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MOBILE AL-- Many have known Jerrell Miller as the Editor of The Remnant Newspaper but he is more than an editor.  He has traveled the world to give us the sights and the sounds of revival.  In England he preached in the small churches in Yorkshire where Apostle Smith Wigglesworth first started.  He taught the temple and the deep meaning it has to the Jewish Nation in Israel, but one of the most fulfilling parts of his ministry is his ordination of 20 full time ministers in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.  When asked why he has worked so hard in this area he had this to say, "This is the area that surrounds the nations capital.  To walk the battlefields of Gettysburg, Antietam and other Civil War areas is to understand the conflicts of life and how our nation still is in the battle of racial conflict -- close to 700,000 died during these hot battles.  In the South more than 9,000,000 people lived during this era and 4,000,000 of these were slaves, we are still in conflict today and the only answer is Jesus."

20 Ministers Stand Ready

Jerrell Miller is called to the conflict at time during the deep division of this country.  He has ordained 20 ministers at this time in this three state area and each minister he has laid hands on stands against the injustice at this time and gives the simple answer of Jesus during times like these. 


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- I took this picture at the Western Wall on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  This is a family looking at the Word of God. They represent the old, the present and the future of this Holy Land.  In Amos 9:17 And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God.  

Editor Jerrell Miller
The Voice of Jerusalem


MOBILE AL -- The Remnant International celebrates three new ministers who have been ordained under the revival banner of the Remnant International. Darla Taylor of Clearbrook, Virginia - Patricia Ann Oliver of Front Royal, Virginia and Shelley Pope, Broadway, Virginia.  We celebrate these three new ministers as they are launched into the Harvest for 2017.

MOBILE AL -- We are in the process of developing a new revival newspaper -- pray for us as we follow what God has directed us to do, maranatha.