


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- On January 14 we delivered The Remnant Newspaper and 17 years of its publishing to The Regent University Archives  at CBN in Virginia Beach, VA. The new work begins with the new Voice of Jerusalem as we laid the old work to rest, seen above in the picture are from left to right Rev. Ronnie Midgett, Donald W. Gantz (Special Collection and Archives University Library) and Revival Editor Rev. Jerrell H. Miller

MOBILE, AL -- The scripture says that we see through a glass darkly and that speaks deep to my heart at this moment it has been 2006 since I traveled to the old city of Jerusalem.  At that time it was very peaceful and the presence of God was upon us to minister and to preach in that place.  The Voice of Hope studios are located in the Kidron Valley, it is there we project our vision on the Remnant International Broadcast three times a day.  The vision of Jackie Yockey is to reach the entire world with the gospel through this voice heard in Jerusalem.  It seems to be doing the job as this voice has grown through the Jewish Cable Network which enables the Voice of Hope to be heard all over Israel.  Voice of Hope is a gospel message that has been broadcast to the entire Middle-East for the last 30 years.  We are now in the process of building the Voice of Jerusalem Newspaper.  Pray for our efforts as we seek the face of God with this appointed vision for these last days.   

MOBILE, AL -- Habakkuk 2:2 was written by a prophet of God who only had a piece of stone and a chisel  to hammer out his message, it kind of makes you think about the Peter, Paul and Mary and the song, "If I had A Hammer."  That song spoke about a prophetic word that would mention Justice, and Freedom. It would hammer out the message about the love between my brothers and sisters all over the world. Recently in Leesburg, Virginia the glory of God filled two of our recent meetings. These  meetings were ushered in by the praise and worship of two very special people.  

Glory Filled The House in Leesburg,

We only had a week to prepare for the first home meeting in Leesburg, but the people who came to that meeting were hungry for the word of God.  Allen Watkins brought the presence of God into a small room of 40 people, The glory fell that night until the midnight hour.  When God's glory is in the house no one wants to go home.  

We Will Run With A New Newspaper Vision   

Now we are asked to make the vision plan and run with it.  No chisel nor stone for me, this Habakkuk is going to press into March with the Voice of Jerusalem Newspaper. We are now into our planning stage, this paper will have vision written all over it as Jerrell Miller, David Lebo and Owen Johnson reveal the vision every month as prophets of the most high. Get ready the word of God will be revealed every month by the prophets and stories of testimony and faith will also be the focus of the new publication.  Until then listen to me on the Voice of Hope In Jerusalem every day at 8am, 4pm and 12am by tapping hear.  

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA --Those who hear Godís voice are very strange indeed, but this the call of God is strange as it leads to places unknown and adheres to the project at hand. God asked me the simple question, "What have I called you to do." I answered and said, "I am called to write the vision and make it plain for it is an appointed time." Of course I was reading Habakkuk at the time. Itís a very simple book as I am a very simple person. That day I was scanning the web to look for an article about Dick Reuben that I had written, "When the pattern is right the fire will fall." I remember several years ago in Savierville, Tennessee I met Gordon Robertson. I gave him several of my Remnant Newspapers. He must of really went through them and after 10 years I saw that CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) had posted two of my articles on there website and they were still there today.


That morning I knew God wanted me to write a new vision about Israel. Circumstance and situation drew me closer to the end times. Since I had a daily broadcast from Jerusalem, God said call it the Voice of Jerusalem Newspaper. Wow, it was another vision fulfilled in my life. We had covered revival all over the world in the last move of God and now it was time to lay that to rest. I called an old friend Craig Von Busick. I asked him how would I go about giving my complete record of The Brownsville Revival to Regent University for students to study. He contacted Sara Baron, dean of the library and then she called me. This was in June in 2013. I had never been to CBN and I told her I wanted to come personally to give them.

Regent Archives

On January 14, 2014 we met with them and gave them to the archives. Dean Sara and Donald W. Gantz were happy to receive the newspapers and we were glad they have a home at Regent University. This was the knowledge of a revival from itís beginning to end. The man in the archive room said that this was a valuable document in that it represented a first hand account of that move of God. That was a day that me and my associate Ronnie Midgett will never forget, we met Pat Robertson at lunch and toured the studio, so much history of Godís Charismatic move, thanks Dean Sara for a wonderful visit to a place of dreams and vision the 700 Club and Regents University.

BLUEMONT, VA - The message is the hunger of God as Jerrell Miller will lay to rest the Remnant Revival Newspaper.  Miller will donate one of two complete  copies of the Brownsville Revival Record of that event.  Seventeen years of vision and the message of the supernatural will be retired and the new vision will be published called the Voice of Jerusalem.  This is a new vision where we will once again print the witness of a supernatural God.  We are on the edge of a supernatural vision of revival, that will be eclipsed with the rapture of the gentile church.  The Voice of Jerusalem will be a new vision tied to supernatural events.  On January 14, 2014 Jerrell Miller signed the document that will make the Revival Newspapers a permanent archive at Regents University for research and study.  "This day for The Remnant International will be marked with joy and praise.  I realize that these items will be used in coming years to study the move of God in Pensacola.  We lay these items to rest and begin a new record of events in the creation of the new revival newspaper called the Voice of Jerusalem. In our our travels to northern Virginia we have never seen the maifestation of Glory like we have seen this time.  I want to thank the following people who made these events possible: Margaret Kidwell, Donna & Lee Elliott, and Ronnie Midget.  These are very dear friends of The Remnant Church.  We bless them and recognize them as true servants of the Lord.  Many others helped and served, we are so honored to have such dear friends of the ministry.