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The River move of God

The River move of God began when an Evangelist from South Africa fulfilled a dream that had been in his heart since he was a child he used to play revival with his brother in his back room. Rodney Howard-Browne would look at his brother and tell him that he was going to America and he went out the window only to return back. In the late 1980ís the Pentecostal Church had it greatest failures in history of their modern move since it began. Jimmy Swaggert fell by the flesh, Jim Bakker fell by the flesh and what seemed to be one of the deadest areas of the extension of Azusa Street Revival.

It was Rodney Howard-Browneís small family that arrived in Florida who would strike the match of what would be called the River move of God. Going from town to town and speaking anywhere the door would open Rodney Howard-Browne came to a place called Clifton Park, New York. It was in a small store front church where God decided to pour his complete power out upon people who would begin to laugh as the young Evangelist from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After the evangelist left Clifton Park he didnít fully understand what had just happened until he went to the next stop. Once again as he began to preach the laughter happened over and over again. God was moving through him and he didnít understand fully what it meant. A major event happened next as Rodney Howard-Browne went to Carpenters Home Church in Florida. God moved in tremendous power for the next eight weeks and then it happened in several other areas: Ft. Worth, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana. This would be a fire that would not be stopped. There were awesome healings and great presence upon the man of God. Rodney Howard-Browne touched particular people and they went into other areas where God would birth other hot spots.


It was at Rhema Bible Institute in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where the next powerful move would happen. A Vineyard Pastor by the name of Randy Clark would be touched and he would take his new found glory to his church in St. Louis and then he would be asked to go to The Toronto, Canada. Randy Clark would touch Airport Vineyard Church during January of 1994 and a flood of Spirit would come behind that church. From all over the world the Vineyard Church in Toronto hosted this unknown evangelist-pastor Randy Clark and what happened over a series of events is that it would be exported to a church in London. Holy Trinity Church in Bromton area of London began to experience revival. It was during this move of God that an Assembly of God Missionary-Evangelist named Steve Hill would be touched. . The power was being spread through the impartation. God moved Steve Hill in place on June 18, 1995 in Pensacola at the Brownsville Assembly of God it, on this day another fire started in that sanctuary that would bring people from all over the world.

Three different streams of revival were birthed between the years of 1989 until 1995. Rodney Howard-Browne was the match to these three fires of the river move of God that crossed over denominations and individuals. People could see something happening but this move of God had manifestations of the Spirit that hadnít been seen in Pentecostal Revival before. The shaking and arm manifestations were a part of this move. The initial outpouring at Clifton Park was spontaneous laughing. God once again confused many people in religion by showing His face through different manifestations.